Detox: Chapter 7

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

All mistakes are my own. Slightly NSFW.

Chapter 7

Eric’s POV

Eric lingered in the hall outside Sookie’s room, listening intently. The only sound that filtered through the door was her soft, even breathing. He hoped to catch another snippet of dream, but eventually gave up and sat on the covered couch in the same place where he’d occupied the previous night, looking at the spot where Sookie had been.

Dreaming and talking to him.

“Yes,” she’d mumbled, stretching her feet out toward him, her warm toes digging into his thighs.

He froze, and then she moaned and pushed her feet into his lap. Her head lolled over the arm of the couch, her exposed neck curving gracefully toward him. He hadn’t known what to do, so he’d just waited for her to say something else.

She’d done something better, she’d pushed her hand between her legs and said, “Yes, Eric.”

He’d licked his lips and unbuttoned his jeans, dipping his hand inside to retrieve his cock. He wasn’t violating her; he was just enjoying the show and providing a little much-needed relief. He moved his hand in unison with hers, lifted his hips with hers. It hadn’t been hard to imagine fucking her because she kept moaning and saying yes. Over and over, faster and faster. “Yes, Eric. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!” she’d said, almost as if she were awake. A tiny tremor moved down her legs and her mouth fell open. He pressed his lips together and came quietly, filling his hand, his spasms matching hers.

She’d sighed, smiled, and curled on her side and slipped into a deep sleep. He’d wiggled out from under her feet and cleaned up before carrying her to bed.

His phone rang, snapping him out of his memory. Sophie-Anne’s name and number showed on the tiny screen.

“Any news from Octavia?” he asked, just as he’d done the previous night.

“Only that she’s in Tasmania, somewhere doing something.”

“Collecting an orchid,” he said, remembering the ingredient she’d needed to collect.

“That’s right, for the spell.” The queen cleared her throat. “How’s our telepathic fairy?”


“I mean in general.”

“She asks a lot of questions, but I haven’t told her much. She’s come up with a lot of answers on her own.”

“How have you been passing time?” she asked.

“Playing cards. She cleans when she gets bored, so this old dump is looking better every night.”

Sophie-Anne laughed. “I’ll let you know when I hear from the witch.”

“Before you go … do you know anything about her fairy heritage?” he asked. “Sookie has been very frustrated with the lack of knowledge on her part. It might be helpful in gaining her trust when you offer her a job,” he said.

“Thank you for that insight. I’ll have someone look into it.” The line went dead. The queen wasn’t big on goodbyes.

He poked his head into Sookie’s room. Her ribs rose and fell with each breath. “Good night, Sookie.”

She murmured something incoherent, and as much as he wanted to wait and see if she’d talk again, the sun was forcing him to sleep. He closed her door and pulled himself into his coffin just in time.

* * * *

When he woke that night, Eric went to Sookie immediately. Just like the previous night, she was already awake, waiting for him in the dark. And, again, as he unhooked her, he detected the unmistakable scent of the sun on her skin. She didn’t rush to the bathroom either, despite the fact that she’d been locked up for over twelve hours.

“How’d you sleep?” she asked.

“Uncomfortably,” he responded, just as he had the night before. It was like déjà vu. “How about you?”

She shrugged and stretched, the little top creeping up her ribs. “I’m going to take a shower.” She dug through the shopping bags and pulled out some clothes before closing herself up in the bathroom.

After the water started, he ducked back into her room and looked around. Even if the sun fell on her while she was sleeping, it wouldn’t explain why the scent had been so strong. He tugged on the handcuff and the metal scraped against the horizontal bar of the headboard. Still attached. He slid it back and forth, pulling at the edges of the bar seeing if it would slip off. It didn’t. But something else moved: the entire headboard. He lifted it and his mouth fell open as the piece separated from the bed. That’s why she wasn’t anxious to use the bathroom or eat; she’s already been out all day. Yesterday too.

He still held the piece of metal when Sookie came back into her room. Her eyes shifted from the headboard to his face to the floor.

“Where did you go?” he demanded.

“Outside,” she whispered. Her blouse hung open, giving him a spectacular view of the top of her breasts and a hint of a white bra. Her wet hair seeped dark spots out across the fabric.

“Why? Did you find a way out? Did you talk to anyone?”

“A way out? What am I going to do? Walk a mile down the driveway in high heels or slippers carrying a headboard? I don’t think so. There’s no one around here. Besides, I have no intention of leaving. I just sat in the sun. It was nice.” She looked at her feet.

“That’s why you smell like the sun.”

“Smell like the sun? How can I smell like the sun?” She tilted her head and frowned, sniffing her arm.

He dropped the headboard on her bed and held her hand, inhaling the fresh scent of clean skin and goldy deliciousness. His fangs snicked into place as he followed her arm to her body, huffing the fragrance clinging to her neck. “It’s all over you,” he mumbled, his lips caressing her.

Sookie’s breath came quick and ragged. “You’re not mad?” she whispered.

He straightened his back and looked into her flushed face. He felt a lot of things at that moment, but anger wasn’t one of them. “I… I…”

Before he could finish his thought, she kissed him: sweet and warm. She touched his chest lightly. He tried to wrap her in his arms to deepen the kiss, but she pulled away.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have… I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sorry.” She darted out of the room, closing herself in the bathroom again.

He couldn’t move for a minute, frozen with surprise and disappointment. He crossed the hall and rested his head against the closed door. “Sookie?” he called. She didn’t respond.

His phone chimed and vibrated in his pocket. He turned away from the door and stormed toward the front room. “What?” he barked without looking at the screen first.

“Having trouble?” Sophie-Anne asked, her voice heavy with irritation.

“No. I apologize for my abrupt greeting.” He relaxed against the open window.

“Apology accepted,” she said. “I received a message from the witch. She has obtained the item needed to complete the spell.”

“That’s great news,” he said automatically, feeling the lie in the words. “When will she be here?”

“Tomorrow night. I’ll be in touch.” She disconnected without another word.

He snapped his phone shut and stuffed it in his pocket. Isn’t that what I wanted? To be done with this assignment? He exhaled. That was what I wanted until…

“There’s news?” Sookie asked, hiding behind the half-wall.

He turned to face her. “Octavia found the sun orchid. She’ll be here tomorrow night.”

“Great.” She smiled.

Her happiness cut into him like a thousand blades, making his knees weak. He sagged against the window frame.

“Then I can finally be rid of him,” she added. “I told you I’m not going anywhere.” She turned her attention to the fridge and began making dinner.

Hope filled him, drawing him close to her. She hummed while she worked, rocking from foot to foot in her fuzzy slippers. She smiled and then warmed up a bottle of blood, shaking it, checking the temperature against her arm, and putting it in his hand.

“Will you sit with me? I hate eating alone,” she said, motioning to his chair.

He nodded and took his seat, savoring the joy that poured off of her.

“I also walked down to the river,” she said out of the blue. “During the day, you know? It’s so beautiful here. The meadow is filled with wildflowers and the river is really high and muddy after the storm.”

“It’s the Red River,” he said.

She nodded. “I figured.”

He narrowed his eyes. “And you haven’t tried to escape?”

“Nope. Where would I go? Home? So you can find me there? Or work?” She scoffed. “No thank you. I’d rather stay here.”

“How did you sunbathe attached to a headboard?” he asked, unable to get his mind off that imagery.

“I carried it outside to that old bench. You know, the one in the meadow?”

He nodded. “It looks pretty rough.”

She took a bite of her last strawberry and bobbed her head up and down. “It was. I had to spread my clothes out so I could stretch out.”

“Your clothes?” His mouth went dry.

“I hate tan lines, so it worked out perfectly.” She pushed her shirt and bras strap off her shoulder revealing perfect even goldiness.

He took a deep draw from the bottle, trying to get his mind off her luscious body stretched out in the sun. His jeans became unpleasantly tight. “Right.”

“I know I shouldn’t spend so much time in the sun, but we’ve all got to die from something, right?” She laughed and picked up her empty plate. “Well, at least I do.” Seemingly unaware of the impact her admission had on him, she pushed away from the table and started on the little pile of dishes. She swayed her hips to the melody she hummed.

His mind wandered, taking him down a path where he came upon her as she reclined in the sun. She spread her legs for him and beckoned him with a crooked finger.


He shook his head.

“Are you okay? You went somewhere else for a minute.” Her forehead furrowed with concern.

“Yes. I was just thinking about Octavia’s visit,” he lied.

She grinned. “I can’t wait until tomorrow!” She sat back in her seat. “Wanna play cards?”

“Care to make it more interesting?” he asked, yet again.

She pressed her lips together and inhaled deeply before answering, “Sure.” She held up her hand before he could respond. “But only down to underclothing, and if one of us folds, the other gets to put a piece of clothing back on.”

“Fine,” he replied, trying to keep his voice even.

She shuffled a long time … much longer than any of their previous games. When she finally dealt the cards, she held her breath as she looked at hers. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth after she looked at her replacement cards. She raised, he raised; back and forth they went until the pot held a small pile of toothpicks. “Call,” she said, pushing her final matching bet into the pot.

“A pair of queens,” he announced.

She grinned. “Kings.” She spread her cards onto the table and leaned back into her seat.

Without hesitation, he tugged his T-shirt off his head, enjoying the wide-eyed stare she gave him when he settled back into his seat. “It’s not really fair, because I’m not wearing shoes.”

She shrugged. “I guess you weren’t planning ahead.”

He didn’t respond, he just shuffled and dealt. That time, he knew he had the better hand, and despite her attempts to get him to fold, he knew she was bluffing. “Call,” he said, looking expectantly at her hands.

“Ace ten,” she mumbled, her skin flushing.

“Jacks.” He scraped the pile of toothpicks toward his side of the table and carefully stacked the cards.

She bent over and removed one slipper.

He shook his head. “They’re a pair.”

She huffed. “Fine!” The second one fell to the floor and she wiggled her toes at him, her bright red nail polish glittering against her golden skin.

Her hands shook when she dealt the next hand. “Maybe this wasn’t a good idea,” she said.

“I disagree.” He nodded toward the cards, encouraging her to finish. After another round of heavy betting, they laid their cards down. Sookie swore under her breath. “You win again.”

She put down her cards and touched the button holding her shirt closed. “This isn’t fair. You’re not uncomfortable at all.”

“And why should I be?” he asked. “Why should you be? You just finished telling me you sunbathe nude.”

“Being naked alone and being naked with someone else are two different things.” The button slid through the hole, revealing the edge of a bright white bra. She took a deep breath and popped the second button. The lacy pattern on the cup of the bra peeked through the gap in her shirt. “Besides, I don’t usually get to sunbathe nude. Too many people around.”

“What a shame.” He smiled. “Do you need help?” he asked when he realized she’d stopped undressing.

She took another deep breath. “No.” She dispatched the last two buttons slowly and then shrugged out of her shirt, letting it fall onto the back of the chair. A beautiful pink flush spread across her chest, and as he admired her, her nipples hardened. “Too bad the rain didn’t last. It’s hot again.”

“Definitely hot,” he said, eyeing her warm skin.

She talked quickly, the words tumbling over each other as he shuffled. “I’ve only undressed for one other person.”

Eric’s jaw tightened. Compton!

“Bobby, in ninth grade. He showed me his and I showed him mine.” She chuckled. “That was a long time ago.”

“You and Compton never—?”

She shook her head and looked at her cards. “No, I… We were…”

“You don’t need to explain.” He dealt their replacement cards and even though his hand was terrible, he wouldn’t dream of folding. “So you’ve never been with a man?”

She shook her head again, her blush deepening. Her heart raced. “Bobby and I only kissed. And he touched me a little, but that doesn’t count. Since then, it’s just been me, myself, and I.” She waved all the fingers on her right hand at him. “It’s easier that way.”

His cock pressed against his clothes. He would give almost anything to touch her a little, if only he hadn’t promised.

“He didn’t really like me though, he just wanted to tell everyone he’d seen these,” she said, pointing to her breasts.

“They’re spectacular,” he said, smiling.

She laughed and relaxed slightly. “Thanks, I guess.” She pushed a stack of toothpicks toward the center of the table. “I raise ten.”

“I see your ten and raise you five,” he replied, knowing he was about to lose.

“Call.” They put their cards down at the same time. “Two pair.” She smiled.

“You win.” He stood and unbuttoned his jeans. Her eyes roved over his stomach and down to the zipper. She held her breath as he pushed them off, revealing his tight red bikini bottoms.

She swallowed hard. “I definitely won,” she whispered.

“What?” he asked, pretending not to hear.

“Nothing.” She smiled. “Could you get me a drink? Since you’re up?” He nodded and she swiveled in her chair to watch him walk across the kitchen to the sink.

He could see her face reflecting his lust in the dingy window in front of him. He wanted her, and she wanted him, but he couldn’t do a damn thing about it. He sauntered back to the table and handed the glass to her. She tore her eyes off his bright red bulge and thanked him.

She took two long swallows, the water rippling down her sinewy throat. She frowned when he pulled his clothes on. Eventually, she pulled her shirt back on, refastening it. “Do you want to play again?” she asked without looking at him.


Later in the game, when she took her shirt off, she didn’t hesitate. She held her shoulders up and smiled.

“It’s easier the second time,” she said.

He smiled and dealt another hand. Her smile told him that she thought she was about to win again, but when he laid down a full house, her smile fell. “I win,” he stated.

She nodded and stood, and slowly pulled her shorts off, revealing a matching pair of panties.

He drew a breath across his teeth and kept his thoughts to himself.

She chuckled nervously and fidgeted, her familiar blush creeping across her entire body.

“I’m thirsty again,” he said, lifting an eyebrow.

“Allow me,” she replied, turning to open the fridge. The white lace covering her ass crept up as she bent to retrieve his bottle of blood. The microwave dinged and she inverted it, but instead of touching it to her wrist, she rolled it across her breasts.

He groaned and gripped the edge of the table, forcing himself to stay seated.

“Here you go,” she said, handing it to him.

He touched her hand and their eyes met. She finally looked away and exhaled.

“It’s too hot in here. I’m going to step outside,” she mumbled before going out the front door.

Hmm…I wonder what will happen when Eric follows her? 😉 Find out here: Detox: Chapter 8

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