Third Time’s The Charm: Chapter 4

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest. Thank you, FairytaleAmber for everything you’ve done for me. ❤


Chapter 4


With only two hours until sunrise, Sophie-Anne made a series of phone calls, summoning every single person working for E(E)E with the information that they were needed to help ferret out a spy. They came up to her suite in a matter of twenty minutes. Some of them had obviously been sleeping, but she made no apologies.

Sigebart corralled most of them in the queen’s main room while Sookie and Sophie-Anne worked like a tag-team to question each person individually in one of the rooms. After they were done, Andre escorted them to an adjoining room, to keep communication to a minimum.

When Frannie came in, Sookie glared at her.

“What’s she doing here?” Frannie snarled.

“Watch your tone,” Sophie-Anne said a little too gently. “Sookie is crucial to this investigation.”

Sookie made a sour face as she touched Frannie’s arm, and then Frannie tried to pull away.

“We require your full cooperation.” Sophie-Anne lifted an eyebrow and even Frannie understood she was dangerously close to getting hurt.

The next time Sookie touched her, Frannie hissed, but didn’t pull away.

“Do you have any knowledge of the black suitcases that were in the loading bay?” Sophie-Anne asked, just like she had asked each and every one of the previous employees.

Frannie’s brain filled with questions, but it was obvious that she was only curious. Not guilty. Before she could speak, Sookie shook her head. “Next.”

Frannie ripped her arm away and sulked toward the door, where she met Andre. She transmitted her frustration and anger so well that it clouded Sookie’s mind. When she finally focused on the next person, her stomach churned.

“What in the hell is going on?” Quinn demanded.

“Someone in this hotel means me harm, and I need to find out if it’s someone from your party. I thought I explained that already.” Sophie-Anne straightened her shoulders and looked at Sookie.

Sookie touched his arm, looking away from him so he understood she didn’t want to touch him.

The queen asked her question, but Sookie only got a snarly mess of tangled thoughts. She sighed. “The suitcases!”

Out of the ball of thoughts, one popped out. What suitcases? He frowned. She shook her head and stepped away from him. Andre led him to the other room.

“We’re getting nowhere.” Sookie rubbed the bridge of her nose. She’d been awake for far too long, and had been on an emotional rollercoaster over the course of the last six hours.

“The sun is coming. Maybe we should call it a night.” Sophie-Anne perched on the edge of the bed, her flawless face showing the tiniest hint of fatigue.

When the door opened, she looked up and smiled. “Hi Jake.”

“Hey Sookie. I’m sorry about things with Quinn.”

She shrugged. “I guess he didn’t really like me that much.”

He glanced over his shoulder toward where Eric was standing in the main suite and said, “Doesn’t seem you liked him much either. I heard you and Northman are together.”

She winced and then nodded, closing the door behind him, directing him to the interrogation chair. “You’re right. Eric and I are together. Again.” She yawned. “Sorry to keep you up so late.”

His shoulders slumped with defeat. “It doesn’t really matter.”

Sookie and the queen exchanged a quick look, but the queen kept her mouth shut. “Oh yeah, why’s that? Can’t you feel the sunrise?” Or is it because you know bombs are going to go off any minute?

“Yeah. I can feel it.” He spat each word out. “You know I can’t shift all the way anymore?”

Sookie patted his knee. “I’m sorry Jake.” Sorry for what’s about to happen.

“This is no kind of life,” he added in a whisper, his sad eyes glued to the floor.

“Who helped you make the bombs?” Sookie said in a level voice.

Jake’s eyes met hers as his head jerked up. “What are you talking about?” His words were forced. Unnatural.

In a blink, Sophie-Anne stood next to him, her hard glare focused on his face.

“The bombs in the suitcases.” Sookie crossed her arms over her chest.

He swallowed hard and took a deep breath, old habits of his former life. His eyes darted between Sookie and the queen.

“I took you in. I helped you.” Sophie-Anne frowned. “Hadley turned you to save your life.”

“This is not a life!” he shouted, gripping the arms of the chair.

“Who made the bombs?”

“The Illinois branch of the Fellowship of the Sun,” he whispered.

“How many are there?” Panic gripped Sookie. If she missed even one, they would all pay for it with their lives.


Sophie-Anne glanced at Sookie and relaxed when Sookie did. They had gotten them all. “When?” Sookie asked.

“Tomorrow morning.” His shoulders caved in. “I can’t take it.”

“So you thought you’d end your life with everyone else in this hotel?” Sookie frowned. “There are humans, shifters, and vamps here. Not to mention a whole lot of people who have done nothing but help you, and this is how you repay them?” She shook her head. “Is there anything else we need to worry about? Was anyone else here helping you?”

A single tear slid down his cheek, staining his pale skin crimson. “No.”

The queen straightened her back. “I’m going to have to turn you in.”

Jake gasped. “Please don’t. Just end it. I don’t want a trial, I just want it to be over.”

Andre stepped back into the room. “My queen?”

“Release the others. Jake is responsible,” Sophie-Anne said.

Andre bared his teeth, making Jake jump, and then he directed everyone else out of the rooms around them. Andre returned with Sigebart, Eric, and Quinn.

“Jake?” Quinn’s eyes fell on Jake’s downturned head. “Is it true?”

Jake nodded.

“Right under my nose? And I didn’t know? You would’ve killed us all,” Quinn growled, lunging toward Jake. Eric held one hand up to his chest, stopping him dead in his tracks.

“He is my responsibility now.” Sophie-Anne tilted her face upward. “You may leave.”

Quinn huffed, mumbling something about fucking vampires and then he disappeared through the door.

“Please let me die,” Jake begged.

Sookie held her hand out. “I will take him to the roof so he can meet the sun.”

He tilted his face up toward hers, relief softening the hard lines around his mouth. “Yes. Please?” he begged the queen.

Eric clenched his jaw. “I don’t trust him with her. Not even for a second.”

Sophie-Anne nodded to Andre and Andre retrieved a box from the attached room. He opened it and offered the contents to Sookie.

“You want me to handcuff him?”

“They’re silver,” Andre said. “The impending sunrise has already weakened him, and the silver will make him easy to control.”

She reached into the box and then squatted in front of Jake. “Okay?” she asked.

He nodded. “Thank you.”

She clasped the handcuff around his wrists and winced when his skin started to smoke. Jake didn’t respond.

“I will wait for you in my room, please come to me.” Eric handed her his room key and then kissed her.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.” She smiled up into his face. “Oh, before I forget.” She retrieved the knife out of her purse, unwrapped it and handed it to him. Pure joy radiated off of Eric.

The surprised look on his face was matched by Andre and Sophie-Anne’s. Haven’t they ever seen someone returning their belongings before? She shrugged. “I better get Jake upstairs before the sunrise. If he falls asleep, I won’t be able to drag him.”

Jake stood, cutting through the faint smoke still rising from his wrists. Everyone moved out of his way.

“Come on, Jake.” Sookie gripped the handcuffs. “See you soon,” she said to Eric. “Goodnight … everyone else.” She curtsied and led Jake out of the room.

* * * *

“I’m really sorry,” Jake mumbled as they approached the door with roof access.

Sookie slipped one of her shoes off and wedged it into the door so it wouldn’t lock behind her. “Thanks, I guess.”

“I’m afraid.” He swallowed hard.

“I know. You have to be brave.” She sniffed. “I’ve watched someone meet the sun before.”

“What was it like?” His eyes went wide.

“We talked and we cried. He wanted to die too. He hated being a vampire.” She led him to the edge of the flat roof but never released her grip on the handcuffs.

“I don’t fit anywhere. Everyone hates me. Especially now.”

“I don’t fit either.” She gave him a little smile. “Blowing people up isn’t the best way to get them to like you.”

“I was so desperate, you know? I wanted to end it all no matter the cost.” He tilted his head to the side. “Thank you for being here with me.”

“You’re my friend. I couldn’t let my friend die alone.” She looked down. “Thanks for telling me about Quinn earlier.”

“Sorry you guys fought about it.”

“You heard too?” She squeezed her eyes shut.

He chuckled. “Yeah, we all did.”

“We were mostly fighting over his stupid sister. He didn’t take my side, didn’t back me up, nothing.”

“Quinn is insanely loyal to his family. I forgot to mention that. He’s an idiot to let you go. I hope Eric makes you happy.” Jake glanced down at his shoes.

“Thanks.” She blushed. The sky began to lighten, making it easier to see his face.

“It’s almost here. I can feel it.” He straightened his back.

She nodded and sniffed again, fighting tears.

“Don’t cry. This is what I want.” Despite his words, tears started spilling down his face.

“I’m sorry Hadley turned you. I’m sorry you didn’t want it. I’m sorry you’re so unhappy.” Sookie started crying too.

“It’s not your fault,” he said, his words slightly slurred as he struggled to stay awake.

“I know. But I’m still sorry for you.” The first rays of the sun illuminated the clouds, giving them a soft golden glow.

“It’s beautiful.” Jake smiled. His shoulders began to smolder adding to the smoke rising from his wrists. “You might want to step back.”

Sookie nodded and released her grip on the handcuffs, stepping back a few feet. When she watched Godfrey burn in Dallas, only he became engulfed in flames, so she knew she would be safe. “Bye Jake.”

He smiled, and then his entire body ignited. He didn’t scream or panic at all. Besides the strange burning smell, it was a peaceful sunrise. In a matter of seconds, Jake’s body reduced to a pile of ash, caught by the morning breeze and floated into the air.

Sookie wiped her eyes and ducked inside the hotel, retrieving her shoe and heading down to Eric’s room. She’d had about as much as she could take of sharing a room with Carla, who certainly wouldn’t miss her for the day. She inserted the card key into the slot and pushed the door open, making sure it latched behind her. Eric and Pam were locked securely in their coffins for the day, freeing up both massive beds. She chose the one closest to Eric’s larger coffin, stretched out, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.


There’s only one chapter left. Ready for more? On to Third Time’s The Charm: Chapter 5


47 thoughts on “Third Time’s The Charm: Chapter 4

  1. lostinspace33 says:

    Poor Jake! I hate what he did, but I do feel sorry for him.


  2. meridiean says:

    Sookie Stackhouse: Suicidal Vamp Handler… Poor Jake!!! *sniff* He needs his own story now…one where he’s not all depressed and homicidal and suicidal and stuff… *sniff*

    Oopsie – Sook’s all married and doesn’t even know it!! Wonder if Eric realizes that she has NO clue what she just did???

    Have ‘fun’ camping…and by ‘fun’ I mean DON’T GET EATEN ALIVE BY FLYING STINGING BITING THINGS!!!!!


    • I’ve survived several days already! The good part about this camping trip is that we’re staying at an old Forest Service ranger cabin, so I have a bed, a roof over my head, and a door to keep all the biting things out. Doesn’t get much better. Of course, I had to sneak into town for pie and wifi. A girl’s got needs, right?

      I know. Poor Jake!! He’s been sad from the start, poor guy. At least he got to die without taking out everyone else. Sookie is going to have a very enlightening conversation with Eric later. 🙂 And by enlightening, I mean they’re going to be naked! 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing!


  3. valady1 says:

    I always thought Jake was a tragic figure. He had a life he loved, a girlfriend, and friends. Hadley thought she was saving him and instead made his life unbearable. But his decision to participate in something that would result in so many innocent beings losing their lives was the ultimate tragedy. Letting him meet the sun was a kindness, and once again Sookie is there to usher a depressed vampire into the next world. A very nice change up from canon.


    • Thank you so much for that lovely review! I always felt bad for Jake. Poor guy lost everything. I figured letting him meet the sun would be the easy way out for him, but Sookie’s his friend and she couldn’t stand to see him suffer. I’m so glad you enjoyed my version. 🙂 I think you’ll like the next chapter too…I hope it posts on time on Friday…this just might be my only spot of wifi for the week. 🙂 Thanks again!!


  4. murgatroid98 says:

    Poor Jake. I’m glad they caught him before he killed so many people It seems that the only bombs in this story were in the suitcases. I hope so.I guess Sookie will soon learn the significance of handing Eric the knife. At least, I don’t think she knows.


    • I know! Poor Jake. 😦 Sookie saves the day and gives him an easy way out. Sookie’s going to learn about her actions and then she’s going to do something about it. And by something, I mean she’s going to get naked with him. 🙂 No better way to celebrate an important event, right? Thanks so much for reviewing!


  5. msbuffy says:

    A terrific chapter. Jake meets the true death with dignity and all the innocent lives he would have taken are saved; a nice take from TB with the Godric story! Hadley didn’t do him a favor by turning him. I wonder if this Sookie knows the significance of what she has done by handing Eric the ceremonial knife? Never mind. Why do I even ask?
    Have a great time camping! I’d leave lots of helpful hints, but you probably know what you’re doing! Have fun!


    • I got away and came into town and got me some free wifi for an hour (plus chocolate pie)! Woo! The mountains are spectacular. I even got a shower this morning. 🙂

      Thank you so much for the lovely review! I love the idea of Sookie helping ease Jake’s pain and end his life in a better way. Sookie’s going to find out really soon about the knife…and then good things are going to happen! Thank you again! 🙂


      • msbuffy says:

        Always camp where you can shower, and indoor plumbing is a must! There are few things I will give up & I will never concede to those! Now about wifi? Never camped since having it, so I’m not sure if I could handle it! LOL! The chocolate pie would make it worth it though! Have fun & watch out for mosquitos!


      • The mosquitoes weren’t nearly as bad as the horse flies! Yikes! The cabin DID have indoor plumbing to a sink, but nothing else. It’s pretty rugged. So I showered outside and shivered and screeched every time the wind kicked up! LOL. Ahh…memories. 🙂


      • msbuffy says:

        Oh my. That IS rugged! Horse flies bite, and those bites swell. Hate those buggers! And showering outside? That’s a bit too primitive for me anymore! You are so brave! Congrats to you for sticking with it. 🙂


      • The shower outside was lovely, until the wind picked up!! We were all alone up there, and it was so amazing. I haven’t had the sun on THAT much of my body in years! Luckily, the horse flies didn’t get near our shower area. 😉


  6. gyllene says:

    Have a great camping trip. Poor Jake, he should have thought to meet the sun instead of trying to kill everyone at the summit. Glad Sookie was there for him. I can’t wait till Sookie finds out what handing the dagger means.


    • It’s been a delight so far. Especially getting to come into town today and use my computer! 🙂 Thank you so much for reviewing! I agree…Jake should’ve just done himself in instead of trying to kill everyone. So sad. Sookie and Eric are going to have a great conversation…just as soon as the sun goes down. 🙂 Thanks again!


  7. theladykt says:

    Feel a little sorry for Jake but there were easier ways to kill yourself without hurting others. Sigh.

    Hmmm the knife huh?


    • You know the knife is going to come in handy.

      I know, right? Jake could’ve/should’ve done something like this instead. Sometimes people can be so selfish and short-sighted! Thanks so much for reviewing!


  8. racecz5 says:

    What no kiss by Eric for the bloody blade?! lol I’m quite looking forward to this Sookie’s reaction to her marriage. I’m thinking she won’t put up too much of a fight since she loves him.


    • Who in their right mind would fight a marriage to Eric? 🙂 Not this Sookie, that’s for damn sure. 🙂 He’s going to do more than kiss her later. Just sayin’. I think you’ll enjoy the next chapter quite a bit. I just hope it posts on time! 🙂 Thank you so much for reviewing!


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  10. ashmo2000 says:

    The culprit is found and Sookie witnessed another vampire meet the sun. It doesn’t get any easier.


  11. cari1973 says:

    Jake is a sad story. I wonder how Sookie will react when she finds out she has been married to Eric?


    • I know! Poor Jake. I couldn’t let him kill everyone though. That’s no way to end your life. Sookie’s going to have a very interesting conversation with Eric just as soon as the sun goes down! Thanks so much for reviewing. I love reading them! 🙂


  12. luvvamps says:

    Great chapter. Poor Jake. Have a fun camping trip, sorry there is only one more chapter


    • You know what the best part of camping is? Having time to write. I’m almost done with a one-shot I started yesterday. 🙂 The only problem is that I have to drive 40 miles to come into town to get wifi (and pie, which is a bonus). Thank you so much for reviewing! I feel terrible for Jake. He’s such a sad sack, isn’t he? Don’t be sad about the next chapter being the last…there’s always more from me. 🙂


  13. YvonnAd says:

    Nooooooo…camping. lol
    have a great and safe time.
    Ok now for my review. Booo on the 1 chapter left. But i guess all good thing must come to and end. I’m sure its going to be a BANG of and ending if it has to do with S/E and you behind the keyboard.
    Im feel sad for S cause i know she’s a very caring person. Sad for Jake too cause he didnt ask to be change. The intentions were good but its something that never sank into him. He felt lost and used. Wonder if you can somehow make the sun people pay for that?
    Its great tho that she has a wonderful husband beside her when she wakes up.
    Cant wait for the last chapter. No pressure. Take you time and enjoy your mini vacay.


    • Thanks so much! Yes, camping has been wonderful so far, and I’ve still got almost a week of fun ahead of me! 🙂 I came into town today so I could reply to reviews (and eat pie, obviously).

      Don’t be sad there’s only 1 chapter left. You know I always have something cooking. (You’ll be happy to know I’m writing a one shot during my little vacay. I think you’ll love. You’ll get to read it when I come back home and have a chance to read/edit when I’m not at 10,000 feet above sea level. I’m saying there’s not a lot of oxygen here…)

      Jake is a sad, sad vampire, but Sookie is nice and helps him end his life without hurting anyone else. As far as the next chapter goes, you know there’s going to be a bang and a bit of a conversation too. I just hope it posts on time! 🙂 Thank you again for the review!!


  14. lovinthevamp says:

    I have always felt sorry for Jake – glad Sookie was there for him in the end. I can’t wait for more. I always love stories where Quinn is dumped and she ends up with the right person – Eric of course! Thanks for feeding my fantasies!


    • I’m so glad we share the same fantasy! Why in the world would she choose to be with Quinn when Eric is there? I never understood what he was doing in the books. And Jake always made me sad. Poor guy. They should’ve just ended him in Hadley’s apartment. 😦 Thank you so much for reviewing!


  15. nedbella says:

    Sad end for Jake, but it’s what he wanted. LOl, can’t wait to see Sookie’s reaction to finding out she unknowingly married Eric. Glad it was in front of Sophie Anne and Andrė. They can’t dispute it then. Excellent story.


  16. eaaustin85 says:

    Sad for Jake. Happy for Eric, funny that sookie has no idea what she did….Grt story, can’t wait for more


    • Thank you so much for reviewing! Sookie is totally clueless…but she’s not the same stubborn idiot we all know from the books. 🙂 Jake was always a sad character, and this seemed like the best ending he could hope for. I hope you enjoy the next chapter too! 🙂


  17. honulvr says:

    I absolutely love it, ‘haven’t they ever seen someone return someone’s stuff before?’ LOL! You totally should have had Eric kiss it and Sook could of been all, ‘geez, guess he really liked that knife!’ 🙂 I love how this time even though she doesn’t know the significance of it, Eric didn’t trick her in to it. You always write a better Sookie anyway, but she really can’t yell at Eric for her ignorance. I didn’t notice ever before, but what is with these suicidal vamps wanting to take others with them when they go? I just realized that in canon both Godric/Godfrey and Jake went to the fellowship. So weird! Both that they did that and that I never noticed.

    Camping huh? I think it would be great doing it the way you are with the door and running water, but my rule has always been that I only camp in Hawaii. Best spot I ever camped was on a black sand beach in volcanoes national park. They limit the number of people allowed, so when I used to live out there we used to go every year with a group to this one campsite that was wonderful. We would spend a night pretty high up on Mauna Loa and then hike down to the ocean to where they have a campsite with crude table and stools and even a toilet all made out of lava rock (it’s been smoothed and the toilet is over a big hole and away from the main camp. best view from a toilet ever!) All we brought was alcohol, soy sauce and rice and we caught fresh prawns in a brackish pond inside a sunken lava tube, fresh fish from the ocean, scraped pupu’s off the rocks at low tide (obviously this was pre-vegan). After the experiences I had with those trips it really ruined me for all other camping. I did enjoy the camping/kayaking trips around Kaui, but still paled in comparison to the black sand beach.


    • Good god, that’s the best camping trip I’ve ever heard of! We do a lot of desert camping (being from Utah and all), but I do love the mountains! It was a magical trip and I loved every minute of it, despite the lack of lava tubes and sandy beaches. 🙂

      I am SO glad you enjoyed the chapter! CH really stuck with that idea, didn’t she? Not sure I believe a vamp would be suicidal and also plan to take out others…it seems too cruel for a ‘nice’ guy like him. Anyway, I’m happy you loved it. That’s what I’m here for, right? Thank you so much for reviewing!!!


  18. Loftin says:

    Fantastic! I love the way you rewrote this part, for both Jake and Sookie. I’m happily surprised by Sookie’s unknowingly pledging herself to Eric. I so love your style!

    Hope you had fun camping.


    • Camping really was a delight, and I’m just sad real life had to take over again.

      I am SO pleased you were surprised and happy and loving this story! I’m glad I can write something that brings you joy. 🙂 Thank you so much for reviewing and telling me so! 🙂


  19. geenakmom says:

    Ah-ooh, did you even know what you did Sookie when you handed Eric the ceremonial knife? Hope she takes the news ok.

    Part feels sorry for Jake. He didn’t want to be what he is and he didn’t fit in anywhere any more. But to take out the whole hotel and all who was in it is just wrong. I’m glad Sookie was with him in the end.


    • I always felt bad for Jake, but in the end, he caused a lot of pain and misery in a lot of people. And of course Sookie doesn’t know what she did. That’s why it’s so fun. 🙂 Thank you for reviewing! I’m so glad you’re enjoying this story!!


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