Kitten & Sugar Pie

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Kitten & Sugar Pie

The second I bid farewell to Eric and Sookie, I ran as fast as I could to Laurie’s house. I knocked once before opening the door. Laurie was in the kitchen with her head inside the fridge. I sped across the kitchen floor silently and ran my hands down her back and cupped her ass.

A loud thunk echoed through the kitchen and then Laurie was facing me, clutching her heart. “Sweet Jesus, Pam, you scared the shit out of me.” She rubbed the back of her head and grimaced.

“I hope you don’t mean literally,” I sassed, looking around her body.

Laurie put her hands on her hips, “No. I don’t mean literally. You’re sick!”

“Me?! You said it!” I said. “What were you doing in there anyway?”

“Getting water for our walk, but I couldn’t find my bottle. I tucked it in there somewhere…”

I opened the fridge door and crouched down in front of it. “Your green one? It fell behind this container. Damn woman, don’t you throw anything away?”

Laurie shrugged sheepishly and wrinkled her nose. It was adorable. I handed her the bottle, and when she opened her mouth to thank me, I kissed her. I loved the way her soft warm body melted against me when I touched her. Pretty soon, her arms wound around my waist, and she pulled me closer to her. I could feel the heat of her body through the thin layer of my jogging suit, which reminded me of my good news.

“I have a surprise for you…” I said as I pulled away.

Laurie slowly opened her eyes and smiled with swollen pink lips. “What is it?”

“You do know what a surprise is, right?” I asked. The thought of Laurie strapped into the sex swing made my fangs slide down.

Laurie let out a huff of disappointment. “Yes. I do. Do I ever get to know what it is?”



It was strange being in Eric and Sookie’s house without them here. I made my way to the room down the hall and found the sex swing and stand tucked neatly in the corner. Sookie had told me briefly how to take it apart, and indicated that the box and the instructions were under the bed. I disassembled the stand in no time and had all the parts tucked inside the box. I put the swing on top. When I picked up the box, I saw the words ‘Bondage Ready!’ on the side, and had a sudden stroke of inspiration. On the way back to my house, I stopped at a craft store.

Wearing a casual skirt and blouse, I blended in perfectly with the other shoppers as I perused the aisles of ribbon. I would need something wide, soft, and pink. I found the perfect spool and sighed in frustration when I realized I had to buy it by the yard. I stalked over to the cut table and took a number. While I waited for my number to be called, I looked at the bins of glitter pens and magnetic mirrors. Tucked in the bottom of a pile of ‘spa’ socks, I found a Hello Kitty night mask. It was soft, silky and perfectly pink, just like the ribbon.

“I would like two yards, please,” I said to the perky young woman unrolling my ribbon at the cut table.

“This sure is pretty! What are you making? Binding a baby quilt?” she asked, looking at me with doe eyes.

I couldn’t help myself. “Oh, I’m going to use it to tie up my girlfriend before I fuck her senseless,” I quipped.

The young woman nodded blankly and smiled uncomfortably, “Will that be all?”

“Sure is, honey. You’re not my type.”

She let out a little squeak of terror and pushed the ribbon and the receipt across the table.

I put the folds of ribbon and the Hello Kitty mask on top of the box in my car. Now I just needed to be patient. Laurie was in parent teacher conferences tonight, one of the aspects of teaching 7th and 8th graders that she dreaded…dealing with their parents.

My whole night was planned. I already had reservations for dinner, and after a few more minutes, the stand would be reassembled in my bedroom. I put the swing back in the box…it could wait until next time. I cut the ribbon into four equal pieces and attached them securely around the bondage loops on each side, top and bottom. The ribbon hung against the metal stand and pooled on the ground near the ankle restraints. The contrast was stark, soft pink silky ribbon against black matte metal. It looked beautiful. I hung the mask from the top center hook, where the swing would normally be suspended. A ripple of excitement moved through me.


The lights were on at Laurie’s house, and I could hear the shower running. She had the habit of leaving her front door unlocked, so I let myself in and made my way down the hall. It was too tempting to resist. I opened and closed the bathroom door, pressing my back against the wall.

“Pam?” Laurie asked.

“No, I’m an intruder.”

“Sounds like Pam.” Laurie opened the curtain and peaked out. “Looks like Pam.” She disappeared back behind the curtain and then spoke through the cascade of water, her words sounded wet and warm. “I think the only definitive way for me to know if it’s Pam is if you kiss me.” Laurie turned the water off and pulled the curtain open all the way. Rivulets of water slid down her skin, dripping from her delicious pink nipples.

“You might get more than a kiss…” I warned as I moved to her in a blur of speed. I pushed my tongue between her lips and moaned when she bit me playfully. I put my hand between her legs and pushed a finger between her slippery thighs, grazing her swollen wet sex. Her mouth softened as she sighed and leaned against my hand. I reluctantly pulled away from her and gave her a fangy smile. “Come on, we have dinner reservations.”

Laurie grunted and was breathing heavily. “Now?” I nodded my head. “Alright. Hand me that towel?” I happily obliged wrapping it around her body and holding her hand while she stepped out of the tub. She combed her hair back away from her face, and sauntered her way out of the bathroom. On the way down the hall, she loosened the grip on her towel, letting it hang open. Her ass swayed back and forth with each graceful step. She looked over her shoulder to make sure I was watching. I was.

Laurie switched on a light on her dresser and dropped her towel on the floor. “Oops,” she said innocently. I growled and she giggled. “What do you think I should wear? This one?” She held a lapis blue jersey knit dress against her body. I nodded my head numbly. The cowl neck scooped low, revealing the top of her breasts, and the soft thin material clung to her nipples and to the curves of her hips and belly. “Okay, I’m ready,” she announced. Words failed to form as she brushed past me, letting her fingers trail across my hips. “Where are you taking me?”

“Right here if you’re not careful,” I whispered.

“Is that a promise?” Her eyes sparkled and she rushed back into my arms, pressing her soft body against me. She licked my fang, which nearly pushed me over the edge.

I grabbed her shoulders firmly. “I am taking you out to dinner, where I plan on getting you nice and relaxed with a couple of glasses of wine, and then we are going back to my place, where I have a surprise waiting for you.” I spoke between clenched teeth, determined not to bite her and fuck her and rub myself all over her right here and now.

“Okay, Kitten,” Laurie said in a sweet voice. “Lead the way. I promise to behave…mostly.” She smacked my ass and then ran for the door. I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it through dinner.


Laurie talked about the nightmare of her final day of parent conferences, and was relieved it was Friday so she didn’t have to worry about another evening from hell. I struggled to focus on what she was saying. When she laughed and threw her head back, her neck pulsed and seemed to call out to me. Everything she did was sensual. The way she touched the corners of her mouth with her napkin, the way she stretched and tucked her foot under her other leg while she ate, the way her breasts jiggled when she laughed. She was the most beautiful being I had ever encountered.

She mentioned that her feet were sore from being on them all day, so I happily offered to rub them for her. She leaned back in her seat and pushed her left foot into my lap and closed her eyes. I gripped her delicate foot firmly, rolling my thumbs up the center of her arch. She moaned and arched her back. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her nipples, which were jutting skyward. I wanted to rip her dress off of her and suck them into my mouth. Instead, I took her other foot and rubbed it. Despite the stares we were getting from the other customers around us, I continued to rub her feet until I could hear her pulse slow down and her breathing even out. “Sugar Pie, it’s not time to sleep…I have plans for you.”

“Mm, plans. Mm hmm. Yep, I’m awake,” she said slowly as she smiled at me and opened her eyes. “Thank you for that, you have very talented fingers.”

I cocked my eyebrow. “You know it.”

I finished the last of my synthetic blood and paid the bill, shushing Laurie when she offered me money. “My plan, my treat.”

The air between us on the ride to my house was filled with anticipation. Laurie was relaxed and ready. I pulled her into my house and stopped in the living room. “Wait here. I have something.” I ran down the hall, grabbed the Hello Kitty mask and returned to the exact spot I had left seconds before.

Laurie looked at my hands and the corners of her mouth tugged into a smile when she saw what I was holding. “That is adorable! Is that for me?”

“Do you trust me?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly.

“Good,” I said as I collided with her. I locked my mouth on hers and thrust my tongue between her teeth. She tugged my blouse out of my skirt and unbuttoned it quickly, letting it hang on either side of my breasts. Her warm hands cupped my breasts and her thumbs played across my nipples, making them even harder than they were moments ago. I shrugged out of my blouse, letting it fall in a pool around my feet. Her slender fingers slipped under the waistband of my skirt and lowered the zipper until it joined my blouse. She gave me a hungry look as her eyes raked down my naked body.

I lifted the hem of her dress, slowly exposing her soft freckled thighs, and then her full round hips. The patch of neat fiery curls between her legs glistened in the soft light. I could smell her arousal, and it took every ounce of control in my body to wait to taste her. I moved her dress up further, the thin material catching on her breasts. When I lifted the garment all the way off of her head, her breasts bounced. I groaned and leaned over to give each one a kiss, trailing my tongue in the valley between them. Laurie keened and arched her back, thrusting her breasts into my face.

I dropped her dress on the floor and handed her the mask. “Put this on.” It wasn’t a request. Laurie obeyed and smiled wickedly, covering her eyes and smoothing her wavy red hair down. I interlaced my fingers through hers and led her down the hall to my bedroom. Our soft footprints echoed quietly against the walls until we were in my room.

“Are we in your room?” Laurie asked.

“Yes. Come with me,” I said as I pulled her until she was standing under the frame adorned with ribbons. “Stand right here. Now give me your right hand.” I tied it quickly. Laurie squeaked as the ribbon tightened and pulled her arm snugly against the metal frame. “Left hand.” Laurie obeyed quickly, trying to touch me before I retrained her. “Now spread your legs for me.” Laurie shuddered and bit her bottom lip as she opened her legs. “Wider…a bit more…perfect.”

I crouched in front of her and tied her ankle to the metal frame. I looked up to find the most delicious sight…her swollen pink folds, which were parted ever so slightly. I growled and tied her other ankle in place.

She looked like a present, tied in place with pretty pink bows that were the same color as her nipples. I stood up and circled her, surprising her with feather-light caresses across her stomach and back. She whimpered and tried to touch me, but the ribbons held tightly.

I stood behind her and ran a fingertip down her spine, drawing spirals across her luscious ass. I followed the curve of her ass and slid my finger between her legs, pushing between her wet lips. Laurie arched her back, thrusting her hips down until the tip of my finger slipped inside her. She sighed and then groaned when I pulled my finger out. I licked my finger clean, loudly sucking and moaning as her scent assaulted my senses. I barely touched my body against hers, rubbing my nipples against her back and inhaled deeply at the base of her neck. My body shuddered. Her heart was pounding and I could feel her blood pulsing against me. I opened my mouth, thrusting my tongue between my fangs and licked her neck. Her body melted against mine.

I reached around her and caressed her nipples lightly before gripping her breasts and pulling her body flush against mine. I rubbed my pussy against her ass while I sucked on her neck.

“Are you going to bite me?” Laurie gasped. Her words were fragmented with her ragged breathing.

“Do you want me to?” I whispered, touching the edge of her ear with my tongue. She nodded her head.

I peeled my body off of hers and she whined. I couldn’t suppress an evil grin. I circled her body a few times, teasing her with soft touches down the length of her arms, the curves of each rib and the soft indentation behind her knees.

I stood toe to toe with her and said, “What do you want?”

She was panting. I loved when I made her pant. “You,” she breathed.

“You need to elaborate…”

“Your hands, lips, tongue, teeth…”

“My hands…” I trailed off as I let my palms skate down her sides. I followed the path straight down her legs, kneeling in front of her. I brought my hands up the inside of her legs, moving slowly as I neared the dewy center between them. My fingers met in the middle, squeezing her slippery lips and her engorged clit. She cried out and her legs shook as I maintained the pressure on her clit. Her breathing became raspy as she came. “What else did you want? Oh yes, my lips.” I leaned forward and kissed her swollen flesh, inhaling deeply. As much as I wanted to tease her, I could not resist any longer. I thrust my tongue inside her, dragging a moan out of both of our mouths. I sucked on her pussy, extracting every last drop of cum I had coaxed from her body moments before.

I reached around her body and gripped the round globes of her ass, pulling her sex firmly against my mouth. I devoured her, lathing every inch of her sensitive clit with my tongue. Her body rocked in my hands and I focused my attention on her clit while I wormed a finger through her legs and began to thrust inside her while I sucked. She screamed as she came, the sound combined with the spasms in her pussy vibrated against my mouth. I smiled and scraped her skin with my fangs. Her body jumped.

“Now what was the last thing you wanted from me?” I whispered against her mound.

“Kitten? My arms are going numb…” Laurie said when she caught her breath.

I stood up quickly and untied her wrists. She opened and closed her hands quickly, shaking them down by her sides. I untied her ankle restraints and carried her to my bed.

Laurie pushed the mask up and out of the way and winked at me. “Sucker!” she said as she rolled our bodies until she had me pinned to the bed. The heat between her legs penetrated my cool skin, slowly warming me up. I gladly put my hands over my head so I could grip the edge of the mattress, and gave myself to her. She slid her body down my legs and nudged them open. She let out a warm breath and then latched her hot mouth onto my clit, sucking and licking furiously. She straddled my leg and ground her wet heat against my shin. It nearly killed me all over again.

I had never cum so hard in all my existence, and when I was done shaking against the bed, Laurie smiled at me with ruddy lips. “Was that good for you?”

I nodded my head and beckoned her with a crook of my finger. Laurie slithered up my body, crushed her breasts against mine, and then kissed me. “You are so…so fucking amazing.” Laurie batted her eyelashes at me coyly. “I have one more surprise for you.”

“More orgasms?” she asked cheerfully.

“They usually come with the territory. I want to exchange blood with you.”

“But…why? Why me?” Laurie said.

“Because I love you, Sugar Pie. I want to be a part of you, and you a part of me.” She had questioned me before about the blood bond Eric and Sookie shared. She knew that creating a blood bond was something that vampires didn’t take lightly.

“I love you too, and can’t imagine anyone I would rather be connected to,” Laurie said with a smile. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I moved my hand between our bodies and delved between the slick folds, finding entrance quickly. Laurie sighed as her body melted against mine. She pushed her hand next to mine, our wrists bumping as her finger sought a way inside me. Our bodies writhed as our arms rubbed and pumped in and out, synchronizing until we were thrusting in unison. I licked the side of her neck, sucking lightly on her pounding flesh.

“Please bite me, Kitten…” her voice trailed off as my fangs scraped her skin. I opened my mouth and sighed as my fangs slid into her soft skin, coating my tongue with her hot, sweet blood. My pussy clenched around her finger as I came. I drank deeply as I convulsed under her, and then I withdrew my fangs and bit into my own wrist. I brought my bleeding wrist to her mouth, continuing to fuck her with my other hand. I could feel another orgasm building as I watched her suck on my arm. As my blood diffused through her, the wounds on her neck healed and her eyes darkened. She held my arm firmly against her mouth and rode my hand, digging her hips into mine. We came at the same time. Despite the cacophony of pleasure, I could hear my blood inside her, calling out to me, describing the glory of her body. It was a moment of pure bliss. Distilled out of love and happiness.

Laurie collapsed on top of me, panting hard. “That was spectacular.” She lifted her head and smiled at me.

“Not as spectacular as your face covered with my blood…” I said as I licked her chin clean. I growled as I tasted myself, a mixture of blood and cum.

“I feel so powerful!”

“You are…” I agreed.

“I feel so alive!”

“You are…”

“I feel like I could fuck you all night!”

“Help yourself,” I said with a smile.


That night was the first of three that solidified our loving relationship. Now if I could just convince her to give up her human life…well, then I would be one happy kitten.


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