Detox: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Sookie’s POV

Sookie peered into the dark night and waited. When the car came to a stop, Sheriff Pam got out. “That has got to be the worst road I’ve ever driven. No one in their right mind should ever subject their car to that!” She patted her car as if it were her favorite pet. She motioned to the back of the car. “Your things are in the trunk,” she said.

Eric raced outside in a blur, looking back to where Sookie stood. “Stay there.”

She nodded, happy to not have to get near Pam, who scared the living daylights out of her. Together, Pam and Eric unloaded everything in two trips. The kitchen counters overflowed with food and fancy bags lined the hall.

Sookie filled the old fridge and one cupboard. “Thank you for shopping for me. I just love strawberries!” she said, trying not to make eye contact with Pam too long.

Pam snorted. “You don’t need to thank me yet. Just wait until you see the shoes!” Her voice went up an octave and she clapped her hands. Sookie felt a tickle of excitement in her stomach and her fear for Pam slipping away.

Unlike the black flowing dress she’d sported the first night they’d met, Pam wore a beautiful two-piece pantsuit in the same shade of blue as her eyes. It fit her like a glove and must’ve cost a fortune.

Pam dug through the bags until she pulled out a beautiful red box. “Now you can thank me,” she said, opening it and revealing the spectacular black pumps inside.

Sookie’s mouth fell open. “Those are so pretty, but I can’t accept them.”

Pam waved her hand. “Don’t be silly. Try them on.” She pulled them out of the box and put them on the floor in front of Sookie. “Go on.”

Sookie looked at Eric, who remained silent, smiling from his spot on the wall. “Are you sure?”

Pam looked at her and then the shoes, her expression never changing.

“Okay.” She took off the heels she’d been wearing and slipped her feet into the new shoes. The leather wrapped around her toes, hugging her arches as if they’d been made for her. “Wow.” Suddenly being a captive didn’t seem so bad.

“I know, right?” Pam beamed. “Every girl needs nice shoes,” she told Eric.

“Thank you. They’re wonderful.”

“I also brought these,” Pam said, showing her fuzzy pink slippers. “You should see the clothes I picked out. I love spending someone else’s money!” She grinned and opened a box of lingerie. “I think these will be lovely on you.” She wiggled her eyebrows, making Sookie flush like a beet.

Sookie leaned toward her and snatched them out of her hands, pressing them against her pounding chest. “Thank you, I will be sure to look at everything later.”

Pam’s shoulders sagged and her smile fell. “You’re not going to try them on and show us?”

“Um … no.” Sookie swallowed hard and then added, “But I appreciate everything. Really. Thank you.”

Pam opened one of the other bags and turned her attention back to Sookie. “I went to my salon and got a few products for your hair.”

Sookie’s mouth hung open as she glanced at the expensive shampoo and conditioner Pam had picked out for her. “Suave would’ve been just fine.”

Pam shook her head. “No, it wouldn’t. Believe me. You’re going to love this.” She dug into a different bag. “Here are towels, a set of sheets,” she winked, “you know, just in case, a bestseller,” she air quoted, “and a deck of cards and a radio.” She tilted her head. “What are you going to do with the cards?”

“Play games? There’s not much to do here.”

“I could think of a few things to do in an isolated cabin with you,” Pam said, leering.

Sookie chuckled nervously and changed the subject, “Anyway, how was the drive? You kicked up quite a dust storm. Was it very long?”

“Not too bad. Except for the last mile. I was only—”

Eric held his hand up, cutting her off. “Not thinking of escaping, are you?” he asked, staring at Sookie.

Heat crept up her face. “No, just making conversation.”

“I think we’ve talked enough. Thank you, Pam. You may go now,” Eric stood to his full height, towering over them.

“I know when I’m not welcome,” Pam said, making a face at Eric. “Let me know if you need me to do more shopping.” With that, she was gone.

Sookie carried the bags of clothes into her room, anxiously waiting for some time alone so she could look through everything. Eric followed her, standing in the doorway.

“You’re pleased with the outcome of Pam’s shopping trip?”

“Yes. She has great taste.”

“I want you to be comfortable during this whole process. We’re not the enemy.”

“She said she enjoys spending someone else’s money. Who’s paying for all this?”

He shrugged. “I am.”

“Oh.” She looked from the bags to his face. “Could I … be alone for a minute while I try these on?”

“Yes. Sorry.” He took a step backward and shut her door, but didn’t leave.

She rummaged through the first bag and found a pair of pajamas made of a silky material she was sure would be wonderful later. In the second bag, she found shorts and a couple of sleeveless blouses. She pulled a sundress out and smiled down at herself as she swished her hips back and forth. With the salon products, she also found a brush, razor, toothbrush and toothpaste, and everything else she would need for her stay. She folded the clothes neatly and took the toiletries to the bathroom, nearly bumping into Eric on the way. She filled the old metal medicine cabinet and looked at her messy hair in the mirror.

“I’m going to take a shower, okay?” she called into the hall, where Eric still stood, waiting like a huge statue.

“Later. We have company.”

She sighed and followed him. She had a feeling this visit wouldn’t be as pleasant as the last. She was right.

A slender woman knocked on the front door. “Mr. Cataliades sent me. I presume I’m in the right place.”

“Yes.” Eric swept his hands toward the front room and the woman bustled inside.

In the pale yellow light of the exposed overhead bulb, her skin shined like creamy coffee. Her short black hair smoothed away from her face. She looked around quickly, sizing up Sookie before heading toward the couch to put down her large purse.

“Not there. The couch smells,” Sookie offered helpfully. She tried to get inside her head, but was surprised when she couldn’t. She doesn’t look like a vamp. Weird.

The woman bobbed her head and put her bag on the kitchen table instead. “Please join me. Ms. Stackhouse, I presume?”

Sookie nodded and obediently sat next to her at the table, watching as she pulled bottles and jars out of her purse, unlike the lipstick, tissues, and keys she anticipated. “So, what happens now?” she asked, nervously waiting.

“My name is Octavia. I’m here to do a spell to reverse the effects of the vampire blood in your system.”

“A spell? Are you a witch?” Sookie asked, laughing at the absurdity of it all.


Sookie’s mouth went dry. “Oh.” No wonder I can’t read her mind!

Octavia pulled out a steel vessel, which she carefully unscrewed. It held a tiny vial of something dark red.

“Is that … blood?”

“Yes.” Octavia retrieved another vial. “This is for yours.”

“It’s empty,” Sookie stated.

“Not for long.” Octavia pulled a knife out of a sheath. “I don’t need much.”

Eric leaned toward them, suddenly interested in the ritual.

“Should I just poke my finger or something?” Sookie asked, looking at the knife warily.

“That will probably work.” She slid the knife to Sookie.

“Too bad you didn’t get here earlier, I was bleeding all over the place.” She paused and then explained. “I cut myself on a piece of glass.”

Octavia frowned. “I don’t see a wound.”

Sookie shrugged. “Vampires are handy.”

Octavia lifted one eyebrow and stared at Eric.

Sookie stilled her hand and pressed the tip of the knife into her finger. It was sharper than she expected and it sank into her flesh. She drew a deep breath over her clenched teeth and watched as the blood beaded against her skin. Octavia unscrewed the vial, holding it under Sookie’s hand to catch the drops of blood.

Eric leaned closer still, growling softly.

“That’s plenty,” Octavia said, pulling the bottle away and recapping it.

Blood seeped out of the wound and didn’t seem like it would stop any time soon. Sookie looked from her finger to Eric’s eager face. “Do you want…?”

“Yes,” he said impatiently, kneeling by her side a split-second later. He held her hand gently and sucked her finger into his mouth, his tongue prodding the wound. His moan vibrated against her skin, and the deep stirring she’d experienced earlier returned. Sookie closed her eyes and imagined that tongue on other parts of her body. Out of loyalty, she forced the thoughts out and replaced them with Bill.

Octavia cleared her throat. “Are you finished? I have work to do.”

Sookie blushed as Eric released her finger, giving it one last swirl with his tongue. He stalked over to the fridge, pulled out a bottle of blood and drained it.

Octavia ignored him and began setting up glass bowls. “This would be easier if he were present,” she said.

“Who?” Sookie asked but then it hit her. Bill. “Is that his blood? Where is he? Is he okay?” she whispered.

Octavia didn’t answer. “Let’s begin.”

The next half hour passed in a blur of foreign words chanted at and ever-increasing pace. Something inside Sookie moved, tugging at her muscles, and after listening to the spell a few times, she understood. The magic called to the blood inside her body. Bill’s blood. The blood that healed her. Her arm ached, her ribs hurt.

Octavia grunted in frustration. “Why isn’t this working?” she growled.

Sookie groaned and held her sore body. “Something is working. Everything hurts.”

“You’re not letting go of it all.” Octavia frowned. “Why won’t it let go? I’ve never seen this before.” She turned her attention to Sookie’s vial of blood. She put a drop in a clean bowl and added an herb. Nothing happened. She did it again, and again, until finally a tiny ball of light appeared when the two touched, like a little explosion. “Oh,” she gasped in surprise. “I didn’t realize.”

“Realize what?” Sookie asked, tilting her head.

“You’re not all human. That makes a difference. I wish Mr. Cataliades had told me that.” She sighed. “We need a different spell.”

“Not all human? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You have fairy blood in you. Fairy blood has—”

“Fairy blood?” Sookie shrieked, her head swimming.

“Yes, it binds to vampire blood. I need other ingredients.” She stood, opened her cell phone and dialed. “Mr. Cataliades, please. Thank you.” She waited for a minute then said, “I’m going to need other supplies. I wish you’d told me she’s part fairy. That changes everything.” Pause. “No, I’ll gather them myself. It will take a few days. A trip to Tasmania is in my future.” She hung up and started gathering her things.

“Fairy?” Sookie asked again, holding onto the table.

“I’ll be back. Thankfully I’ve got a contact over there. I just hope I can find a guide who can lead me to a sun orchid.” She shook her head and carefully slid the vials of blood into the steel vessel. “They’re incredibly rare. Luckily, I only need a part of the root…” she went on and on describing the plant and it’s magical components, but Sookie didn’t hear most of it.

All she could hear was the dull scraping of the same question rolling around her head. I’m part fairy?

Sookie remained seated and only came back to the present when Eric touched her shoulder. She blinked and looked around. Octavia was nowhere to be seen. “She’s gone?”

He nodded.

Sookie stood, wincing as the pain from her aching arm bit into her. “I’m tired and need a shower.” She shuffled past him and into the bathroom. In a daze, she stripped, stepping into the tub. She pulled the curtain shut and let the warm water wash over her, taking away some of the pain and helping ease her tight muscles.

Not only did the shampoo and conditioner smell delightful, it left her hair smooth and silky. She smiled as she thought of Pam’s excited face, showing off all the goodies in her shopping bags. After a while, the warm water ran out, forcing her out of the shower.

“Shit,” she whispered. “I forgot a towel. Eric?” she called.

“Yes?” he replied on the other side of the door.

“Will you get me a towel please?” A few seconds later, the door opened and a large shadow pressed against the curtain. “Eric?”

“Yes,” he said softly. “Here.” He lowered the towel into the tub, covering her shoulders.

She wrapped herself in the soft cloth. “Thank you,” she said. Eric didn’t move, so she cleared her throat and said, “I need to get out now.”

“Right.” The door opened and closed, and the shadow disappeared.

She peeked around the end of the curtain and sighed. Alone. She brushed her hair and then tiptoed across the hall with the towel tucked securely in place. With her door closed, she tossed her towel onto the bed and pulled out the pajamas and a pair of new panties. The camisole top hugged her body, the material cool against her clean skin. The underwear fit perfectly and the silky bottoms felt good against her thighs. She topped off the outfit with her fuzzy pink slippers and shuffled into the kitchen for breakfast. She gasped when she passed Eric, leaning in the chair at the table, probably waiting for her. “You scared me,” she said, clutching at her chest.

“Do you feel better?”

She rubbed her arm. “A little.”

After eating and cleaning up, weariness pulled at her, willing her to sleep. She’d been up for hours and wasn’t used to staying up all night. The sun would be up soon. “I’m going to sleep now.”

Eric got up and followed her. “I need to…” he said, pointing to the cuff dangling from the headboard. “Before the sun rises.” He glanced at the tiny window above her bed.

Sookie sat on her bed close to the headboard. “I know. Following orders.” She tightened her hand into a fist and as he clicked it around her wrist, she slid her fist toward the opening, wedging the metal against her skin. Eric didn’t seem to notice, his eyes lingering on her exposed neck and the top of her breasts. The same familiar heat rose up inside her at their proximity, but that time, nothing overcame it. No shame. No guilt. Nothing. Just desire. He’s close enough to kiss. She blushed at the thought and smiled. Along with the fatigue, the witch’s spell seemed to have removed most of her feelings toward Bill.

“Good night,” Eric said, backing out of the room and turning off the light.

“Night,” she murmured, listening to the sounds of Eric’s footsteps retreating. Is that the only reason I liked him? Because his blood was inside me? She frowned in the darkness. No, I care for him. He’s… As she tried to think of reasons why she cared for him, all the negative things came to mind. He’s manipulative. He lied about everything. She blinked. No he didn’t. I don’t know that for sure. He said he liked me. She laughed. So did Bobby in the ninth grade. All he liked were my boobs. Maybe Bill only liked me for some part too. She exhaled loudly and turned her attention to her wrist.

The cuff was open wider than it’d been the night before, thanks to her maneuvering. With her free hand, she pressed on her thumb and pinky at the same time as she pulled against the metal. So close! She licked her hand and took a deep breath. Wiggling, squeezing, and pulling simultaneously, the bone in her thumb slipped through the opening. The metal bit into her hand. She pressed her lips together to keep the cry from escaping her throat. She took a deep breath and folded her hand as much as she could without breaking anything. Her bones rubbed against each other as she pulled out of the handcuff. Free! She wanted to shout, but didn’t. Instead, she stretched out on the bed, rubbing her sore flesh, and waited for the sun.

* * * *

Sookie sat up, her heart pounding. A patch of fading sunlight illuminated a spot of the floor. She sighed. She hadn’t meant to fall asleep. It’s not too late.

She crept toward her door, listening. Only the faint sound of the nearby river filtered through. Once she was in the hall, she paused, grateful for the stealthiness of her slippers. Eric’s door was closed, but not locked. She took a deep breath and stepped inside.

She blinked. The vastness of the dark overpowered her, making her heart speed up and her mouth go dry. She closed her eyes and counted to thirty silently, when she opened them again, her eyes had adjusted and her heart slowed. The faint light coming down the hall gave her a hazy view of Eric’s shiny coffin. She put her ear against the sleek metal and listened: dead silence. She stifled a giggle. Dead silence.

Her hands shook as she unlatched the mechanism holding the coffin closed. Deep breath. Everything’s going to be okay. I’m just going to break into Eric’s coffin and steal his keys. What could go wrong? Don’t think about that. Everything is going to be fine. Focus. She held her breath as the lid hissed open.

Folded into an uncomfortable looking pose, Eric slept, curled on his side. She waited for him to wake and attack her, but nothing happened. She’d never seen a vampire sleeping before, and couldn’t resist the urge to touch him. She put her hand against his bare chest, pulling away from the coolness of his skin. He remained immobile. She touched him again, marveling at the firmness of his muscles and the smoothness of his skin. She let her fingers drift down to the waistband of his pants, trying to ignore the heat spreading through her body.

Focus. Keys. Right pocket. She sighed. He’s sleeping on his right side. Now what am I supposed to do? Go in after them? She took a deep breath and climbed into the coffin on top of him. Straddling his legs, she leaned over him, propping one hand on the edge while the other dove into the folds of clothing, her breasts hanging near his face. She bumped into a hard bundle and traced the outline with her fingertips. Key, key, k— That’s not a key. She gulped as she realized she had found something big and hard and definitely not key shaped.

“What are you doing?” Eric asked.


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