Getaway Ch 65: Acting Lessons

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Acting Lessons

Friday night started out much the same way as they usually did. A shower, a little grooming, hugs and kisses…..pretty much domestic bliss. I went into the kitchen to fix myself something to eat, and had a plate full of hot food in no time.

“Will you show me what you and Ella bought last night?” Eric asked. I smiled. This was definitely a man that could appreciate clothes! Eric followed me anxiously into the upstairs bedroom where I kept my clothes. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the anticipation on his face.

Eric arranged himself on the bed, and said, “Are you going to try them on for me?” I hadn’t planned on it, but he was pretty excited about it, so I thought it couldn’t hurt, right? I dropped my robe onto the floor of my closet, standing in front of him naked. His jaw tightened. I looked at him, pretending not to notice his desire and stepped into the black and silver dress.

“I do love a short skirt on those lovely legs of yours.” I twirled like a ballerina for him.

Next I picked out the Tron dress, smoothing it over my hips, enjoying the look in his eyes that told me he wanted to touch me. He was being very good though, and sat patiently while I showed him. The garnet dress was so silky that I had to let him touch it. “Isn’t it beautiful? The material is soooo soft!” His fingers lingered and caressed. He adjusted the bulge in his jeans and cleared his throat. Right, next dress before we got all sidetracked.

The black and white sun ray dress was next and he gasped. “My favorite so far. Your hips look so…..” he trailed off, staring at my body. I raised my eyebrows waiting for him to finish his thoughts. “Edible.” I giggled.

Lastly, I stepped into the red and black striped dress, which is the dress I had planned to wear tonight. I twirled in front of Eric, who was now leaning back on his elbows to enjoy the show. The silky material whispered around my thighs as I moved. I remembered the shoes we had picked out that matched so well, and bent over to get them off the floor of my closet. Eric growled. I smiled as I turned to face him, holding the shoes in my hands. “Aren’t they perfect? Wait until you see them on!”

The ribbons hung limp at the top of the shoes, which made it easier to tug them open a bit more so I could slip my feet in. Eric opened his legs, patting the spot between them on the edge of the bed as a spot where I could finish tying them. I raised my foot and wedged it between his legs, then bent over to tie the ribbons, letting my hair brush against him. I flipped my hair over one shoulder so I could see what I was doing, giving him a full view of my cleavage spilling over the top of the deep v cut of the dress. He moaned as I shifted around him, tying the other shoe.

When I was finished, I stood up and showed him. “They’re platform shoes, so you won’t have to lean as much when you kiss me,” I explained.

“Or bend my knees as much, as I fuck you,” Eric answered.

Eric stood up off the bed, discarding his jeans as he closed the gap between us. He nodded his head quickly to the sex swing set up in the corner of the room. It was turning out to be quite a handy accessory in our house!

“How would you like me, Herra minn?” (my Master)

“Bend over the harness strap. Yes, that one,” Eric answered as I pointed to the top strap.

Not wanting to wrinkle my new dress, I lifted it until it was around my ribs, letting it fall towards the ground as I positioned my naked stomach against the harness, leaving my ass exposed to Eric’s view. With my body bent in half like this, I could look at his lower body through my open legs. The sight of him approaching me, his right hand smoothly caressing his cock, was enough to make my clit tingle in anticipation.

“Feel like playing tonight?” Eric asked in a thick voice.

“Uh huh.” I felt up to anything as long as it involved him deep inside of me.

He moved in a blur out of the room, and was back before I knew it, paddle in hand. It hung loosely in his hand by the side of his body, and I eyed it warily as he approached at a painfully slow speed. “I promise I won’t hurt you,” he said, addressing my unspoken concern.

He nudged my legs until they were a few inches apart, and then he positioned his legs on either side of mine. The platform shoes made us the same exact height. The tip of his cock rubbed against the slick folds of my pussy, forcing a moan from my throat. He brought the paddle down gently against my skin, letting me get used to the feel of it. The rubbery covering on it was textured and felt sort of velvety. In a very calculated move, Eric lifted the paddle and landed a little blow on the roundness of my ass. It stung slightly, and made me whimper; just a tiny little whimper. Eric rewarded me by pushing his cock inside me a few inches, swiveling his hips. I tried to move back into him, trying to impale myself, but the swing had rendered me immobile. Eric chuckled as he pulled out, followed by me huffing in disappointment. The paddle came down on the other cheek, and the slight sting and whimper accompanied it. I was rewarded again with another shallow thrust, and then tortured by his absence.

Eric repeated the process several times, whap, whimper, moan, huff, whap, whimper, moan, huff. By the sixth hit, my ass felt hot and tingly. The paddle clattered to the ground, Eric cooled my hot skin with his icy hands. He was massaging my ass, caressing the sensitive red globes. “You look so beautiful when you blush,” he said as he lifted my ass one more time, aligning my pussy with his cock, finally pushing into me all the way.

Eric set a slow rhythm, screwing his hips away from me, then towards me, rubbing my pussy walls with his silky dick in a deliriously spiraling thrust. Each time he pulled away from me, he caressed my sensitive skin, sending shivers through my body that only heightened the sensations in my body. An orgasm was threatening to let loose. Eric gripped my ass possessively, and with one more powerful thrust, I screamed.

Eric held still inside me, enjoying the constriction of my orgasmic release, and reached a hand around to cup my sex. His long fingers separated my dripping folds and expertly squeezed my clit, turning my world upside-down as a clitoral orgasm jumped on the back of the first one. My body shook and went limp, as I attempted to breathe my way back to reality.

The double orgasm only fed the fire inside me, making me anxious to please him. I straightened my back and propped my hands on my knees and steadied myself. He responded to my new posture and held my hips as he pounded into me, his hip bones digging into the hot and tender flesh of my ass, only adding to the delicious brutality of his animal behavior. I gasped for breath as I neared another orgasm, this time spurred on by his low moans and growls. It always got me off to know that he was getting close. My orgasm took control of my body again, tightening and straining against the onslaught of Eric’s massive dick, which swelled and spilled deep inside me.

Just another night of domestic bliss….


Fangtasia’s parking lot was completely empty. Eric parked in the back lot, and we entered the building through the back, passing by the stack of pallets. A smile spread across my face as I realized that happy memories were slowly replacing the sad ones. It seemed like the painful memories weren’t mine anymore, and that I was very far removed from my miserable life without Eric. While he was unlocking the door, I grabbed his hand. He turned to look at me and smiled when he saw my happy face. “I love you, you know that right?”

Eric kissed me sweetly and said, “Yes, I know. I love you too.”

I made myself busy behind the bar, stocking the fridge and shelves with alcohol. Eric unlocked the front door and made his way over to where his throne was. He lifted a chair and positioned it next to his, “I want you to sit with me tonight.” The thought of sitting on display was intimidating. Not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t feel right about coming in to work, and then sitting on my ass (especially my tender ass) all night long.

“I’m not so sure about that. Fangbangers aren’t here to see me. They’re here to see you. And Robert, and Elizabeth, even Maxwell….I’m lacking the very thing they come here for,” I explained, trying to talk him out of it.

“Fangbangers don’t know the difference. Believe me. I’ll show you how to fool them all.”

We worked together to set the chairs on the ground, arranging them around the tables. Just as we finished, Elizabeth, Robert, and Kelly showed up.

Kelly came and said hey, and gushed over my shoes and dress. Robert didn’t say anything, but he was leering at me enough that Eric stepped between us and stared at him, challenging him. Robert couldn’t move fast enough, Eric had him pinned to the wall in the blink of an eye. Eric growled through his fangs, forcing Robert’s body to stiffen in fear. Kelly stood on the side, not saying a word, wringing her hands nervously as she waited to see what Eric would do to her boyfriend.

“If you need to be reminded of how to control yourself,” Eric said, his free hand grabbing Robert’s dick through his pants, “I would be happy to help you with that. It wouldn’t take more than a few months to grow back.”

Kelly let out a squeak of protest.

Eric had definitely found Robert’s weakness. “No, please,” Robert choked through the vice of fingers around his vocal cords “It will not happen again. Please.”

Eric’s anger subsided as he listened to the pleas coming from Robert. Eric relaxed his grip around Robert’s throat letting him slide to the ground, revealing deep indentations in Robert’s neck. Robert scuttled behind the bar followed closely by Kelly, who was relieved her vampire was intact.

As if nothing had happened, Elizabeth walked over to the bar, warmed up a bottle of blood and settled in by the front door to check IDs. She would have her hands full soon enough, Friday night was always busy, and we opened in 15 minutes.

Pam had arranged a variety of local vamps to come in and mingle with the tourists, and they took turns checking in with Eric as they came in.

I lingered behind the bar, gathering the courage to join Eric on stage. Kelly and I chatted briefly about the confrontation between Eric and Robert. She couldn’t believe Robert had been so stupid, which was a relief since I had been worried that the fight might have jeopardized our friendship. She assured me that it hadn’t, offering me a hug and a smile. With a lull in vamp traffic, I made my way to Eric.

As per usual Eric was surrounded by a crowd of adoring fans, which were growing by the minute as the club filled. Not that I could blame them. He looked amazing, handsome, powerful, and deadly. “Herra minn,” (My master,) I said politely as I curtsied in front of him.

He rolled his eyes at me and pointed to the chair next to him. “Sestu hér.” (Sit here.) I hesitated for a moment and then sat down, shifting uncomfortably from the slight tenderness still lingering from earlier. A satisfied smile flickered across his lips as he saw my attempts to get comfortable.

“Tilbúin, Elskan?” (Ready, Lover?) I nodded and tried to imitate his facial expressions.

Nei, þú þarft að líta út eins og þér leiðist, áhugalaus. Hafðu í huga að þetta fólk hefur ekkert að bjóða sem þú þarfnast. (No, you need to look bored, disinterested. Keep in mind that these people have nothing to offer you.)

I slouched back into the chair, leaning on one arm, and feigned boredom. “Allt í lagi. Hvernig er þetta?” (Right. How’s this?)

“Betra. Reyndu að líta út eins og þér sé misboðið,” (Better. Try looking disgusted) Eric said. I made a face like I had just tasted something mildly bitter, scrunching my nose a little. “Já. Svona,” (Yes. Like that) he praised.

I practiced scowling at fangbangers as they approached. I patterned myself after Pam, mimicking her dislike of ‘the vermin.’ It was very effective. Eric would test me by inviting a fangbanger forward, so that I could reject them, correcting me in Icelandic if need be, fine-tuning my ‘presence.’ I actually started to enjoy myself. I could hear that the people approaching didn’t know if I was a vampire or not, because of my tan, but they weren’t about to find out by doing or saying something stupid. These people were afraid of me, in awe of me, and envious. They were always envious when I was with Eric. I relaxed as the night went on.

Between entertaining stupid questions from the fangbangers (which I actually had a blast answering, regurgitating some of Pam’s venomous one-liners), I asked Eric, “Hefur einhverjum hér einhvern tímann tekist að vekja áhuga þinn?” (Has anyone here ever managed to impress you?) I was genuinely curious about his Fangtasia persona. Was he truly bored and disgusted by everyone?

“Bara þér,” (Only you) he said as he stared into my eyes for a moment, and as his eyes swept down my neck to the top of my breasts swelling out of the dress, he added “Sérstaklega í þessum kjól.” (Especially in that dress).

I blushed furiously, surely matching my dress. I whispered, “Hættu þessu, við eigum að vera að vinna!” (Stop it, we’re supposed to be working!) He cocked an eyebrow at me and made a face that said ‘Make Me’ which was more of a promise than a threat.

Trying to do my job well, I turned my attention back to the crowd and spent the rest of the night working the room. Acting like a pissy vamp was kind of fun. Much more fun than the pretending I did when I lived in Bon Temps. I was not a typical girl that only cared about my hair and finding a good man to settle down with to have babies, which is what most people think pretty blonde southern girls want out of life.

Not me. I had something much better in mind for my life.


On to Getaway Ch 66: S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT

4 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 65: Acting Lessons

  1. theladykt says:

    yumminess. that swing was a great investment. Robert is a fool. lol for Sookie trying to be Pam….sort of


  2. Alison Griffiths says:

    I really liked this chapter. When Sookie was comparing her memories of Fangtasia to how she felt about it now it really made me think about that, about all she went through before she came together with Eric properly. Of course CH didn’t bother with that, she just sold us one character over ten or so books and then threw in Sam at the last moment. Not once did she ever sell him to us. Ahem, let’s just say I like this Sookie’s life more than I liked the ‘real’ ones happy ever after, ha!


    • Happy Ever After always includes Eric in my world. 🙂 I agree with you. CH never sold Sam, she just mentions him as some background extra with a little something going for him. It’s the reason I stopped reading the books after 11. I knew where she was going… I’m glad you enjoyed the story!


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