Getaway Ch 63: Closet of Kink

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Closet of Kink

I woke up just after sunset, shocked awake by the dream that dominated my unconscious mind. It had been one of those graphic dreams, filled with moments of pleasure so real that I had to think for a minute to see if it had really happened. I had to admit that our conversation in Vegas left lingering thoughts of the things waiting in the closet of kink, which had been corrupting my dreams. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and glanced at the clock. 5:45 pm, our interview with Pompous Pat wasn’t for another three hours. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do to fill the time, especially after a day of dreams like the ones I had just woken from. I sat up in bed and could not keep my eyes off of Eric’s closet door. Eric moved silently next to me, wrapping one arm around my hips, pulling me closer to him.

“What are you looking at?” Eric asked, his voice full of excitement.

“Nothing,” I said casually, shrugging. “Just remembering our conversation about the toys you have in that closet of yours.”

“Why don’t we explore?” Eric’s voice was alert and deeper than normal.

Eric stood up and pulled me with him until we were standing in front of the closet door. He pulled it open slowly, pushed his clothes out of the way, and flipped the light on revealing the tidy shelves of organized toys. The restraints and whip we had taken to New York were on the top shelf and seeing them made me smile as I remembered that night. Eric put his hand on the small of my back and stroked my skin gently, smiling at me as he felt the rush of emotion that the memory elicited. The top shelf also held a blindfold, a broad paddle, a long slender whip with a tiny triangle on one end (which reminded me of the riding crops that a jockey would use) and the neck and wrist restraints and chains I had surprised Eric with the day I had cleaned out Gran’s house.

Eric’s hand moved down a shelf, lovingly caressing the anal beads we had already experimented with and smiling wickedly as he moved the purple strap-on and harness, exposing a collection of torpedo shaped rubber toys. Some of them had a flat base like the strap-on and others had large flexible rings. After a few seconds, I realized that he had everything organized on each shelf by type of toy, so this was his collection of anal toys. The small purple-capped bottle of astroglide was nestled against the torpedoes.

The next shelf held nipple clamps, metal balls with hooks, black rubber cylinders, and tiny vibrators. I touched the tiny vibrators and Eric explained, “They connect to the nipple clamps, for hands-free stimulation.” He waggled his eyebrows at me as he explained. He lifted one of the metal balls, “These are weights, and these…” he picked up the black rubber cylinders and rolled it between his thumb and finger “well…I think you’ll like these.” The cylinder was capped on one end. He squeezed the cylinder and suctioned it onto my nipple. It felt like a smooth silky mouth sucking my nipple into an impossibly hard peak. I gasped and arched towards him until he put one on my other nipple. His face showed excitement as he watched the cherry flush of pleasure spread over my body.

Eric’s fingers danced over my skin, caressing and warming me. He turned his attention to the black cylinders on my nipples and twisted them to break the suction, leaving my nipples harder and pinker than they had been before. He brushed his hands up my breasts, barely grazing my nipples, sending a ripple of desire through me. He grabbed something small off of the very bottom shelf, full of odds and ends that didn’t seem to fit in any group, and slid it over his finger.

Eric kneeled in front of me and licked and kissed my aching nipples. My knees shook and it took everything in my power to stay upright. I leaned back against his clothes, feeling the brush of silk and cotton on my back. He brought his hand up to my sex and the contact forced a scream out of my throat. The tiny thing attached to his finger was a vibrator, and he was holding it expertly against my clit. I crushed his clothes with the full weight of my body as I fell backwards. His mouth followed my nipples, devouring my hardened flesh and assaulting my quivering pussy with his fingers. I came in small, violent jerks against his hand, holding onto the closet bar to steady my failing legs. He flicked a tiny switch and turned the vibrator off as he brought his hand to his mouth. The sight of his tongue darting between his fingers, cleaning the shiny residue from my orgasm, was almost more than I could handle. He laughed evilly, picking me up and depositing me on the bed. He disappeared into the closet and then returned with a long smoky gray rubber torpedo and the astroglide.

I raised an eyebrow when I saw it, “For me or you?”


Eric was on me again, this time his mouth left my nipples to explore further south, covering my wet heat with cool kisses. He kneeled between my legs and opened my body, positioning the head of his dick a mere moment before he thrust into me all at once. I moaned and lifted my hips, offering my body to him. He rubbed against my g spot with each thrust, and when he brought his mechanically-assisted finger back to my clit I bit my lip and arched my body in response to the orgasm tearing through me. His finger and cock were relentless, heightening my experience with new pulses of pleasure. His body stilled as I came down and I looked up into his satisfied face and found him patiently waiting for me to regain control. “Did you…..” I breathed. He shook his head.

Eric lifted my left leg and wrapped it around his body until it was resting on my right leg, and then he sprawled out on the bed, wedging my right leg between his. Our bodies were interlocked in a T shape, leaving my head near the edge of our massive bed. With my left leg draped over his hip and my right between his legs, I pulled his left leg up my chest, bringing his cock deeper inside me. My breath caught as he stretched me in this new position. His magnificent ass was within my reach and I found myself stroking the sinewy muscles, pulling him into me in successive plunges. I came again, convulsing against him, my pussy strangling his cock.

After I recovered, Eric handed me the smoky torpedo, and while I held it by the ring, he squeezed lube over the tip, coating it with a silky translucent sheen. “I want you to fuck me, while I fuck you.” His voice went straight to my clit, releasing a flood of moisture. I hesitantly pushed the tip against his ass, feeling resistance at first and then yielding. I angled my body so I could reach his ass and still keep his cock inside me, and once the smoky grey toy disappeared inside his body, I looped the large ring around my middle finger and experimentally rocked it back and forth. “Yes!” He moaned and thrust into me, his body jerking in time with each tilt and roll of my hand. I pulled it out slightly and rolled my wrist, spiraling it back inside his body. This time, I was rewarded by a string of words fused into a nonsensical sentence and another erratic thrust deep inside me.

I was surprised by how wet I was and by how turned on I was by what I was doing to him. Eric must have noticed too since he reached a hand between our bodies, “Your pussy is so wet. Uhhh.” I was embarrassed, and then got over it as he brought his hand to his mouth and licked the fluid from his fingers for the second time tonight, moaning appreciatively. My biological response to fucking him shut off all other thoughts and engaged something deeply satisfying and primal inside me.

Hungry for another orgasm I set a rhythm that Eric would follow. Clutching his leg against my chest with my left arm and fucking him with my right, we moved together. The room filled with a cacophony of moans and screams as we both neared release. His cock swelled and rubbed deliciously against my g spot just before spilling inside me. I came again, holding onto his body as my mind went blank.

I collapsed against the bed and tried to regulate my breathing. Eric stroked my leg, tickling my sensitive skin. He chuckled as my body twitched and let out a loud unnecessary sigh, “That was fan-fucking-tastic.” I nodded, unable to form words quite yet.

My vision cleared and I noticed that my nipples were still rock hard and dark pink. “How long is that supposed to last?” I asked looking from his face to my nipples.

“I guess we’ll find out,” Eric said. I caught a glimpse of some wicked plan he had for the rest of the night flash across his face.

We showered and I left Eric to dress while I went to the closet upstairs to find something to wear for our interview and get something to eat. Ever since Ella had gone shopping for me and given me those knee high boots, I had been trying to find an opportunity to wear them. Tonight was the perfect opportunity. Paired with a black pencil skirt and creamy ruffle-front shirt they were stunning. I clasped the moon goddess necklace around my neck and popped into the bathroom to brush my hair.

As I stood in the bathroom, I realized that Eric and I would be working at Fangtasia over the weekend, and I didn’t have anything that was worthy of wearing that would represent my role as a badass vampire’s wife. I grabbed my phone and dialed Ella. She made all my worries disappear as we made plans to go shopping tomorrow evening.

Just as I was hanging up the phone, Eric came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. A squeak of surprise escaped my mouth before I could stifle it, which spread a smile across his handsome face. The grey-blue shirt he was wearing made his eyes stand out, and the perfectly tailored black pants clung to his legs and ass in all the right places. Eric was definitely a man with excellent taste and the perfect body to display such fine clothing. His long hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail, which I always loved because it set off his cheeks so well.

“Making plans without me, Lover?”

I nodded. “I’m going shopping for Fangtasia clothes with Ella.”

“Oo, what a wonderful idea. Get something short, your legs are always a welcome distraction.”

I laughed and agreed to keep an open mind.


The drive to the KSLA studio was long enough to give me butterflies in my stomach, making me question if food before the interview had been such a good idea.

When we arrived at the studio, Pat flashed us a smile and chatted briefly about the interview, talking so fast in TV industry jargon that I had no idea what he was saying. He took us to a room where makeup and hair people could work on us. Eric declined, and I was too nervous to hold still, so they left us in peace.

I paced the small room until Eric blocked my path. His fingers ran across the silky material of my shirt, finding my ever-hard nipples and giving them a light caress through the material of my shirt and bra. “Stop it!” I said as I tried, unsuccessfully, to swat his hands away. He just smiled innocently and said, “You were the one that asked how long your nipples would stay hard, I’m just trying to answer your question!”

I looked in the mirror and sighed, I guess I would go on national television with noticeably hard nipples, a state that Eric’s hands were not helping! I jumped as a woman wearing a headset knocked once and then pushed into the room. I blushed when she looked at me, then at Eric, and then down to my breasts, which were still cupped by his hands. Eric made no attempt to remove his hands, which made my blush deepen. She had a no-nonsense manner about her, and went about fitting us with microphones, explaining briefly how they worked.

“Try not to be nervous, you’ll be fine,” she said to me as we walked briskly down a short hallway to the set. Eric held my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

The set where the interview would take place was decorated with a loveseat and an armchair, positioned at an acute angle so they were almost facing each other but still slightly facing the cameras. The headset woman pointed to the loveseat and suggested that I sit closest to the armchair, and then bustled off to give directions to one of the many men working the set.

Pat breezed in and took a seat in the armchair, his perfect white smile set in his square jaw. “So, here’s how it’s going to work. I’m going to introduce you both, you’re going to nod to the camera with the little red light, and then I’m going to give the back story on the hate-crime in Utah, and then I will ask you for your feedback. This is not going to be live, so there will be quite a bit of editing and plenty of room for mistakes to be wiped out, so take a deep breath and relax.”

After a few more minutes of make-up touches on Pat’s neck, and rearrangement of cables and microphones, the set quieted and Pat began. “Hello and good evening. I’m Pat Benn, with KSLA News 12, Coverage You Can Count On! Joining me here tonight are Sookie and Eric Northman,” the camera pointing at my face had a little red light that lit up, which was my cue to smile and nod. Eric nodded. “They are here to discuss the recent hate crime against Spanish Fork resident Lydia Voth.” I smiled again and stifled a laugh as he named the town, recalling that I had stowed it in my brain as Spanish Fark, as Lavar with his Utahn accent had pronounced it.

Pat gave details about the assault, providing the most updated information about the arrest and questioning that ensued. Pat informed his viewers that Lydia was recovering from her wounds in the privacy of her home. Pat turned towards us and said, “I hear that you two are making a name for yourselves in your fight for vampire rights. I just wanted to remind my viewers, that yours was the first federally recognized marriage in the great state of Louisiana. Congratulations!” Eric and I both smiled obligingly, waiting for him to go on. “Can you tell me what your interest is in this particular case?”

“Well Pat,” I said, attempting to pace myself, “Hate crimes, like the one perpetrated against Ms. Voth are inexcusable. The legal system in the United States does not fully protect its vampire citizens, and it pains me to say that there are plenty of narrow-minded bigots out there that target this group of people. That’s what vampires are. They are people. Let us not forget; they love, feel pain, and die just like the rest of us. I find it simply absurd that vampires are under attack for trying to enjoy the freedoms that they are supposedly guaranteed as citizens of this great country. When a human takes away the rights of a vampire because they are different, I lose faith in the humanity that these zealots so fiercely cling to!” I was leaning forward, enflamed by the thoughts that it could be Eric targeted in an attack. “This type of bias-motivated violence against vampires shows the ugly face of a new breed of racism in this country, and it makes me sick. Discrimination is the incarnation of evil, and I will fight it, one case a time to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.” I put my hand on top of Eric’s, which had been resting on my knee while I spoke.

Pat spoke about his experience with discrimination during his time in the National Guard, and how one of the ‘boys’ in his Brigade fought for a voice to speak out about differences. He was well polished and knew exactly when to lean towards the camera, emphasizing the right words with a small gesture that was sure to tug on the heartstrings of his viewers. He was very smooth, like a well-oiled machine. Pat returned to the issue at hand and directed his next question to Eric. “Mr. Northman, as a member of the vampire community, how would you serve justice to these men, and how does it make you feel when you hear about crimes like these?”

Eric’s face was dead serious, “Justice would be slow and painful if it were up to me. I feel like disemboweling the vermin that are responsible.” He paused knowing that his comments would be edited out, and watched with delight as a look of horror crossed Pat’s face before he went on, “It makes me angry. These humans are undermining the delicate relationship that we have spent the last five years building. Living mainstream certainly comes with quite a few compromises, and this has got to be the worst of all. I only hope that the justice system will be swift and fair, giving these criminals what they deserve.” Eric stopped, paused dramatically and looked directly into the camera, “Is my life worth so little that I should not be protected from monsters like these?”

Pat shook his head sadly, showing real emotion at Eric’s words. He wrapped up the interview and gave his closing comments that were so well practiced that the words flowed out of his mouth even though his mind was blank.

We lingered at the station while they were editing the piece, and sure enough, Eric’s threatening comments were snipped out, but the rest remained fairly intact. A clip from the grocery store’s surveillance cameras was inserted while Pat’s voice was explaining what was happening to Lydia. The footage was grainy and had no audio, but the fear and violence were obvious. Seeing Lydia’s face distorted by pain made my stomach turn. They also flashed a picture of the mug shots of the six men captured the same night. It turns out that someone in the grocery store called the police to report the crime early enough into the attack that the police had enough time to respond. The thought of a bystander calling for help reinstated my faith in humanity, reminding me that I was not the only one willing to stand up for vampire’s rights.

The headset woman, who turned out to be the news director, let us know that the interview would air during the 10 o’clock news tonight. I was surprised and relieved that everything moved so fast, and knew that Lavar would be pleased with how fast we handled the situation.

Eric squeezed my hand and led me out of the building. He was beaming at me, but remained quiet on our way to Fangtasia.


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