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Once upon a time (about four months ago), gabbieannie and I created an alternate universe for Sookie. A world where Pam is Sheriff, Bill is a manipulative douche bag (nothing new there), and Eric is the ‘special forces’ used by the queen to get the job done. This story begins when the first 100 pages of Dead Until Dark end. The moment Sookie and Bill set foot inside Fangtasia, I veer away from canon and I don’t turn back.

Imagine Pam’s surprise finding the famous telepath, Sookie, asking questions in her bar. Once she realizes Sookie has had large quantities of Bill’s blood, she stops at nothing to make things right in the world (and her Area), including subduing Sookie, taking care of Bill, and calling for backup: Eric.

Confused and under the influence of some pretty powerful drugs, Sookie wakes in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar vampire. She’s not about to let anyone hold her hostage and decides to make her captor’s life a living hell. After wearing him down, she discovers the reason for her isolation: she’s being forced to detox Bill’s blood from her system.

Torn between irritation and desire, Eric must learn how to care for a strong-willed human without killing her. It’s the most difficult job he’s ever been assigned, but it might just turn out to be the most rewarding too.

Detox: Chapter 1

Detox: Chapter 2

Detox: Chapter 3

Detox: Chapter 4

Detox: Chapter 5

Detox: Chapter 6

Detox: Chapter 7

Detox: Chapter 8

Detox: Chapter 9

Detox: Chapter 10


La Vie En Rose

eiffel-tower-918463_1920This is a sequel to my story, Getaway. Baby Vamp Sookie is on an adventure with Eric including sightseeing in Paris . Hot lemons, with a little more power, but just as much love. Above and beyond CHs canon after 10th book. Rated M for a reason. Enjoy!

La Vie En Rose Ch 1: The Awakening

La Vie En Rose Ch 2: Bienvenue à Paris

La Vie En Rose Ch 3: Club Morde

La Vie En Rose Ch 4: No Strings Attached

La Vie En Rose Ch 5: L’Empire De La Mort

La Vie En Rose Ch 6: Magic and Demon Blood

La Vie En Rose Ch 7: The Louvre

La Vie En Rose Ch 8: The Exchange

La Vie En Rose Ch 9: The Ritual

La Vie En Rose Ch 10: No Place Like Home