Getaway Ch 12: Akureyri

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We slept until well after four in the afternoon. I woke to an uncomfortable feeling in my belly. I groaned and rolled away from Eric. He came around the bed to face me, concern on his face.

“Oh, it’s just cramps, they’re not too bad though, so I should be right as rain in a few minutes.” I winced again.

“Cramps from what? Was the food bad?” He was clearly worried. “Can I get you anything?”

“I have cramps because I will be starting my period in a few days, and this is how my body prepares. I’m lucky like that!” I said. “I have a bottle of pain relievers in my toiletry bag, could you them to me with some water?”

He got up and found the bottle and handed it to me with a glass of water. “I have never been around you when you were bleeding.”

“No. It’s not something that I feel comfortable with. Gran taught me about my body and my ‘womanly time’ was something we didn’t discuss more than we absolutely needed to. Since we’re here together there is no way for me to do anything about it though, so I hope it won’t cause any problems.” I said, looking away from him.

“Look at me.” He said, grabbing my chin turning my face to his. “There is no problem with you or your body. This is a part of you, and as with everything else I’m sure I will love it.” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Eeeew!” I made a yucky face. “You can’t be serious!”

“What? You let me bite you and suck blood from your body. Why is this any different?”

“Because it…it…it just is!” I stammered.

“You honestly expect me to keep my hands, and mouth, off of you for days? Especially when you’ll smell so delicious?” His fangs descended, just thinking about it.

“I’m not having this conversation now, can we go to the sea? You promised!” I was pouting, and wishing to talk about anything else.

“Fine, we will have this conversation later then.” He promised. “Why don’t we get dressed and get you some nice warm clothes?” I sighed in relief and hopped from the bed to pull some clothes on, slipping the bottle of pills in my pocket for later when I would be sure to need more pain relief.

66° North sported a wide variety of winter wear. I tried on a few coats and insulated pants. I found a set that fit comfortably and even matched. As I walked around, I started to sweat in the insulated outfit. These would definitely keep me warm while we were out. Eric bought them for me and I thanked him again for spoiling me with expensive new clothes. “I don’t know where I’ll wear these again, they are very nice!” I said to him.

“I will just have to take you on vacation again!” He said and smiled at me, holding his arms open for me to jump into them. I held onto him tightly and kissed his face while he found a secluded spot to take to the air.

We didn’t have to travel far before we were hovering over a dark and sparkling beach. It was beautiful. I felt very cozy in my new outerwear, so I could enjoy the scenery without being distracted by the cold. The beach was dark and smooth, and scattered as far as I could see with large glittering chunks of ice. It was as if someone had placed them there for some artistic purpose. I took off my gloves and touched one. I pulled my hand away, surprised for some reason. Yep, it was ice. The beach was surreal. I sat down in the rocky sand and listened as Eric was telling me about the glaciers that feed into this part of the ocean, and how the ice floats to and from this beach all winter. He sat down next to me and picked up one of the black rocks near him.

“These are some of the youngest rocks on the planet, the tectonic plates are actively moving here, forced apart by magma moving under the earth. Would you like to see that?” He asked, looking at me.

“Is it dangerous?” I asked nervously. Hey, I didn’t want to die on vacation in a volcano or something!

“Not at all! Come, I will show you!” I held tight again as he took off. Through the dim light, I could see giant cracks in the ground, lined with steam. He put me down right next to one of the cracks. “These plates are moving constantly, and when they move enough it changes the landscape here. Sometimes volcanoes erupt, like the one that shut down air travel to and from Europe last year.”

I never considered myself a science geek, but this was awe-inspiring! I was standing on a crack in the earth filled with lava. I realized I was at the birthing place of land, a place where liquid rock would get a chance to become solid, support life and eventually wear away. “Amazing, isn’t it?” He asked, and all I could do was nod my head.

He said, “I have one more place to show you, hold on tight.” It seemed like we were in the air for much longer this time. I peeked for a few seconds every now and then, and then my face would start to freeze and I would have to hide again. What I saw was amazing. Giant plumes of steam were coming from the flat expanses of land and also from the jutting sharp mountains. My arms started to get numb since I had held onto him for so long, feeling my discomfort he said, “We are almost there. Akureyri is the city below us.”

It was full dark as we neared the large city, and after putting me down gently he pointed to a hotel. My legs were stiff and it took me a minute to warm up enough to follow him. Hotel Kea was a large white and beautiful building. He took me into the lobby and talked to the man behind the counter. Within a few minutes, Eric had a key card and we were walking to a room. What was going on? I hoped that once we were in our room, he would explain.

“What are you up to Mr. Northman?” I asked him suspiciously.

“Oh, you will see!”

We went into our room and after taking my very warm outer clothes off, I looked around the room, still confused.

He went to the very large window and opened the blinds and curtains, revealing a dark cloudless night sky. “Now we wait.” He said, excitedly.

“Wait for what?” I was still eyeing him.

“Patience, Lover. Now, what would you like to eat?”

Ooo, room service! Now I really felt like a tourist. I grabbed the menu and looked it over and decided on a meal of fish and potatoes, which seemed to be a popular combination here. It’s an island, there is bound to be a lot of fish. Eric called and placed our order. I got a drink of water and visited the bathroom. Wearing a hood all day had not been kind to my hair. I splashed some water on my face and then smoothed my hair with my wet hands until I looked a little more presentable. By the time I came out of the bathroom, there was a knock on our door. Room service is certainly fast!

He opened one of his bottles of blood immediately, all that flying had been taxing. I sat down to enjoy my meal, and it was then that I realized I was starving. Everything was delicious, and after we had both finished, I felt full and warm and Eric looked pinker and more relaxed. He went to the bed and patted the spot next to him for me to join him. I fell onto it next to him and sighed.

“Are we going to stay the night here?” I asked. He nodded. “What about the windows? How will you be protected?” He pointed to the blinds, “They interlock and are light-tight, I will be perfectly safe.” He was touched by my concern.

He began stroking my arm, sending shivers up and down my body. I responded immediately and leaned towards him until our bodies were touching. He kissed me with such passion that my toes tingled. It didn’t take long to turn our make out session into a clothes tugging, naked wrestling match. I won and ended up on top of him. I smiled down at him and trailed wet kisses over his nipples. I bit a little, he groaned. I licked his ribs and nibbled them playfully, then continued my journey down his body until I was facing his hard cock. He was watching me and I licked my lips, he groaned again, which was just the effect that I hoped for. He was lifting his hips ever so slightly. I bent my face down and sucked him into my mouth as slowly as I could. I dug my nails into his legs and he shuddered. I pulled away, and found a rhythm that had him writhing and mumbling something, as if he were on the brink of unconsciousness. I stopped suddenly and slid myself up his body, he was still in a mini coma as I stroked my wet slit with his dick. His eyes flashed up at me and he tried to lift his body up into mine. I rocked forward just enough to deny him. He growled in frustration, and I kissed his lips and licked his fangs, all the while moving my body in tiny circles to rub my clit. I moaned into his mouth and his fang caught my bottom lip. The taste of blood was enough to send him over the edge and he grabbed my hips possessively and pushed into me. He sucked on my lip while our bodies rocked together. I was lost in the full immense pleasure that spread to every molecule of my body. My eyes were closed as I shook against him. I pushed myself up against his chest and took a deep breath to attempt to steady myself, and that is when I saw it. A giant arc of green light streaked across the sky.

My breath caught in my throat, “It’s so beautiful!”

“Yes, it is.” Eric said, but he wasn’t looking out the window, he was looking at me.

The light danced across the sky and pushed up from the earth in a curtain of white and green. Eric brought me back to him when he kissed my breast and then sucked my nipple into his mouth. My eyes closed and my body relaxed against him in the calm just before the violent force of my orgasm ripped through me. He bit into my breast and continued to suck as he pumped sporadically inside me as he came. When he was done licking the tiny wounds, I collapsed against him. It took me a minute to catch my breath. We shifted until we were both comfortable while we enjoyed each other and the beauty of the sky.

“I can’t describe how spectacular this is! I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights!” I said, as a flash of white light filled the sky. He didn’t say anything, he just looked happy. “Can we stay for a few days? Is that possible?” I questioned him.

“Anything is possible, if you want to stay, we will stay.” He was definitely pleased with himself.

I gazed at the Northern Lights until I fell asleep, and when I woke up several hours later, there was still a faint shimmer of green light in the sky. Eric and I spent the early morning walking around the city, getting the few things we would need for a short stay. We walked hand in hand and enjoyed being a normal couple.

Everywhere we went was illuminated by the amazing streaks of color in the clear dark sky, which made our exploration of the area even more magical.

The one thing that I had noticed about our vacation was the overwhelming feeling of acceptance by everyone. I had never been so aware of the goodwill of people. The people of Iceland were kind and friendly with everyone. At home, people were guarded and more often than not were bigots towards some group of ‘others’. Perhaps the positive attitude towards foreigners was because Iceland was so isolated, and relied so heavily on tourism to survive. Whatever it was, I felt at ease here. Eric was more comfortable too, he was relaxed and I knew he trusted these people more than I had seen in Louisiana.

People smiled and talked to us about everything. Some of the locals talked about the “hidden” whimsical world of elves and dwarfs. I shuddered at the thought, if they only knew!! I wasn’t about to tell them differently, I think people deserve to live in blissful ignorance about the variety of beings that live amongst us. It was refreshing to be pulled into a conversation about politics or nature without worrying if a fight would break out.

The next two days flew by. We discovered beautiful wooded areas, outdoor swimming, and a wonderful art museum. Eric was my personal tour-guide. I was constantly reminded how lucky I was to have him in my life.


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13 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 12: Akureyri

  1. theladykt says:

    Sounds wonderful. Would love to see the NL in person someday


  2. Meridian says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by the Northern Lights. Great inclusion!


  3. Vilannh says:

    Oh it’s so sweet that they are able to relax and spend time together and be accepted. Eric seems to be the perfect tour guide


  4. Erin says:

    Just found your site…AWESOME! So many fanfics are very poorly written that it makes it difficult to get invested in the story. Great job. Looking forward to more’


    • Thank you so much!! I take that as a HUGE compliment, especially since you’re posting on Getaway, which was my first chapter story (so it’s full of mistakes). I hope you enjoy reading… Thank you again!


  5. VictoryInTrouble says:

    I want to see the Northern Lights! Too funny about her period. How does she think Eric will be able to resist that?!


  6. shoegirl01 says:

    Northern lights are a site to see… Too bad you have to be so far up north. I lived 4 years in northern Canada with avg daily temps of -25 C to -40C… I can honestly say that I rather experience them in pics! Then again I was a teanager – I had no idea just how unique the sight was.

    That said.. In bed with my man? Yeah, I’d try 🙂


    • Seeing the Northern Lights are at the top of my list. I’d rather not subject myself to -40C weather, which is why I’m planning on going to Iceland. 🙂 The ocean regulates the temps quite a bit. In bed with my man is just what I plan to do. 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing! I’m so glad you’re enjoying this story!


  7. cela says:

    i will never understand why sookie puts up with all the ill will, bullshit and out right hatred in bon temps when she could be living with eric and loved and adored every night for the rest of time. eric would change her in a heartbeat and love her forever if she would let go of her pig headedness about being “normal”.if being “normal” is to be like every other bigot in her insulated little town, why on earth would she want that? if she was “normal” like them she would despise eric for being a “bloodsucker” instead of loving him like the wonderful person that he is!


    • I totally agree! I would run as fast as my legs would take me away from a town (and fate) like that. Being normal isn’t for her. Never has been. I hope you enjoyed this story as she veers away from book Sookie! Thanks for reviewing!


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