Petulance: Chapter 7

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.


All mistakes are my own. Slightly NSFW. Are you ready to find out why Sookie can resist Eric?


Chapter 7

Sookie’s head spun as Mike’s blood diffused through her. Eric encircled her wrist and dragged her into the hall, slamming the door behind them. “What the fuck was that?”

“Delicious. Except for the end.” She scrunched up her nose.

“No. You ignored me.”

“I wasn’t ready to stop.”

“But I commanded you,” he said.

“And? I wasn’t done.” She twisted out of his grip.

The door opened and Mike stepped out with a stupid grin plastered onto his face.

“Thank you, Mike,” Sookie said, touching his shoulders lightly.

His grin widened. “Thank you.

“I’m taking him home and then we’re going to have a talk.” Eric guided Mike out of the house.

Sookie sighed. “Goody.” After a quick trip to the bathroom (to deep clean her sticky spot), she went back to her bed and stretched out. She closed her eyes and let her meal settle, Mike’s heat working its way through her body. It satisfied something deep inside her and awoke something else. She couldn’t deny that it had been a very sexual experience; she just didn’t want to have sex with Mike.

She’d never been in a position of power like that. She was the one in control, and it turned her on. She told him what to do, and he did it. He didn’t try to force himself on her like most of the drunken assholes she’d encountered in her life. She dominated him and she liked it.

With the house to herself for a little longer, she pulled her dress up, dipped her hand between her legs, and pushed inside. She was strong. Desirable. In control. All her senses were heightened and her nerves were on fire. She needed to come just as much as Mike had. Her finger moved faster and faster as she rubbed her nipples with her other hand. She screamed when she came and then her body went limp as she coasted down.

When the front door slammed, she quickly righted herself.

Eric stormed into her room. “He’s been taken care of.”

“Thanks,” she said, still in her post-orgasmic haze.

He inhaled deeply and glared at her. “Why didn’t you just fuck him?”

She looked away.

“You wanted to, didn’t you?” he asked. “Look at me,” he demanded.

She clenched her jaw and intensified her stare elsewhere.

“As your Maker I command you to look at me.”

She scoffed and walked toward the bathroom.

“What the fuck?” Eric shouted, lunging at her and dragging her backward.

“Let me go. I need to wash my hands,” she shouted, turning to face him. “You don’t get to boss me around all the time.”

“I’m not bossing you around. I’m commanding you. You’re not supposed to be able to resist a command from your Maker.” He frowned. “What’s wrong with you?”

Me?” she shouted. “There’s nothing wrong with me. Maybe you’re a terrible Maker.”

He shook his head. “I never had this problem with Pam. I gave her my blood when she was on the brink of death, just like I did with you.”

“I didn’t have just your blood,” Sookie said as everything fell into place. “I had Long Shadow’s first. Lots of it.”


“Yes. You cut his head off while he was on top of me. I drank his blood. It was a survival reaction, I guess. Everything hurt, and his blood made it better.”

“You have two Makers.”

She shrugged. “I guess I do.”

“Fuck. So I can’t control you.”

“Nope. I guess you’ll just have to ask me to do things nicely. Sorry to disappoint you.” Sookie turned away from Eric and went into the bathroom to wash her hands.

“So why didn’t you just fuck him while he was here? You were obviously turned on by the whole thing,” he said, following her.

She rolled her eyes. “It was exciting, I’ll give you that, but just because I’m turned on doesn’t mean I want to have sex with a stranger.”

“Feeding and fucking go hand in hand,” he stated.

“Maybe for you,” she said.

“For you, too. Believe me when I say I know what I’m talking about.”

Sookie dried her hands and then wiggled her fingers. “I’ve always taken care of my own needs, if you know what I mean.”

Eric snorted. “I take care of myself when the need arises, but there’s nothing like biting someone and being surrounded by them.” His pupils dilated and his fangs ran out to prove his point.

“I’ll take your word for it. How do you control them?” She touched his fang, slicing her finger open. She hissed as blood beaded against her skin, but his tongue cleaned it promptly.

“Maybe you should let me show you how good it is.” Eric kissed her finger and then sucked on it again.

Sookie waited for all the usual signs of anxiety to crop up, but nothing happened. No sweaty hands, no racing pulse, no dry mouth. Being a vampire had a few benefits.

“Why are you so nervous?” he asked.

“We’re not having this discussion.” She tried to push past him, but he blocked the door.

“Oh yes we are. Why are you so nervous? Fucking a vampire isn’t that different than fucking a human.”

“I’ll take your word for that, too.”

His mouth fell open. “You’ve never… You and Compton never…?”

Her unresponsive body made it easy to hide her embarrassment. “No. Okay? Are you happy now? Are you done humiliating me?”

“Were you saving yourself for marriage?” he asked with a sugary voice.

“No. I didn’t have many opportunities, okay? Bill was the first guy I was ever interested in, but he never responded, so I gave up.”

“He didn’t respond?” Eric scoffed. “How is that possible? How have you remained untouched all these years?”

“Everyone called me Crazy Sookie. Guys wouldn’t get near me with a ten-foot pole. Not that I wanted them to. You should hear what they’re thinking.” She grimaced. “Ugh. Especially after they’ve had a few drinks. Their filters stop working and then they say whatever comes into their mind. Plus all they think about is sex. Having sex with me, having sex with someone else, masturbating. You name it.”

“Like Mike?” He sneered.

“Wait. Are you jealous of him?”


“You are!” She smiled and touched his bare arm, his thoughts confirming what she suspected. “You’re jealous because I picked a muscular young man, and not some dumpy tourist.”

“I would’ve been jealous if you’d fucked him,” he clarified.

“I had no intention of having sex with him. I already told you that. I was just hungry.”

“So why did you let him jerk off?”

“Because he wanted to and I wanted it to be a good experience for him. No harm no foul.”

Eric shook his head. “Why do you care about his experience? He’s nothing.”

“So was I … until three days ago.” She poked him in the chest. “You took him home, right? You didn’t do anything to him, did you?”

“Of course I took him home. He had three witnesses that knew he was leaving with you. Can you imagine what vampire prison is like? Because I can, and I never want to go there.”

“Did I do okay?” she asked, changing topics.

“You’re a natural,” he said. “You have to stop sooner though. If you take too much, you can kill them by accident.”

“He didn’t seem like he was about to die. I think he liked it.”

“His pulse slowed too much. You must listen for that. Anything under forty beats per minute is dangerous. He did seem to be enjoying himself. I saw the way he looked at you.”

“His thoughts were very…” she paused, searching for the perfect word, “lusty.”

“I can’t blame him.”

“You’re the one who made me sit on his lap the whole way here! If you were jealous of him why would you do that?”

“I thought that was what you wanted.”

“When I want something, I’ll let you know, okay?” she said. She pushed past him and then went into the kitchen. Eric followed close behind her. “How can I be hungry again?”

He wiggled his fingers. “Extracurricular activities?”

She smacked his hands down.

“It’s been a long time, but I still remember the hunger. When you’re young, you’re always hungry.”

“Always hungry, staying up all night, and sleeping all day.” She laughed. “Maybe all teenagers are vampires.”

Sookie and Eric sat together in the front room watching T.V. to pass the remaining hours of night. She wanted to change out of her dress but she hadn’t found anything suitable to wear as a nightgown in all the clothes Pam had bought for her. Not that she was ungrateful. It just meant she’d have to go shopping. Or go home and get my favorites. She shivered. What if Mike hadn’t pulled me out of my feeding frenzy? What if I had taken too much and he ended up dying? I don’t think I could live with myself. What if I hurt someone I loved? What if I hurt Gran? She downed another bottle of blood, trying not to let the taste linger too long.

“Do you have something I can wear to sleep in?” she asked, clearing her dark thoughts from her head.

“I have more Fangtasia T-shirts, if you’d like.”

“I was hoping for something a little longer.” She gave him a small smile.

“You’re welcome to go through my closet,” he offered.


As he led the way downstairs, she found each movement difficult. “Why is it so hard to walk?”

“The sun is coming. Think of it as a warning. Are you afraid?”

She nodded. Fear had crept into her mind and taken hold.

“Those are your instincts telling you to seek shelter.” He turned the light on in his closet, making her blink and cover her eyes, which had adjusted to the dim light spilling down the stairs. Thankfully, he didn’t turn the main light on. He sorted through his shirts and then opened his dresser.

“How are you still moving so easily?”

“I’m old,” he replied, pulling out an A-shirt that was longer than any of his other shirts. “Try this.”

She held it against her and frowned. “I don’t think this is much better.”

“It’s longer. That’s what you asked for.”

As the sunrise approached, every movement became a chore. She looked at the floor. “I can’t get undressed.” She had obviously waited too long.

“Turn around,” he directed.

She complied, turning away from him slowly.

He unzipped her dress and pushed it off her shoulders. He inhaled sharply and then slid it off her hips. She had forgone a bra, which would’ve shown in a dress cut so low, so she stood there, in her panties, clutching his undershirt to her breasts.

“The shirt?” he held his hand out, palm up.

She relaxed her grip and handed it to him before putting her arms up.

He pulled the soft material over her body and tugged the hem down. It brushed against her mid-thigh. She squeaked in surprise when he scooped her up. “Time to go to bed.”

Eric headed toward the stairs, but before he put his foot on the bottom one, she said, “I don’t want to sleep alone.” The fear of the coming day had morphed into a monstrous terror. As much as she hated to admit it, being around him made her feel better.

“What are you saying?”

“That I want to sleep with you. And I mean sleep.

He grinned, turned around, closed his door, and placed her in the middle of his massive bed. She closed her eyes as he undressed, and when the bed moved a moment later, she peeked at him.

“I don’t usually sleep in pants, but I thought you would be more comfortable.”

“Thank you,” she whispered.

He wiggled into position next to her and stretched out. The bed didn’t seem so big anymore.

Only a few inches separated them, but it was too much. She needed to be closer. She scooted over and sighed when she touched him. Her tired mind couldn’t identify his thoughts, only his feeling of happiness. I guess he likes me in here, too.

Did anyone guess that she had two Makers? Read on Petulance: Chapter 8

54 thoughts on “Petulance: Chapter 7

  1. but isn’t Longshadow dead though? Wouldn’t him meeting the true death cancel out his power of Sookie? Good chapter by the way. 🙂


    • When Gabbieannie and I brainstormed this, we thought it would be great to give Sookie a little freedom. Even if Longshadow’s hold on her is gone once he’s dead, Eric would still only be one of her Makers, making their bond much weaker. Since CH never covered anything like this, I took a lot of liberties for the benefit of my story. I’m glad you enjoyed it anyway! Thanks for reviewing first!


  2. suzi44ky says:

    I was thinking the same since Longshadow was dead. Loved it.


  3. shoegirl01 says:

    Nice twist – 2 makers but no one can command her. Hope it remains a secret


  4. nicolle1977 says:

    Loving that Eric is jealous and that he’s happy to have her next to him. Thanks for the update.


  5. mom2goalies says:

    Never even gave Longshadow a thought! Eric took the news much better than I thought though I’m sure it’ll frustrate him in the future. I’m glad Sookie admitted she wanted to stay with him a figured out he likes her. Maybe they can work on communication a bit? Lol


  6. duckbutt60 says:

    great twist in the two makers thingy……and we find a little bit of jealously in the mighty Eric….:-)


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the twist! I thought it would be loads of fun to write (and it has!). Sookie’s going to get a taste of her own medicine soon and then she’ll be a little more sympathetic. Thanks so much for reviewing, always lovely to hear from you!


  7. murgatroid98 says:

    I had forgotten about Longshadow’ s blood. I figured Eric’s would overpower it. I guess she had a lot before Eric got to her. It might be inconvenient that he can’t command her though, if not dangerous. I
    I’m glad she asked him to sleep with her. Waking up will be interesting. Too bad she is still a virgin.


    • Yes! Waking up will be very interesting. Being a virgin isn’t so bad if you’ve had plenty of time for self-exploration. 😉 Eric’s blood is strong, but Longshadow got in there first. Eric is going to be forced to use his very best manners with Sookie. You get more flies with honey, right? 😉 Thanks for reviewing!


  8. VictoryInTrouble says:

    I guess I missed last week so I got a two chapter treat! Poor Mike, lol. But I guess he had the time of his life. And Eric was jealous, awww. I never guessed about the two makers. I’m glad he can’t control her but I hope she’s smart about listening to him when needed! Glad they are sleeping together. 🙂


    • Lucky you! Two chapters on one day! Mike definitely had a good time, but Eric will be sure keep Sookie to himself from now on. 🙂 Sleeping together is great, as long as she’s not mad at him! This Sookie is smart enough to know when to listen as long as Eric is smart enough to be nice to her. It’ll be a challenge for both of them! Thanks for reviewing!

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  9. cari1973 says:

    I do not think she has two makers. I think she has one: Longshadow. And she’s lucky he’s definitely dead.

    At this point, I always forget that Eric does not know Sookie.


    • She may have had more of Longshadow’s blood, but it was Eric who brought her back. I thought it was an interesting twist to CH’s canon. LS would be the worst Maker. Ew.

      They’re going to have a good time getting acquainted! 😉 Thanks for reviewing!


  10. valady1 says:

    Interesting explanation for his inability to command her. I imagine he will get around to explaining that she needs to at least pretend that he can when they are around other vampires.


  11. ashmo2000 says:

    I really didn’t think Longshadow’s blood would count too much since he died, but I guess it does. Eric’s gonna have to really stress to Sookie to keep not being commanded to herself.


  12. saldred75 says:

    hmm, I thought it had to do with her fairyness and telepathy.


  13. says:

    I really hope it’s not 2 makers but just a way for him not to control her!!


    • 2 Makers, but one of them is gone, which means Eric has only a fraction of the control he’s used to. 🙂 Poor fella. He’s going to have to say thank you and please. LOL Thanks for reviewing!


  14. trubie35 says:

    Never guessed that she could have two makers, I just thought it was a by product of her fairy genetics. Nice twist.
    Loved that she didn’t want to sleep alone. Great chapter. Thanks!


    • Thanks so much for reviewing! I’m glad you enjoyed the little twist. It’s been fun to write for sure! She’s happy when she’s around him, until he pisses her off. More coming next week!!


  15. switbo says:

    Nope! I never saw that coming. I assumed she couldn’t be commanded for the same reason she can’t be glamoured. Glad Longshawdow’s dead, otherwise that would be ackward! Lol. Eric’s in trouble now – a stubborn, independent child that he can’t control.

    Loved that he’s jealous and shocked that he actually admitted it.


    • I’m glad I could surprise you! 🙂 Longshadow would be the worst Maker! And you’re so right. Eric is definitely in trouble. Good think Sookie is smart enough to know when to listen (from now on). She’s got a conscience keeping her on the right track. 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing!

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  16. ericluver says:

    Great chapter and I’m not sure it’s a good thing that she doesn’t have to obey Eric. She gets into too much trouble and she also needs to learn to trust his decisions. I don’t think he’d abuse that control.


    • She’ll figure out to trust him, eventually, but until that happens, her conscience will keep her out of harm (or more accurately, keep her from doing harm to others!). He’s already gaining her trust and she’s not an idiot, so good things will come to them! 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing!


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  18. Kittyinaz says:

    lol Eric and his jealousy. And her not being able to be commanded… Have Fun Eric!!!


  19. Well now that Sookie has 2 makers and cannot be commanded…….Maybe the adage that the child does not stay with the maker for long will not apply.


  20. sluggysmom says:

    I did NOT guess that! Love their interaction! 😊


  21. nancy517 says:

    1st I love this story!! I didn’t guess Sookie would hav two makers. It makes sense since it took Eric a little longer to get to Sookie. I like how frank n honest Sookie is. Especially when she said Mike was good until the end. Lol!

    Sookie is more bold in her new life than before when she was human, which is good. Eric should teach her how to survive in his world.
    I thought it was really sweet how Sookie snuggled against Eric even though she was fighting against it.

    Thank u so much!!! 😊😀


    • Aww, thank you for the lovely review. I’m so glad you’re loving the story, and even happier that you took the time to let me know!

      I figured that if Sookie was wrapped up in blood lust, she wouldn’t be bothered by most things. Jizz is the exception. 🙂 At this point, she is enjoying her new life, but it won’t last forever. She’s got some serious growing to do! 🙂 She needs him and doesn’t all at the same time. It must be maddening for her! He’s got a lot to teach her, she just needs to learn to trust him.

      Thanks again! More coming Friday!


  22. msbuffy says:

    Makes sense to me! Even if Eric had drained her to make her vampire, he would have gotten more of Longshadow’s blood than hers. It explains a lot, on the other hand, Sookie would have been a difficult child anyway! Love that she’s afraid and wants to sleep in Eric’s bed with him! Just like a child! 🙂 Terrific chapter! 🙂


    • I figured that she would be pissed off about feeling so comfortable around him. The bond they have is enough to put her at ease. 🙂 I’m glad that made sense. I was hoping my readers would take the giant leap with me away from canon. It’s all just spilling out of my fingers, so it’s good to know that you think it’s plausible! Eric has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. 😉 Thanks so much for reviewing and sharing the love!!

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      • msbuffy says:

        But, of course! 🙂 I love the entire idea of Sookie having two makers with one being finally dead, leaving Eric with all the teaching and the hard stuff, most especially with trying to instill Maker’s commands that have zero effect! Talk about Karma! It’s just too much fun, and it can only get more hilarious & frustrating for Eric. How is he ever going to get her into his bed without the usual methods? He may just have to resort to using – GASP! Tried and true, honest to Gods human courting rituals to win Sookie’s heart! Oh, no! LMAO! That might just finally kill him… Or it could work? hehehe… 🙂


      • When we were brainstorming, we thought it would be great fun. Turns out we were right! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this story. 🙂 Eric is going to have to resort to using manners and using grace and courtesy! The horrors!!! 🙂 Of course you know it’s going to work. No dead Eric’s in my world! 😀


      • msbuffy says:

        The horrors, indeed! He just might need Emily Post! Well, of course it will work! I have every faith that there will be no finally dead Erics! An exceptionally horny one in your world, however, definitely a distinct possibility! I hope… 🙂


      • Poor Eric is really in for it now. Exceptionally horny and VERY frustrated. Sookie’s good at manipulating him, too, so they’re very well matched. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • msbuffy says:

        LMAO! 🙂

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  23. theladykt says:

    Dunno howEric it’s going to cope with her not being able to be commanded. . He is being patient though


    • He’s not happy about it! A Maker’s command is the one good part about a new Progeny, right? He’s going to have to learn how to say please and thank you to get what he wants. 😉 Thanks for reviewing!


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