Getaway Ch 13: Blood Lust

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If you’re squeamish about Sookie being on her period around a blood-lusty vamp, where only the inevitable can happen, please skip this chapter. You have been warned. I hope I don’t scare away any of my lovely fans, you know I can’t live without you!

Thank you Icelander for your help editing the Icelandic! I adore you!


Blood. Lust.

On our third day in Akureyri, I woke up just before sunset. When I stood up to make a trip to the bathroom, I felt a familiar warm wet sliding sensation inside me. Right on time, every month like clockwork. I dashed to the bathroom and decided that a shower would be my best bet. It was nice that we were at this hotel where I could actually stand and shower by myself, instead of our suite in Reykjavík.

I turned the shower on and steam filled the small room. As I let the warm water relax me, a trickle of blood trailed down my leg. I moved in the shower to clean myself off, but was stopped by strong hands on my shoulders. I blinked the water out of my eyes to see his face. The blue of his eyes was barely visible because his pupils were so huge. So were his fangs. His nostrils were flaring as he stared at me, his eyes following the blood down my leg.

“Eric…” I said in a warning tone, “You know how I feel about this.”

“Yes, and you can see how I feel about this.” He ground out between clenched teeth. His whole body was at attention, his hard cock was already glistening with precum, and I hadn’t even touched him! I had never seen him so primal. Even when he had given in to his lust for me in the past, it was nothing like this. “I have never wanted you more!” It was a declaration, demanding my attention.

I thought of what he had said the first time we discussed my period. Why is this any different? I had been raised to believe that my body was dirty when I was bleeding, but it is just blood. Right? It just means that my body was healthy, normal, regular, and absolutely irresistible to vampires. I considered what it would taste like to him. Blood and a hint of me, the fluids that he pulled out of me every time he gave me a blissful orgasm. I sighed, resigned to let him feast on me. “Okay,” I said in a whisper.

“Thank you.” He moaned into my mouth as he planted a gentle kiss on my lips. He crouched in front of me and swept my leg with his tongue, slowly, methodically. Then he lifted my leg over his shoulder, and placed a kiss on my wet lips, licking them clean. My body arched against him. This was undeniably an excellent idea. He steadied my body by reaching a hand around to cup my ass, pulling me to him in time with the thrusts of his tongue inside me. I grabbed his shoulders and felt the vibrations running through him. His desire was coursing through him violently.

He sucked on my clit and teased it with his tongue, I felt the muscles in my abdomen tighten and then release as a wave of pleasure coursed through me. My moan echoed through the tiny room and was followed closely by his, as a mixture of blood and cum seeped out of me and into his mouth.

His body jerked. He was gasping as he shot cum all over his leg and the floor of the shower. Whoa, I had never had power like this over him. His mouth never left my slit, sucking and licking. I leaned back against the shower wall, the water barely grazing my shoulder, the rest falling on the shower floor. He pushed a finger inside me. As his finger and mouth worked together, my knees shook as another orgasm shot through me. He slowed but didn’t stop, relentlessly stroking that magic button inside me, until I came again and again against his hand. Every contraction the orgasms caused had released more blood. He pulled out his finger and drank greedily from my dripping pussy. As he sucked on the last blood trailing out of my body, his body shook again as he splattered the shower floor with more cum. He licked his finger clean, “Mmmmm, ljúffengt.” (Mmmmm, delicious.) He smiled up at me, eyes glazed over. His face was flushed and remarkably clean.

He stood up, held me tight against him and pointed the showerhead at our bodies. He leaned to kiss me, “Not so fast, buster.” I said leaning away from him, “You may enjoy…that, but I don’t. You’ll have to wash off first.” He dutifully rinsed his face off and very reluctantly rinsed his mouth out with water.

“That was the most delicious meal I have ever had. You are delectable! I will never be able to thank you enough for giving me such a luscious treat.” He punctuated each statement with kisses on my neck, face, and kissed my lips lightly.

“Well then, you’ll just have to praise me every month.” I smiled at him shyly.

“That is quite a promise. I might release again, just thinking about it.” Release? Oooooh, as the meaning sunk in I blushed.

“You know this lasts for a few days, right?” I looked at him, and his eyes lit up and a huge grin covered his face. I had never seen him so pleased. “I also get tired easily, so we might have to stay in bed more.” His smile brightened and he turned the shower off quickly, as if my comment had been an order. He dried me off and carried me to the bed, placing me gently on the sheets. “I would feel more comfortable with a towel under me, just in case.”

“That would be a waste and a shame.” He said, but went to the bathroom anyway and brought two towels, lifting me by my legs, and positioned one under me. I felt better and relaxed. I looked at the other towel questioningly. “For me.” He said gesturing down his body, without a hint of shame in his voice. He knew what he was in for.

He walked over to the windows and opened the blinds and curtains. It was another clear night, and the sky was already pulsing with colors. I would never get tired of being here with him, watching the Northern Lights. He lay down next to me, and we watched the lights dance for a while. I shifted up onto my elbows to get a better view, and the movement caused more blood to make the slow descent out of my body. Eric nostrils flared again, he pushed me back and stared at me hungrily, waiting for my permission again. “Please, help yourself.” I laughed quietly. I loved to see his intense need. He dove down on me and sucked and licked his way to pleasure all over again. As he fucked me with his tongue, he paused, bit his finger and brought it up to my mouth. I sucked on his finger, his blood coursing through me, my blood coursing through him. Contentment did not begin to explain how I was feeling.

We spent the rest of the night in bed. I occasionally dozed off, lulled to sleep by the gentle movement of light in the sky, only to be awoken by Eric between my legs again, groaning against my skin, devouring me just as voraciously as the first time. He couldn’t get enough. He was addicted to me.

Just before sunrise the next morning Eric shut the blinds and came back to bed. He pulled me on top of him and urged my body up until I was straddling his face. I was embarrassed, until he begged, “Please, send me to sleep with the most glorious gift. I will make sure you enjoy yourself.” He was right. He sucked and licked until I was writing against him, exploding in his mouth for what seemed like the millionth time that day. He was mumbling thank yous into my leg, and drifted off to sleep. I was too numb to think. A girl could certainly get used to this.

What I normally viewed as an inconvenience was turning out to be a Sookie-gasm extravaganza! I went into the bathroom, inserted a tampon to get me through the next four hours, and got a wet washcloth to clean Eric’s smiling face. I had never seen him so happy. I did that to him. I would be able to over and over again. I snuggled in bed next to him, and relaxed into sleep, glad to have a few hours to recover.


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