Getaway Ch 64: The Black Light District

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A big lovely thank you goes to: Hathor321, IkeaGoddess, ELW1, TriceNorthman, kerriki, anonymous, Balti K, IDreanCauseICan, ceba, Elsme, EricJacobLover, Mermaidmom, DaniKae,  who all sent me ideas for store names. There were so many suggestions, and I had such a hard time deciding, that I followed EricJacobLover’s idea and made their shopping trip a whole area of vamp-friendly stores. Thank you for sharing your brains with me, the story is so much more fun to write when I’ve been inspired by you. Be sure to check the Shopstyle link on my profile page for pics of all the stuff Sookie and Ella buy!


The Black Light District

During our stop at Fangtasia last night, Pam held nothing back when she praised our interview broadcast on KSLA. She knew what she was doing, she fed Eric’s ego right out of the palm of her hand, and even guessed when they had edited Eric’s response to Pat’s question about how Eric would have handled the justice. Eric was proud of Pam, and was so blinded by that and his own self-importance that he didn’t see that she was manipulating him. So when she asked for Thursday night off, Eric agreed that ‘of course she should have the night off,’ and I stared at Pam, open-mouthed, at how unabashed she had been about getting the leave. She winked at me, and it was only then that Eric knew he had been played. His face turned dark, but before he could act, Pam held up one finger, to stop him. “You promised!”

Eric’s fierce indignation petered out and he had to admit that yes, he had just said that she should have the night off. That is how our weekend work at Fangtasia grew into three nights instead of two.

Pam looked downright giddy at the thought of another night with Laurie. “She’s not so much a Sugar-Pie these days as she is a Yummy-Pie, if you know what I mean.” To emphasize her point, in case I had been really thick, her fangs snicked into position and she forced her tongue between them to lick her pale lips. I smacked her shoulder to get her to stop, “Yes Pam, I do know what you mean. Everyone here knows what you mean.” She looked over at the small group of tourists at the nearest table and smiled wickedly. In unison, they flicked their eyes down, focusing on the drinks in front of them.

Pam shrugged, “Isn’t this what they came here for?”

I laughed. Pam made every night interesting, and I knew the next three nights at work without her would be dull. It was up to me to shake things up.

Ella picked me up Thursday night, just after I finished eating dinner. Eric was planning on going into work early, to catch up on some paperwork, which I really didn’t mind missing. Not that I didn’t enjoy organizing files and ordering supplies, but….in my opinion, shopping was a much better way to spend a couple of hours.

“Where are we off to?” I asked, barely able to control the excitement in my voice. Not only was this a night to pick out a new Fangtasia wardrobe, but it was also an opportunity to hang out with Ella, something I hadn’t gotten to do much since the night we met.

Ella smiled, keeping her eyes on the road while she drove. “The Black Light District.”

I snorted, “Are there windows filled with prostitutes there too?”

Ella laughed, “Oh, there’s plenty on display. You’ll see.”

Ella drove to a part of town that I hadn’t been to yet, and made a turn into an old neighborhood which was buzzing with tourists. “When I worked for Pam, this is where I got her Fangtasia outfits.” For a few blocks, the shops lined either side of the street, like you would expect Main Street to be in a movie, if the movie were about vampires. The windows displayed clothing, shoes, lingerie, a hair salon, and oddly… cream.

Ella caught my stare towards the ice cream parlor, “I know. It’s weird, right? But the ice cream and sorbet are really good. ‘Midnight Bite’ makes the best raspberry sorbet I’ve ever had!”

Our first stop was at ‘Dress To Sin,’ which sold many styles of very short and very sexy dresses. When we walked into the store, the saleswoman recognized Ella immediately and offered her help in selecting clothes for Pam. Ella declined, explaining that we were shopping for me. The saleswoman smiled and said she would be happy to help us, and made herself busy finding sexy black dresses in my size.

Ella walked through the shop, pointing out pieces she had purchased in the past for Pam. She held up a deep red silk dress, with thin black lines running up from the hem to the empire waist. From there, the lines curved with the darted shape of the bust, and the wide shoulder straps crossed in the back. I wasn’t sure the red and black would look good on me, but Ella insisted that I should try it on before I made up my mind.

The next dress she handed me was even shorter, and reminded me of a ballerina dress in black with a smattering of silver floral patterns. The tulle under the skirt was layered so the skirt ballooned away from the waist, giving it a fullness that accentuated the waist of the dress, making it seem tiny.

As she sorted through the racks, she held up dress after dress, and picked out a few more for me to try on. My eyes wandered through the store and landed on a pretty grey-blue dress. I walked over to it and ran my fingers across the cool smooth taffeta. The skirt had black tulle under it, and since the skirt flared from the hips, it was very angular. The shiny material was interrupted by delicate burgundy stitching, criss-crossing across the material, each intersection of stitching punctuated with a delicate burgundy flower. The plunging neckline and the hip seam were edged with a deep lavender velvet, and a sweet bow tied in the center of the neckline.

Ella raised an eyebrow at me, “For Fangtasia? It’s sort of sweet.” I nodded. That was the point. Sweet is sexy too.

The saleswoman returned with her small pile, and Ella handed me the ones she had picked out. I tried on all the dresses, and the blue taffeta one was definitely my favorite. The red and black striped one actually looked pretty, and the black and silver dress was slimming and feminine. The dresses the saleswoman had picked out were a little too plain for what I had in mind, so we just bought the three dresses and moved on.

‘A Drop of Crimson’ was our next stop. This was definitely a high end store, and after I explained to Ella that I didn’t want plain black, she pulled three dresses out for me.

The first was an Italian silk sleeveless dress the exact color of garnets. The plunging brooch neckline drew attention to my cleavage, and the way the material was gathered made me feel skinnier than I was.

The second and third were both black and white. One had an asymmetric halter neckline and had black strips radiating from the hip with creamy white material peeking out through the black, like rays of sunlight in a dark sky. It was stunning on the hanger, and looked even better once I tugged it over my hips, stretching the material into a spectacular hourglass shape. The other had a v neckline and brilliant white piping, which accentuated the stretchy black fabric in all the right places. It was stunning, and reminded me of a sexy version of the clothes from the movie Tron….if only the white piping actually glowed!

Ella pulled me quickly to the next store. ‘Sexy Dead,’ according to Ella sold the most fabulous shoes in the area, and I had to agree. I tried on many, but finally settled on two pairs to add to my growing collection. Black ribbon-wrapped sandals, which would be perfect with the blue taffeta and black and silver dress, and a pair of black and red platform pumps with black and red ribbons that laced through the front of the shoe and around the ankle. I liked the idea of being a bit taller than usual. My height was perfectly average, but next to Eric I always felt short.

I hadn’t planned on buying six dresses, since I would only be on display at Fangtasia for three nights. So when Ella offered more stores, I declined and was satisfied with the prizes I had gotten so far.

“I think Eric would want you to have some new lingerie,” Ella said, and she was right, especially with the occasional piece that was sacrificed during the heat of the moment. We walked into ‘Séduisant’ and immediately found several pretty bra and panty sets. I walked out of there with black, garnet red, silver, and pale grey-blue sets.

“Why don’t we stop for a treat?” Ella suggested looking at ‘Midnight Bite’ again. I smiled and felt my mouth water at the thought of ice cream.

The ice cream parlor was full of tourists. We had seen a few people shopping in the clothing stores, but I had a feeling that most of these people were here for the experience, not to buy a new wardrobe. The walls of the store were splashed with blood-red paint, making it look like a murder scene. How appetizing. A very bored 18 year old girl stood behind the counter. She had long black hair with shocking pink highlights, white powdered skin, and prosthetic fangs on her canines. She smiled feebly as we entered and said in a lackluster voice, “Welcome to Midnight Bite, with ice cream so delicious that even vampires want to sink their teeth in.” The whole introduction was very rehearsed and repeated far too often to be enticing.

The patrons were whispering about the server, asking each other if she was a real vampire. I am sure she was hired specifically for this purpose. Ella and I walked up to the counter, and ordered a dark chocolate scoop for me, and the raspberry sorbet for her.

“Will that be all?” The girl asked in the same flat voice.

“Nice fangs. Who is your dentist?” I asked, unable to resist.

She self-consciously touched her teeth, and whispered, “How did you know? Most people think they’re real!”

I shrugged, “I’ve seen enough to know the difference. Yours are really good though.” I smiled again and she did too, and gave me a chocolate cookie in my ice cream.

The ice cream was certainly the best that I had ever tasted, and I knew that I would be back for a scoop some time soon.

When we had finished, Ella said, “One more stop.”

We walked into ‘Slique,’ a hair and nail salon. “I think you need your nails done.” I looked down at my fingers and admitted that a little color would be fitting. Ella continued, “What dress do you want to wear tonight? We can get your nails painted to match.”

I knew it would be the blue dress. I held it up and the woman behind the counter said she could match it perfectly.

A few minutes later, I walked out with metallic grey-blue nails, with the tips painted black. I felt ready for tonight.


Ella and I went back to my house so I could get dressed. She offered to stay and help me get ready and then drop me off at the club so I wouldn’t have to drive home alone. She helped me unpack my new purchases and arranged the dresses in the closet so they were near the front.

I changed into the grey-blue bra and matching panties, and zipped the dress up until it hugged me. I called out to Ella and asked for her help getting the zipper up the rest of the way. She lifted the skirt and straightened a section of tulle that had folded inside the bag, and then smoothed the skirt back into place. The hem of the dress came to the top of my thighs and showed off my lovely tan. Eric wanted a distraction? Well….Here I come!

Ella handed me the ribbon wrapped sandals and suggested the crystal necklace that I had worn for the reception at Fangtasia. I stood in front of the mirror and admired the completed ensemble. “I think your hair would be nice up,” Ella suggested. She swept the hair up away from my face and held it back so I could see, and after I agreed, she fastened it in place with a few decorative hair pins. “There!” Ella said stepping back to look at me, “I think this outfit is going to get the attention of everyone in Fangtasia!”

I laughed, “Maybe, but I’m only interested in one man. Tall, sexy, vampire….you know him?” Ella laughed too.

“I don’t know what I would do without you Ella!” I said, leaning in to hug her, “I had so much fun tonight and I appreciate you taking the time away from your family to help me.” Ella waved my thanks away in the air, and said, “It’s nothing. I had fun too!”

After brushing my teeth and a fresh coat of lipstick, I was ready to leave.


By the time we got to Fangtasia, it was after 10:00. The club was packed, even though it was Thursday. Elizabeth was sitting at the door again, taking money and giving off a vibe that said, ‘Welcome to Fangtasia, don’t fuck with me.’ She moved off of her stool when Ella and I walked up, and nodded her head to me. “Mistress Northman.” I nodded back, “Please call me Sookie.” Elizabeth only stared at me. Maybe one day….

“Ella, this is Elizabeth. Elizabeth, this is Ella-she is my right hand woman.” Elizabeth extended a respectful nod to Ella.

I hugged Ella, “Thanks for everything….again.” Ella responded by hugging me back and said, “Go get him.” Ella turned and left, and I went in.

Eric sat in ‘his’ throne on the stage, looking much the same way he had the first night I had met him. Blonde hair draped around his handsome face, black wife-beater stretched over sinewy muscles, and skintight jeans. Mm! I did love to see him in jeans. He sensed my presence as soon as I entered. I felt his eagerness and interest in finding me. I made my way through the crowd and paused near a dim light that picked up the shiny finish of my dress and made it glow like metal. So far, I had been unnoticed by the humans in the crowd, until Eric pointed a finger and summoned me. A sea of faces turned towards me, searching for the object of His desire. I blushed and walked nervously towards him, feeling bombarded with the longing, lust, excitement, and sheer joy emanating from Eric in waves. I could tell that he loved the dress.

I walked up the stage and did a polite curtsy in front of him. “Gott kvöld, eiginmaður.” (Good evening, husband.)

“Gott kvöld, ljúffengt eiginkona mín.” (Good evening, my delicious wife.) Eric took my hand and placed a cool kiss on my upturned palm. A shiver ran through me and wet heat infused my panties. As the scent of my arousal hit him, his polite smile became predatory.

Remembering that we were here to work, I cleared my throat and said, “So….how has work been tonight?”

His gaze swept up and down my body again before he said, “Sorry, did you say something?” I nodded, but didn’t repeat myself. He was clearly overcome with desire, a battle that I was going to lose too if I stood this close to him for much longer.

“I think I’ll go and check in on Kelly, see if she needs help with anything.” I pecked his cheek and hurried away before he realized I was leaving.

Kelly and Robert were working behind the bar together, and as I approached, they both stopped what they were doing and stared at me. Kelly’s mouth was hanging open a little and Robert did not hide his appreciation of my dress. Kelly started talking in her mile-a-minute way, “Damn, Sookie! That dress is amazing! Where did you find it? How high are those heels? Ooo! Your nails match! I am seriously impressed!!” I smiled and attempted to answer her questions in order. While we were chatting, she looked up at Robert and saw how he was still looking at me. She smacked his chest, which snapped him out of it.

“I’m sorry, Mistress Northman, where are my manners? You look very tasty tonight.” He licked his lips to emphasize the word tasty. Kelly smacked him again, and this time she hurt her hand. Robert only smiled.

“So, Kelly, what can I help you with tonight?” I knew it was pointless to ask Robert, since I knew what his answer would be. Men are so predictable, especially vampire men.

“Well, we just got a delivery of booze, and I need help taking the boxes to the recycling bin out back. Do you know which one it is? It’s that big blue one, they have to be cut down, and I have this knife just for the job.” She stopped to take a breath and showed me an x-acto knife, clicking it back and forth inside the metal body absentmindedly. “It would just be great to get some of this clutter from out behind the bar, so if you really don’t mind, I’d love some help.”

“I’m on it!” I said, holding my hand out for the knife. I grabbed a few empty cardboard boxes and slipped out the back door into the small alley behind the club. Just outside the door there was a stack of wooden pallets a little higher than my waist, covered with a towering pile of empty cardboard boxes. It looked like Kelly had started out trying to keep them organized, but gave up somewhere along the way and just threw them as close as she could from the back door. The blue recycling container was right next to the heap, so I put the knife down and started cutting. I had made a small stack of cardboard on the pallet, working my way through the tower, when the back door slammed shut, startling me enough that I nicked my finger with the knife. “Son of a bitch!” That hurt! Eric had me pinned against the pallets and whispered in my ear, “That’s not fair to my mother, you never met her!” He turned me around to face him.

“You come in, looking like that, and when I finally get you alone, you’re bleeding too?” Eric clutched his chest dramatically, “Be still my non-beating heart.”

I laughed and held my hand up to him and asked, “Kiss it better?”

His eyes darkened as he cradled my small hand in his, bringing my finger to his lips. He kissed my wound and sucked deeply, moaning and leaning heavily against me. He looked almost intoxicated after just one little taste. His tongue lapped against my skin, making me wish it were somewhere else.

With my other hand, I unbuttoned his jeans and pushed inside, freeing his massive erection. His body spasmed, needing friction, needing contact. He dropped my hand after one last lick, growled, and lifted me off the ground, depositing me on the tidy pile of boxes I had just made. I leaned back while he lifted the layers of my dress, revealing the matching shiny panties waiting for him. “Ugh, you need to go shopping more often!” His fingers dipped inside the waistband of my panties, grazing my skin with the blunt tips, pulling them off as I lifted my hips. I hooked my heels over the edge of the pallet, opening myself for him. “When you walked in tonight, it almost killed me knowing that this little skirt was all that separated me from the heaven I find inside you.” His fingers stroked lovingly, caressing my slit from top to bottom, dipping inside me enough to make me whimper. He kneeled in front of me and buried his face between my legs. The contact made us both moan. My voice filled the alley, while his was muffled against my wet folds. He licked and I came, making the pallets creak under me as I gripped the wooden slats. His mouth was replaced by something smooth and hard, pushing against me, waiting to be let in. My eyes snapped open and found him struggling to maintain control. “Oh god, yes, please…” I begged. He loved it when I begged.

In one fluid stroke, he was buried to the hilt, rubbing his pelvis against mine, pushing on my clit in the most delicious way. I scooted towards him, stretching my muscles to their limits, I leaned back and held on for dear life. With each thrust, I lifted my hips, aligning our bodies so that his cock rubbed my g spot while his pelvis brushed my clit. “I’m so close….I’m gonna cum….oh god….harder…..YYEEEEEEESSSSS!” I screamed as my orgasm blasted through my body.

Houston, we have liftoff.

Despite my attempts to maintain the rhythm we had established, my body relaxed as waves of spasms forced my muscles to disobey me. Eric’s hands gripped my hips, lifting me up as I had been doing, slamming into me faster and faster until he moaned as his orgasm finally hit, thrusting erratically inside me, filling me.

My arms were shaking with the effort of trying to hold myself upright, and I was relieved when Eric pulled me up against his body, unhooking my shoes from the crate so I could embrace him. I breathed heavily against his chest, while he played with loose strands of hair that had fallen out of the bun Ella had arranged.

“Wow. That was. Wow.” I know, really articulate, right?

Kelly opened the back door, with a box in her hand, poised and ready to throw it right at us. She turned bright red and stood frozen, trying to decide what to do. “Uh, sorry. I’m so sorry!” She smiled and dropped the box just outside the door and closed the door quickly behind her.

I was blushing like crazy. Eric on the other hand was pleased as punch and said, “Well, at least she waited until we were done!”

If this was what working with Eric at Fangtasia was going to be like, I just knew we were going to have a great weekend!


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