Hidey Hole

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It was just before dark. I knew Eric would be up soon, since it had been nearly this time of night last night when he came out of his hidey-hole. I figured I had about 10 minutes before he woke up.

I couldn’t believe how single-minded I had been since Eric had been staying with me, he was all I could think about. Well the sex was all I could think about to be honest. Can you blame me? I’m a healthy woman, and the last time I had sex before Eric had been too long. I figured I had some catching up to do in that department.

I couldn’t wait. He wouldn’t mind would he? Maybe he liked his privacy when he was dead to the world. Maybe I should just wait for him. Oh to hell with it, it would only be a few minutes anyway, and he wouldn’t mind if I just took a peek, would he? Surely not.

I crept quietly into my old room, I made sure the curtains were drawn as tight as possible, just in case the cloudy sky let in any dusk sunlight, and removed the junk that I had covered his trapdoor with earlier. The light on the table next to the bed was on, casting a pale golden glow into the closet. I opened the trapdoor and had to subdue a gasp when I saw him sleeping there, totally nude, on his side, his back to me glowing in the soft light. He was curled up slightly, and had left just enough room for me to slide in next to him. So that’s just what I did.

Even though it was a cold day and promised to be an even colder night, I felt myself flush with warmth at the nearness of his body. I smelled his back, which was so close to my face, committing his dry scent to my memory for the days ahead when he would surely leave and return to his real life. Before I knew that I was touching him, my hands were roving over his back touching and tracing the outlines of his muscles. I let my hands trail down farther until I was cupping his superb backside. I couldn’t get enough. By now I was massaging him as my lust started taking over. My quick peek turned out to be much more by the second.

My body ached to feel him, so I sat up, removed my shirt and bra, then wiggled out of my pants and panties. I lay down again and my body rejoiced as it made contact with his. I shifted my body up and down slightly pushing my breasts against his back firmly at first then lightly so just my nipples brushed his skin, the sensation made me moan. I reached around and grabbed his hip and pulled my pelvis as close as possible, and continued to rub myself up and down. The feeling was even better now, since the firmness of his ass was pressing right on my already sensitive mound, which was getting wetter by the minute.

My hand moved from his hip firmly onto his dick, which was as hard as ever. Was it always this hard when he slept? Had he woken up? How long had I been in here with him? He wasn’t moving, and made no signs of waking, so I just kept on going.

His skin was cold at first, then after a few seconds of having my hand pump up and down his length it began to warm and dribbled a little precum for me to use as lubricant making my motions more smooth and fast. I reached my free hand down between my legs, which had been pinned under my side, and curling my body so I could reach better, I slid two fingers inside the wet folds, pressing my palm against my clit. Working my two hands simultaneously, I jerked him off and myself until I was so close to release that my body started shaking. At the moment my orgasm was pulling me out of reality, he started rocking his hips in time with my hand, and I heard him say, “Oh please, don’t stop!” which was enough to push me the rest of the way over the edge, leaving me screaming and twitching around my fingers attempting to maintain my grip on his cock, pumping him frantically and erratically now. While I was still coming down from my own orgasm, I felt his body tense and heard him grunt as my hand filled with his cum.

Eric stretched his body out, reaching over and pulling me on top of him. “I cannot imagine a better way to wake up” he said smiling up at me. He grabbed my hand and licked my two fingers clean.

“I couldn’t wait to see you and was inspired with how I found you.” I said, smiling at him sheepishly.

He stopped me from looking away by grabbing my chin, forcing me to look him in the eyes again. My own eyes widened as I felt how hard he had become again. I leaned forward positioning my wet folds on the tip of his dick, and lowered my chest until my breasts were inches from him face, and as he sucked on them he lifted his hips and shoved his dick deep into my wet pussy.

With every thrust, all I could do was make guttural animal noises. I let go completely and was bouncing up and down to meet his hips, feeling the bruises start to form on the insides of my thighs. He was gripping me possessively, never closing his eyes, always watching me, always hungry. My breasts were swinging in his face again and he caught a nipple in his mouth and sucked hungrily as he bit down on the tender skin and as he sucked and fed he brought us both to orgasm. Ripping a scream from my throat and a growl from his. I could feel him pulsing inside me, as my muscles clamped down convulsively riding out the orgasm. He released his bite and licked my nipple clean, sending another shiver through my body. I had my hands braced on his chest so I wouldn’t collapse, and smiled down at him with that satisfied stupid smile I always get, which I noticed was the same smile he had. He reached up to my neck and pulled me down to kiss him, then said, “Well maybe that would have been a better way to wake up.”

I smiled and said, “I’ll keep that in mind for tomorrow night.”


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