Two Blondes in Shreveport

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

I wrote this little one shot after reading CH’s short story ‘Two Blondes’. This was my idea about what I thought should have happened once they got home. All mistakes are my own.



Two Blondes in Shreveport

Pam and I drove back to Harrah’s after leaving the club “Blonde.” We were both exhausted and I slept soundly that night and most of the next day in the safety of my hotel room. Pam knocked on my door the next night, and she was already talking to Eric on her cell phone.

“Yes, like I said, we are both fine!” Pam said, giving me an annoyed glance letting me know he had asked her this question more than once. “There is a lot to tell, and it would be better to do it in person, just make sure Victor and his spies aren’t around when I get there. I need to talk to you about hiring a new vamp for the bar, she was very helpful here and she has, um, large assets that will bring a lot of fans to Fangtasia.” I couldn’t hear Eric’s response but Pam’s face lit up and she nodded to me.

She handed me the phone and Eric immediately said, “I wish you were here. I will be sure to keep a closer eye on Victor, especially when it comes to you.”

I told him, “We need to figure out something to do about him. Listen, we need to hit the road, so we can talk when I come to see you tomorrow night. See you then!” then I handed the phone back to Pam, she finished their conversation and we headed down to the lobby.

Sara had been waiting for us, a large bag over her shoulder, dressed in jeans and t-shirt stretched tight over her huge breasts, she smiled at both of us and nodded to Pam. We waited silently as the valet brought Pam’s car around. The three of us piled in and we started driving.

After we had been on the road for a while Pam said, “I called a contractor earlier and they’re going to meet me at Fangtasia just before dawn so they can install a stripper pole.” I just stared at her with my mouth gaping. She continued, “We need one for the club, I had so much fun last night, and I know you did too, so don’t even try to deny it!”

“It was fun, and I can just imagine what would happen with a pole in your club!” I admitted. “In fact, why don’t we plan an encore of our performance at Blonde for Eric tomorrow night?”

Pam looked giddy, “Since I will be the only one at the club at dawn, he won’t even know about the pole until he comes into work tomorrow night. Fangtasia is closed Monday nights, so it’ll be perfect timing. I’ll just tell Eric that I’m having the bar upgraded and that he needs to inspect it Monday night. I don’t think he needs to know anything about what the upgrade is.” She added with a giggle.

Sara sat calmly in the back seat, waiting for her turn to speak, “I could help too, I know how to run a sound system, I could play music for you to dance to, I have a huge collection of really great dance music.”

So it was decided. The next night, I would drive to Shreveport dressed in the amazingly tight blue and black leotard (well pieces of a leotard anyway), black thigh-highs and the black spiked heals and a belted black coat for the element of surprise. Pam would wear her flashy gold spandex and clear heals and we would show Eric what he missed over the weekend.

Pam and Sara dropped me off at my house and I was so excited about our plan, I had a hard time sleeping, I finally dozed off and slept until afternoon. I had plenty of time to sunbathe for a while before getting ready for the night. I came in to take a long shower, shave and get dressed. I felt sexy all over, especially since I would be dancing for Eric this time.

I left for Shreveport just before dusk, and arrived at the club at full dark. Sara was waiting inside and nodded at me, ready with the music. Pam came out of the office, wearing her glittery gold spandex strips of material and her clear heals, totally unselfconscious. She hugged me, and said, “He’ll be here in about five minutes!” She took my hand and lead me to the main dance floor, which was now equipped with a very red stripper pole. “I chose red since it matches the décor so well!” I nodded in agreement, it was a good fit, and seemed as if it had always been there.

Pam had cleared out the dance floor except for two chairs, one near the pole and one in an area where an audience would be. An audience of one.

Speak of the devil, right at that minute the doors opened and Eric strolled in, a questioning look on his face and words on his lips that seemed to fade as he saw the two of us on the dance floor. I immediately relaxed and the ball of nervous tension that had been sitting in my stomach turned into something else altogether as my body started to respond to his presence. I walked over to him and just as he was beginning to speak, I tugged his shirt towards me so I could kiss him deeply. It was apparent how much he had missed me, and I lightly rubbed the growing bulge in his jeans as I brought him over to sit in his chair. I forced his knees apart and stood between his legs, my breasts almost level with his eyes. I placed his hands on the belt of my coat, and said, “Would you mind helping me get my coat off?”

He undid the knot in the belt and pulled my coat apart, and the sight of my outfit caused a moan to escape from his throat, as he pulled the coat farther open, he slid his fingers across the tight material that covered my nipples, I shivered all over. Then he pulled the coat off all the way and let it drop to the floor while he looked appreciatively at my body, licking his lips and showing me the full length of his fangs. He touched the small strip of fabric covering my breasts connected to a strip running down the length of my tan stomach hooked into skimpy bikini cut bottoms. Without realizing it, I had already started moving against him, shaking with need.

Sara started playing music, and announced in a sultry voice, “Straight from Mississippi, for the first time in Fangtasia, I give you Sugar and Butterscotch!” The throbbing base got into my body and made me vibrate. Pam’s hand closed over mine, pulling me from Eric towards the pole. He was hesitant to let me walk away from him, but sat obediently waiting for what would come next.

Pam winked at her boss and wrapped around the pole. I moved behind her and grabbed onto her waist, letting her strength flow into me as she moved around the pole in a single fluid movement. She turned her head to the side and licked my ear making me smile since I had always liked that. I let go of her body and she moved so her back was to the pole, facing me, she moved my hair out of the way and licked the side of my neck, letting her hands trail down the side of my arms and onto my ass, gripping it firmly and pulling my body into hers. I moved my upper body in a lazy circle, leaning away from Pam and then against her again. We moved together, grinding against each other and I let the music move me in ways I would never have felt comfortable if this club had been full. As it was, the one person watching had leaned towards us and even scooted his chair a little closer, his eyes full of lust, his hands gripping his legs a little too tightly.

I was totally relaxed, being moved by the music and the strong cool hands that were guiding my hips in small circles that matched hers. Pam let go of my body and gracefully flipped upside-down on the pole so our faces were level, and she grazed my cheek with a soft kiss. She was sliding down very slowly, her strong legs providing amazing control over the rest of her body. Now I licked her neck, causing her to moan a little. She slid down a little farther, her hands lightly touching me everywhere all at once, as I continued to pulse my body with the music. I traced my hands up and down her legs, her side, across her stomach, brushing her nipples with my palms. She slid further down until her face was level with my pussy, barely an inch away and I saw her smile at Eric and show him her fangs. He almost stood up, I could feel his excitement and agitation. This is exactly what she wanted. She suddenly flipped back over, landing on the ground, playfully pulling me over with her to the chair closest to the pole, closer to Eric.

She sat down in the chair and pulled me over her lap so my ass was pointed at Eric and my head swung over the side of her lap. I was looking at Eric’s feet and saw his hands dangling between his legs, clenching and unclenching, his desire building in him as he watched Pam spank me in time with the music, just as she had done at Blonde. She was definitely getting carried away again, and then just as quickly as she had started, she stopped. She pulled me up until I was straddling her lap, my back against her and my chest heaving from the spanking and my obvious excitement of the dance, “No wonder you like her!” Pam laughed as Eric approached us, his eyes wild. I think he had sat still long enough, now he felt like he needed to take action.

“Pam, thank you for that, remind me to thank you later. Now please give us some time alone.” He said in a rough voice.

She smiled up at him, and handed me off to him with one easy movement until I had my legs wrapped around his waist, pressing the wetness of my bikini bottoms against his stomach. She looked over at Sara who seemed bored while we did our routine, and Pam jerked her head indicating they should both go into the office to leave us alone.

Eric had been cradling my body against his, once Pam and Sara left he whispered to me, “Let me show you how much I missed you, Butterscotch.”

Eric carried me over to the wall closest to where he was standing, resting my back against the wall, still clinging to him with my legs, my hands moved frantically to get his shirt off so I could feel his skin on mine. I was moving my body up and down his now, rubbing my swollen clit on his hard stomach then down to the bulge growing even harder in his jeans. He reached down, tracing the outlines of my outfit and found the Velcro attachment that held the top and bottom together. He smiled, and with a gentle tug they were separate and he pulled the top piece off quickly, dropping it on the floor. He bent over and licked between my breasts, which were covered with a fine sheen of sweat. He licked every inch of my chest groaning as I ground myself against him to the music, which was still pulsing around us.

“You smell like her, we can’t have that.” He said as he licked up and down my neck in the same spot Pam had licked minutes before. He grazed my neck with his fangs and gently slid them into the soft skin of my neck, taking a tiny sip and licking more before he moved on to the other side of my neck, running his tongue up to my ear, causing my body to jerk with pleasure. He put his lips on mine and sucked and licked at my tongue, then began pushing his tongue into my mouth in an unmistakable rhythm. His fingers trailed down my stomach and stopped when they got to the wetness building between my legs. I heard a ripping sound and knew that my bikini bottoms were in pieces on the ground.

He slid one finger against my wet folds and moved back and forth until he pushed and it slid inside me. “Ugh” was all I could manage as he moved his finger slowly in and out of me. My fingernails dug into his shoulders, urging him on, begging him wordlessly not to stop. I leaned my lower body farther away from the wall so only my shoulders and neck were holding me steady on the wall. His other hand was running up and down my back, suddenly he stopped stroking my back and I felt him unbutton his pants and heard them hit the ground. His dick, now free of his pants, brushed against my exposed ass. He pulled his finger out of my twitching pussy and licked his finger clean. “I can’t get enough of you.” He said.

I reached down and positioned his dick at my slippery opening and said, “Please Eric, I need you now. Now!”

At the same moment that he pushed up, I slid down and the effect was mind-blowing as I felt the fullness of his cock inside of me. We were both frantic, moving against each other. “So good, so right, so beautiful, my lover, my Sookie.” He gasped.

Every time our bodies met in mutual thrusts I got closer and closer to release, and when I was almost there I pulled myself up off the wall and leaned over and bit his neck, sucking deeply at the small wound. His grip tightened on me and he slammed into me one more time and yelled, “Fuck!” as we both came so hard that we fell against the wall to ride out the waves of orgasm that made us both lightheaded and shaky. He held me there against the wall covering my face and neck with light kisses, which always tickled me after such amazing orgasms. We spent the next few minutes enjoying the stillness of each other until he pulled me off the wall and sat down in the chair he had watch us from, never breaking contact with me.

“That was an amazing performance.” He said, nodding towards the pole, which made me blush for some reason. “If you knew what you did to me…..” he trailed off.

“I do know what I do to you,” I said, “What do you think was encouraging me to gyrate like that? You were my motivation for every move.” and to make a point I thrust my hips against his, I could feel his dick harden inside me and it made me pant with lust. He lifted me up and carried me over to the table that he usually sat at when the club was open and put me down so my back was on the table.

“I have wanted to do this from the first moment you walked into my club so long ago.” He said as he pushed my legs up and over his shoulders and pumped in and out of me. “That white dress you had on, ugh, I wanted to rip it from you body.” Letting his desire get the better of him he started pounding into me relentlessly, “And now you’re mine, and I can do what I want with you, and you want it too.” He bent down to me and captured my mouth in another searing kiss, never stopping his hips from moving, bringing me closer and closer.

I was holding my breath and arching my back, which Eric took as an invitation to suck my nipples into his mouth, and then he bit my breast as he sucked my nipple and the feeling of his mouth and dick moving was more than I could handle and I came loudly again, followed by his shaking spasm of orgasm.

I rested there, sated and happy, smiling up at him. “Now when you have business to do here, you can have something to remember me by.” I shivered, since my body was finally starting to cool off, and he pulled out of me and retrieved my coat from the floor near his chair from earlier.

He pulled me up and dressed me in my coat and said, “Since I apparently have the night off, why don’t I take you out to dinner to help you rebuild your strength. I have a feeling you might need it later.” His eyes glinted in the soft light of the club.

He dressed quickly and guided me to his car dressed in nothing but thigh-highs, heels and a black coat, and I had never felt so sexy in all my life.


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