Getaway Ch 7: Shopping for Sookie

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Shopping for Sookie

I awoke some time later my head in Eric’s lap, with him stroking my face, playing with my hair, admiring me while I slept. I smiled up at him, what a lovely way to wake up. I felt vaguely hungry and in desperate need of coffee. I also really needed to pee.

I jumped out of bed, still wearing those furry boots and as I crossed in front of the mirror I thought I looked ridiculous. I glanced back at Eric and his eyes were following me and admiring the view. Men. After getting the coffee started, I went into the bathroom and as I peed, I took the boots off. My feet sighed at the release. I called out to him to join me in a shower. He was in the room with me before I could even step into the tub. I looked around and realized there wasn’t a stand to hold the showerhead. This would be interesting.

Seeing the confused look on my face, he said, “Here, I’ll hold it for you and then you can hold it for me.” He stepped into the tub and turned the water on and stood like a statue holding the showerhead at the perfect height for me, which wasn’t difficult considering how tall he was. I started washing and soaping my body with a very helpful hand from him, I was clean in no time at all. I stood facing him, and put one leg on the side of the tub, next to him. He watched with fascination as I shaved my legs and then my armpits. He may have liked a natural woman in his day, but he also seemed to enjoy the smoothness of my body. I washed my hair and as he rinsed it off of me, I felt ridiculous all over again, like I was starring in a shampoo commercial. Even though my eyes were closed I knew he was watching me, his desire ripple through me. As I rinsed off I accidentally bumped into his dick, with my mouth. His body jerked and the spray of water hit the side of the tub erraticly. He took an unnecessary breath, attempting to calm his nerves. It didn’t work. After a few minutes of sucking, licking, nipping and stroking he came in gentle spurts, trailing his free hand over my back and through my wet hair.

“Mmmm, Viking. Breakfast of Champions!” I giggled, wiping my mouth and kissing my way up his stomach and chest.

“My turn” he said, handing me the showerhead “I think you’ll have to stand here.” He lifted me easily and placed me on the edge of the tub.

Now it was my turn to ogle him as he washed his body, rubbing the soap in slow deliberate circles all over his chest. He turned around so I could see his muscular ass, and I moaned a little as he took the same slow approach to clean there. “Lover, the water is barley hitting me, is something wrong?” He was smug and had every reason to be. He hadn’t even touched me and I was already leaning towards him, slipping a little on the edge of the tub. The sickening feeling of falling snapped me out of my lusty trance and I continued to hold the water for him. After he rinsed the soap off, he turned to face me. The height difference was definitely in my favor now, and he lifted my leg easily over his shoulder and devoured my hot folds. He added a finger as he slowly licked my clit and the combined feeling made me whimper and beg for more. I rested both of my hands on his shoulders and the showerhead continued to spray him with a sheet of hot water down his back. He curled his finger as he pumped in and out of me, and nuzzled his face on my inner thigh looking at my face, asking permission. I leaned into him trying to get his finger deeper, urging him on. He licked and gently bit into my leg sucking deeply, never slowing his finger. He was reaching a new spot inside me and the feeling overwhelmed me as I collapsed against his head and let wave after wave of orgasm crash on me. He licked my wound, then licked his finger and my pussy clean, giving one last suck to make sure he got it all. Watching him made me shudder all over again.

“Mmmmm, sex goddess fluids. My favorite.” He smiled at me, clearly satisfied by my response. He lifted me down into the tub and sprayed me with hot water again to warm my cool skin.

“Why don’t we go shopping for you so you can eat whenever you need to? That way, I can eat whenever I want to.” He winked. Sounded like fun to me!

We dried, dressed and after a quick cup of coffee, were out the door in minutes. The sun wouldn’t rise for four hours, we had plenty of time to shop. He asked the manager at the front desk where the nearest grocery store was located.

After a short walk, we were perusing the shelves of Heilsuhúsið, a local health food store. I don’t normally shop at health food stores, they always smell like vitamins to me. This store was thankfully very vitamin light. After hearing Eric say “You are what you eat,” I became a little more self-conscious of what went into my body, so I didn’t complain about the shopping choices in front of me. The clerk greeted us in Icelandic, and Eric returned the greeting slowly enough that I could listen to how he said the words “Góðan daginn.”

I asked Eric in a hushed voice, “Is this expensive? I have no idea what the numbers on the packages mean.” He assured me that the exchange rate was very much in our favor, and handed me a basket. I picked out a small container of milk for my coffee, a few bottles of juice, some dried fruit, nuts, a pretty loaf of bread and a bottle of honey for the bread. I grabbed a few other snack food items, including some delicious looking dark chocolate with almonds, thank goodness for the European influence here! They also had a bit of fresh fruit, and I grabbed two oranges and a small bag of apples. Near the register they sold bread knives, clearly catering to tourists trying to eat without access to a full kitchen. I put one of those in my pile too. The woman running the register smiled politely and waited for us to finish, in no hurry. It was wonderful to be surrounded by people that thought in a foreign language. Even if I didn’t actively block their minds, I didn’t feel overwhelmed with the chatter since I couldn’t understand it. It was sort of like listening to a loop of the Swedish Chef from The Muppets. The thought made me giggle.

Eric handed over several thousand Krona to pay for my food and said slowly “Takk fyrir” to the clerk (and whispered ‘that means thank you’ to me). I would have to practice with him later without an audience, I thanked him and carried the bag out of the store, snacking on dried fruit as we walked.

“You have been paying for everything so far and I feel like I should go to an ATM so I’ll have money of my own to spend.” I hated feeling like a mooch. I was a hard-working woman and damn proud of it.

“This vacation was my idea and is my treat. If you need money for anything, I have plenty in our room. Also if you see something you like, don’t hesitate to ask for it. I would especially love to see you try on clothes.” He leered at me and tightened his grip around my waist, pulling me to him.

“Fine,” I huffed. “I only packed that one dress, so if you have plans for more nights out we will need to shop for clothes for me.”

“In that case, come with me.” Eric said.

We stood in front of a store named Sautján, with beautiful clothes displayed in the windows. He took my hand and went up to the second floor and after greeting the woman working there, he asked me to find something I liked.

I immediately found a beautiful black dress. It had a plunging neckline, asymmetrical skirt, and was made of the softest cashmere I have ever felt. The woman came when Eric summoned her, and she took my size to a dressing room. I found a few other pieces to try on. Most of what they had was grey, black or brown, but I managed to find a stunning red shirt/dress that would look great with the black pants I brought with me. She took all of them to the dressing room, and invited me to try them on. Eric went in first and pulled me in after him, I glanced at the woman, who suddenly seemed to be very busy folding shirts.

Eric sat in a comfortable chair in the corner of the large dressing room, and as I did a strip tease out of my sweater, he leaned forward to touch me. I smacked his hand away playfully and continued by pulling my jeans down as slowly as I could manage. Bending to pull them off my feet so he would have an intimate view of my panties. He groaned, but managed to stay seated.

“That one first.” He stated, and stood up to ‘help’ me get the black dress off the hanger and onto my body, I put my hands over my head like a child getting dressed for school. He pulled the dress down my body and was sure to smooth the material along my sides and my back trailing a few fingers lightly down my ass. The dress was very well made and an excellent fit. It hugged every curve and managed to exaggerate the fullness of my breasts. I twirled in front of the mirror and smiled at how pretty I felt, and how hungry Eric looked.

“Now this one” he held up the red shirt. He pulled the dress off, and wrapped the red shirt and his hands around me. It was cut full on the bottom, but tied at the waist. It was also very short. It barely covered the bottom of my panties, good thing I had pants to go with it. “Yes, we better have this one too.” His hand grazed my thigh and my eyes rolled into my head. I marveled at how easily we could turn each other on. With each piece I tried on, we got closer and closer to each other. His hands raked over every inch of my bare skin. But there was one more dress to try on.

He promised to take me to a human nightclub one night, and I found the perfect grey dress. It had one wide shoulder strap, it fit tight across my breasts, and zigzagged across my stomach with a large pieces cut out, ending in a tight short skirt. “You’re not going to dance in this, are you?” His eyes flashed a mixture of desire and jealousy. “Only if you ask me nicely.” I said tartly and began moving my hips just enough to see if the fabric would stay in place. I mimicked the moves I made last night, feeling the flush spread up my body as he grabbed my hips in the same possessive way. I reached behind me and stroked him through his pants then unbuttoned them. He pushed the hem of the skirt up a few inches and snaked a finger under the edge of my panties, “This,” he emphasized by pushing a finger inside me, “is what I wanted to do to you at Björn’s club last night.”

I braced myself on the wall, and arched my back, forcing my ass up and his finger deeper inside me. He stepped out of his pants and ripped my panties off. He pulled his finger out slowly and circled my clit “And this,” he said and thrust into me, all the way to the hilt, sending a quiver from my core straight to my brain. He held me firmly by my hips and said, “Watch, Lover.” He was looking at me in the mirror. I looked up, seeing us so intimately joined shook me through my first orgasm. I couldn’t look away, I couldn’t stop moaning and I couldn’t stop pushing back to meet his hips. His hands stroked their way up my back and then around to my breasts. He grabbed my nipples and rolled them between his fingers and unconsciously licked his lips. I came again, feeling my knees buckle a little. His strong hands caught me and held my hips firmly in place, and he pulled me up against him and licked my bare shoulder and pierced my skin and sucked deeply as I came again with him this time.

He sat back on the chair and held my trembling body close to his. “I think we need to get this one too.” He stroked the dress as he licked the wound he had just made. “I just love shopping with you,” I said back to him “and I think we need a mirror this big at home.”

We cuddled in the dressing room for a few minutes. After dressing each other again, I gathered the clothes and casually put them on the counter. What? Like I was the only girl that ever had her brains fucked out in a dressing room.

Eric followed me, stopping at a table of panties “I think I owe you these too,” I nodded at him and he picked up a bra that matched and added, “It would be a shame to break up the set.” He put them on the counter and followed me.

We walked over to a rack of shoes and I was drawn to a pair of black high heal shoes that definitely matched the dresses I just tried on and while they would challenge my ability to walk, I would be that much closer to Eric. He sat across from me and helped my foot into them, and as he latched the delicate strap he leaned over and kissed the top of my foot. I was beginning to think Eric had a shoe fetish. An image flashed in my mind of me naked except for the shoes, fucking him senseless. I shivered and the pleasure must have passed through our bond because he gave me a knowing smile.

The woman that had helped me earlier had disappeared at some point during our session in the dressing room, but suddenly appeared again behind the counter and began to ring up the pile we had accumulated.

We left Sautján with several bags. If Eric kept this up I would definitely feel like a kept woman. Remarkably I was alright with that, for now. How often would I be on vacation, being spoiled like this? We walked back to Hotel Dreyri and settled into our suite just before sunrise.

Eric undressed and curled under the covers, patting the spot in front of him for me to join him. I undressed and slipped into bed with him. His arms wrapped around me and I had never felt more content.


Ok, I have to be honest with you. This is not how this chapter was supposed to go. Once I got into the events of the morning, I couldn’t stop myself and here we are, a whole chapter later and not even delving into the secret blue warm watery place he wants to take her. Well I hope you enjoyed it. I am trying to open Sookie up to the idea of sex in public places. It’s not like she’ll see these people again, which is one of the ideal reasons to go somewhere foreign for vacation. Thanks for coming on this journey with me, and remember: one little click below will make me smile for days.

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  1. Mindy says:

    Eric can take me shopping whenever he wants. Clothes and the GP sounds good to me. I am glad Sookie is starting to open up to more possibilities.


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    Great shopping trip. Glad Sookie is being so good about it all. Yummy Lemons.


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    I wanna go shopping with Eric 😉


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    So glad that Sookie is letting Eric spoil her. The vaca is going great and it only just started


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    • Aw! 😦 Flu is no good, but reading can make it all better. 🙂 I hope by now you’ve fully recovered and enjoying Sookie and Eric’s stories without puking or runny nose. Thanks for reviewing, I just love hearing from new readers. Feedback is so awesome for future stories, so share as much as you can about what you like/didn’t like (hopefully it’s light on the second part). 🙂 Thanks again, and feel better!


  7. Blueeyes says:

    Loved the shopping. I wouldn’t mind a shopping trip with Eric. I’d be happy with just clothes but any changing room ‘extras’ would be welcome 🙂


  8. shoegirl01 says:

    I guess Sookie still doesn’t feel married – her money, his money, not thiers.
    At least the fuss was VERY minimal! Great chapter btw


    • I figured it would take a long time for Sookie to let go of the ‘mine and his’ mentality. She’ll come around. Believe me. You’ve got 60 chapters to go! 🙂 Thanks for the review. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story!


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