I’m dedicating this story to ashmo2000, honulvr, YvonnA, redjane12, patsy1965, meridiean, msbuffy, theladykt, padore, Loftin, jules3677, Kim, saldred75, and the rest of you who wish Bill ill. Very, very ill.


This short story is set near the end of Living Dead in Dallas, right after the Fellowship of the Sun open fire at Stan’s party. Sookie sucks a bullet out of Eric’s shoulder, and then finds Bill killing for revenge. Still in shock from the bombing, she finds solace in an unlikely place, and while she’s recovering, she finds something much better.


I’m just warning you now, the chapters are short.


Stay: Chapter 1

Stay: Chapter 2

Stay: Chapter 3

Stay: Chapter 4

Stay: Chapter 5

Stay: Chapter 6

Stay: Chapter 7

Stay: Chapter 8