Getaway Ch 6: Jealousy

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I hope you enjoy this chapter. Google translator (Icelandic to English) will come in handy to explain a few names. Also, this chapter features the song ‘Jealousy’ by Haffi Haff. The video is on the web, I recommend you listen to it when you get to the right spot. J



I woke a few hours later. The clock read 3:15. I wondered when the sun would set. I pried my body away from Eric, in his cold motionless state. A cup of coffee and a relaxing bath was just what I needed after an entire day of traveling.

It took a while to fill the giant tub; while I waited I made a small pot of coffee and enjoyed it immensely. I poured body wash into the tub and turned the jets on and watched the bubbles swirl around. I stepped in, dipping my head underwater and then rested my head on the edge of the tub and soaked my body until it was hot, soft and melty. By the time I was getting out, Eric was beginning to stir. I wrapped myself in a large towel and kissed him.

“I would like to take you out to eat.” His eyes trailed down to my neck. “There is a place not too far from here that has a reputation for serving good food. After that I have a very important piece of business to take care of.”

Ooo, it was like a date, well except for the business part. I knew just what to wear too. He wouldn’t know what hit him. I could barely contain myself. I went back in the bathroom to get ready. I ran my fingers through my hair and let it dry in waves over my shoulders. I pulled on the beautiful bra and panties set and dress and boots from Tara’s store. I adjusted the ties so that the dress fell very low across my breasts, and if I leaned over it showed the top of my bra. I checked in the mirror to make sure it did. I walked out of the bathroom to see him putting wrist cuffs in a beautiful blue shirt. I stopped mid step and gaped at him, taking in the very well fitted pants that were the same color as my dress. I really wanted him to turn around. Actually I just really wanted him. My growling stomach reminded not to get distracted and I said, “I’m ravenous, shall we go?”

“Me too.” He said appreciatively as his eyes took in my whole outfit. To get the full effect, I twirled around on my way over to him. The dress lifted showing just enough of my upper thigh that he made a choking sound. I placed my hands on his chest, admiring the beauty of my new ring. I finally looked at his face after my happy marital daydream, to find his eyes dark and needy. He possessively grabbed my ass and pulled my body hard against his so I would know exactly how hungry he was.

“I knew you would love this dress. What about the boots, too much?” I asked lifting my leg up to offer a closer look. He cradled my leg and stroked around the furry top of the boot then trailed his finger up to stroke the furry hem of my dress. “You are a vision. With or without the dress, but I really love those boots. I plan on enjoying you with only those boots on.” He pulled my body tighter against him, and my arousal was evident to his senses.

“I really am hungry, I haven’t had anything substantial to eat since last night on the plane.”

“Oh alright.” He pouted, putting my leg down and releasing his grip on my ass.

I grabbed my coat and we walked down the hall to the elevator. The sky outside was the same hazy color it had been that morning. He took my hand and led me outside. I noticed that even though it had been snowing there was only a little moisture on the sidewalks and streets. Soon enough, we arrived at our destination, Einar Ben. He offered to help me out of my coat for purely selfish reasons, letting his fingers linger a little too long on the skin exposed above my breasts. We were seated and the menu was Bilingual, luckily one of the languages was English. I ordered fish and lemon potatoes, and a glass of white wine. He ordered a bottle of blood.

“What is the language spoken and written here?” I asked, a little ashamed at how totally uneducated I was.

“Icelandic. Its roots are deep in Old Norse and Old English. The language doesn’t exist far beyond the shores of this country. The people here also speak Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, and of course English. Most countries have adopted English in the last century. I love speaking Icelandic, it is so unique yet faintly familiar.” He finished.

“I would have imagined that we would be waist deep in snow, but the streets are practically dry!”

“Iceland is positioned over some very large geothermal sources, which the people here have been clever enough to route through the grid of the city, heating buildings, sidewalks and streets. Icelandic people are very proud of their country and are very innovative.” He finished, admiration evident in his voice.

“So what are our plans for tomorrow?” I asked as I devoured my food, attempting to pace myself.

“Tomorrow is another surprise, and we won’t go until after sunset.” He smirked. So secretive.

“Will I be able to convince you to tell me tonight?” I asked in a coy voice.

“Maybe…your boots might have some influence.”

I finished my meal with a delicious lemon tart and mango sorbet. Yum.

We strolled arm in arm through the city, which was very quiet this time of year. Eric began explaining more of the history surrounding us. Before the vampires’ “Great Revelation” a few years ago, Iceland was like a ghost town during the winter since the human locals took much of winter off for holiday. That all changed, and hotels like Dreyri opened and several other business followed suit to meet the needs of the new tourists.

By the time full dark had enveloped us, Eric lead me to Klúbbur Vígtönn. The building was dark and had a sexy well-groomed look. There was a dark haired vampire woman standing outside the doors wearing a beautiful black dress, she spoke to Eric, and after a quick exchange, Eric handed her money and she let us inside.

It was uncanny how much this place looked like Fangtasia. There was a slender vampire woman running the DJ booth, and although the vampires weren’t dancing I felt the urge to show Eric how well I could move. I remembered that we were there for business and then I noticed him. Seated somewhat in the middle of the room was a powerful looking vampire, taking us in. Eric, still holding my hand, pulled me over to him.

Eric nodded, “King Björn, always a pleasure to be in your country.” He said, in English so I would be sure to know that we were in the presence of the king. “This is my wife, Sookie.”

Björn smiled at me with a hint of fang showing, letting me know he approved of Eric’s choice, “A pleasure, I’m sure.” He turned his eyes toward Eric, “So gracious of you to greet me during your stay in my fair country.” His accent was thick and his voice was a deep rumble. Björn was a tall man with a powerful build, he also had a full beard and deep brown hair that fell in waves to his jaw. The steely gray suit he wore was a perfect fit and looked very expensive. Although he was talking to Eric, he continued to stare openly at me, causing Eric to shift uncomfortably.

I excused myself, and went to the bathroom (thank goodness for universal man and woman symbols!) to check my makeup and hair. When I came back out into the club, Eric and the king were finished with their business, and he was waiting for me at the bar with a ginger ale and a bottle of blood. I took a sip, thanked him and leaned up and kissed his cheek. It seemed as though the only business Eric had was to check in with the local authorities, who just happened to be the king. I sighed with relief, knowing that we could get on with our date night.

“Can we dance? This music is so enticing.” I begged him. I pulled my coat off and started pulling him off the stool he was perched on. He didn’t protest.

“Haffi Haff’s hit, Jealousy” the DJ announced in English (probably for my benefit since she had just been summoned by the king moments earlier). The base pumped around us and I was glad to already be on the dance floor. I started grinding against Eric and he moved with me. I rubbed on Eric and pumped my hips to the beat and noticed all the eyes in the club were on me. I felt particularly daring (since I had my very own Viking body guard), so I turned to face him and rubbed by breasts in a way that made Eric stop moving and stare, flashing his eyes on the other vamps in the bar, noting the blood lust written plainly on their faces. I grabbed my thighs and bent over and traced my way up my legs, pausing on my hips, swiveled them, flipped my arms up and rotated my body around until my ass was pushed against his bulging pants. He didn’t hesitate to grab my hips with one hand and the other hand wrapped across my breasts and pull me hard against him, my hands draped around his neck, he was controlling my movements with his own. Can’t take no more jealousy. As the song ended, he turned me around and kissed me rough and deep. “It’s time for us to leave. Now.” He moaned into my mouth. I tried to protest but was quieted with another searing kiss. He gathered my coat and we left the room full of hungry eyes.

I was light headed from the sexy power running through me. I loved to dance for Eric, it reminded me of the time Tara and I had danced together at Club Dead. Of course I hadn’t known Eric would be watching, but I was so glad he was, remembering the way he had stared at me with heat in his eyes. I had barely gotten my coat on when he lifted me up, told me to wrap my legs around him and hold on tight, and he launched himself in to the sky. He was too impatient to wait for me to walk back to the hotel; flying was clearly the faster choice. He landed gently outside the lobby doors, and when I tried to get down he spanked my ass and told me to hold tight. He strolled through the lobby to the elevator, as gracefully as he could with a human attached to him, walked into the elevator and pushed me firmly against the glass wall. He tugged on the ties that held my dress together and started to pull my dress open.

“What if someone sees us?” I hissed, grabbing at the two sides of my dress.

“Then it’s their lucky night!” He reached behind us and hit the stop button.

I let go of the dress and let it dangle on either side of my body. I think I was still high from dancing, and let my good girl brain have a much-needed break. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, and he sucked hard and scraped the sides of my tongue with his fangs, drawing a little blood into our mouths, where the metallic taste made him quiver with lust. He maneuvered my body easily enough to pull my panties off, and reached down and stroked me, with quick needy movements. I reached between us and pulled his pants open and released his monster hard on, and sank down on it. Sheathed in my heat he let out a satisfying groan “You are sex incarnate.” He kissed my lace-covered breasts and nipped at them playfully before he continued his deep and rhythmic thrusts. I was holding my breath waiting as the tight and amazing feeling starting inside me spread through my whole body, claiming me. Eric pushed and throbbed inside me, and after he recovered his senses he pushed the button for our floor. The elevator dinged, the doors slid open and Eric held me close to him, still inside me, and we walked to our room. I reached into his pocket and got the card key out.

The door closed and my coat, dress and his pants hit the floor. I worked on his shirt buttons while he removed my bra. He knelt by the side of the bed and lowered my back onto it. Then, lifting my legs, he crossed them and wedged them across his chest so my boots were on either side of his face. He was hard again and the fluids already there made his movement silky smooth and oh, my legs crossed like that put the perfect amount of pressure on my clit every time he pushed into me over and over.

This time he was patient. The need and desperation were gone, replaced by the ever-present desire. Since he was so preoccupied with stroking my legs and boots, I reached down and caressed my breasts. The sight of me rubbing my nipples made him growl as he came again, maintaining enough brain power to push my legs apart enough to rub my clit until I came and shuddered around him.

“I do love these boots.” He said, stroking them one last time. “As promised, I will give you one hint about tomorrow. Think water, very warm, very blue water.”

“That’s the only hint?” I pouted at him.

“Yes, and don’t make me spank you again…or do.” He grinned wickedly. “Björn was very impressed with you, and remarked at how beautiful you are. I was very glad to have introduced you as my wife so he would not attempt to bed you. I am happy to have you all to myself now that my business is done.”

I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed and flattered all at the same time. I just smiled and nuzzled into his quiet chest.

We rolled to the center of the bed and I fell fast asleep.


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  1. Mindy says:

    Of course Bjorn and everyone else was staring at Sookie…she is beautiful. I did notice how he called her wife, it is cute how he staked his claim. I was laughing they couldn’t make it to the room.


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    Glad BJorn behaved. LOL for Dirty Dancing: Iceland style


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    Thank you for thinking of us when writting.


    • Oh, I’m all about making my readers happy! Seriously. I do wish I could post chapters more often, but my RL (especially during the stupid hectic month of December) has a mind of its own! I’m so glad you enjoy my stories, and I really appreciate you commenting to tell me so! 🙂


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    Hot pools! This story is certainly that!


  8. Blue Lagoon My hubby and I are taking a 20 day cruise starting from NY and ending in London with Iceland as our 3rd stop


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