Switched Ch 16: DIY

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

While there were many things that you wanted Eric to experience or do…Ali989969, Duckbutt, padore, kerriki, BobTheCat’sSister, …I’m pretty sure Sookie would freak out if he got a tattoo (‘I’m Eric’s’) and he would freak out if he had to deal with a yeast infection on top of everything else…so, with the help of IkeaGoddess I came up with something else he could do for Sookie that she would actually appreciate, and pave the way to a very lemony reunion.

SeriousCrush edited this the same day I sent it to her! How she finds the time, I will never know. I love her so for all she does for me!



Eric’s POV (in Sookie’s body)

I sat outside the café enjoying yet another beautiful sunset. I had been here for hours, watching people and enjoying the food. I couldn’t stop thinking about Sookie, especially after the sun went down. I paid my bill and got in my car. I sat there for a few minutes.

Should I go back to Sookie’s house, or should I go see her at Fangtasia?

I drove to Fangtasia, letting my desire to see her override the upcoming tantrum she was sure to throw over my shopping trip.

What was I going to say to her? ‘Hi, I know you think you can’t trust me, but I missed you and wanted to see you.’

Maybe coming here wasn’t such a good idea.

I fought with my indecision for a few minutes, and then I reminded myself that despite what I look like, or how I feel, I am Eric Northman, and got out of my car. I tucked my keys inside my new purse and walked through the parking lot towards the building.

As I walked past the side of the building, heading towards the end of the line, a couple of skinny young vampires stalked towards me.

“I wouldn’t bother going inside,” one of them said.

“Really?” I lifted Sookie’s eyebrows skeptically.

“Yeah, because we can’t bite you inside…” the other one said touching the side of Sookie’s neck.

I stared at him. “What makes you think I want you to bite me?”

The one touching me turned his hand until he was gripping Sookie’s throat. “I don’t think you get a say in who bites you!” He inhaled. “You smell so fucking good…”

“You had better get your hands off of me,” I warned.

“Or what?” he said, shaking his head with mock fear.

“Or I’ll have Pam stake you. You just fucked up Dan!” my voice said. Sookie was standing behind them, and she looked furious.

She moved quickly and gripped them by the back of their necks, pulling them away from me and off the ground. My fangs were fully extended and she was snarling. “Or maybe I should do it!”

The baby vamps fought her, but she did not pay attention to them. She was growling and I started to worry that she might actually go through with it.

“She’s mine!” she shouted.

“I’m sorry Sheriff. I didn’t know. It won’t happen again,” one of them whimpered.

My face distorted with rage and Sookie yelled, “You’re damn right it’s not going to happen again!” She threw them high into the air towards the parking lot, where they landed heavily on a car and then the ground. It was an impressive display of strength, even for me.

I could feel her heart beating against her chest. “Friends of yours?” I asked.

Sookie spun around and looked at me, my face still twisted by anger. “No!” she growled.

Her intensity surprised me, making me take a deep breath.

“What the hell are you doing here? Looking to get killed?”

What made her think that I couldn’t handle myself? I could have taken on a baby vamp if I had to!

She gave me a condescending look and implied that I wasn’t capable.

I almost laughed. She was constantly telling me what an arrogant, high-handed ass I was, and now she was doing the same thing! It was refreshing to see her reaction to the situation now that the tables were turned, and I’d never let her live it down! I actually felt giddy. She was a hypocrite, and we both knew it.

She kept getting closer and closer to me, and I couldn’t stop myself when I grabbed her and kissed her.

She resisted for only a few seconds and then she opened my mouth, letting me in. It was an amazing feeling. The heat from her mouth transferred to mine as our tongues dueled. I pushed her breasts against my body, aching for more contact.

Sookie wrapped my arms around her body and lifted her off of the ground. She was growling again and had me pinned against the side of the building before I even noticed we were moving.

I wrapped her legs around my waist, grinding against my cool body. A vibration went through my body, and while I rubbed against her, I sucked on my tongue and licked my fangs. Another vibration shot through my body, making every muscle tense.

I pulled away from her so I could breathe. “Did you just cum?” I felt insanely proud for some reason, and couldn’t stop smiling.

She looked away from me and whispered, “Yes.”

Was she embarrassed? I didn’t want her to be embarrassed. I wanted her to pull my clothes off and fuck me, right here against the side of the building. I was so turned on I couldn’t think straight. “Fuck, that’s hot.”

Sookie looked at me and must have seen the desire and the need in her eyes, but before she did anything about it, she put me down and stepped away from me so she could have an argument with Pam. Why didn’t she just tell Pam to go away? Pam might not listen to her, but she would listen to me.

“Pam, that’s enough,” I said stepping towards her.

Pam’s eyes darted down Sookie’s body, taking in every detail of my new wardrobe. I was shaking Sookie’s head, trying to get her to stop talking, but it was too late. When she focused on my new shoes she squealed like a schoolgirl. “I love your Jimmy Choos!”

Sookie looked at my shoes. “Where did you get those?” She crossed my arms across my chest.

Here it comes…the tantrum I was waiting for.

“They’re for me! Who knows how long I’m going to be stuck in your body, and you have no say over what I buy to make myself more comfortable!”

“Those heels look really comfortable,” she said with an incredulous look on her face.

I wanted to throw them at her. “For your information, they are. I wouldn’t have gone out at all, except I couldn’t find anything in your closet that fit. I’m bloated…”

Pam laughed at me. Bitch.

“Oh shut up, Pam! Just because you don’t remember what it’s like to be a human woman, doesn’t mean you can laugh at him!” Sookie said, coming to my defense.

Pam made one more snide comment about finding us kissing, which wasn’t helping Sookie’s mood.

“Pam, go back inside,” I said.

The second Pam left, Sookie turned towards me again.

“You never answered me before. Why are you here?” Sookie looked angry again.

I wondered if she would forget her anger if I kissed her again. Didn’t she know why I was here? I would be a fool to admit that I missed her when she clearly did not reciprocate the sentiment. She had certainly kissed me back, and then some, but perhaps that was all my body’s reaction to her body and nothing more.

She told me to leave, and that it was for my own good, and there was nothing I could do to change her mind.

I made no move to leave and that is when she begged me to go. I didn’t need this.

“Fine!” I yelled as I retrieved my keys and stormed away.

As I was leaving the parking lot, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw Sookie standing there, staring after me with a tortured look on my face. I was too frustrated to try and figure out what had just happened.

I drove back to Bon Temps and consoled myself by unloading all of my new clothes and shoes. I felt a little moment of happiness again, until I thought about Sookie.

Everything was going so well, and I wanted her so badly, and I know she wanted me too…so why had she sent me away? The words she spoke didn’t match the way she was looking at me.

The worst part of it was that she got off and I didn’t. I was so frustrated that even the thought of masturbating didn’t sound appealing. I needed something more. I needed her.

I sat down on her couch and watched TV until I was too tired to keep her eyes open.

As I undressed for bed, I noticed that the back of my new skirt was snagged. How had that happened? I thought for a minute and then realized that it probably happened when Sookie lifted me up and pushed me against the building.

How many pieces of clothing had I ruined in the past, by doing something just like that? I wouldn’t do it again. That’s for sure.


I woke up the next morning feeling restless, and on my way into the kitchen, I snagged the heel of her sock on a rough patch on the wooden floor. Why hadn’t Sookie ever taken care of that? Refinishing a wooden floor wouldn’t be that much work would it? I suddenly became obsessed by the idea.

I ran to the phone and called the number Sookie had listed for Sam at home.

“Sam,” I started.

“What do you want, Eric?” Sam did not sound happy to hear from me.

“I was hoping you might know someone I could hire that could help me refinish Sookie’s wooden floors.”

The phone was silent. “Um…sure. I bet Terry would be happy to come help you. Why are you refinishing her floors?”

“Because they need it!” I said.

He didn’t need to know that I was also bored and desperately needed a distraction.

“Okay, okay, don’t get defensive. You got a pen? I’ll give you Terry’s number so you can ask him yourself.”

Terry was very happy to hear from me, and promised to be over in a half hour to help me get started.

Terry was a quiet odd man, and I felt comfortable around him. We worked side by side for an hour, moving furniture out of the front room so we could see the floor. We moved most of it to the screened-in porch, stacking the furniture as tightly as we could, leaving room for the furniture from the other rooms.

“I reckon we should rent a sander from the home improvement store,” Terry suggested. “They’re pricey though…”

“Price is not an issue.”

Terry stared at me, silently questioning me.

“I got a new job,” I offered. “Working for vampires.”

Terry nodded, seemingly indifferent, and said, “Okay then. I’ll go get it, the other supplies, and the varnish. Why don’t you get these rugs out of here and finish moving those books?”

Terry came back just as I was finishing moving the last of the books off the shelf. He explained how the sander worked, and then what we would need to do to finish the floors.

It would take us another two entire days to work through the lower level of the house to sand, clean and refinish the floors…and that is exactly what we did.

Terry came just after the sun came up and stayed late into the night each day. I had never met such a dedicated and hard working human, and to think, we hadn’t even discussed how much I was going to pay him.

I worked harder than I had in a very long time. Sookie’s whole body ached, and every night after we finished, I was too tired to think of anything else. It was just what I needed to get my mind off of her.

Since the kitchen floor was linoleum, I moved the table and chairs out and replaced them with Sookie’s bed, so I would have a place to sleep at night. The fumes from the varnish were strong, even with all the windows open, which made the kitchen a perfect place to sleep, since there was a door that I could close to keep the smell out. I didn’t dare cook anything, since her bed was nearly touching the stove, so I ordered take out while Terry and I worked and while the varnish dried.

I paid Terry a thousand dollars, which he refused to take at first, but eventually I wore him down. It didn’t take me long to talk him into it, because I told him he should take it for his dogs. The only things he talked about over the past two days were his hound dogs, and he was happy to have money to spend on them.

While I waited for the varnish to dry, I passed the days working in the yard. I had always paid a gardener to take care of my yard, since I never seemed to find the time to do it myself. I found that I really enjoyed it, plus I got to sunbathe while I worked. The smell of the earth was so soothing, and seeing Sookie’s yard come alive was incredibly rewarding.

I had a blanket stretched out under a couple of the big trees on her property, which is where I stopped to rest when the heat from the sun became too much, and also to eat.

I made several trip to Val’s home improvement store, where I had noticed an entire nursery of plants when I bought Sookie’s washer and dryer. It turns out the trunk of my corvette holds quite a bit. I planted a little of everything all around the perimeter of her house. The new little flowers, nestled at the base of her overgrown, wild roses, was a breathtaking sight.

She would certainly enjoy this, no matter how stubborn she was.

The sun had gone down about an hour ago, but the light coming from the house was bright enough to shine on the flowerbed I was working in. I was almost done, and was determined to get it finished before I stopped to eat.

I pushed up and away from the flowerbed, happy with my work, and turned to go inside. I stopped when I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye. It was Sookie, leaning quietly against one of the trees nearby. How long had she been standing there? I clutched her chest and focused on getting her breathing and heart rate down to normal while Sookie walked over to me.

I couldn’t tell what the expression on my face meant, but I guessed I was about to get another earful about spending money on her.

I guessed wrong.


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  1. MistressCinder says:

    Eric can come over & sand & refinish my floors anytime! Even if he looks like Sook!


  2. tessa90 says:

    Really loving this fic x

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  3. Loftin says:

    Can’t wait to find out how happy that made Sookie. Lol
    I went to ff and reviewed a few chapters there. I’ll go back and finish all the ones I haven’t since following you here. We’ll get you to your goal yet. 😉


    • You certainly made my night…all those reviews!! I think you’re great, and have always appreciated your reviews either there or here! So thank you…and you know that Sookie is going to be happy…finally! Thank you again. 🙂


  4. Honulvr says:

    That was a great chapter, but if he was wrong that she was gonna yell (because I really think she would love love love to see him working the ground himself and actually doing something as opposed to paying someone else to do it) then that means … and how are we supposed to wait for … ?!? The build up … this type of cliffy is really just cruel – you get us all spun up with nowhere to go. Mean cruel woman I say. NO, just joking. this was a really good chapter and I love the way you have Eric thinking. Of course, Sookie is still her stubborn self. I just hope that she realizes how high-handed she was with Eric and how much she stayed away from him. There are so many things that I hope Sookie realizes. Great chapter and, as always, cannot wait for the next one. I really love this fic.


    • Thank you so much for that lovely review! Yes, I’m mean. I’m cruel, and you LOVE it! 🙂

      Yes, Sookie is an idiot, but she gets over it. She has all this time on her hands and Pam to help her get through via her love of Dear Abbey. 🙂

      Of course you know what it means, I’ve been promising lemons forever now, and we’re almost there. I just hope they’re worth the wait. 🙂 You’ll have to let me know when we get there. 🙂 And yes, Sookie is going to love everything he’s done for her, and she’s going to show him, a lot. 🙂


  5. Lauinia says:

    Gah! I love this fic and I love that Sookie is able to feel firsthand just how much of a physical effect she has on Eric. This combined with how thoughtful he has been is surely a winning combo for love and hot lemons? How has she managed to resist him for so long?! He’s hot stuff, Sooks. Get it together! 🙂


    • LOL! I love your advice for Sookie. You sound like Pam…well at least the way I wrote her in the next chapter. 🙂 Sookie’s not going to be able to resist much longer, and I’m so glad you’re loving this story! I thought it would be good to show Eric’s softness for her and giving her gifts from the heart…even if it’s not his. Sookie’s going to thoroughly understand his desire by the time she sees him again, and watch out, because it’s going to get hot in here. 🙂 Thank you so much for commenting!


  6. Christi says:

    Love this story. I have died laughing reading it. Keep writing. I cant wait to read more.


    • This has certainly been the funniest one I’ve written…and the one that lacks lemons. I’m about to change that though…so just hold on for a bit longer and it’ll all pay off. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


  7. romantic2soul says:

    I love that Eric is really evolving and understanding Sookie and life away from vampires but I think it might be time to get him back to his on body. I hate to see him turn into a total girl.


  8. I nearly pee’d myself laughing – then almost did it again telling my husband this line:

    “I fought with my indecision for a few minutes, and then I reminded myself that despite what I look like, or how I feel, I am Eric Northman, and got out of my car. I tucked my keys inside my new purse and walked through the parking lot towards the building.”

    For some reason – in my head – was ERIC in ERIC’s body – with heels and a skirt, purse positioned in the crook of his elbow and walked from the car. OMG – this has to be one of THE top 10 funniest lines in fanfiction!!



  9. Meg N says:

    I love this story! Eric-in-Sookies-body is so sweet and thoughtful! I hope Sookie gets her head out of her ass soon and gives in to him. And how he reacted to her period?! Perfection. =)


    • LOL I loved writing Switched. Probably my favorite so far! Sookie needs to wake up for sure! BTW, if you dig this story, you’ll probably enjoy the book I wrote (inspired by Switched) called In Your Shoes by September Roberts. Okay, enough shameless plugging! 🙂

      I’m so glad you love this story. Thank you SO much for taking the time to review and let me know!!


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