Post to PDF

One of my lovely readers, Zoe, brought something to my attention and I’ve been trying to figure out how to help her and think I just came up with a solution! She wanted to download my stories (as PDFs) to her Kindle so she could take my stories anywhere. I tried a few options, but still wasn’t satisfied.

I had lunch with a friend of mine yesterday and I told her about my frustration in converting URLs to PDFs, and she suggested something so brilliant and beautiful that I’m kicking myself for not thinking about before: Print Friendly. There are a bunch of websites where you can copy and paste a URL and they create a print friendly page (no headers, no ads, and no sidebars) that you can download as a PDF! It’s awesome!

I found several, but Print Friendly was the easiest to use without having to instal an app. If you’re interested, click here!