Getaway Ch 11: A Change in Plans

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More love, less lemons. I promise to smut things up again soon. By popular demand, the Icelandic translations are now in parenthesis next to the text, thanks Icelander for providing them! Enjoy!


A Change in Plans

Eric helped me into the gray dress, pulling it down my body and smoothing it over my hips. His fingers trailed down my bare legs to the top of the black shoes. Yes, he definitely had a thing for sexy shoes.

Looking at my face, he pulled my hair up and said, “May I?” I nodded and he twisted sections of my hair until it was wrapped in two messy buns on either side of the back of my head. He secured them and smiled. I looked in the mirror and was surprised at how different I looked. I wasn’t exactly adventurous with hairstyles. I had two. Smooth tight ponytail or loose around my shoulders. I don’t know if hair nubs would be something I could get away with at home, but they suited me just fine here. Eric dressed in a black shirt splashed with gray and very fashionable jeans. Even in fairly plain clothes he looked amazing. I stood next to him in front of the mirror and touched up my makeup, applying a shimmering red lipstick.

“I think we need to leave now, otherwise I may lose my resolve to take you out, and keep you here to myself for the rest of the night.” He was staring at me. I blushed and took his hand and pulled him to the door.

We arrived at Gaukur á Stong a little after midnight and there was a small line of people waiting to get in. Most of the people waiting in line were college age kids, talking excitedly, wrapped in their own conversations. Eric put his arms around me, attempting to shelter my skin from the cold. It was a nice gesture, but not very effective. As we waited, I changed my mind.

“Eric, could we just go back to our hotel?” I asked. He turned me around and said, “What made you change your mind?”

“I can go to a club surrounded by drunk people any time. We should take advantage of our time here and be alone together.” I smiled at him, pleased that I had just come up with this brilliant idea. “Besides, I’m hungry again, and hoped that we could stop somewhere so I can get a bite to eat. I saw a place up the street that looked like it was still open.”

“Lead the way.” He swept his hand out away from the crowd in front of the club, toward the street. We walked for a few minutes until we got to the bistro I had noticed earlier. It was quite crowded for this late at night, but we managed to be seated within a few minutes. When Eric helped me get my coat off, I noticed quite a few drunken stares from some of the men sitting at the bar. Their brains were muddled from the alcohol, so nothing came to me very clearly. I was relieved. He must have noticed their stares too, since he hovered over me for a little too long, glaring around the room, forcing everyone to look elsewhere. Once he was calm again, he flashed me a charming smile and opened the menu. The menu was not in English, so after telling me what my choices were, Eric ordered something off the breakfast menu for me.

We sat and enjoyed light conversation about how pretty the city was and how cold it was outside. I realized that we had never had many detailed conversations about ourselves. When Eric had stayed with me during the war with the witches, he had been an excellent listener and I had shared quite a bit with him. At the time he didn’t remember who he was, so he didn’t have anything to share with me. Except to tell me how beautiful I was and other things that made me blush. Here I was, in a loving monogamous relationship with someone that I knew very little about. I was determined to change that.

“What were you like as a boy?” I asked, out of the blue. He just stared at me for a long time, weighing the options before him. Finally deciding to share with me, he started talking.

“I don’t remember much, since it was so long ago, but what I do remember was quite happy. I loved my mother very much. She was a beautiful woman and a stern but fair mother. I had a brother and a sister that survived to be adults. I was close to both of them. My mother had long golden hair, the same color as mine. She always wore an apron over her dress, and was an excellent cook. My father worked hard and was busy most of the time taking care of our land and animals. My brother and I spent our days helping him work, and when we were done we would get our sister and play by the sea. Our house was modest, and during the night, our animals slept in the rear of the house. I must say that of all the changes I have witnessed over time, I am most fond of electricity and indoor bathrooms. Humans certainly have come a long way!” He finished with a smile.

“I can’t begin to imagine what you have seen in your lifetime. Have you traveled the world?”

“Most of it, there are parts of Central and South America that I have not been to yet, but travel has been difficult up until the last century. I would love to see the ruins in Mexico and Guatemala. I am naturally drawn to old cities with rich histories. I also love these northern countries, which remind me of my past and provide long winter nights that allow me more time to explore the natural beauty.”

“While we are here, will you show me? I have enjoyed our time at our hotel, but I do miss feeling close to nature. That is one thing I love about my farmhouse. It reminds me of my family and is surrounded by wilderness that appeals to something very primal in me.” I said, and added, “I think people are meant to be attached to the natural world and when we remove ourselves from it, we become damaged.”

He nodded, “I agree. Many of the problems I see in humans today did not exist before, even a hundred years ago. No one works the land, it is the one downfall of technology. Humans have become such masters of technology that they have forgotten their natural roots. That is one of the things I love about you. You always take time to worship the sun.” He reached over and stroked my arm, admiring the faint tan that still held on to my skin.

“My tanning isn’t exactly the same as getting back to my roots.” I scoffed. He was giving me far more credit than I deserved.

“Perhaps not, but I do love your golden skin.” He smiled.

“Can you take me to the sea tomorrow? It must be beautiful.”

“I think that is a wonderful idea. You will need warmer clothes, there is a store here that sells everything you will need. We will make a stop there first so you will be comfortably warm. Are you ready to leave?” He looked down at my empty plate.

I had finished my meal some time ago, and had been enjoying the conversation with Eric so much that I hadn’t realized how much time had gone by. We arrived at our hotel just after 3 in the morning. It was difficult to have a normal internal clock without the sun to set it for me every day. It also didn’t help that almost everything here was open all hours of the night.

“Are you getting enough sleep?” I asked him. “Four hours doesn’t seem like enough to recharge.”

“Sometimes I sleep when you sleep. Although, it is difficult since you are so distracting.” He lifted his eyebrow and leered at my breasts.

“What about this is distracting?” I purred as I reached to my sides and cupped my breasts, and ran my hands over my nipples. He stalked over to me and planted wet kisses on every inch of my exposed skin, which was a lot in this dress. He lingered on the smooth skin of my legs near my feet.

He kissed his way back up my body. He cupped my face and looked me in the eyes and said, “I thought I was too cynical to love. You have proven me wrong. I am so happy, and you are the reason.”

Before he could go on, I covered his mouth with mine and kissed him until I was out of breath. The truth was, he made me very happy and after Bill lied to me and hurt me so badly, I never thought I would open myself to love again. I would be sure to tell him how much he meant to me later, when my brain could form complete sentences.

My hands were already busy opening the button and fly of his jeans enough to bring his hard cock out into my hands. He tugged my dress off impatiently and went to work on removing my bra and panties as quickly as possible. I searched my brain for the right phrase. “Ég þarf að fá þig núna.” (I need you now.) I moaned into his mouth. I needed him badly. He lifted me on top of the dresser and wrapped my legs around him, I locked my ankles together and he thrust into me all at once, my breath was caught in my throat. He started moving and as he pushed in and out of me, all other thoughts went out of my head. It was only us and the delicious feeling taking over my body. Eric said, “Lover, look at me.” No one had ever mattered as much as he did. It was right then that I knew I would never be complete without him.


I love that Sookie brings out the tenderness in Eric, and vacations are the perfect place to let yourself relax and be the version of yourself that you can’t be at home. I think every woman wants to hear that she is the reason for happiness, that she can change someone for the better. So, it’s a little sappy. I hope you loved it anyway! Review please!!

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8 thoughts on “Getaway Ch 11: A Change in Plans

  1. Mindy says:

    I thought it was perfect, Eric telling Sookie that she makes him happy. I liked how she wanted to learn more about him…and Eric told her about his childhood.


  2. theladykt says:

    aww for his boyhood memory.


  3. Vilannh says:

    I agree with Sookie about the club. Vacations are meant to do things you can’t do at home. I love that he is tender and open with her too


  4. BadGrad says:

    Good lemons so far! I’m glad you’re giving them time to talk and get to know one another better. 🙂


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