This story begins in chapter 4 of Dead Until Dark when Bill takes Sookie to Fangtasia for the first time … only my version takes a VERY different turn (bye bye canon!). When she tells Eric there’s going to be a raid, he rewards her by driving her home. She can’t stop thinking about him, despite how dangerous he is. And then he shows up and begs her to help him discover who’s been stealing from him. How can she say no? Especially when he promises to make it worthwhile. During the investigation, all hell breaks loose and Sookie gets caught in the middle of a fight to the death. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time means big changes for our favorite telepath.

GabbieAnnie and I brainstormed this last year, so I figured it was about time to get it out of my head.

Petulance: Chapter 1

Petulance: Chapter 2

Petulance: Chapter 3

Petulance: Chapter 4

Petulance: Chapter 5

Petulance: Chapter 6

Petulance: Chapter 7

Petulance: Chapter 8

Petulance: Chapter 9

Petulance: Chapter 10

Petulance: Chapter 11

Petulance: Chapter 12

Petulance: Chapter 13

Petulance: Chapter 14

Petulance: Chapter 15

Petulance: Chapter 16

Petulance: Chapter 17

Petulance: Chapter 18


Relaspse jpgWith her painful detox behind her, Sookie and Eric finally leave the cabin on Willow Bend Road. In New Orleans, she sees the city for what it really is: a vampire oasis. When she meets the queen of Louisiana she’s offered a job that will be tough to beat, but she’s not so sure she wants it.

Eric is faced with his own dilemma when the queen releases him from the debt he owed her. He also must learn how to keep Sookie safe and admit that he feels something much deeper for her than he ever thought possible.

The agony Sookie suffered because of Bill’s betrayal hasn’t been easy to recover from and her anger toward him is like poison inside her. She discovers that the only way she can really get him out of her system is to ask him one simple question: why.

With a clear head and an open heart Sookie must decide what she wants to do with her life. As long as Eric is by her side the sky is the limit.

Relapse: Chapter 1

Relapse: Chapter 2

Relapse: Chapter 3

Relapse: Chapter 4

Relapse: Chapter 5

Relapse: Chapter 6

Relapse: Chapter 7

Relapse: Chapter 8

Relapse: Chapter 9

Relapse: Chapter 10

Relapse: Chapter 11

Relapse: Chapter 12



Detox Cabin Pic


Once upon a time (about four months ago), gabbieannie and I created an alternate universe for Sookie. A world where Pam is Sheriff, Bill is a manipulative douche bag (nothing new there), and Eric is the ‘special forces’ used by the queen to get the job done. This story begins when the first 100 pages of Dead Until Dark end. The moment Sookie and Bill set foot inside Fangtasia, I veer away from canon and I don’t turn back.

Imagine Pam’s surprise finding the famous telepath, Sookie, asking questions in her bar. Once she realizes Sookie has had large quantities of Bill’s blood, she stops at nothing to make things right in the world (and her Area), including subduing Sookie, taking care of Bill, and calling for backup: Eric.

Confused and under the influence of some pretty powerful drugs, Sookie wakes in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar vampire. She’s not about to let anyone hold her hostage and decides to make her captor’s life a living hell. After wearing him down, she discovers the reason for her isolation: she’s being forced to detox Bill’s blood from her system.

Torn between irritation and desire, Eric must learn how to care for a strong-willed human without killing her. It’s the most difficult job he’s ever been assigned, but it might just turn out to be the most rewarding too.

Detox: Chapter 1

Detox: Chapter 2

Detox: Chapter 3

Detox: Chapter 4

Detox: Chapter 5

Detox: Chapter 6

Detox: Chapter 7

Detox: Chapter 8

Detox: Chapter 9

Detox: Chapter 10


Up All Night

As the newest member of the Sunny Maid team, Sookie not only makes new friends, but also meets someone she can’t resist: Eric. As they fall in love, they discover they share a past neither knew of. A past that draws them closer and could change the supernatural world forever. feather duster

Up All Night: Chapter 1

Up All Night: Chapter 2

Up All Night: Chapter 3

Up All Night: Chapter 4

Up All Night: Chapter 5

Up All Night: Chapter 6

Up All Night: Chapter 7

Up All Night: Chapter 8

Up All Night: Chapter 9

Up All Night: Chapter 10

Up All Night: Chapter 11

Up All Night: Chapter 12

Up All Night: Chapter 13

Up All Night: Chapter 14

Up All Night: Chapter 15

Up All Night: Chapter 16

Up All Night: Chapter 17

Up All Night: Chapter 18

Up All Night: Chapter 19

Up All Night: Chapter 20

Up All Night: Chapter 21

Up All Night: Chapter 22

Up All Night: Epilogue


Padore and I have been brainstorming on this story for months. It’s still a work in progress, which means many more chapters await you. It begins pre-revelation and I take liberties with the canon, so brace yourselves for that. 🙂

The After Party

The After Party takes place during Club Dead, near the end of chapter 9 when Sookie is staked by the FOTS fanatic and healed by Eric at Russell’s mansion. This is what I wish had happened after…


The After Party: Chapter 1

The After Party: Chapter 2

The After Party: Chapter 3

The After Party: Chapter 4

The After Party: Chapter 5

The After Party: Chapter 6

The After Party: Chapter 7


Remember when I used to write fanfiction for the lemons? Me too. This is one of those stories. 😀

Also, Gyllene was kind enough to make this bad ass banner for The After Party. Show her some love!

Third Time’s The Charm

This little story takes place during the vampire convention in Rhodes. Russell and Bart just tied the knot, Sookie’s just heard all kinds of juicy details about her sort-of boyfriend, Quinn, and she has just been excused to fetch the suitcase the hotel staff called about earlier that night, but before Andre can escort her outside, someone else gets in the way.



Third Time’s The Charm: Chapter 1

Third Time’s The Charm: Chapter 2

Third Time’s The Charm: Chapter 3

Third Time’s The Charm: Chapter 4

Third Time’s The Charm: Chapter 5



I’m dedicating this story to ashmo2000, honulvr, YvonnA, redjane12, patsy1965, meridiean, msbuffy, theladykt, padore, Loftin, jules3677, Kim, saldred75, and the rest of you who wish Bill ill. Very, very ill.


This short story is set near the end of Living Dead in Dallas, right after the Fellowship of the Sun open fire at Stan’s party. Sookie sucks a bullet out of Eric’s shoulder, and then finds Bill killing for revenge. Still in shock from the bombing, she finds solace in an unlikely place, and while she’s recovering, she finds something much better.


I’m just warning you now, the chapters are short.


Stay: Chapter 1

Stay: Chapter 2

Stay: Chapter 3

Stay: Chapter 4

Stay: Chapter 5

Stay: Chapter 6

Stay: Chapter 7

Stay: Chapter 8


Take Me Now, You Big Viking!

I posted Part 1 a couple of years ago, and just now found inspiration to write Part 2 (thanks Padore and mistressjessica1028). So it’s half old and half new, but you have to wait for the new part until I’m done with edits. 🙂


Take Me Now, You Big Viking! Part 1

This is what should’ve happened after Sookie and Eric are attacked by a mysterious Were in chapter 5 of From Dead To Worse. Sookie comes to her senses and helps Eric recover from the gunshot he endured protecting her. She does more than heal him.



Sookie gave Eric a taste and it’s not enough. He needs more, but Sookie won’t talk to him. After giving her a little time to cool off, he’ll make her an offer she can’t refuse.

Take Me Now, You Big Viking! Part 2

Askars bathtub

Mr. January


In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I don’t like unresolved conflict, and CH’s books are chock-o-block full of it. Here is one more attempt to make things right in the Eric/Sookie universe.

Let’s assume for a minute that at the end of Dead as a Doornail, Eric doesn’t disappear from Sookie’s life. Let’s also assume that Quinn never comes to see her (they don’t go out or get involved … nothing). I’m hijacking the storyline somewhere between Dead as a Doornail and Definitely Dead.


Mr. January: Part 1

Mr. January: Part 2