Getaway Ch 61: Lies and Truths

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

Thanks to PuroShaggy’s amazing review of Of Montreal’s Thecontrollershphere, which inspired my description of the dance sequence, featuring the song ‘Black Lion Massacre.’ I couldn’t get the dark throbbing beats out of my head and needed to include it in this chapter.

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SeriousCrush: thank you for preventing me from making a fool of myself and for providing such amazing advice. Your editing is skillful and your attention to detail is inspiring. I love you forever.


Lies and Truths

Eric and I stood near the center of the club, greeting people as they came in. I had a terrible time remembering names, and wished that the guests were wearing nametags.

Pam and Laurie joined us, holding hands and looking flushed, and much, much happier. Pam hooked up her iPod to the sound system where her playlist of deeply rhythmic and sexy music played in the background. Laurie apologized to me for the scene and I only hugged her telling her not to worry about it. Laurie kissed Pam then disappeared behind the bar where she helped Kelly take care of drink orders.

Bill and Judith stood in front of us. Bill leaned forward to whisper his congratulations in my ear and I felt Eric prickle through the bond. Bill inhaled the scent of my sun-kissed skin deeply and shuddered, giving Eric a cocky smile, which forced me to smack Bill’s shoulder to stop the pissing contest that was starting. Eric was satisfied by my response and smirked at Bill. Judith congratulated us and pulled Bill away.

A wiry dark haired vamp approached us and nodded to Eric. He had a thick Italian accent, “Eric, so good to see you again. And you must be his wife, Sookie.” He captured my hand between his two cold hands and kissed it. “I am Silvio Deni. It is a pleasure to meet you.” I pulled my hand away, smiling politely. His desire was obvious and totally creeped me out. Silvio was accompanied by a young human woman who was watching me closely. She was taller than Silvio, and wore a burgundy dress that she had obviously coordinated with Silvio’s tie. They looked like a deranged prom couple; all she needed was a tacky wrist corsage. She seemed to be trying to impress her date, a little too much as far as I was concerned. Her thoughts assaulted me, despite the block I had put up. That bitch better get her hands off my man. It took me two months to get his attention. As if she could handle Silvio! She doesn’t look like she’s even let that blonde god bite her! Her skin doesn’t have a single mark on it! She eyed my neck, squinting as she inspected me. She had two scabbed over puncture wounds on her neck. I laughed and she made a disgusted face and walked away. I couldn’t help it if she had never been with a vamp considerate enough to heal the wounds left by their feeding. Bill had never offered to heal me. I know for a fact that it was more about marking territory than simply enjoying a meal. I was glad to be done with relationships so juvenile, and pitied girls like her that only felt important when they had been claimed as someone’s property.

The star of the guest list was Bubba. It had been ages since I had seen him, and when he walked in, he ran up to me and lifted me in a suffocating hug. Pam must have warned him to tone down his traditional flamboyant hairstyles and outfits, because he blended in with the rest of the vamps in the place. Most of the humans were too young or too stupid to realize who he was, and the ones that looked at him with a glint of recognition brushed the idea out of their heads before it could fully form. In his deep melodic voice he said, “Damn Miss Sookie and Mr. Eric, I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear you got hitched! Why I bet you just can’t help fallin’ in love!” He sang the last part of his sentence, and winked at me. “I just knew it, way back when we were in Jackson. I just knew somethin’ was happenin’ between you two.”

Eric smiled at him and said, “It took her a while to come around, even though we both knew, right Bubba?” Bubba nodded his head emphatically.

Bubba tipped an imaginary hat at me saying, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I best be goin’ to check in with the Sheriff.” He smiled at me again and wound through the crowd until he found Pam. Pam handed him a glass of blood, which Bubba sniffed then drank straight down. I hate to think what was in that glass, knowing Bubba.

Pam stood nearby making sure that her guests were being polite and getting along. It was obvious that her position as Sheriff was something she and the Louisiana vamps were taking very seriously. She had planned tonight very well, and the party flowed around us. Plates of food and glasses of wine were filled for the humans, and bottles or glasses of blood brimmed for the vamps. The catering staff kept the plates of food fully loaded, and remained invisible when they weren’t needed. Robert and Kelly filled drink after drink, and at one point Kelly and Laurie collaborated to make and deliver a drink when I hadn’t had a chance to leave my station.

A couple of hours passed and Fangtasia filled with people. There were a few vamps that I was immediately terrified of, and was relieved that our little meet and greet was for one night only. The women vampires seemed to be the most intimidating, which didn’t really surprise me. Until lately, I had never had close or comfortable relationships with women. Many of the humans that had come with the vampire guests were regulars from Fangtasia and many looked at me with thinly veiled contempt. Eric had been quite a prize….until I took him off the market.

I scanned the crowd, picking up fragments of thought. Two beers, one vodka tonic, did Robert just check out that caterer? A thought and image from another woman bumped Kelly’s thoughts out of my head I’d let him bite me any time (followed immediately by the visual of Eric biting some skanky chick during sex, leaving a big bloody mark on her neck). I tried to find the girl that it had come from, but couldn’t find her in the crowd. Eric still seemed to be the object of desire, even in this group of humans on ‘dates.’ A male voice streamed into my head, I wish I could be him. Oh the things I would do to her if I had the chance…. I looked around and found a stringy-haired fangbanger staring at me from the bar. As I searched around the room, I heard more and more about how I wasn’t worthy, how I wasn’t woman enough for Eric (or man enough in some cases). These people didn’t understand the first thing about the kind of relationship Eric and I had, but that didn’t stop them from judging me. I slammed the gates to my mind shut, blocking the rest of the disturbing thoughts flowing through the room.

I started to believe their lies. Maybe I didn’t deserve to be with him, maybe there was someone out there that would be a better match for him. It is always so easy to believe the worst lies than the most beautiful truth. Their loathing and envy infected me, poisoning my confidence. I closed in on myself and withdrew from Eric.

The stream of guests slowed to a trickle as the reception wound to a close, so I walked over to the table of food. For the first time I looked down at the platters of food and laughed out loud. The cookies nearest to where I was standing were cut and decorated to look like severed fingers. Pam startled me as she said, “Finger food. Get it?” I nodded my head and nibbled my way through one. The delicate shortbread crumbled and melted in my mouth in the most delicious way. Pam was waiting for my approval. My “Mmmm” was all it took. She beamed at me. “I also ordered tiny cucumber sandwiches, which I remember you mentioning you liked.” I hugged her and grabbed a plate to hold sandwiches, a mound of berries, and a scoop of blood red strawberry sauce.

I walked over to Eric and took a bite of a blackberry in strawberry sauce, spilling a trail of red juice down my chin. Before I could wipe it off with a napkin, Eric wiped it off with his finger. Coming in contact with him reconnected me instantly. I felt calm, content, and happy all at once. Eric offered his finger and I sucked it clean, eliciting a growl from him. He took the plate from my hand and put it down on a table. “Dance with me,” he half begged half demanded. We made our way to the dance floor.

The music got louder as we approached the shadowy dance floor. A new song started. Grinding guitar and dark drums moved me. With every passing moment, I forgot the lies and remembered the truth. Eric loved me. Eric wanted me. Eric married me. We shared our lives together in a way these people would never understand. I felt important, understood, and loved; and I deserved everything.

Eric came up behind me and pressed his body against my back, he wrapped an arm around my waist holding me against him possessively and moved his body with me. When our bodies touched, I became less and less aware of the audience that stared at us. The dark metallic beat joined us one grinding movement after another. I could feel the bulge of his erection pressing through the thin material of my dress. I craved him and needed more.

Eric leaned down, licking my neck as we danced together to the distorted dark music. “Bite me. Show these liars that I’m yours,” I whispered knowing that he could hear me over the barrage of feedback and heavy percussion. His fangs clicked into position, and in the middle of the club, surrounded by an audience of jealous fangbangers and blood-lusty vamps, Eric pierced my skin and drank from me. His left hand wrapped around my upper body, brushing the tops of my breasts and holding my body firmly against him. His right hand pushed down until it was hovering over my mound, denying me the touch I desperately needed. He moaned against my neck as the heat from my blood and skin warmed him. The world fell away. The music, the thoughts, the stares from our audience, it all disappeared. It was only Eric and I.

Eric pulled his mouth away from my neck with a wet pop, licked the wound, and spun me around until I was facing him. “Now show them that I am yours,” he said as he bit his wrist and held it between us. I cradled his hand in mine and brought his bloody wrist to my mouth feeling his power surge through me. Lust overpowered me. I dropped his healed arm and climbed his body until he was swathed in black silk. He lifted me the rest of the way. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, pushing the taste of his blood past his lips and onto his tongue.

Eric carried me off the dance floor, down the hall and into his office. Once inside, he put me on the ground and pushed me up against the closed door. I fumbled with the lock and clicked it into position. I relaxed my shoulders against the door and opened his pants, pulling his cock out into my hands in one swift movement. I smiled to myself, pleased that I had developed such a helpful talent. He leaned down and pulled the hem of my dress up as he stood up, exposing my naked legs.

I held up one finger and said, “Wait.” His hands froze as he waited for me. I grasped the side zipper and pulled it down slowly. I held the bodice in place while I motioned for him to step back and take his hands off of me. He took a step back, reluctantly dropping his hands to his sides. I licked my lips at the sight of his magnificent cock rising out of the black fabric of his suit, shining like a beacon in the darkest night. I peeled the bodice away from my skin, and then let the dress drop to the ground. He bent down to pick it up, carefully draping it over his desk. The next time he bent down he stayed down.

Eric lifted one of my legs over his shoulder, and caressed my smooth wet sex, sending a vibration through my body that made me grateful to have a door to lean on. His tongue traced the rim of my pussy, avoiding the bundle of nerves. He was teasing me. “Eric, please?” I begged, and then gasped as he thrust his tongue inside me and rubbed his nose against my clit. I grabbed his hair and held on for dear life as he fucked me with his tongue. On the cusp of release, he moved his mouth and sucked and licked on my clit until I filled the room with screams. His mouth moved to catch the fluid seeping from me and he shuddered as I invaded his senses. He put my leg on the floor and straightened his body, lifting me off the floor as he stood.

I rested my shoulders against the door, letting the wood cool my overheated skin. Eric caressed my wet pussy lips again, coating his hand with the residue his tongue had left behind. He wrapped his fingers around his dick, stroking and enveloping his smooth skin with my slippery fluid. I was holding my breath, waiting for the glorious moment when he pushed inside me.

“More?” Eric asked, still stroking his cock with one hand, playing with my clit with the other. I nodded, unable to speak. He brushed the head against my wet folds and continued to pump his length, pushing ever so slightly against my opening with each thrust into his hand. My vision blurred, marred by the all-consuming lust that had not left me since I drank from him. I begged again, “Eric, please!”

Eric held nothing back. He tilted his hips and thrust up into me. I relaxed my body, meeting his ascent with a loud body-slamming thud. We both sighed, and pure bliss bounced between us at the first contact. I gulped as much air as my lungs could hold, signaling him that I was ready. His arms wrapped around the small of my back, supporting and steadying me as he fucked me hard and fast. The door vibrated under me, groaning and creaking under the assault on its hinges. His tongue made a trail between my breasts then spread out to capture each nipple in the confines of his wet cool mouth. I arched into his mouth, feeling another orgasm building deep inside me on the verge of escaping. I whispered, “Oh god, I’m gonna cum,” just as my orgasm washed over me, numbing my legs and making me lightheaded. My pussy squeezed his cock with each contraction, drawing an orgasm out of him at the same time. Our bodies hit arrhythmically, bruising my inner thighs as I rode out the waves of my release. I collapsed against the door and held onto him. I couldn’t trust my legs right now, and was afraid I would fall otherwise.

Eric was looking in my eyes, searching for the explanation for my behavior on the dance floor. I admitted how I had listened in on the minds of the human guests, and how I had actually believed them and felt so small. Eric held my face between his hands and said, “If anything, I don’t deserve you. You have given me a new life and I only want you.”

He laughed when I recounted the thoughts of Silvio’s date. “I wondered why she was looking at your neck like that!”

After another few minutes, Eric and I parted and dressed. I turned to leave, only to be held back. “You have completely ruined your hair,” Eric chided me. I held still while he undid the clips, refashioning the braid around the back of my head, letting the rest of my hair fall to my shoulders. “The next time I fuck you against a door, you’ll have to try to be more conscientious about your hairstyle,” he joked. I laughed and said, “Ok. I’ll try.”

We walked down the hall to find that most of the guests had left. Pam looked at us and interrupted my giggling with a stern look and a foreboding hand on her hip. “You just couldn’t wait, could you? Eric, do you realize you carried her off right in the middle of your own reception?” She had a pissed off look on her face that said, ‘how could you?!’

I piped up, “Oh please Pam, it wasn’t the middle of the party. People had already started to leave! What do you call your little disappearing act with Laurie as guests were arriving?”

Pam opened her mouth and then closed it. After several seconds of trying to figure out what to say she said, “I’m still mad! The guests of honor are not supposed to leave the party before everyone else!” I knew she was quoting Dear Abby’s rules of etiquette.

“We’ll make it up to you,” I proposed. Pam stood silently waiting. “Eric and I will come in on Friday and Saturday so you can have the weekend off.” Pam’s eyes darted to Laurie, who started blushing under her intense gaze. “The end of the week soon enough for you?” I said reminding her that I had heard every word of their fight. Eric agreed and Pam quickly nodded her head in agreement to my offer.

I thanked Pam for the reception. Exhausted, Eric and I headed home for a well earned day of sleep.


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