Petulance: Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


Sookie gripped the edge of the table, her breath ragged. She couldn’t believe her cousin had set everything in motion. Her own flesh and blood! She wondered if she was there. In a house full of vampires, it wasn’t hard to pick through the handful of active brains.

I’m so tired. I wonder what time it is. I can’t keep track, one person thought, on the edge of consciousness.

In a different room, something very different was happening: sex. Lots of it. The thoughts from that person came through as images…very graphic images of a handsome dark-haired vampire biting and fucking someone into oblivion. Sookie switched away, embarrassed for a moment to witness something so intimate.

Hadley’s thoughts came through clearly next. I hope the meeting goes well. I hope Sookie’s not mad at me. I wonder what she’s like as a vamp. Do people stay tan after they’re turned? I’ll have to ask bunny later. Just like that, an image of Sophie-Anne popped into Hadley’s brain.

Eric stood behind Sookie, putting his hand on the small of her back. His fingers pressed against her bare skin just under the hem of her shirt. You made your point. Now sit down and let her respond.

Sookie clenched her jaw, but eventually returned to her seat. She put her emotions in check and stopped breathing. Uneasy silence settled in the room.

“She’s here. How long have you been together?” Sookie asked.

“Almost two years.”

I wonder when Hadley told her, Sookie thought. “When did you send Bill to get me?”

“Six months ago.”

“Why didn’t you just come to me yourself, or better yet, have Hadley do it? Why send Bill?”

“Because I thought I could trust him and Hadley didn’t want to go anywhere near that backwater town.”

“Excuse me, but that backwater town is my home.” Sookie prickled.

Sophie-Anne stood. “Perhaps we should start over. This isn’t going how I imagined it.”

“Seems to be going pretty well from where I’m sitting,” Sookie stated. “What do you want from me?”

The queen straightened her back and composed herself. “I would like you to work for me.”

“And if I decline?”

Another wave of anxiety rippled off Eric.

“I hope to persuade you.” Sophie-Anne smiled sweetly, but Sookie knew she would tear her in half given the chance.

“I have no intention of living here with you.” Sookie looked around the opulent room with disdain.

“There would be no need. When I need your services, I’ll get in touch.” She paused. “I will make it worth your time.”

“My time is very valuable,” Sookie said.

“Of course it is.”

“I also have no intention of working for someone who treats me like a pet.”

“I understand.” The queen glanced away.

“Let me be clear. I don’t appreciate the way you’ve handled things so far, and if you continue to interact with me like that, I will refuse you.” Sookie clenched her jaw. I have the power. She doesn’t.

“I apologize for any mistreatment you feel you have received.”

Sookie scoffed and shook her head as she stood. Eric stood next to her. “Even your apologies are rude. When you’re really ready to discuss the prospect of hiring me, let me know.”

Sophie-Anne’s mouth hung open, but she did nothing to stop them from walking out of the room and leaving the mansion. Eric rushed them to his car and sped toward the gates.

For a moment, Sookie thought they wouldn’t get out, that the queen would trap them, but then the gate swung open.

“Too much bravery?” Sookie asked when they were a block away.

Eric laughed nervously. “I thought she was going to kill us.”

“Me too,” she admitted. “I’m starving!”

“Scolding the queen works up an appetite, I guess.”

Sookie laughed. “I read her. She was thinking about Hadley, my cousin. That’s how I knew.”

Eric nodded, but kept his eyes on the road, still ever watchful of potential danger. “I knew what you were doing, but it was risky. Vampires don’t like to be touched.”

“Hadley ratted me out, told the queen all about my telepathy. That really pissed me off.”

“I could tell.” He laughed again.

“The worst part was how she talked to me. So condescending, like she’s so superior.” Sookie exhaled. “I guess she knows who she’s dealing with now.”

“Oh yes,” he replied.

“I was going to tell her that I read her mind, but she was so damn rude she didn’t deserve to know.”

“That information should come at a cost. A very great cost.”

Her eyes widened. “What are you saying?”

“That when she comes to you, and make no mistake, she will come to you, that you tell her what you’re capable of. A telepath that can read humans is valuable. A telepath that can read humans and vampires is irreplaceable! You could demand anything you want. That’s what I meant when I said you have all the power. There has never been anyone like you in the history of vampires as far as I know. You could rule the world.”

She smiled and squared her shoulders.

He frowned. “You’re not going to leave me, are you? Start a new life?”

She put her hand on top of his and heard the fear coming from his mind. “No. I’ll never leave you. You make my life worth living.”

He smiled and sighed. “Good.”

“Can we stop somewhere to eat?” Her stomach clenched, the bottles of synthetic blood she’d started her night with had worn off long ago.

“I know a place,” he said, turning abruptly.

Her anticipation grew as they turned down one street after another, finally stopping outside a dimly lit building. Eric led Sookie out of the car and up to the worn door. He knocked and a panel slid open, like an old-time speakeasy. Eric opened his mouth and showed his fangs and the vamp on the other side of the door had to look up to see his mouth. Sookie followed suit, showing the fangs she had been sporting since she lost her temper with the queen. The vampire nodded and unlocked a bolt on the inside of the door.

Eric gripped her hand and pulled her inside a dark hallway. This is a brothel.

Sookie yanked away from him. “I’m hungry. That’s all.

“I know. Trust me.”

She nodded and took his hand again.

Feeding and fucking go together, remember? There are private rooms with willing donors. What you do with them is your prerogative.

She nodded again and followed him to a desk, where a vampire stood smiling. “Welcome to Blood Lust. Two?”

Eric shook his head. “One. She’s learning.”

“Our donors wear biomonitors,” the woman warned.

“I’m aware.”

“One thousand.”

He retrieved his wallet and pulled out a pile of cash. The woman fanned it in her hands, counting quickly. She nodded and then gestured to a door. “Choose your human.”

Eric dragged Sookie behind him and opened the door. Inside were a handful of men and women, partially dressed. One of the men looked like JB, sweet and simple.

“Pick,” Eric said.

Sookie pointed at JB’s doppelganger. “Him.”

The man smiled widely and looked at Eric and Sookie with a mixture of interest and lust. He thought his night was about to get much better. “I’m Daniel,” he said as he led them to a staircase. His pulse raced. “No need to tell me your names, I’ll just call you Goldilocks and Daddy Bear.”

“Pleased to meet you, Daniel.” Sookie smiled, flashing her fangs.

He opened another door, which led to a modest room. One chair, one bed, a small chest of drawers, and hardwood floors: all spotless. “Which one of you do I get the pleasure of pleasuring?” he drawled, running his hands along the waistband of the only article of clothing he wore, cutoff jeans. A glowing bracelet encircled his right hand, the man’s pulse broadcast on a tiny screen in red numbers: 90.

“I’m hungry,” Sookie admitted.

“Don’t you want a little more, Goldilocks?” He winked.

“Not from you. No offense, Daniel.”

He shrugged. “I don’t blame you. Just look at him. Mm.” He sat in the chair. “Wouldn’t be the first time. Just pretend I’m not here.”

Sookie frowned. “I don’t understand.”

You feed. We fuck, Eric thought as he caressed her arms.

“Oh. So that’s why you brought me here.” As much as the idea shocked her, she didn’t hate it.

I thought you should try something new. Are you willing?

She nodded. “Daniel, do you have a blindfold?”

“Of course I do!” He pulled open the top drawer and sifted through the items until he got to a large strap of silk. “I’ve got a lot of things in here, if you’re interested.” He held up a shiny glass dildo as an offering.

“No thanks, just the blindfold.” Sookie smiled wide, her uncomfortable smile.

Daniel shrugged, took the blindfold with him, and returned to the chair. “What would you like me to do?” He projected a very clear image of what he wanted to happen, similar to Tommy’s fantasy.

Sookie took the blindfold from him and tied it around his eyes.

“Where are you going to bite me?” he asked.

“Your arm,” Eric suggested.

Sookie turned to face him and frowned.

It takes longer. He smiled.

Daniel held his arm up. “Y’all ready?”

Eric lifted the chair, Daniel and all, and positioned it near the end of the bed, making Daniel gasp. Get on the bed, he commanded as he took her hand.

“Don’t boss me,” Sookie whispered.

Please, he added.

She smiled and crawled on the bed, staying on her hands and knees, facing the end where Daniel waited with his back to her. He offered his arm to her, stretching it across the footboard. She inhaled the scent of his skin: clean and masculine. He shuddered.

Eric followed her onto the bed, pushing her skirt up and letting it drape around her waist. He pushed her panties to the side and stroked her slit.

Sookie licked Daniel’s skin. He moaned.

“Do you mind if I relieve myself?” he asked.

His honesty and bluntness startled her. “Just keep your cum to yourself,” she said, recalling her first encounter with Mike.

“You got it, ma’am.” He unzipped his shorts and pushed his free hand inside.

She closed her eyes and licked his arm again, his blood called to her. Eric’s mouth replaced his hand and his tongue pushed inside her, surprising her and forcing a groan out of her throat. She held onto Daniel’s arm licking frantically, following the movement of Eric’s talented mouth until she came and couldn’t focus on anything else. She used Daniel’s skin to muffle her cries as she coasted down.

Open your mouth and bite him now. I’m going to fuck you. Eric pressed his cock against her opening. She had to comply, not because he told her to do it, but because she couldn’t resist any longer. She braced herself against the footboard and slid her fangs into Daniel’s arm at the same moment Eric pushed inside her. Blood bloomed in her mouth just as another orgasm consumed her. The metallic tang ignited her nerves and pleasure fueled the fire. Daniel’s warmth spread through her slowly. She sucked on the wound each time Eric thrust into her, faster and faster. She contorted her body, needing Eric deeper and harder. He knew what she wanted and he gave it to her. She removed her mouth and howled as she came. Eric sank his fangs into her neck and then he came inside her, their bodies convulsing in unison. Her neck healed the second Eric removed his mouth, but Daniel’s arm still bled freely. His head lolled backward and the hand in his pants stilled.

Panicked, Sookie pulled away from Eric and glanced at Daniel’s biomonitor and frowned. His pulse was still strong at seventy beats per minute, well above the dangerous limit. He wasn’t passed out; he was overcome with post-orgasmic bliss. She licked him clean and sucked on the wound a few more times, making his hips jerk. Then, she healed him.

I love you, Eric thought as he caressed her shoulder.

She turned to kiss him and poured all the love she could muster into their bond.

When they parted, Daniel had removed his blindfold and was watching them with a smile on his lips. Sookie checked quickly to make sure both she and Eric were covered.

“Y’all are in love, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Very much so,” Eric answered.

“Any time y’all need a donor, give me a call.” He stretched his hand out like the old phone that hung in Sookie’s kitchen, putting his thumb to his ear and his pinky to his mouth. He retrieved a card from his back pocket. “The room is yours for another thirty-five minutes,” he said. “I’ll give you some privacy.”

“Thank you, Daniel,” Sookie said and bowed her head slightly.

“The pleasure was all mine, Goldilocks.” Daniel winked and then slipped out of the room, humming.

Sookie collapsed onto the bed with her legs dangling off the side. The euphoria from their union lingered along with Daniel’s faint pulse long after he had left. She could hear him singing along in his head to the faint sound of him humming Zip-a-dee-do-dah. My oh, my what a wonderful day.

She laughed. “What are we going to do now?”

“I have an idea,” Eric said as he pushed her skirt up and caressed her swollen sex through her panties.

She nodded and licked her lips, but just as he wedged his body between her legs, Daniel’s thoughts changed dramatically.

What do they want with Goldilocks and Daddy Bear?

Sookie pushed Eric away and sprang off the bed. “We need to get out of this room,” she said. “Now!”

He nodded and yanked the door open just as leisurely footsteps echoed up to them.

“Are y’all interested in a little fun tonight?” Daniel drawled. “I’ve never had brothers before.”

Twin grunts answered him.

Eric and Sookie bolted for the nearest door and ducked inside just as Daniel and two ugly vampires in their matching royal uniforms pushed into the room they had just been in. Sookie closed the door as softly as possible.

Eric motioned to the vampire and woman on the bed. He held a finger up to his mouth and produced a hundred dollar bill. The vampire looked like an accountant. His immortal life couldn’t make him cool no matter how hard he might hope for it. He quivered in fear as Eric’s presence filled the room. The woman riding him smiled and then pressed her lips together.

“I guess they left,” Daniel said. “That’s strange.” They would’ve passed me on the way down, unless they left out the roof access door.

“We will look around,” one of the vamps said.

“I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. These folks come for privacy,” Daniel said.

Sookie dove under the bed and waved for Eric to follow her.

“You’re not going to say a word about us. Make some noise,” Eric said to the woman before he joined Sookie, folding his body into the impossibly small space.

The bed vibrated above them and the woman moaned over and over again, stopping abruptly when the door opened. Two sets of matching black boots and Daniel’s white sneakers shuffled into the room.

“I’m going to get my manager,” Daniel said. His footsteps retreated.

“Come, Wybert,” one of the vamps said.

“She looks nice, yes?”

The woman above Sookie and Eric giggled and moved.

“We will come back later,” the first vamp said. “Come. We must find them.”

“Bye,” the woman crooned and then the door closed.

The big boots stomped down the hall and then another door opened. Shouts spilled out of the room and a fight broke out. A scream followed.

The vampire who had taken Eric’s money at the front desk spoke, silencing the chaos. “We are more than happy to assist the queen’s endeavors, but we don’t allow violence at Blood Lust.”

One of the twin vamps grumbled something.

“Please follow me and we’ll search together.” A hint of fear filled the woman’s voice.

A series of knocks were heard and brief, startled conversations came after. Eric and Sookie remained hidden until the party of footsteps retreated down the stairs.

“Roof access,” Sookie whispered.

Eric nodded partially and then slid out from under the bed and offered a hand to help Sookie. The couple on the bed stared at them wide-eyed.

“The queen is after you?” the former accountant asked with a trembling voice.

“Yes, and if you want to stay alive, you’ll keep your mouth shut,” Eric said, leering at him.

He nodded quickly.

“Thank you for your cooperation,” Eric said, handing the money to the woman.

She nodded, her violet hair bobbing and then resumed their sexual act as if nothing had happened.

Eric and Sookie crept into the hall and scanned for the roof access door, finding a locked maintenance closet. He twisted the knob roughly, breaking the mechanism inside and pushing into the room. A ladder had been fixed to the wall next to a sign that said: ROOF with an arrow pointing upward.

Eric nudged her toward it. “Climb!”

She complied and when she got to the top, she pushed the latch open and stepped out onto the roof. Within seconds, Eric stood beside her.

“Now we wait,” she said as she peered over the edge of the building at the quiet street below.

“Fuck that,” he replied. “Put your arms around me.”


“Do it,” he ground out and gave her the annoyed Maker look.

When she finally wrapped her arms around his neck, he said, “Hold on!”

In the next second, he jumped, taking Sookie with him.

Uh oh. Sookie pissed off the queen. Read more here: Petulance: Chapter 17

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    Oooo, somebody is in trouble…..


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    • You’re so right. If Sookie was on the fence before, she’s definitely not going to agree to work with her now! I hope you enjoy the way I changed the story. I originally had Sookie going with the flow, but then decided to really go for it! 🙂 QSA isn’t amused, but she forgets who she’s messing with. 😉 Thanks for reviewing!


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    Anyway, to be queen and vampire, Sophie has reacted later with anger. Maybe Sookie has baffled her because she has never met someone like Sookie. When we are afraid, some flee, others stay quiet and the less attack. Sophie must be of the cases that stays in shock.


    • I thought so. If QSA is used to getting her way and she’s faced with someone who reminds her of her manners, she’s sure not to know how to respond! She’s not happy. Excellent idea with the tracking device!!! Thanks so much for that and for reviewing!


  5. valady1 says:

    Being a succesful ruler would require a number of things I imiagine. Strategic thinking being among them. Of course when you have the Berts, brute force can trump using your head. Sookie’s expanded ability is turning into a true lifesaver.


    • I’d like to think QSA would throw an epic tantrum after the shock of being put in her place wore off. Poor Sookie overstepped, but she’s in Eric’s very capable hands. Thanks so much for reviewing!


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    • Running from QSA is never a good thing. Pretty soon they’ll have to face the music! You’re so right. Sookie DID let it go to her head. All that anger for Hadley didn’t help. Thanks so much for reviewing! I hope you’re enjoying it! 🙂


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    • Sookie did more than tell her no. She called her rude and put her in her place! QSA took a while to come out of shock, but when she did, she came out with both guns blazing! And no…Sookie doesn’t know he flies. She thinks they’re falling to their death, naturally. 😉 Daniel is my favorite and you better believe he’ll be around more. 🙂 Thanks so much for the lovely review!

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    • Aww, stop with all the flattery! I’m sure you’re a lovely writer. I’m thrilled you still have time to read my stories AND write. I don’t have time for anything else. So thank you. I know how valuable time is! I am SO glad you’re loving the story. I was so worried about going so far from canon like this. You never know when your readers are going to hate what you’ve done… It’s a relief that this story shift is being accepted with open arms! Thanks again for the love and for reading and reviewing! ❤


  10. QSA is a fool if she thinks that is the way to get Sookie to work for her. I hope that Eric and Sookie kick their asses.


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    • You have some excellent theories and questions. That’s all I’m going to say. As for QSA, I think we’re all fed up with her, aren’t we? Unnecessary force is never welcome, especially when everyone was having such a good time! Daniel is my favorite, and you’ll definitely see him again. 😉 Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!!


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    • Sookie’s been trying hard to teach Eric some new tricks, but sometimes she has to remind him that she doesn’t like being told what to do. Even if it IS for hot sex! LOL. Yes, Sookie and Eric escaped while QSA was in shock, but it didn’t last long. Now all hell is about to break loose! Thanks so much for reviewing!

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    • QSA has come undone! No one has ever put her in her place before, and she doesn’t like it. Going after them, especially in a public (and vampire-run) place isn’t a great idea! I’m so glad you’re loving this! I was worried I was straying too far from canon. I’m very happy you’re with me to the end! 🙂 Thanks for the lovely review!


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    • Thank you for the lovely review! I love hearing from new readers! I’ve had so much fun writing this Sookie. She’s a handful though, that’s for sure. QSA is in a world of trouble now…

      Eric is out of sorts because Sookie is reminding him what it’s like to be young and that they all have a connection to the human world, which I think most vamps forget. I’d like to think that together they are perfectly balanced. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! Thanks again for reviewing!


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