Fangbangers Anonymous

Did you know that there’s a new SVM/TB directory? One WordPress to bond us all. It’s like without the Critics United or Eliminators censors. Anyone who’s posted an MA story there knows who they are … the FF Police, the champions of Reportable Offenses, the patrol dogs of MA Content, the power-hungry douche bags of fanfiction, or the rabid censor-beasts (as Meridian calls them). Many of you have warned me about my stories being on their radar, and luckily, I’ve been able to edit them for content before they could delete them or my profile completely. Ha! In your FACE Critics United. Sorry, I’m getting carried away. I need to stay focused.

How can I help spread the word that there’s a safe place for authors and readers who want freedom from MA censorship? Write a story of course. Which I did. I know I already promised you Detox, and you will be getting Chapter 1 on Friday, but hisviks asked me for help, and I couldn’t turn her down. So you’ll get the first part of a bonus story meant to help launch The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction

What’s the story about? I’m glad you asked. This two-part story takes place near the end of All Together Dead (with plenty of tweaks to canon). Imagine if Sookie stumbled upon the world of fanfiction, only to realize she’s a star player, and most of the stories she’s in feature Eric, whom she hasn’t seen since the bombing in Rhodes. There are entire sites dedicated to her … with pictures! After her initial freakout subsides, she assumes Eric is behind the Fangbangers Anonymous directory and confronts him about it. Things don’t go as planned, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. HEA for everyone!

Fangbangers Anonymous: Part 1

Fangbangers Anonymous: Part 2