Book Title Generator

In my quest for a title for my fourth book (Damn you, elusive book title!!!), I searched for random book title generators, thinking, “How bad could they be?”


Soooooo bad.

I laughed so hard, I cried. Then I called my friend, read them to him, and cried some more. Don’t believe me? The one I just got (and my new personal favorite) is:

The Horny Vampire’s Illegal Secretions.

Do you believe me now? What’s that? You’re STILL skeptical? Go here:

You won’t regret it.

71 thoughts on “Book Title Generator

  1. amiramo11 says:

    “Bored wife, busty loins”



  2. Meridian says:

    The Crocodile Hunter’s Huge Smelly Goo-Filled Cavity Search and the Large Membered Rancher’s Illegal Foot Fetish

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  3. gyllene says:

    It gave me the idea of doing a contest and using the generator for the titles. It could be quite funny. I got the wealthy bishop’s passionate sin.


  4. Catherine says:

    50 Ways to Fall on a Viking’s Sword


  5. Lyndel says:

    some of these are so bad they are completely awesome


  6. shoegirl01 says:

    How about:
    a desperate lover’s hefty fiancee’s weiner

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  7. gabbieannie says:

    the pervy priest’s last kovlovsky
    I Love it!


  8. ashmo2000 says:

    I checked it out to see what you were talking about and got nosy. I clicked a button and low and behold ‘The lonely batchelor’s frivolous balls’ is what popped up. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! And to top it off they spelled bachelor wrong!


  9. 888spike says:

    Oh my god this is sooooo addictive!! My first click got me “desperate girl, furious bosoms”. Lol lol lol


    • 888spike says:

      “circus clown, incestuous partner”

      “desperate author lascivious butt”

      “The vampire sister’s inconvenient fellatio”

      “protected by forceful overactive imagination”
      Now that last one kinda hits close to home 😜


      • I can’t tell you how many times fellatio has inconvenienced me. Really. Too many to list here. The first one, with the clowns and incest made my skin crawl. Good job Book Title Generator. You’re going to give me nightmares!


    • I know, right? I couldn’t stop!!! I was seriously crying and wheezing. Only damnyouautocorrect does that to me. Now I have TWO sources of nonstop entertainment!


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