Detox: Chapter 8 Spoilers

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Sookie took a deep breath of the still summer air once she got onto the front porch. She leaned against one of the pillars and took another breath. What was I thinking? I’m playing with fire. She looked down at her nearly naked body and laughed. I wouldn’t even know what to do with him! I mean, I should know in theory, but that doesn’t really help me right now. Oh shit. Here he comes. She gave him a weak smile as he stepped through the front door.

“Beautiful night,” he said, standing next to her, casually.

She nodded, rubbing her head against the column of wood. The dim bulb hanging overhead illuminated half of his body, the other in shadow. She forced herself to keep breathing, even though it was low on her list of priorities. Kissing him was at the top, but after the fiasco of her indecisiveness earlier, she remained frozen in place.

“That bench?” he asked, pointing out into the meadow of yellow flowers, emitting only an echo of their sunshiney color in the dark.

She nodded.

He hopped off the porch and circled it before returning to her. “Looks uncomfortable.” He stopped in front of her, the ten-inch drop making them the same height. They stood facing each other.

Her heart threatened to leap out of her chest as she contemplated what she should do next. She closed her eyes and leaned forward, moaning when her mouth found his again. When her breasts pushed against his cool chest, she sighed. Here had been her cure for the heat all along.

Spoilers! Up All Night: Chapter 14

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Sookie’s scent clung to Eric’s skin, reminding him of their brief encounter. He wanted nothing more than to keep her all night long, but knew she had a lot on her mind, he could tell from her silence as he drove her home. Niall has that effect on people.

Eric still couldn’t shake the conversation he and Niall had about Breandan and his ties to the human world, but hadn’t had the opportunity to think about it much, beyond setting up a meeting between Niall and Sookie, but he knew that he should arm himself with as much information as possible before the outbreak of another fairy war.

When he got home, he turned on his computer and typed Breandan’s name into the search engine. He knew of his connection to the Irish, having read his history before. They thought him to be one of the twelve apostles in Ireland, calling him The Navigator, never realizing he didn’t belong to their realm. As his eyes scanned over the list of Breandan’s travels and accomplishments, he saw something he’d never noticed before. Breandan had spent quite a bit of time on the island of Adelsö.

“Adelsö,” Eric murmured. He started a new search, finding pictures of scenic Swedish land: rolling hills, peaceful forests, and ruins. Ruins of a castle he had once called home: Hovgården.


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Spoilers! Up All Night: Chapter 6

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Eric stopped at home to change before heading to the bar. As he pulled on a fresh pair of jeans, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He looked happy. It had been years since he’d felt like that.

When he came in the back door, Pam turned toward him, looked him up and down, and laughed. “What happened to you?”

He smiled. “Sookie.” Her name came out on a sigh.

“Did you talk?” she asked.

“A little.” His smile grew. “I’m going back tomorrow.”

“Of course you are.” She turned back toward the customer in front of her and mixed his drink. “Does this mean I’ll be eating alone?”

Eric nodded. “Yes.” Saturday nights were always the best to find easy meals, especially when they provided alcohol, but easy meals weren’t necessarily his favorite. “Although, I might be home before you finish.”

“I’ll keep the party small,” she promised.

* * * *

Sookie’s name was on Eric’s lips the next evening when he awoke. He showered and dressed quickly, bumping into Pam as he left.

“Have a good time tonight,” she said.

“I will.”

His stomach tightened as he drove down Hummingbird Lane. Why am I so nervous? And then he saw Sookie standing on the front porch in a tight white dress, her hair bouncing against her shoulders as she came down the stairs to greet him. His nerves settled and were replaced with desire. He moved out of his car quickly, surprising her.

“Oh,” she said. “I didn’t know you could move so fast.”

Instead of answering her, he kissed her. She kept her hands up, against his chest, separating their bodies, pushing away from him after a few moments.

“My gran is inside, waiting to meet you.” Sookie smoothed the front of her dress and tucked a blonde lock behind her ear. “Won’t you please come in?” She smiled wryly.

He touched her hand as he followed her inside, and she reluctantly took it, but as soon as they entered the front room, she pulled away from him, putting distance between them.

Spoilers! Up All Night: Chapter 4

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Eric manipulated the camera to get closer to Sookie. She seemed distracted, checking on Beth frequently. She didn’t look at the cameras and smile like she normally did, but it didn’t matter, she was still there, about to go in his room.

He zoomed in and frowned when she walked straight toward him. Her face filled the screen when she stopped inches away from the camera.

“It’s you. I knew I recognized your … scent. I just couldn’t place it. Until now.” She sat back on her heels and pressed her lips together and glowered at the camera. She jerked the sheets off, got a new set, scowled at him again, and finished without another glance.

Sookie hugged Beth when they were done cleaning. “You holding up okay?”

Beth nodded. “Wanna go out again?”

Sookie looked right at the camera in the front room and said, “How about tomorrow? I need to take care of something.”

The house went dark.

Eric paced in front of his desk. Is she coming here again? Why was she so mad? What does she need to take care of?

Ten minutes later, he got his answer.


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Spoilers! Up All Night: Chapter 3

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“Thank you,” Sookie mumbled as she gripped the narrow glasses and made her way back to her miserable friend. She glanced over her shoulder at the spectacular specimen of a man standing behind the bar. He was watching her. She smiled at him and then focused on walking back to Beth.

“I got you a Long Island iced tea. I hope you like them.”

“They have a lot of booze in them, right?”

“Right.” Sookie nodded.

Beth wiped her eyes. “Then I like them.” She took a sip and then shook her head. “Whoa. Strong.”

Sookie craned her head around Beth to peek at the golden god who had served her.

“What’s so interesting?” Beth asked, taking another drink, much longer than the first.

“That guy behind the bar,” she whispered, “there’s something different about him.” She wanted to scream, He’s silent, but kept her mouth shut.

Beth turned in her seat, clearly staring at him.

Sookie smacked her hand. “Don’t be so obvious.”

“He looks like a Viking,” Beth observed. “Like an honest to goodness Viking!”

“Beth,” Sookie whispered. “Turn around. He’s looking at us.”

She shrugged and then turned to face Sookie again. “I can see why you’re looking. Besides looking like a Viking, what’s so different about him?”

Sookie squirmed in her seat. I can’t tell her about my gift. Why did I even bring it up? “He, um, sounds different.” Why can’t I hear him? Is my brain broken? She frowned. She worked her way around the room, mentally, focusing on the few other customers.

The first, an old unkempt man, hunched over his beer, immediately projected his sorrow through his thoughts. What am I going to tell Irene? She doesn’t even know I got fired last week. Sookie shook her head. The other two men sat near each other, coworkers sharing stories about their boss. The younger man projected images of the dull workday ahead of them. He looked up when he noticed her eyes on him, he grinned at her. Suddenly, the images in his brain shifted to ones of a more sexual nature, featuring her.

Sookie looked away quickly, blocking him from her mind. Nope, still works. Pig. Turning her body toward the bar, she focused on the blond man again. Still nothing. Her eyes flicked over to the petite woman mindlessly cleaning bottles of vodka, and her mouth hung open. I can’t hear her either. What in the hell is going on?

Ice cubes clattered against glass as Beth smacked her lips. “That was good.”

Sookie slid her glass across the table. “Here, have mine.” She needed to stay sharp to figure out what was going on.

Beth clicked her tongue. “Are you sure? We’re supposed to be wallowing together, remember?”

Sookie smiled. “I’ll get something else. Be right back.” She slid off the stool and headed for the bar, trying to avoid the amorous man’s table. But the man’s thoughts assaulted her before he could say anything, so she turned toward him and scowled. “You don’t stand a chance, buddy.”

Clearly offended by her straightforward rejection, he downed his beer and mumbled to his friend, “We should probably go. Early morning.”

Sookie watched them leave out of the corner of her eye as she finished her trip to the bar. The Viking god was nowhere to be seen.

“You handled him nicely,” the blonde woman behind the bar said. “He’s an asshat.”

Sookie laughed. “Thank you.” She tilted her head as she tried to listen to the woman’s thoughts, finally giving up. “Can I get a ginger ale?”

“Of course,” the blond god said.

Sookie gasped. “Where did you come from?”

“My office.” He pointed down the hall and then poured her drink.

When he handed it to her, her fingers grazed his and an electric shock shot up her arm, radiating through her body. He must’ve felt it too, because his eyes widened and he inhaled quickly.


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Spoiler! Up All Night: Chapter 2

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“If you need me, I’ll be in my office,” Eric said.

Pam lifted an eyebrow as she wiped the counter in front of her. “Off to spy on the cleaning lady? You still don’t trust her, after all this time?”

“She’s only been there for six weeks. She might figure something out.” He leaned close to her so the man at the bar a few feet away wouldn’t hear them.

“How much longer do we have to wait?”

“The queen said they are going to make the announcement within the year. I wish she would tell me a specific date.” The man sitting near him started leaning toward him, listening. Eric turned to face him. “You don’t know anything about what I just said. You are finished with your drink and were just getting ready to leave.”

The man nodded stupidly. “Yes. I need to leave.” He gulped his beer and then pushed away from the bar.

Pam rolled her eyes. “Humans.”

“I’ll be in my office.” Eric turned and left.

Once in his office, he stretched out behind his desk in his comfortable chair. He switched on the monitor on his desk and turned on the feed coming from his home security cameras.

Hiring someone to clean their house was the best decision he ever made. He hated cleaning up after parties, and even though he could command Pam to do it, he didn’t like the idea of her resenting him. He laced his fingers behind his head and watched the dark-haired woman picking up beer bottles and wiping the counter in the kitchen. Smug satisfaction crossed his face as she mopped a pile of vomit off the floor. The smile on his face froze when a blonde woman entered the kitchen with an armful of pink sheets.

“Hello. Who are you?” he whispered.

Spoilers! The After Party: Chapter 6

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“I hadn’t even thought of that.” Sookie frowned.

Eric ran his thumb across her forehead, smoothing it out. “You don’t need to worry about him. That’s what I’m here for.”

“How are you going to get home? I assume you don’t want Bill to know Eric is with you, right?” Pam asked.

Sookie nodded.

“But your car is at your house still,” Pam said.

“I hadn’t thought of that either.”

Pam snorted. “Not much of a plan is it?”

“I planned to fly us to her house,” Eric said, silencing Pam.

* * * *

Eric landed in the heavily wooded area behind her house while Sookie searched for anyone else. “The coast is clear,” she said.

With that, they made their way to the back door and let themselves in. “Now what?” Sookie asked in a whisper.

“Now we wait.”


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She clicked her tongue. “Can I drive you instead? Please? I want to see the look on Bill’s face when you get him. You won’t even notice I’m there.”

“No. I want him to think she’s alone. No cars.” Eric shook his head. “Besides, you need to be here, since I can’t be.”

“Fine.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “Be that way.”

Spoilers! Worth It: Chapter 6

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A dull buzzing sound filled Eric’s head as faint light seeped through his eyelids. He squeezed his eyes shut, only intensifying the noise. White-hot pain shot across his temples. Chains rattled as he attempted to find the source of pain, and then the room filled with the aroma of burning flesh. His flesh.

Silver chains. Fuck.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you,” Bill said, his voice cold and oily.

Eric opened his eyes and tried to focus them. Slowly, the features of Bill’s face became clear. He turned toward him and a sharp spike gouged and burned the side of his head.

Bill clicked his tongue. “You just don’t listen, do you?”

Fresh blood oozed out of the side of Eric’s head. “What have you done to me?” He rolled his head the other direction, finding a matching spike.

“It took quite a bit to subdue you.” He began to walk around the table Eric was chained to.

Florescent lights hung from the dingy ceiling, illuminating the windowless concrete walls. “Where am I?” Pam, I need you!

“Somewhere safe and far away from Sookie.” A smile slid across Bill’s face and then it froze as he hovered over Eric. “She’s mine.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that,” Eric said as he arched his eyebrow.

“Do you like your bed? I had it custom made.” He walked toward Eric’s head, slipping on a pair of leather gloves. “This device is really wonderful.” Something clicked and then spikes enclosed his head.

Eric groaned and squeezed his eyes shut, but the pain became too much. He fought to remain conscious, but lost.


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Spoilers: Worth It: Chapter 5

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“Eric?” Sookie squeezed her eyes shut trying to clear her vision and pain exploded through her left temple. She touched the skin gently. “That smarts.” No blood, just a goose egg. She pushed herself up, only to find herself alone. In the cemetery.

“Eric?” She squinted through the dull moonlight filtering down through the trees and winced. Crickets chirped and frogs croaked, but she couldn’t see Eric anywhere. Rocking forward onto her hands and knees, she saw something glistening in the grass where Eric had been sitting. She touched it. Wet, dark, and thick, it coated her fingertip. She frowned and brought it to her nose. A mixture of sweet and bitter, she hesitantly touched her tongue to it. “Oh god, it’s Eric’s blood.”

A memory flashed in her brain. Eric yelled, and then his skin started burning. The last thing she remembered was screaming. Everything else a blur. How long have I been sitting here?

The grass had been gouged in two long stripes, leading away from where Eric had been. That’s when it hit her. The blood and the obvious signs of Eric’s body being dragged away: we were attacked! She forced herself to stand, ignoring the pain in her head and looked through the thick trees one more time, but instead of looking for Eric, she looked for the person who hurt him. I need to find him. I need help. I need to get out of here! Her heart pounding in her chest, she grabbed her shoes and ran as fast as she could the rest of the way home, following the worn path that ran through the middle of the cemetery.


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Spoilers – Worth It: Chapter 2

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Eric’s POV

“Looks like you’ve got another visitor.” Pam nodded her head slightly to the edge of the stage where Bill Compton lingered.

Eric forced a smile. “Bill, what brings you to my area?”

“The old family homestead in Bon Temps. The last of my kin has recently died.” Bill looked at his nails briefly. “I thought it best to settle in. Mainstream.”

“Ah, mainstreaming.” Eric sighed. “Any other plans? Are you going to open a business, perhaps?”

“No, I’ll be plenty busy.” He pressed his thin lips together.

Eric frowned. Busy doing what? “I appreciate you checking in.”

“It’s only right, you are in charge up here, after all.” With his hands tucked behind his back, Bill strolled away.

“What was that all about?” Pam asked.

“I have no idea. He made it sound like he was doing me a favor by following protocol. As if he’d been given orders but went ahead and checked in anyway. I wonder who is controlling him.”

“Want me to follow him? Torture him until he tells me?” Pam’s eyes gleamed.

“Maybe,” Eric said as he watched Bill heading toward the exit. “He didn’t even get a drink.”