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Ever wonder what I do in my free time? I write books!

September Roberts

Hey! Did you know I’ve published three books and a novelette? It’s true!

My first novel, Orchids for Lila is an angst-free paranormal erotic romance about a young woman, Lila Ray, falling in love with Jack, a reclusive vampire. Life is a lot more interesting when you’re dating a vampire. You can buy it here.


I took a different route the second time around and published a new adult contemporary romance titled Sweet Chemistry. Kate and James have a promising night together, but all that goes out the window when Kate discovers James is her professor. Forbidden love has its sweet rewards, but is it worth risking everything? You can buy it here.

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShopKiss & Ride is a quick read and a sweet story about a budding romance between strangers on a train. Anne finds out that turning her fantasies into reality is going to take a giant leap of…

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She Courts Calamities

I’ve finally had time to write (yay!) and came up with something darker than anything I’ve written before: She Courts Calamities.


This four-part story was inspired by of Montreal’s song My Fair Lady. The song is about a woman who hurts herself and the man who loves her begs her to change. I thought Sookie might be that kind of woman in an alternate universe … one where she feels isolated and unimportant. But with a little help from Eric, Sookie can change. Some canon remains but most of it took a vacation somewhere a little happier.

Now, before you start to worry, let me answer a question. Will this story have a happy ending? Yes. The whole reason I write is to right Sookie’s wrongs. I’ll answer another question. Will there be a sequel to Petulance? Yes. I’m working on that, too. This story just had to come first. My muse insisted on it. I need another week to edit, so chapter one will be up next Friday. I’ve missed you all and hope you had a lovely summer.

She Courts Calamities: Chapter 1

She Courts Calamities: Chapter 2

She Courts Calamities: Chapter 3

She Courts Calamities: Chapter 4