Third Time’s The Charm: Chapter 3

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest. Thank you, FairytaleAmber, for the hours of time you gave me…


Chapter 3


A ball of nerves settled in Sookie’s stomach as she went to her room. She sat on the edge of her bed, but couldn’t hold still. She paced the floor for a few minutes, and then returned to her bed. It smelled like Eric. What if he doesn’t come back? What if he gets killed? She buried her face in the sheets and cried. I’ll feel it, won’t I? I’ll know because we’re bonded.

That’s it!

She made the bed and sat quietly. She closed her eyes and focused her entire brain on Eric. A pulse of nervous energy washed over her. She took a deep breath. The anxiousness lingered, like a sustained note during the climax of an action movie. He’ll call me if he needs me, right? How would I even get to him? Stop. Focus. Another deep breath. She looked at the clock on her nightstand. The dagger, still shiny with Eric’s blood rested on top of her book. He’s been gone fifteen minutes. She picked up the knife, wrapped it in a scarf and tucked it in her purse next to her hotel key. She started pacing again, but then stopped dead in her tracks. The tension coming from Eric peaked and then relief replaced it. Sookie let out a shaky breath and smiled. She could feel him coming back to her. Fast.

A few minutes later, someone knocked on her door. She squinted through the peephole at Eric and Batanya, smudged with dust. “Well?”

Eric’s face formed a grim line. “You were right.”

“C4 explosives. Wired to a transmitter.” Batanya narrowed her eyes. “Whoever planted them was going to detonate from a remote location. One of them blew up when I tampered with the wires.”

Sookie pressed against Eric’s body. “Are you okay?”

He nodded. “I was a safe distance away. Thank you Batanya.”

“Thank you, Miss Stack-house and Mr. Northman. You have made my job much easier. I am going to suggest Kentucky leave as soon as possible.” She bowed and left.

“We need to go visit Sophie-Anne. Andre is expecting us.” Eric touched the side of her neck.

Sookie nodded, tucked her purse under her arm, and followed him to the elevator. Already a nervous wreck, matters only got worse when the doors opened. Quinn leaned heavily against the wall, talking on his cell phone. His eyes narrowed to mean slits when he noticed Sookie and Eric’s interlocked fingers.

“I need to go,” Quinn said into the phone before he stuffed it in his pocket.

Eric completely ignored him and pushed the button for Louisiana’s floor. Sookie faced the doors, turning away from Quinn’s glare. Her entire body pinged with uncomfortable energy for the thirty seconds it took them to get to the right floor. When the doors opened, Eric stepped out and Sookie followed. But before the doors could close, she turned to look at Quinn.

“You know what? Things with Eric weren’t as complicated as I thought. I’ve been his all along.” She wanted to add Screw You to her statement, but she seemed to have made a big enough impact already. Quinn’s face crumpled and his shoulders fell. When the doors slid shut, Eric’s mouth fell on hers. She panted for breath when they parted.

“All along?” He lifted one eyebrow and smiled.

“If I’m being honest.”

“Always a good policy.” He grinned. “Come on.”

Sigebart opened the door and moved to the side as Andre lunged toward them.

“Where have you been? You’ve been gone for hours!” Andre shouted, and then he stood in front of Sookie and Eric and took a deep breath. “Is it done?” he asked Eric.

Sookie turned her neck and touched the spot where he bit her. Only a smudge of dried blood remained. “We were going to come earlier, but then I forgot about the luggage.”

“Well?” Andre looked behind them, apparently waiting for the suitcase to magically appear. “Where is it?”

“Ten miles out of town, with the others. It had a bomb in it. They all did,” Eric answered.

“All what? What others?” Sophie-Anne asked as she joined Andre.

“There was a suitcase for everyone. Whoever is behind this was planning on taking out the entire Amun clan,” Eric said.

“When I went down to get ours, I noticed they all looked the same, and they were all too shiny and new. It didn’t sit well with me, so we collected them all, and then Eric and Batanya, you know, the Britlingen that’s following Kentucky around? Well she and Eric drove away with them and she confirmed it.” Sookie nodded her head.

Sophie-Anne’s eyes widened. “Someone was going to blow us up?”

Sookie nodded. “The security around here is terrible. Y’all think you’re so strong and safe, but what you need is a little common sense.”

Andre snarled, making Sookie cower behind Eric’s arm, but Sophie-Anne held up her hand.

“How do you mean?”

“No one is wearing badges, no one has done background checks. No one seems to be in charge of anything. It’s basically a zoo in the lobby. You may have vampire security, but they don’t know one damn thing about who’s allowed in or not.” Sookie propped her hands on her hips.

Eric radiated a mixture of pride and terror, reminding Sookie to watch what she said.

“Texas is here too,” Sophie-Anne said.

“We didn’t check with Texas.” Sookie looked up into Eric’s face. “Hang on a second.” She squeezed her eyes shut and called out to Barry.


Barry, do you have a piece of luggage with Texas written on it?

Umm… He disappeared for a minute. Yeah. Right here. Why?

Little and black with a tiny lock on it?

It’s a bomb. She looked at Eric. “Where should I tell Barry to take their piece of luggage?”

He tilted his head and then he smiled. “I can take it. Tell him I’ll be down in a minute.”

Barry? Eric’s going to come take it from you. Stay put. He’ll be there in a minute.

Thanks, Sookie.

No problem. Sookie looked at the queen and then added, Just be sure to tell Stan he owes one to Louisiana. Oh, and make sure no one else hears you talking about it.

Got it.

Eric kissed her before he left, leaving Sookie standing in front of Andre and Sophie-Anne alone.

The queen’s eyes danced. “It’s marvelous, isn’t it?”


“Being able to communicate with someone silently.” She squeezed Andre’s hand and he gave her a loving gaze.

“I like it. Too bad Barry lives so far away.” Sookie shrugged.

He just left, Barry said.

Thanks for letting me know!

The queen pulled her out of her head by saying, “You are very clever, figuring the whole thing out.”

Sookie smiled. “Alabama and Kentucky had already claimed theirs. I know Kentucky is already on your side, but now he’ll always look out for you. After I talked to Alabama, I think she’ll actually stay loyal to you. She was very grateful. Texas too. Stan owes you one.”

Sophie-Anne clapped her hands lightly. “I am not paying you enough.”

Sookie blushed and looked at her feet, remembering what Barry told her about raking it in. “I am happy to do the job you asked of me.”

The queen touched her arm. “You have gone above and beyond. This couldn’t come at a better time! With my trial coming up and the sad state of my beautiful city, I need all the support I can get.”

Leave it to the queen to use a bomb threat to her advantage. Sookie almost laughed. “Who do you think is behind it?”

“I don’t know, but I will be sure to pay a visit to each and every king and queen and let them know how close we all came to total annihilation.” She nodded her head. “I think it will be proof enough that I mean Arkansas no harm, so we can rule harmoniously.” She nodded. “Bringing you into the fold was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Andre interrupted. “You never answered me. Did you and Eric exchange blood?” He gazed at her neck. Not in a I’m-just-checking-on-your-wound kind of way but in a I-want-to-eat-you kind of way.

Sookie swallowed hard. “We did. Third time’s the charm, right?”

“Did Eric influence you to help?” Andre asked.

Sookie huffed. “For your information, I come from a family of good folks, who always do the right thing. Keeping my boss and boyfriend from harm is the right thing to do. I don’t need Eric to influence me to help ya’ll.” She lifted her chin. “Plus, I didn’t really feel like dying. I know you might’ve survived, but humans and bombs aren’t a good mix.” She said her piece and then waited quietly through the awkward lull in conversation. Turns out, with vampires, awkward lulls can last upward of twenty minutes.

She could feel Eric coming before he knocked and then she was in his arms, hugging him and checking him for burns.

“I left it with the others in my rental car.” He kissed Sookie, taking his time. When he pulled away from her, his fangs had descended. “I was thinking, as I flew back. Who would plant those bombs? It would have to be someone with access to everything, but not one of the kings or queens here for the summit.”

“A vendor, perhaps?” Andre offered.

“The vendors are all vampires,” Eric said.

“Not all of them.” Sookie squared her shoulders. “Extremely Elegant Events.” Everyone looked at her as her stomach dropped. “Looks like that’s where we should start.”


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66 thoughts on “Third Time’s The Charm: Chapter 3

  1. chileah says:

    oh oh oh my Gawd your version is way better than the author who shall remain nameless… The Tiger yeah lets let Eric Interrogate the damn cat…


    • I’m gonna sick the Queen on him. 🙂 I’m SO glad you’re enjoying my version…I hope you continue to love it! 🙂 There was just so much to fix in this part of the book. I couldn’t help myself! Thanks so much for reviewing!


      • chileah says:

        after reading some of the other comments and reviews I think I know who is behind it but will keep that to myself don’t want to spoil it for anyone else if I am wrong… On a side not though you are so right why did the author put the cat in the books When Debbie pelt had them kidnapped by weres I believe quinn was totally useless and umm if he was some prized fighter like the books made him out he should have been able to take those weres.. But it was Eric who saved them and wasn’t that before the bombing in rhodes a clueless Sookie everytime it came to Eric or anything around her.


      • I know! The weres kidnapped Sookie and Quinn and it’s Eric who shows up and saves the day. Of course, Quinn did help her survive the swamp and all that, which wore him out…but still. When it came right down to it, Eric came because she was in trouble. Debbie Pelt always seemed to pop up whenever CH needed an antagonist too. Kind of lame.

        I’ll say this: I didn’t change canon completely, so that should help you figure out who is behind it. 🙂


  2. OMG, a smart Sookie?!?!?!?! I don’t know how to react!!!

    Lovely job dear. I always thought Eric needed a tiger skin tug in his home . . .


    • LOL I’m all for taking Quinn out, but not a fan of animal cruelty…so I guess I’ll just have to humiliate him instead. 🙂 Thanks for the love, I do appreciate it! I’m all about a smart Sookie. I know we all desperately want her to think straight!! Thanks so much for reviewing!


  3. rufflesmom says:

    Go Sookie…Eric has always wanted to really get his hands on Quinn.


  4. jules3677 says:

    Go Sookie!!! She has shown up all those “we are superior” vampires. Much better than CH’s dribble. 🙂


    • I think she’s walking a fine line between showing them up and getting eaten alive. 🙂 Eric wouldn’t let that happen though, unless he was the one doing the eating. 😉 There will be more of that later. Thanks so much for reviewing!!


  5. Sitalia25 says:

    Interrogating the tiger ought to be fun. Great chapter.


  6. ozzo says:



  7. racecz5 says:

    Who wants to interrogate the Tiger indeed. Hehehe Thanks for the great first three chapters, I’m very much looking forward to more!


  8. duckbutt60 says:

    Sookie thinking outside of the box as Eric had praised her for in the books. Yup, you write a very smart cookie, your Sookie. Andre —majoring in minors as usual. The queen, using this to her advantage at the trial. Oh well, no altruism much in vamps, yes?


    • Sookie is taking very good care of herself and guaranteeing she’ll be more than useful to the queen in the future. It’s a pretty good insurance policy, isn’t it? 🙂 Eric’s well being is definitely tied to hers, so I think he doesn’t fit with the rest of the vamps at this point. 🙂 Thank you so much for reviewing!


  9. valady1 says:

    You’re writing an excellent argument for how well things can go when Sookie isn’t an idiot who doesn’t trust Eric, and instead they team up. I confess, I hope Quinn isn’t behind the plot. I always felt sorry for him ( I know a lot of people don’t agree with that sentiment) but I hated the way she broke up with him in the book, blaming him for doing exactly what she would do in his place, put her family first….okay,focus..loving your version of the Rhodes convention..


    • Don’t worry about Quinn. Sookie and the Queen will get to the bottom of things quickly. Of course he puts family first, he’s got obligations to do it! How many times has Sookie saved Jason’s ass? I hated their breakup in the books too. I just thought it was over before it even got started. A few dates and one night together doesn’t make a relationship. So, why put him in there? Was he just a point of jealousy for Eric? So lame. That’s why I had to give them a real breakup so she could move on and feel good about it. 🙂 Thanks so much for the love, I am SO glad you’re enjoying it!! Thank you for reviewing!


  10. theladykt says:

    Ugh Andre is such a prick. I’m glad Sophie Anne is being reasonable. Oh Quinn…..what have you done?


  11. msbuffy says:

    Tiger skins are tacky. Throw him in the river with bombs. Cats hate water.


  12. meridiean says:

    Kitty’s been a bad, bad boy…he needs to get snipped – badly… Can’t wait to see how they cage that kitty!


  13. gyllene says:

    So much better than the books! I love how smart this Sookie is. Did Quinn forget she’s a telepath?


  14. gabbieannie says:

    Ooooo,oooo,oooo,me, me, me! My hand is raised high, see? Quinn is slimy!


  15. ashmo2000 says:

    Hm, looks like Quinn has a “lotta splaining to do!”(Ricy Ricardo says it best) Andre just can’t take a hint and it doesn’t really make him scary, not really. Just annoying!.


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  17. FairytaleAmber says:

    I love that Sookie gives the business to Quinn in the elevator. You snooze, you lose buddy! I enjoy seeing the wrong guys with the short end of the stick while Eric is rightfully on top (hehehe) I mean where else would he be?


  18. lovinthevamp says:

    We’ll I’m hooked – when do I get more! Always love your stories!!!


    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I post on Fridays, so I’m afraid you have quite a wait ahead of you. The good news is, I’ve written a lot of stories…so there’s always something to read. 🙂 Thank you so much for reviewing!


  19. 888spike says:

    I always thought Quinn was working for Felipe from the beginning and Barry all but confirm he was ‘Nevada’s’ when he blew Quinn’s background to Sookie at Rhodes. Then poof a surprise takeover with Quinn in the thick of it as soon as the queen is hurt! Books had FOTS as bombers but I will always believe Felipe put Quinn in play to get Sookie before that happened and the bombing was a fortuitous surprise for Felipe.

    I’m loving how Sookie has the knife in her purse… I was soooo waiting for her to go “oh, here’s your knife” and innocently hand it to Eric right in front of queen and Andre!!!


    • You! Yes you! Get out of my head. 🙂 You’ll just have to wait…

      Quinn is sketchy at best, and seems like a superfluous character. In this case, he’s oblivious, which is almost as bad as being in on it. Thank you so much for reviewing!!


  20. patsy1965 says:

    I for one am lining up to see the Tiger interrogated 😉 I’ve always thought Sookie was a fool for falling for Quinn. She can read Alcide & his pack and Sam, what she couldn’t figure out what Quinn was up to? I call plot hole (bullshite). Anyway, glad you are here to shore up the levee so to speak, you know, fix all the plot holes 😉 patsy


    • LOL Plot holes. That’s awesome. 🙂 I couldn’t figure out what good Quinn was for the story overall…and she used Debbie a little too much off and on for way too many books too. I’m gonna set things straight, or die trying. Okay, maybe I’ll just write trying. Thanks so much for reviewing!


  21. murgatroid98 says:

    I guess the only one Andre isn’t a prick to is Sophie Anne. The boy had a hard life. I am wondering it the hotel itself is wired to explode. And, I wonder what Quinn is up to. I think he really cared for Sookie in the books. He was also between a rock and a hard place with Nevada. I love your rewrite.


    • Quinn could’ve been a great agent for plot twists and storyline spin offs, but CH never went for it. Sure, he may have cared for her, but when she can have Eric, why bother with Quinn? 🙂 I think the same thing about Andre. I think he and Sophie-Anne both had a hard life. I’m just grateful I live in this century and not that one! I think you’ll enjoy the resolution I give them all. 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing!!


  22. Kathy says:

    Loving this version of things. Never liked Quinn. Little to creepy for me with all the Babe stuff. I can’t wait to see what they do to Quinn.
    oh I hope the ceramonial knife comes into play, just thought it weird Sookie put it in her purse. Can’t wait for the next chapter.


    • I don’t like men who ‘Babe’ their women either. Especially since he did it right off the bat. Nicknames like that are earned over time, otherwise it does seem creepy. You’ll just have to wait and see what happens with the ceremonial knife… 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing!


  23. Loftin says:

    Ooh ooh meee I do I do! Quinn is a creep and as much as his circumstances suck he doesn’t help his situation any. He always ends up digging himself in deeper, dummy head. Can’t wait to find out what he and franny have to say.
    Ps André is a creeper too! Lol


    • This chapter was chock-o-block full of creepers, wasn’t it? 🙂 Quinn’s going to be humiliated for not knowing what’s going on around him, and Sookie’s going to save the day…again. 🙂 I always enjoy happy stories. Thank you so much for reviewing!


  24. honulvr says:

    you mean your actually writing a Sookie that is smart enough to deserve Eric? Not that annoying idiot that those paid writers keep expecting us is worth every guy throwing themselves at them? Yay!! This is the Sookie that was there in the beginning. The reason I actually liked the character in the first place. I love it! Thank you! Oh, and…does shifter skin actually count ‘animal’ cruelty? Have you seen that odd new HBO show that they are killing all the Dogs? Who makes a show with that as a major part of the premise?


    • I’m so pleased you love my Sookie. I thought it would serve her well to be smart about everything…but pleasantly clueless about others (you’ll see). Quinn is even more clueless, which in his case, is not a good thing.

      Yes, I’ve been watching The Leftovers and I’m drawn into the bizarre and twisted story that it is (and wtf is going on with the dogs and the shootings? ugh!). They better do some ‘splaining before they lose us all. I still have faith in HBO, despite the mess that TB has become.

      Thank you so much for reviewing. I always look forward to hearing what you have to say. 🙂


  25. YvonnAd says:

    Wow. So exciting. Sorry for the delay. Ive been waiting to the right time to read your chapters. Didnt want to get interrupted. Let’s just say reading it at 3am when everyone’s asleep was soooo worthy. Who needs sleep anyway. Its only for the week. Anywho enough ranting. This was such an exciting chapter. And can i just say BURN!!! on quinn. You go gurl….ok even on print i cant pull that line off. LOL.
    well…since tech S/E are bonded (married) – i think its only fair that they honeymoon on each and every chapter left. They deserved it. (Horny much?) – nah.
    Cant wait for the next chapter.
    Btw….love how eric is such a man of action. Go E!!! Ok have to cut back on latte at 3am.
    Have i mention “cant wait for next chappy – thats like happy with a c. Ok shutting up now.
    Till next review.
    Always a pleasure.


    • YvonnAd– I love when you review at three in the morning after drinking waaaaay too much latte. 🙂 There will be plenty of hotness, don’t you worry. I am SO glad you enjoyed the chapter! I really appreciate you reviewing and being so damn giddy about it! Sookie and Eric will continue to save the day and get it on, which is just what you want. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing! More coming soon!!


  26. luvvamps says:

    I’m a bit behind, but I still love this story! Thanks/


  27. geenakmom says:

    Love a smart Sookie. Plus she brought up some key points to Sophie-Ann about security.


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