Kitchen Table

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest

This was my very first attempt at writing erotica. This lemony one shot takes place at the end of chapter 9 in Dead to the World. Originally published on October of 2010.



Kitchen Table

“There,” he said softly, after a long moment. “You’re creative, too.”

I pushed him down until he was sitting on the kitchen table, still kissing him until I became all too aware that we were both wearing too much clothing. I took his shirt off, slowly pushing it up over his beautiful hair, exposing his muscled chest, which was now the perfect level for me to lick and touch and bite. I pushed him back until he was resting on his hands, and spent several minutes nibbling his nipples and the sides of his ribs, as I worked my way down to his pants. His face was drowsy with lust and since his fangs were fully exposed, I knew he was showing considerable self-restraint to sit there patiently while I undressed him and teased him. As I worked on getting the button to his pants undone, I pulled the elastic out of my hair, shook it loose and started sweeping my hair up and down his stomach, which made him shiver. I love making him shiver.

Finally I removed his pants, at which point he pouted at me and said, “I need to see you too.”

“I would be happy to undress for you.” I said and started to work on my own shirt. I had no intention of speeding up this process at all, I had him right where I wanted him, still and delicious on the table I would never be able to sit at again without thinking of this beautiful man sitting there, waiting for me. Looking at me as if I was the most beautiful woman in the world.

I pulled my Merlotte’s shirt ever so slightly up to expose just a hint of my hip, then higher and higher until my breasts popped out of the fabric, which was followed by a sharp intake of air from Eric. Finally I pulled it all the way off, leaving me in my black pants and a lacey white bra.

I whispered to Eric, “Now what would you like me to do?” Giving him a coy look.

He had to clear his throat to be able to speak, and said in a rough voice, “Now your pants, Lover.” How could I say no to that?

I unbuttoned my pants, then pulled the zipper down, watching his face the whole time, seeing the awe in his face, as if this were the first time he had ever seen me. I pulled the zipper open a little so he could see my matching white lacey panties. To get another one of those gasps, I pushed my hand inside my pants and rubbed myself for a few seconds, I got a little carried away and ended up rubbing my nipples through the lace of my bra with my other hand, which elicited a growl from Eric, who was still waiting not-so-patiently on the table. I pushed my pants down after he snapped me out of the moment and stepped out of them and my socks, taking a step closer to him on the table.

He sat up suddenly and pulled me into his chest. The contact with his cool hard body made my nipples ache to be touched. His mouth was on mine again, this time much more ferocious, sucking, licking and ever so gently grazing my tongue with his teeth, forcing a moan out of my mouth. His hands quickly unhooked my bra and reached around in the same swift movement to cup both of my breasts with his hands, rubbing my nipples with his thumbs. I felt another surge of moisture in my panties, which he smelled immediately and pulled away from my moth just long enough to smirk and then close his eyes to inhale deeply. Taking my opportunity to surprise him, I pushed him back to resting on his hands, and I said, “It’s my turn.”

I rubbed my hot hands all over his body again, letting him know that he was not allowed to touch me when he tried to reach out a hand to bring me closer to him. I slowly tugged the edge of his boxer briefs down on one side to expose his sculpted hip, then the other side, slowly revealing his hard cock waiting for me. Now it was my turn to gasp and shiver. I was overcome with the thoughts of what was in store for me. Eric smirked again, knowing the effect he had on me.

I leaned close enough to him that my hard nipples grazed his chest, which I ran slowly down his body, followed by my hot mouth and a trail of hair that made him twitch. I kissed right down the middle of his stomach. I positioned my nipples to brush across the head of his cock, which made us both rock in a wave of pleasure.

I reached down and used both of my hands to encircle his cock, which was so hard and ready, I licked my lips. He slumped back to rest on his elbows so he could still watch me. I started tugging up and down, watching his face relax and his eyes roll. Kneeling in front of him, I took his cock into my mouth, sucking it in as far as I could manage which isn’t saying much since there’s so much of him. My hands and mouth worked together, until I found a rhythm that made us both moan.

Eric sat up and put a hand on my shoulder and said, “Aren’t you going to fuck me? If you keep that up I’m going to cum right here!” I looked down and noticed the littlest bit of cum on the head of his dick, seeping out for me.

“Yeah.” I barely managed to get out, in response to his question. I pushed my panties off my body, and then I pushed my middle finger against his cock, coating it with his cum. I pushed my finger between the folds of my wet pussy and slid it back and forth brushing my clit very softly each time, then sunk my finger deep inside, pumping it in and out a few times watching Eric lick his lips and his cock twitch in anticipation. A small smile played across my face as I pulled the finger out of my wetness and brought it to his mouth, which was open and waiting to suck my finger clean. I dragged my finger across one of his fangs, and it cut me. Before he could suck the blood clean, I pulled it out and trailed a smear of blood across both of my breasts, and down to the center of wetness where the blood mingled with my other fluids. “Uh Oh, it looks like I’m going to need some help getting cleaned up.”

Before I knew what was happening, Eric picked me up, threw my coat on the table and laid me down on it, his face hovering over mine. “I can help you with that” he said, flashing me a fangy smile before devouring my mouth once more with a passionate kiss, where I could taste the slight residue of myself on his lips and tongue.

He brought his tongue down on my right nipple first, making my back arch so that more of my breast was in his mouth, which he gladly sucked and licked, moving his tongue across my chest to my left nipple which he cleaned very thoroughly as well. He then moved his tongue down my body, following the trail of blood all the way down.

He pulled a chair out to sit on, and leaned into me breathing in my scent which made his eyes go hazy. He took a few small licks to remove the blood, just enough for me to squirm towards him trying to make more contact with his talented mouth. Eric reached his hands under me and pulled my ass off the end of the table and put my legs over his shoulders so he had better access, leaving his hands to caress and rub while his mouth worked me over. He sucked hard on my clit and then rubbed it with his tongue, soon his fingers joined his tongue and I felt the pressure of his finger on my opening, which was wet enough to let his finger slide in, causing a small tremor that made my muscles clamp down on his finger. The feeling of his finger moving faster and faster inside me took my breath away and then he grazed my clit with his fangs and my body shook with the first of many orgasms I was sure to experience that night. He lapped up everything I offered, removing his finger and licking it clean, just as he had done to mine.

After riding out the wave of my orgasm, I pulled my legs off his shoulders and slid the rest of the way off the table until I was straddling his lap, positioning his hard cock against the folds of my wet pussy. I moved up and down, getting a feel for how much leg strength I had, and after a minute of teasing his dick, I pushed up high enough to position him at my opening. I kissed him deeply as I lowered slowly down onto him, so there was an inch of him in me. We both shuddered with the contact, which made me lose my control and I dropped the rest of the way onto his lap until he was buried in my heat to the hilt, which forced a groan out of my mouth and into his. I hooked my feet onto the side bars of the chair and moved my body fluidly up and down his shaft. He had his hands on my ass, moving me and helping me control my pace. Feeling that I needed to be in control, he said, “Yes, Lover, fuck me.” He leaned over and sunk his fangs into the slope between my neck and shoulder sucking greedily, with that, I came so loudly that I was glad to live in the middle of nowhere. I was spasmed on top of him and rocked my body back and forth riding out my orgasm. He withdrew his fangs and slowly licked my shoulder.

He lifted me off his lap and stood up at lightening speed, turning me around, and forcing me face down on the table, on top of my old coat once again. He stood behind me with his legs spread wide and forced my legs apart so he could position himself at my opening again, “Now it’s my turn” he said. He stroked my back, running his cold fingers up and down my spine, which caused my back to arch again, lifting my ass higher in the air forcing the tip of his dick back into me and smashing my breasts onto the table. He slid his long cock back into me the rest of the way and the contact was so much deeper this time that it made me cry out. He stopped moving and let my body adjust to him, and then began to pound into me at such speed that I held onto the table to steady myself, listening to the sound of my ass slapping against his hips, feeling the orgasm build in my abdomen and the tingling that comes with not breathing enough. With the little breath I had left, I said “Oh yes, oh yes, oh god! I’m going to cum, oh yes, Eric, harder, YES!!”

He lifted my legs off the floor and held them on either side of his hips, digging his fingers into my hips to hold me still so he could fuck me harder while he straightened his body, every muscle tightening with the promise of release. I started screaming his name, and his body jerked as he came, filling me up, my muscles milking every last drop out of him as I rode another wave of pleasure. He leaned over me, kissing my back and stroking my hair and said, “See, I knew you were creative.”


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