Getaway Ch 62: The Gift

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

For those of you that are Lady Gaga fans and have had the pleasure of listening to her new album, “Born This Way,” you will surely spot her influence in one particular sentence of this chapter.

Thank you Icelander for your help in translations. A big thank you goes out to all of my readers that reviewed and reminded me why I write. Your love inspires me to ignore the dishes and laundry and make myself (and at least a handful of you out there) happy. 🙂

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The Gift

The next night just after sunset, I got an unexpected visit from Ella. She stood smiling at me with a shopping bag tucked under one arm. I let her in and looked at Eric to see an excited smile slip quickly from his lips. I tried to peek into the bag, but she came in, walked past me and handed the bag to Eric who was standing in the kitchen, waiting. More secret shopping.

Distracting me from the rustle of packages opening in the kitchen, Ella said, “So how was the vampire reception?”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Pam really went out of her way for us, which was sweet. She even got little cucumber sandwiches, just for me.”

Ella tilted her head to one side and said “Aww!”

“And then, she and Laurie got into this huge fight and ended up having sex in her office.”

Ella said, “Well, that’s Pam for you!” I nodded and smiled at her.

“So…..what’s in the bag?” I whispered, hoping she’d let me in on the secret shopping trip Eric had sent her on.

Ella mimed locking her mouth with a key, then putting the key in her pocket. Smiling with her lips pressed together.

“Fine. Be that way. I’ll just have to find out myself!” I teased her. I moved to stand up and promptly sat back down as Eric said, “Patience, Lover.”

Ella distracted me again with a story about Miles. He went to preschool every day, and one of his favorite toys there was a play kitchen, so she and Julian were secretly building him one while he was at school, and she had searched high and low to stock it with tiny pots and pans and everything else he would need to make imaginary tea and pancakes. “He’s going to squeal when he sees it!”

“Is it his birthday soon?” I asked, not remembering if she had mentioned it.

“No, it’s in August, but I don’t think Julian and I can wait that long to give it to him. If we finish it soon, it will be a Valentine’s day gift,” she laughed and was clearly very excited about surprising her son. “Do you want to see a drawing of it?”

I raised my eyebrows in surprise and said “Sure. Yeah!”

She pulled a notebook out of her purse, and thumbed through the pages until she found it. It was beautiful. A play kitchen any kid would be happy to have. I smiled and handed it back to her. She was beaming.

We talked about play food for a while, she had been debating between felt, wooden or plastic play food and I had no feedback so she was mostly just talking out loud to herself. Eric cleared his throat, which shifted Ella’s excited look to me.

“Close your eyes and hold out your hands,” Eric directed to me. I followed his instructions and waited.

Trying to determine what it was by feel, I did not open my eyes immediately. It was cool, sleek, and metallic. It was heavier than a book, and the flat sides had little square and rectangular holes. It had to be a laptop. I smiled as I opened my eyes, and stared down at the little white bitten apple sitting upside down in my lap. I had never held anything so pretty and intimidating.

Sensing my panic, Eric said, “I got it for you for our work, but I’m sure after you get to know each other, you’ll find that you will really enjoy having it.” I nodded my head absently. Suddenly overwhelmed with the tasks ahead of me. Learning new software and transferring files topped my list of frightening chores, and then I opened it and was calmed by the aurora of pink and blue. I clicked on the pull down menu and the option to ‘Log Out Sookie Northman’ made me smile.

“That’s going to take some getting used to,” I said more to myself than anyone.

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out in no time!” Eric said, chiding me for being so hard on myself.

I closed the computer and watched the light in the glowing apple extinguish. I laughed and shook my head, “Not the computer, although it will surely take me time to learn to navigate. I meant my name……our name.” Eric leaned over me and kissed me. Not just a peck, his mouth assaulted mine and left me wanting more.

Ella cleared her throat, “I need to get going. I’ll show you pictures of Miles’ kitchen when it’s done!” She talked as she walked to the door, and gave me one last big smile before she pulled the door shut behind her.

“Mmm, now where was I?” Eric asked as he kneeled in front of me. “Right here.” His hands fell possessively on my hips, pulling me forward to the edge of the couch towards him, my robe pushed up as he moved me, revealing the length of my legs. “Tell me. Do you like it?” He flicked his head towards the computer.

“I like you more,” I answered without having to think.

“Like?” Eric raised one of his eyebrows. His fingers pulled the fabric of my robe open, exposing my breasts. He dragged his cool tongue between them, leaving a glistening trail across my heated flesh. He pulled away from me, leaving me aching. “Only ‘like’?” I shook my head, which must have been what he wanted to see, since his mouth moved against me again, this time sucking one pink nipple into his mouth. I moaned and arched towards him. He latched onto the other nipple and sucked and licked expertly, starting the chain reaction of desire that would consume my body.

“Love,” I breathed, “I love you. Oh my god, especially when you do that thing with your tongue!”

“What? This?” Eric stopped talking and swirled his tongue over my nipple again, capturing the hardened peak in his mouth, sucking and rubbing me with his tongue. I nodded, unable to speak. “What about this?” He asked as his finger joined his mouth, pinching and pulling at my sensitive flesh in the most delicious way. “Do you want more?” I nodded again, unconsciously opening my legs wider.

“Tell me what you want,” Eric demanded. My body screamed for more contact, driving me to form the words to tell him what I needed to satisfy the ache deep inside me.

“I need you inside me,” I was panting.

“My fingers…..tongue……dick?” Eric asked as his eyes raked down from my face, focusing on my blonde south.

I nodded. “Yes, please.” Eric chuckled at my eagerness and slowly pulled the belt open on my robe, pushing the material off my shoulders until it pooled around my ass on the couch. His fingers caressed the globes of my ass and he positioned me until I was lying on the couch, one leg dangling off the edge, touching the ground. My body shifted as he kneeled between my legs.

Eric kissed my knee, and then my thigh. By the time he neared my pussy I was shaking with want. Just the way he liked it. I was straining to lift off the couch, offering my soft naked flesh to his waiting mouth. His tongue pushed inside me and made a quick lick up my slit, sending the first of many vibrations through me. I collapsed onto the couch, followed by Eric’s mouth. His lips, tongue and teeth worked me until I was screaming his name.

“I have never enjoyed my English name as much as I have with you,” He laughed and traced languid shapes along the edge of my wet lips. He caressed my leg that was propped on the couch and slung it over his shoulder opening me up to him as he hovered inches above my body. Eric tilted his hips and rubbed the head of his cock against my wetness, sending another shudder through my body. The contact didn’t last long. My eyes snapped open to see him kneeling between my legs, staring at my pussy, stroking his cock. I bit my lip and stared shamelessly as the pink flush of his cock pushed out of his hand, then disappeared inside his firm grasp over and over again. I found myself lifting my hips, mimicking his movement, wanting him to be in me.

Eric pushed inside me, and I almost screamed as he pulled out again, pumping his shiny cock in his hands again. “Do you want me to cum on you?” He asked, his voice hoarse.

I choked out, “No, I want you to fuck me.” And with that, he pushed back into me and fucked me.

I came several times before he finally steadied and spilled deep inside me. We clutched onto each other, holding on as our bodies writhed in post-coital bliss.

Eric’s body rested heavily on top of mine, warming his cool skin. When he pulled away from me, his chest was shiny with a thin layer of my sweat. I stroked his skin and said, “Thank you for the gifts…..all of them.” He kissed me sweetly and said, “I am happy to please you. Many times.” He smirked as he counted, “What was that, six? Seven?” I shrugged my shoulders as best as I could while lying on the couch like this, “I don’t know. I lost track.” We both smiled.

“Do we have time for a shower before our meeting?” I asked staring up at him, unable to see the clock. He craned his head and nodded, letting me know we had a half an hour before our videoconference with the Zeus clan.

We rushed through the shower and got situated in the front room with time to spare. Eric insisted on showing me how to use a few of the programs, since we would be using my new laptop for the meeting. We played with the Photo Booth program, filling folders with Warholesque pictures of us kissing.

“See? It’s easy,” he concluded as he opened Skype, logging on just as Lavar attempted the first connection.

Lavar’s face looked grim, and his usual cheerful demeanor was gone. “Eric, Sookie, I wish this meeting was under better circumstances.” Eric and I greeted him and the other Zeus board members that were sitting at the table with him. Lavar continued, “There was an incident in Spanish Fark over the weekend that has been flooding the news here. On Sunday, a fringe religious group assaulted a vampire woman while she was shopping for bottles of blood. The whole incident is on the store’s video surveillance cameras.”

I glanced at Eric’s face and noticed the joy had left his face. “She was attacked in public?!” Eric’s voice was incredulous. Lavar nodded. “How many of them were there? How did they manage to restrain her?”

Lavar gave details: six men, dressed in some sort of uniform, restrained a baby vamp with silver chains, while they kicked her and shouted degrading remarks at her. I was relieved that Lavar was old fashioned enough to filter their remarks, since I was sure I didn’t want to hear them.

“Sliver… they know more about vampires than the general public. Are the media divulging that detail in their coverage? Were they Fellowship of the Sun soldiers?” Lavar shook his head to both of my questions. I felt relieved.

“We are sure that this was a very well organized attack. The humans that attacked her have been tracked down and are in the custody of the police. They claim they are not FOTS members, but will not say more. We have hired an attorney for the vampire’s defense. We are trying to establish that this is a hate crime, and it has been a fight for the last two days.”

Eric spoke, “Sookie and I will set up an interview with the local news station. I’ve got a contact at KSLA, so I’m sure we can work something out. Leave it to us, we will take care of this, together.” He looked at me and I nodded in agreement.

After saying our farewells, Eric and I planned our meeting with Pat Benn, the anchor at KSLA. I cocked my head to the side and said, “Now, how do ya’ll know each other?”

Eric laughed, and his eyes lit up like he was going to say something shocking. And then he did. “He’s a regular at Fangtasia, but you’d never know it when you see him in his news anchor costume.”

“News anchor costume?” What the hell was he talking about?

Eric nodded, “That’s the way I see it. A business suit and tie looks bizarre on him after seeing him in person in black latex.”

I laughed out loud and pulled open the KSLA website, finding a picture of him on the ‘About KSLA’ link. His face didn’t register at first, but then I blocked out everything but his face and imagined his hair styled differently. “Hey, isn’t that the guy that is always sidling up to Pam?”

Eric smiled, pleased that I had placed him so quickly, “That’s him. He’s lucky Pam hasn’t acted on her impulses and knocked out those pretty white teeth. They must have cost him a fortune.”

“Doesn’t he know that Pam doesn’t…, isn’t……into guys?” I asked sheepishly.

“Some people are blind to everything but their own desire. Especially the people at Fangtasia,” Eric added his face flashing an annoyed look before he went on, “Tonight is one of his regular nights, he comes in after his 10 pm broadcast.”

I shut my computer. “Shall we go rub elbows with him?”

Eric looked at me. I stared back, oblivious, and then realization hit me so I explained, “You know, associate with him….?” He nodded and gave me a look that told me he didn’t appreciate my use of nonsensical sayings.


Fangtasia was busy, yet we still managed to find Pat within a minute. His perfectly coiffed hair was pushed into messy spikes, and his business suit had been replaced with a black leather vest and skintight jeans. He fit right in. Pam was trying her very best to ignore him, which was not deterring him in the slightest. Relief flashed across her face when she saw us, and she did something completely out of character for her ‘Mistress Pam’ persona; she pushed past Eric and gave me a quick hug. I was happy that she was unknowingly paving the way for our conversation with Pat, who had been watching us with great interest since the instant Pam darted towards me.

Pat moved closer and waited awkwardly just outside our circle. His deep well-trained voice broke through the invisible boundary, “Master Eric, it has been a while.” I felt Eric prickle when Pat addressed him with the pompous air of someone trying to impress a date, but Eric’s expression remained unreadable. Pam rolled her eyes and moved in a blur to her office in this rare opportunity to escape the vermin.

Eric made no move to entertain Pat, so I took a step closer to him. “I’m Sookie Northman, my husband and I have some business to discuss with you,” I said, looking up at Eric’s face.

Pat looked from me to Eric and said, “Congratulations! The news of your marriage in Las Vegas was broadcast nation-wide, I was fortunate enough to be the one at KSLA to share the good news. You’re making large strides to advance vampire rights. I have to say that you must be something special to land this guy.” Pat gave Eric a friendly tap on his shoulder and promptly removed his hand when Eric did not play along with Pat’s delusional perspective that he and Eric were BFFs. Pat cleared his throat in the uncomfortable silence and smiled nervously, “So….what can I do for you.” He looked directly at me, waiting for me to ease his embarrassment.

I smiled politely at him and explained our need to arrange an interview that would be broadcast nationally to address hate crimes against vampires, focusing on the most recent case in Utah. Pat hummed and hawed before chancing a nervous glance at Eric, finally saying that he could pull a few strings and arrange an interview for tomorrow night. To show his earnest attempt to go out of his way to do a favor for us, he pulled a phone from his tight front pocket and called the news director.

Pat had a look on his face that showed the excitement bubbling up inside him. I opened my mind to him, listening to his excited thoughts as he waited to leave a message for his boss. They are going to make me famous! I will be forever linked to vampires after this interview, maybe then I can gain a little respect around here. It’ll show her that I’m worth sinking her teeth into. Mmmm, to think of those sharp white teeth scraping against my dick…… Luckily his train of thought derailed as the voice mail picked up and he rambled a list of information about our interview.

There must have been a disgusted look on my face because he asked me if something was wrong. I shook my head, trying to answer him and force the visual of Pam going down on him out of my memory. Eric looked down at me, questioning what I had just heard from his mind.

“Hann er ógeðslegur, en við getum treyst honum,” (He is disgusting, but we can trust him) I said carefully, trying to enunciate the Icelandic right. I was still learning. Eric nodded and gave Pat a curt smile. Pat’s brow furrowed, trying to figure out what I just said.

“Thank you again,” I said, “until tomorrow,” which made him smile now that we had made a deal that was going to pave his way to national fame.


I know some of you are chomping at the bit to find out about the toys that are waiting for them in Eric’s closet, and you won’t have to wait to read it!

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