Sookie’s Present

The story begins before the great Revelation and then gets right into Dead Until Dark…except I’ve moved things around a bit to suit myself. Inspired by Erica’s story idea. Thank you for sharing ideas with me, Erica, I hope it makes you happy!

Sookie’s Present: Chapter 1

Sookie’s Present: Chapter 2

Sookie’s Present: Chapter 3

Sookie’s Present: Chapter 4

Sookie’s Present: Chapter 5

Sookie’s Present: Chapter 6

Sookie’s Present: Chapter 7

Sookie’s Present: Chapter 8

Sookie’s Present: Chapter 9

Sookie’s Present: Chapter 10

Sookie’s Present: Chapter 11

6 thoughts on “Sookie’s Present

  1. ericluver says:

    Ready for chapter 2 🙂


  2. Suzann says:

    I read chapter 1 over at ffn because that was the notification I received. I came here to follow the story! Chapter 1 was a great start. Just sad that the story shows Bill (yuck) will also be in it……


    • Thanks for following me over…sorry to make you do that, I just can’t risk it, you know? It’s good that you’re following here, since I post spoilers before chapters sometimes. 🙂

      Believe me, I’m not a Bill fan. At all. He does serve a very good purpose though, and that’s ramping up alpha-Eric. I do love a jealous Viking. 🙂

      Thanks for following and reviewing!


  3. Rose says:

    Can’t wait for chapter 2. 🙂


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