Getaway Ch 66: S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT

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Thank you for all of your lovely suggestions, you inspired me to write their Saturday night. ILoveVikings and Elsme your shared idea inspired me and made me laugh out loud, so naturally I HAD to use it. ELW1, you are amazing, and full of brilliant ideas, so thanks for sharing them with me! TriceNorthman, EricJacobLover, orchocolatecvrd, and whodat2010, I loved your ideas as well, and have been inspired to write a few fun little one shots, so thanks for arousing my lemony mind.

I must thank SeriousCrush in a serious way for this chapter. I was lost at sea, and she was my shining lighthouse, guiding me home.



I was excited about going into Fangtasia again, and was sort of sad that tonight would be our last night to be in charge. This vacation for Pam turned out to be more exciting for us than I thought it would be. As opening time approached, I felt nervous and excited.

Last night I had explored my Fangtasia persona, and had thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved sneering at fangbangers and finally understood why Pam always had that sparkle in her eye when she stood in front of a crowd of adoring vermin.

I busied myself working around the club until people started to arrive. Eric had insisted that I wear the sunray bandage dress, and had complimented me at least a dozen times since I had put it on. Robert was careful to keep his distance tonight, and only spoke to or looked at me if I addressed him. Eric had put the fear of 1,000 year old vamp in him. It made me giggle.

Maxwell, Elizabeth, Bill, and a handful of other vamps had also come in tonight. Elizabeth was stationed on the barstool near the door, always scanning the waiting crowd for potential problems. She was a consistent worker and kept to herself. I liked her a lot.

Maxwell mulled around the room, letting tourists buy him a bottle of blood, and entertaining their request to see his fangs. He seemed like a ‘safe’ choice for the tourists. I think it was the pocket protector that did it. ‘Pocket protector’ and ‘Dangerous Vamp’ didn’t really go together. I actually caught him smiling and chatting with a woman dressed in a casual business suit. Turns out investment bankers have a lot to talk about, even in a vampire club.

Bill made good on his promise to Pam, making the girls swoon over his cool voice and stupid pickup lines. I walked by him at one point, and heard him say, “You are looking lovely tonight, Sookie.” I turned and acknowledged his compliment with a curt nod. The girls around him shot me daggers. I had no interest in knowing why they were angry, so I didn’t bother to stick around and find out.

Eric had set a chair on stage again, next to his, waiting for me. I took my position easily this time. The first time for anything is always the hardest, and this was certainly no exception. Eric smiled openly at me as I engaged a few tourists in small talk, keeping them in line, knowing that Pam would be proud of me. It was hard to remember not to show anything at all. It was a test in controlling my face, voice, and emotions.

I was just finishing washing my hands in the bathroom, when I heard a muffled noise coming from the stall in the corner. I bent over and saw two pair of feet, heels and boots. I pounded on the door, and in my most authoritative voice I reminded them “No feeding on the premises.”

A gruff voice answered back, “Mind your own business. Fuck Off!”

Well I wasn’t about to do either, so I marched right out to Eric and enlisted his help. I was determined to get him to stop, but I wasn’t stupid. Eric, fueled by the idea of a good fight, pushed past me and flew down the hall to the ladies bathroom, shouting an order to Maxwell to keep things in line. I ran after him, and when I burst into the bathroom, Eric had just broken the latch on the door and was pulling the scruffy vamp out of the stall.

“Thomas, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that this is not allowed in Fangtasia,” Eric said, nodding to the bloody wound on the girl’s neck. Her eyes were glossy and unfocused, he had clearly glamoured her.

Thomas twisted out of his grip, and squared his shoulders, preparing to do something stupid. “You’re not the Sheriff anymore. You can’t tell me what to do.” His eyes danced with defiance, like a petulant child standing up to his parent.

Eric grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off the ground, calmly saying “No, I am not the Sheriff, but this is my club, and I make the fucking rules.” I clearly knew better than Thomas what the cool tone in Eric’s voice meant. Thomas snorted a laugh, followed quickly by a howl of pain as Eric grabbed his right arm and pulled, dislocating his shoulder. Eric dropped his arm, which thudded limply against his side, then dropped him to the ground.

“What is it Pam is charging for blatant disregard of Fangtasia’s rules?” Eric asked, directing the question to me. I had no idea vamps were fined for not following rules, let alone how much it would be. Of course, it was a question I wasn’t meant to answer, so I kept my mouth shut. “Why don’t we call it $10,000. You know how to get it to us.” Thomas made a groan at the heavy fine, but Eric went on. “I think it would be better for everyone if you left and didn’t come back for a while. Unless you want a matched set?” Eric glanced at his left arm, his face flashing excitement at the prospect of inflicting more pain. Thomas shook his head and moved to leave. “Heal her first, we don’t need everyone to know what you have been up to in here.” Thomas reluctantly licked the wounds closed on the glassy-eyed girl’s neck, then pushed past us, slamming his arm into the doorframe before he left the bathroom. His shoulder socket realigned with a sickening wet thud of tissue and a grunt of pain.

Eric walked over to the girl and told her that she needed to find her friends and leave, since she wasn’t feeling well. The girl nodded dumbly and smiled at us weakly as she left.

I smiled at Eric and told him how impressed I was with how he handled Thomas. He was still buzzing with excitement, and closed the gap between us in a blur, fingering the seams of black and white fabric, sending electric pulses through my body. The letdown after the buildup for the fight had left him a little frustrated. I’m sure he was hoping for a lot more brutality than a dislocated shoulder. It was my job to diffuse this bomb, an occupational hazard I would gladly subject myself to.

“What can I do to help you…..relax?” I breathed, trying, unsuccessfully to think of somewhere private and nearby.

Eric pulled a pink key of out of his pocket. “Pam’s office. Now.”

I nodded and felt his body fuse to mine as I walked the short distance to her office. Eric slid the key into the lock, and twisted it so it latched back to the locked position.

When the door closed, I felt a flush of guilt at the idea of having sex in Pam’s office. I started to voice my thoughts and was stopped short by Eric. “She owes us one. She and Laurie borrowed the swing tonight.”

Yep, that did it. My remorse was gone in a flash, and although I knew Pam would comment about our choice of venue, I also knew that she wouldn’t mind. Much.

Eric lifted me off the ground and placed me down gently on the arm of the pink floral couch. “This dress. Has. Got. To. Go.” Each word was punctuated with the stretchy material being pushed further up until it was over my head, falling onto the couch behind me. I had chosen sexy black panties and a matching black strapless bra to wear with my new dress. Eric loved matching sets. The bra joined my dress in one swift movement. I leaned back, until my head was resting comfortably on the back of the couch. Eric’s cool hands cupped my breasts and kneaded until my nipples hardened and scraped against his palms. I moaned and opened my legs, locking my feet around his hips, pulling him against me. He was wearing thin black pants, which left little to the imagination as he rubbed against my wet heat.

I mimicked him, “Your pants. Have. Got. To. Go.” I breathed it, more than spoke it, which only spurred him on. Eric nodded in agreement and dropped his pants. His dick thwacked his stomach, demanding all the attention in the room. I stared openly at his magnificent appendage, which earned me a cocky smile and a raised eyebrow that asked ‘Like what you see?’

My body responded for me, my hips shifting impatiently on the arm of the couch. His eyes darted down to my lacey covered sex, focusing on the growing wet spot in the center. Hunger and lust replaced his cocky smile. It was my turn to smirk. “Well? Are you just going to stand there all night, or are you going to fuck me?” I asked, smiling coquettishly when our eyes met.

Eric charged towards me ripping the small piece of fabric that separated him from fulfilling my demands. He nibbled on my hard nipple with his blunt teeth as the head of his cock pressed against my slit, probing for entrance. I stretched my hands over my head, arching my back as I gripped onto the back of the couch.

The first smooth thrust rocked my body against the couch and filled the room with the sound of my moan. Eric’s tongue swirled around my nipple as his hips swiveled out and slammed back in. The wooden frame of the couch groaned under me, and scooted a fraction of an inch across the floor with a quick ‘Rrt.’

Because of how I was arching my back, my hips pointed down, exposing my clit to the crushing pleasure of contact with his pelvis. I dug my shoes into his ass, pulling him against me harder, unable to voice my need. Eric continued to slam into me rhythmically until my body shook with an orgasm that continued to gather speed and intensity as the energy spread from my clit, starting an exothermic reaction that might have burned my skin if Eric hadn’t been there to cool me.

Eric growled and thrust harder, scooting the couch each time now as he pounded into me. We bumped into Pam’s desk, knocking the pink pastel organizers onto the ground, startling me with the clatter of pens and paperclips. Eric garnered my attention once again with his talented body, driving into me with enough force that the couch shuddered under me. I felt another orgasm building just as I lost grip on the back of the couch and felt myself sliding away from Eric into the seat of the couch.

Eric lifted my shoulders and moved us, never leaving me, until we were in a little alcove where Pam had installed a bookshelf recessed along the back wall. Eric leaned back against one of the side walls of the narrow hall, and wedged his feet against the other, his lap forming a sloping chair for me to sit in. My feet dangled freely, almost brushing the floor. I gripped onto his shoulders and rocked my body back and forth, saturating his pelvis and legs with my wetness. His hands were free to caress my body as I swayed my hips and rode him, opening my legs farther to urge him deeper inside me.

Eric trailed cool fingers along my spine, sending jerking spasms through me as I responded to his tickling touch. My body arched away from him, and he bent his head to suck one of my nipples into his mouth. I moaned and squeezed his legs with my thighs, his fingers found my other nipple and twisted and rolled until they were matching hard pink peak, one wet, one dry. He traded his mouth for fingers and fingers for mouth. I writhed on top of him and nearly lost control again as he cupped both of my breasts rubbing his thumbs over the sensitive taut skin, then licking up the center of my cleavage, dipping his cool tongue between my heated breasts.

“I’m so close,” I breathed, “Bite me.”

I pushed forward, rubbing my knees against the wall as my body tightened, my pussy choking his cock as pleasure cascaded through me. His mouth found the sweet spot at the base of my neck, my blood flowing into him as he spilled into me. He moaned against my skin, a sound of pure pleasure and desire, as he sucked deep from the tiny wound.

I rested my forehead against the wall next to his, trying to catch my breath, our hair tangled together in a golden mass. His fangs retreated and his cool tongue lapped at the tender skin. He laughed softly and said, “This gives me all sorts of ideas about that hallway in our house.” I smiled broadly and knew just where he was talking about.

“Thank you for that. It was….” I trailed off, unable to find the right word.

“Amazing? Mind-blowing? Fan-Fucking-tastic?” Eric offered helpfully.

I nodded, “D, all of the above.”

As Eric and I dressed I held up the scrap of fabric that had been my panties, “Now what am I supposed to wear?” Eric shrugged and snatched the panties out of my hand, shoving them deep inside his pocket.

“Nothing. Just the way I like it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to add these to the collection in my office. See you in a second.” He winked and kissed me before he left.

I surveyed Pam’s office and pushed the couch back to where it belonged, and then turned my attention to righting the cups that had gotten knocked off her desk. “Missed one.” Eric’s voice came from the doorway. I was bent over, collecting pens, which had rolled every which way, giving him a nice view of my ass.

I laughed. Eric made no attempt to help me, since it would have changed his view. “You’re going to have to give me a little time to recover, you dirty-minded vampire.” I teased.

Eric feigned disbelief. “Me? Dirty-minded? Never!” He shook his head to prove his innocence.

I looked him straight in the eyes as I walked up to him, and said, “For some reason,” I rested my hand on the bulge in his pants, and squeezed gently to make my point. “I don’t believe you.” His fangs descended and I smiled brightly, “Shall we get back to work?”

“That depends.”


“If you’re planning on helping me with this later.” He adjusted himself.

I nodded. “It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it.”


After Fangtasia closed, and everyone cleared out, Eric pulled me into his arms on the empty dance floor, moving to the music playing softly on the sound system tuned to KDED. I leaned my head against his chest. “Do you remember the night we first met? I never felt so alive before I met you.” Eric chuckled softly.

“I had never felt so alive either,” Eric said as he caressed my hair. “You were so honest, so forthright, so unafraid.”

I laughed. “Are you kidding? I was terrified! Have you seen yourself sitting up there on that throne? It’s intimidating!” Eric only laughed.

“My life with you has been so…..” I was overwhelmed with emotions, making it impossible to find the words.

Eric pulled me away so he could look into my face. He could feel my unrest through the bond. “Lover?” Concern spread across his face.

I sighed and folded myself back into his arms. “I’m not ready to go home yet,” I said, attempting to distract him.

“Are you missing your first home? If you would like, I could take you there…..” Eric offered.

“I’m not interested in my past, Eric. I think I’m ready.”

Eric pulled me away from him again, forcing me to look into his face. “You think you’re ready for….what exactly?” His face was the perfect expression of anxious hope.

“For my life with you. A new life.” He smiled and lifted me off the ground, crushing me against him in a hug that was a little too exuberant for my human body. Eric put me gently back onto the dance floor.

“I have some questions though.” I looked at his face and found it open, ready to set my fears aside. “Will it hurt?” I didn’t want to seem like a wimp, but we were talking about him draining me.

“I will be gentle. I cannot protect you from the fear of death, since you are immune to glamouring, but I can assure you that you will be safe with me.”

“Will you be with me the whole time?”

“Of course I will be with you. I wouldn’t miss a moment of it for anything. And when you rise, it will be magnificent.” Eric’s eyes gleamed as he saw the events of those three nights playing out in his mind.

“Can you take me flying? I want to see what an eternity with you will be like.”

Eric turned the key in the lock, and once we were outside, he opened his arms to me. I ran and jumped into them, wrapping myself tightly around his body a second before he took off.

A cool rush of air kissed my face, and licked at my hair, sending it flying in every direction. The waxing moon was perched high in the sky, filling the surrounding clouds with its soft white luminescence.

Eric dipped us down, hovering over a garden wall covered with jasmine. The mild winter had encouraged spring to come early. The garden was alive with star-soaked foliage and magical energy. Delicate white flowers presented themselves, imbuing the entire garden with their heady scent.

Eric’s voice penetrated the still night air, “When would you like to do it, Lover?”

I explained that I needed time to say goodbye to my friends and family, to prepare them.

“I have waited over a thousand years to be with you. I’m sure I can wait a few more days.”

Eric always knew exactly what to say, and it made me love him more than ever.


All good things must come to an end. This story is no exception (assuming you think it’s good!). I understand that when a story arc is done, it’s time to end it. Please review. 🙂

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