Petulance: Chapter 10

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All mistakes are my own. Things are about to get really NSFW in here. Find a nice secluded spot!

Chapter 10


Sookie held on tight as Eric moved away from the front door.

Feels so good. Kiss me again. He practically flew down the stairs and deposited her on the edge of his bed. She pushed up the hem of his shirt and ran her fingers across the rise and fall of his sculpted abs.

Yes. Touch me. He closed his eyes and leaned into her hand.

She kissed his nipples. Lightly at first, but when he moaned, she sucked on his skin and scraped him with her teeth.

He ripped his shirt off and then wedged his body between her legs. Her dress stretched and then moved out of the way as she wiggled toward him. He ran his fingers along the outside of her thighs, pushing her dress farther up her body, and eventually pulling it over her head. He ran his fingers across her bare breasts as if he were memorizing every inch of her. She locked her legs around him again and moaned softly when her swollen sex bumped against his hard-on.

“I want to taste you,” he said, easing her shoulders onto his bed. He kneeled on the floor and kissed up the length of her leg. You’re so soft.

She closed her eyes and let the growing pleasure settle deep inside her. The closer he got to her panties, the more the anticipation built. He kissed across the waistband and blew gently on her pussy. And then he started tugging her underwear off. She lifted her hips and a shudder went through her as he brushed his thumb across her clit. When he got back in position, he didn’t waste any time. He kissed and licked the inside of one of her thighs and when he got to the middle, he licked her slit. Her hips jerked and her body arched.

Eric grinned and then did it again, but that time, he rubbed her clit with his thumb.

Sookie moaned again, louder than before. She wanted to watch him, but couldn’t keep her eyes open as her orgasm neared.

He pushed his tongue in and out of her faster and faster and rubbed furiously. Come for me.

She bucked wildly against his mouth, which never stopped moving. A scream erupted out of her. Eric dipped his tongue inside her, like a butterfly collecting nectar. When she finally came back to earth, she opened her eyes and smiled. “That was…” she trailed off because she didn’t know how to finish it. New? Certainly. Awesome? Definitely. To think she’d been missing out on those kind of orgasms for years!

“Delicious,” Eric finished, licking his lips. “I knew you were sweet, I just didn’t know how sweet.” He ran his tongue against her opening one more time before standing, making her quiver again. He groaned and unbuttoned his pants. Within moments, he freed his cock and dropped his clothes to the floor.

Sookie’s eyes bulged. Suddenly, her pearly pink battery-operated stress-reliever seemed downright small in comparison.

He rubbed her slit with his fingers, collecting cum before gripping his dick. He pushed forward, thrusting his hard-on through the opening in his hand and then he pulled back, ready to do it all over again. She couldn’t stop watching, and he seemed more than happy to put on a show. The next time he drove into his hand, he pushed a finger inside her, keeping the same rhythm. His thoughts jumbled together, with only fragments of words transmitting to her.

She couldn’t hold a coherent thought in her head, either. There wasn’t anything but their bodies and the pleasure building inside her again.

So tight. So wet, he thought, squeezing his eyes shut and rubbing his palm against her clit while he continued to fuck his hand. She lifted her hips to meet his finger and came again, twitching and moaning. He came at the same moment, splattering her golden curls and her sex. His hips shuddered and his movements stilled for a second, but as she watched, his cock hardened.

She let out a shaky exhale as he rubbed his length against her sticky, swollen lips. Their cum mingled, making everything incredibly slippery. She locked her ankles around him again and pulled him closer while her hand joined his in the quest to unite their bodies.

“Tell me you want me,” he whispered.

“I want you,” she replied, stroking his dick. “Be gentle?”

“I’ll do my best,” he said, pushing just inside her.

She blinked slowly, committing every second of her experience to memory. Nothing would ever compare to that moment. She had never wanted anything so much in all her life. He waited until she relaxed before pushing again, easing into her inch by inch. When he was finally buried inside her she came again.

He groaned and then pulled out slowly, her pussy fluttering around him. The next time he pushed into her, it was a single fluid movement followed by a swirl of his hips, drawing out her orgasm as he rubbed his pelvis against her clit. She bit into her lip, coating her tongue with her borrowed blood. She wanted to scream and gasp, but the only thing that came out was a gurgle.

And then he pulled out of her again, thrusting back in with more power and speed. Every time their bodies met, a guttural noise escaped her lips. She held onto him with all her strength, her nails digging into his sublime ass as he slammed into her.

“Bite me,” he said, offering his arm.

She knew from his anatomy lesson that a vein ran the length of his forearm. All she had to do was find it. She turned her head and sank her fangs into his flesh. His cock swelled just as his blood filled her mouth. She came hard, shaking violently against him.

He caressed her breasts with his free hand. That was even better than I imagined. I’m glad you finally gave—

She released her hold on his arm and glared at him. “I’m not giving in to you.”

He pressed his lips together over his bumpy teeth. “I wish I could read your mind.”

“No you don’t.”

“You know exactly what I’m thinking, what I want, what I like.”

“It would be nice to be surprised for once,” she said as she made a mental note to learn how to block his thoughts too. She had gotten better with regular people, so she knew she could do it. It would just take practice.

He smiled and pulled out of her almost all the way. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

She focused on the anticipation of more orgasms. “It’s intense. Amazing. Mind-blowing.”

His smile grew.

“Your blood…” she licked her lips and his smile fell. “It’s powerful. It’s nothing like feeding from a live person. Quite the opposite.” Instead of quenching her hunger, his blood made her want more.

“And the sex?” he asked, reaching between their bodies and manipulating her sensitive flesh.

She smiled, but kept her mouth shut. At this rate, I won’t be able to keep quiet for long.

“You seem to be enjoying this. Are you?” he said, squeezing her clit gently. Tell me.

“You can’t make me,” she taunted. Her petulance was rewarded with him lifting her off the bed and slamming her against the wall. The air went out of her.

He growled and thrust into her to the hilt. “Tell me.”

She gulped air into her lungs and moaned. “What?”

“What you’re thinking,” he whispered, pulling out and slamming back into her before kissing her.

“I really like that,” she mumbled against his lips. She wanted to wax poetic and tell him that he had awoken nerves in her she didn’t know she had. To tell him that no one had ever touched her like that before, as if he knew her. But she couldn’t express thoughts at that moment.

He fucked her hard and fast drawing a scream out of her as orgasmic bliss washed over her again. She was glad to not have to breathe, because it would definitely get in the way.

Another gulp of air allowed her to say, “I feel more alive now than I ever did.”

He grinned and bit her neck. She moaned as pleasure and pain mingled together and then his hips jerked as he came inside her again. He removed his mouth and when he kissed her, her blood lingered on his lips.

“Tommy is tasty,” Eric said. “What was he thinking about?”

“Being handcuffed and having sex with me while you had sex with him.” She grimaced. “It was very graphic. Claire had been thinking about her best friend and that she wouldn’t believe you had kissed her.”

“What about Mike?” he asked with a little bite in his voice.

“You know what Mike was thinking.”

“As you already observed, sex is often tied to feeding, so you might find yourself in a position where—”

She frowned. “If I’d wanted to have sex with a bunch of strangers, I could’ve done that before. My state of being doesn’t change the fact that I’m not that kind of person.”

“I wasn’t implying that,” he said, kissing her. “I wanted to let you know that if you need me after you feed, I would be more than happy to help you out.”

She smiled. “You’re a saint.”

“I try.”

“Do you … normally…?” She wasn’t so sure she wanted to know the answer.

“Feed and fuck?” He shrugged. “Sometimes.”

She looked away but he cupped her chin and forced her to look at him.

“You are more than enough.” To prove his point, he started moving inside her again. “As long as you’re willing, I will be devoted to you. Unless you really wanted to invite Tommy and this is your round about way of bringing it up.”

She shook her head. “Nope.”

“If you change your mind, let me know.” He fell back on the bed with Sookie on top, giving her full control.

“I don’t really know what to do here,” she whispered.

He gripped her hips possessively and guided her up and down and rocked her back and forth. “Do whatever feels good.”

“It all feels good.”

He grinned. “Then do it all.”

So she did.

* * * *

Sookie discovered the one drawback to a night of marathon sex. Her appetite was insatiable. The synthetic blood tasted even worse after Eric’s blood, but it did the job well enough to dull the ache in her stomach.

That morning, she slept in Eric’s bed again. Not because she felt lonely or afraid, but because she wanted to.

When she woke that night, she expected to be sore, since she had struggled to walk before going to bed, but her super duper vampire blood healed everything. Including inside, so when Eric greeted her with rough kisses and his hands moving her on top of his waiting body, she happily reciprocated.

The sex was even better than the night before. Out of habit, she breathed hard as they sprawled across the bed. She laughed when she finally noticed. “How long did it take you to stop acting like a living person?”

He shrugged. “A few years. It’s so ingrained in you, but there will be a day when you stop.”

“Do all vampires have this kind of relationship?” She motioned between them. “Makers and their … what am I?”

“My Progeny.” He shook his head. “It depends. Sometimes a Maker turns someone just so they can fuck them. Other times, it’s for companionship.”

“Like you and Pam?” she asked.

“It was a little of both.”

“Oh.” She regretted asking. Jealousy twisted inside her, or maybe it was just her hunger. Hard to distinguish between the two.

“Our relationship ended decades ago. Her tastes have changed.”

“You’re not a woman.”

He laughed. “I’m definitely not a woman.”

“But you didn’t turn me for either reason.”

He caressed the side of her face. “I wanted to save you.” He smiled. “And then fuck you.”

“Mission accomplished.” She laughed. “You’re not going to get tired of me, are you?”

“Never,” he replied. And she believed him. The connection between them made their emotions transparent, and what she felt from him right then was true happiness. “What would you like to do on our night off?”

“Go to a movie?” She frowned. “It won’t be the same without popcorn. That used to be the whole reason I went to the movies.”

“You can still experience the smell of popcorn, but it won’t be the same. Do you still want to go?”

Sookie nodded, dragged herself out of bed, and checked movie listings, finding one she wanted to see. The theater in Bon Temps was small, so her choices were limited. Shreveport, on the other hand, had four theaters to pick from, and one was showing the movie she wanted to see in forty minutes. She yelled the plan down the stairs and then went and got dressed. She picked out something more casual for their date night and dressed quickly. Wait. Is this a date?

Eric popped his head into her room. “What’s on your mind?”

“How do you know? When something is bothering me?” She frowned.

“I can feel it; your uncertainty this time.”

“Is this a date? Are we dating?” He had said he’d be devoted to her, but she didn’t know what that meant. “Are we exclusive?”

“Do you want us to be?” he asked.


“Then yes, this is a date.”

“Are we going to hold hands and make out?” She grinned. Everyone in high school had made out in the Bon Temps Theater except her. The idea of getting the chance now thrilled her.

“Anything you want.”

“I’d like that.”

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    • That’s what I was going for. Sookie is still SO human and Eric has lost a lot of that. She’s going to tether him and remind him what it’s like. He needs that, I think. Thanks for reviewing!


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