Giving Thanks

Charlaine Harris owns everything. I own nothing.

This short little story takes place after Dead As A Doornail. Sookie is living in her house again and finds herself very lonely on Thanksgiving. Eric helps her find something to feel thankful for.

My editor, SeriousCrush, was already asleep by the time I wrote this, and since I wanted to post for Thanksgiving, I did not get a chance to have anyone else look over it. I apologize in advance for the mistakes that are sure to be present.

I wrote this story on Thanksgiving to express my thanks to all of my loving readers that always encourage and support my FF work. I cannot tell you how much I love hearing from you…each review gives me validation in ways I have never found before. I am so grateful to have this outlet, so thanks for being here to make it all worthwhile.



Giving Thanks

This would be my first Thanksgiving in the new kitchen. After all the repairs were finished the bright clean room made me feel like I was in someone else’s house. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to have a fridge that didn’t hum constantly, and an oven that baked pies evenly, but it just didn’t feel like home.

Sam had given me Thanksgiving off this year, telling me that I needed the time to get acquainted with my new kitchen and I thought it was probably a good idea to break it in with a big ol’ Thanksgiving meal. Just like Gran used to make. I invited Jason over, assuming that he would never turn down a free meal, but he told me he had plans with his girlfriend. I guess it would be a quiet night at home by myself.

After I finished the lunch shift on Wednesday, I stopped at the grocery store, and bought the few things I would need to make a small turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and everything else. I bought a couple rolls and a slice of pumpkin pie, saving myself hours of baking, which seemed like too much work for one serving.

I woke up late, since I had stayed up reading into the wee hours of the morning. I put the turkey in the oven and set to work preparing everything else. Over the clatter of pans, I didn’t hear the phone ring until the answering machine picked up.

‘Hi Sookie, It’s me, Sam. I just wanted to check on you, see how things were going. If you need any company tonight, let me know! Bye.’

Sam sounded lonely, and although the offer was tempting, I still wasn’t sure I was ready to start something with him. I thought about Quinn every now and then too, after our meeting at the Packmaster event, but I hadn’t heard a word from him since. It didn’t really matter either way, since there was only one man that was really on my mind.

I kept going over the conversation Eric and I had when I was living in town, the night that Mickey attacked us. I told him everything, and the look he gave me when he found out exactly how intimate we had been was enough to make me melt. When he fed from me to heal himself, his head was in my lap, and I wanted nothing more than to open my legs to him and offer him something better. Of course having a psychopath standing outside the window holding my unconscious friend was enough to kill the mood, but I must admit that my attraction to him was almost enough for me to give into him right then and there.

I turned my attention back to the pan simmering in front of me, and pushed all thoughts of Eric out of my mind. By the time the turkey was done, the counter was covered with steaming side dishes. I sat down at the table and stared at the single place setting in front of me and started to cry. I felt more alone than ever. The house was quiet, which only made it worse. I stood up, and wiped my eyes. Music would help. I walked into the front room, turned on the stereo, closed my eyes and swayed to the music.

A soft knock on the front door startled me, my eyes snapped open and I looked out the window towards the driveway to find it empty. I listened to the other side of the door and found an empty spot. My heart jumped in my throat as I thought about the vampire that might be standing at my front door. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

Eric stood there, towering over me, devastatingly handsome in his jeans, black t-shirt and tousled blonde hair. I couldn’t think of what to say to him, and I knew I was staring at his mouth too long by the way he curled his lips into a cocky smile.

Eric cleared his throat, “Fangtasia is closed tonight, since it is your Thanksgiving holiday, and I was thinking of you.”

“I was thinking about you too…” I mumbled, staring at his mouth again.

“Am I interrupting something?” Eric asked, looking into the front room that was still broadcasting soft music.

I smiled and shook my head, “No, I’m just…” I trailed off, unsure about what I was doing. “Would you like to come in?” Eric smiled and ducked under the doorway to come into the house.

“Are you enjoying your new kitchen?” Eric asked, making his way towards the newest addition to the old house.

I shrugged, “I guess…it just doesn’t feel like home. You know?”

Eric surveyed the sparkling new appliances and stared at the counter filled with food. “Are you expecting company?”

I shook my head sadly, “Nope. I just felt like cooking I guess.”

“Have you eaten?”

I shook my head again, “No, I didn’t feel like eating alone.”

I could see the small smile forming on his lips. He knew I was happy to have him here. “I see what you mean about the kitchen. It just doesn’t have the same feel as before.” I stared at him. “Your new table is nice, but it just doesn’t have the same pleasant memories as the old one.” He winked at me and I felt the heat of a blush color my cheeks.

I struggled to remain coherent, “Um, yeah, the new fridge is so quiet. It’s nice.” Eric chuckled softly. “I have True Bloods in the fridge if you want one…” I offered. Eric took a step closer to me and brushed a strand of hair off of my cheek. His touch set my nerves on fire and I felt my pulse race.

“No thank you. I was hoping for something a little sweeter…” Eric said and then bent his head down and captured my mouth in a searing kiss. I opened my mouth to him and sucked on his tongue with a hunger that surprised me.

I pulled away from him, gasping for breath. “God I missed you.”

Eric responded by lifting me off the ground, pushing my body against the wall and covering my face with wet kisses. I opened my legs and wrapped them around his waist, so I could rub myself against him. I moaned when his straining erection pressed against my sex, sending a flood of moisture to my panties. His fingers worked up the bottom of my shirt, sliding his cool fingers under the strap of my bra until he worked the material out of the way, exposing my hot flesh. His mouth moved down my neck and settled in the folds of my shirt that covered my breasts, impatiently nuzzling the material out of the way. I pulled my shirt off my head, giving him greater access. I sighed when his mouth latched onto my nipple, making me arch against the wall until his mouth was full. He growled and lifted me higher off the ground so he could lick my stomach and suck my other breast into his mouth easier. I dug my fingers into his hair and encouraged him to move back to the other breast, which was feeling neglected. He smiled and scraped my skin with his fangs, sending a shiver through me.

Eric lifted me again, moving me away from the wall and setting me down on the end of the table, pushing my plate and flatware out of the way. He kneeled on the ground, continuing to suck and lick until my nipples were impossibly hard. I leaned back and smiled at the look on his face.

“You are so beautiful,” he said, his face contorted with pleasure. I leaned back and opened the button on my jeans, inviting him to undress me further. Eric did not hesitate, and pulled my jeans off exposing the soft pink panties I was wearing. He inhaled sharply, “Mm, I love these ones…” his fingers caressed the material lovingly, making my body shudder. His fingers hooked under the thin material and pulled them off. I opened my legs, letting them dangle off the edge of the table. Eric growled and pulled me towards him until I was resting on my elbows and he was burying his face between my legs and making me gasp as he thrust his tongue between the wet folds that had been yearning for him. I let my head loll back and felt my orgasm building quickly. It wasn’t surprising since he knew exactly what I liked. I came in quick bursts, filling the quiet kitchen with sounds of intense pleasure. Eric’s tongue made languid movements up my slit, gathering as much of my orgasmic release as he could.

“Now that’s what I needed,” Eric smiled at me, and stepped away from me as he stood up and began to undress. The t-shirt came off first, exposing his perfect chiseled chest, and then his hands moved down to the button of his jeans. I held my breath and watched with wide eyes as he pushed his jeans off his ass and let them drop to the ground. His massive dick thrust up at me, proudly on display. I licked my lips and smiled at him, and then crooked my finger to get him to come to me. He stepped out of his jeans and stalked over to me, wedging his body between my trembling legs.

He leaned over me and kissed me passionately, his hair hung around my face, caressing my cheeks. I could taste myself on his tongue. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling his body down until he was bent over me. I bit his lip playfully, eliciting a growl from deep inside Eric’s chest. I wriggled down until the head of his cock pushed against my slippery lips and moaned as he pushed forward. I held my breath as he filled me, stretching me in the most delicious way. Eric moaned and closed his eyes. “I have missed you so much…” He pulled back and then thrust into me, setting a rhythm that pushed me over the edge, making my body shake as another orgasm claimed me. Eric groaned and made a guttural sound as he fought to remain in control. He slowed down, spiraling his hips as he drove into me, filling me and then pulling away to make me beg for more.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself up until I was sitting on the edge of the table. I moved my mouth to his neck and bit it with my blunt teeth. Eric responded by tightening his grip on my body, pulling me against him and pounding into me with fierce need. Our combined sound of pleasure filled the kitchen, reminding me of the time several months ago when we had enjoyed my old table.

I moved my head to the side, offering my neck to Eric, which he was happy to nuzzle. He licked and sucked on my pulsing skin, and then with one final thrust, he slid his fangs into my skin. He moaned against my neck and his cock swelled inside me, filling me as he fed from me. I screamed as I came with him, feeling satisfied for the first time in months.

I panted as I came down, and clutched Eric’s body to mine as he licked my neck until it began to heal. He pulled away from me and kissed me sweetly, a hint of metallic bitterness on his tongue. “I think your new table is growing on me.”

I smiled at him and nodded my agreement, still finding it difficult to breathe normally. “Thank you…for everything.”

“Isn’t that what today is all about? Being thankful?” Eric asked smiling.

“Yes it is…and I am,” I answered honestly, knowing that I would never be able to let him go again.


Happy Thanksgiving.