Up All Night: Chapter 12

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

There is one little detail that strays from canon here, you’ve been warned (it’s important later, trust me). Also, this chapter is NSFW again.


Chapter 12

Eric’s POV

It was Pam’s night off, forcing Eric to work. He knew Sookie would be at his house and he wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing about it. Being at the bar made him agitated.

“I need something in my office,” he said as the clock approached eight. “Take care of the customers, if we get any.”

Ginger tittered. “You got it, boss.”

Eric unlocked the entrance, turned the lights on over the door, and then went down the hall to his office.

He smiled as he watched Sookie work, but it faded the second he heard the lock on his bedroom door click. She whispered when she got to the camera, telling him how she wanted to tie him up. He zoomed in on her, and then, she started touching herself.

Just watching her ass move while she cleaned had him wound tight, so when she started masturbating, he couldn’t help himself. He leaned back in his chair and opened his fly, releasing his hard-on. She rubbed her hand across her nipples, turning them into twin beacons, calling to him. Begging him to suck and lick them. He gripped his cock, moving his hand in time with hers. Slowly at first and then faster and faster until she moaned and her body shuddered. Eric growled as he filled his hand, imagining slamming into her wet heat.

To his delight, she tucked her panties under his pillow, and then wiggled her naked ass back into her pants. His dick came to life again. “See you tomorrow,” he whispered to the monitor. Feeling slightly satisfied, he cleaned up and returned to the bar.

“Um, boss?” Ginger gave him a tight smile. “Someone is here to see you. I told him you were busy, but he said he would wait,” she whispered as she jerked her head toward a booth. “He’s been here for an hour.”

Eric and Niall made eye contact across the room.

“Do not disturb us,” Eric said to Ginger, who nodded stupidly.

Niall stood to greet him. “Eric.”

Niall had masked his delicious aroma, which was good, because after Sookie’s little show, Eric was hungry. “Niall. It has been a long time.”

“Yes,” Niall said, nodding gracefully.

They sat across from each other in the booth. “What brings you to Shreveport?” Eric asked.

“A death in my realm.”

Eric frowned. Not the answer he had been expecting. The last time they had contact was a century ago when the water fae had flexed their muscles in an attempt to unseat the prince by killing the humans they loved.

“My friend, Rogan has died.”

“I’m sorry for your loss,” Eric replied respectfully, still curious why Niall would visit him to tell him the news.

Niall narrowed his eyes. “I can see you are wondering why I came to you.” He took a deep breath. “Do you recall Rogan’s son, Breandan?”

Eric nodded knowingly. “How could I forget?” Breandan had a hunger for war and destruction that was unmatched by anyone Eric had met, filling him with a mixture of awe and fear.

“With Rogan gone, no one can control him.”

Eric sighed.

“It’s worse than last time. He’s not only going after our human lovers, he’s also intent on taking out all fairy-human offspring.”

“All?” Eric’s mouth hung open. How would that even be possible?

Niall scoffed. “It’s like he’s forgotten his own past. He was young and in love once. Most of his followers don’t know about that part of his past, but I do. I remember. He loved Atla more than anything.”

Eric frowned. The name seemed familiar somehow.

Niall shook his head and went on, “Breandan spent years with her, and then his heart broke when she died.”


“The records are unclear.”

“When did this happen?”

Niall waved his hand dismissively. “A thousand years ago? More? It’s hard to keep track. Before his son was born in Faerie.”

“The son you killed in the last war?”

“Yes.” Niall frowned. “I didn’t have a choice. That’s not the point of this conversation. The point is that Breandan is out of control. He’s already sent underlings to find and kill fairy-human hybrids.” With his face full of sorrow, he went on, “I’m certain he had them kill my grandson and his wife.”

“You have human kin?”

His face brightened. “Yes. I also loved a human woman. Her life was short, but we had sons. Twins: Fintan and Dermot.” He paused. “Dermot leads a troubled life, but Fintan fell in love with a human and fathered two children with her. Splitting his time between Faerie and this realm, he knew the dangers his children would face at the hands of the water fairies, so he cut all contact.” Niall clicked his tongue. “But it was too late.”

Eric nodded, but still couldn’t figure out how he played into any of this.

“I hear things. Plans murmured. They’re coming back for my great-granddaughter. I must act now. I need your help.”

“My help,” Eric repeated.

“To keep her safe.”

“Your part-fairy great-granddaughter.” Eric’s eyebrows lifted.

“Sookie Stackhouse,” Niall whispered.

Eric’s head spun. “Sookie is your great-granddaughter?”

“Yes, and I understand that you are together, which is perfect. I need you to protect her until I can either decimate the water fairies or build an alliance to peace.” He laughed quietly. “Honestly, I don’t see peace as a real option.”

“Sookie needs to know the truth.”


You need to tell her.”

“Fintan forbade contact, before he died. I feel like I owe him that much,” Niall said.

“Fintan can’t protect her. It doesn’t matter what he wanted.”

Niall nodded in agreement. “A fine point. Will you please set up a meeting?”


* * * *

As soon as he woke the following evening, Eric called Sookie.

“What did you think of my idea?” Her voice was sweet and high from the smile he was sure she had.

He cleared his throat. “I’ll need a rain check. Something came up.”

Sookie clicked her tongue and sighed. “I knew I shouldn’t have said—”

“No,” he said, interrupting her. “I loved your idea, but something important needs to be taken care of first. May I pick you up for dinner?”

She seemed to brighten at his suggestion. “Sure. Casual or fancy?”

“Fancy. I’ll be there in an hour.” He confirmed the meeting with Niall before getting in his car. As he sped down the dark road connecting their cities, he thought of what to say to her. When he pulled into her driveway and found her waiting on the front porch, he decided he wouldn’t say anything about Niall. It wasn’t Eric’s job to break the news. The fact that she wore a tight black dress made it that much easier for him to keep his mind off the meeting.

Eric gathered her hands and kissed them. “You look downright edible.”

Sookie blushed and smiled. “Thank you,” she said, shyly.

“You should take a shawl.”

She frowned but ducked inside to get one off the hook by the door. “Night Gran, I’ll be home late!”

“Night honey!” Adele called from inside.

Eric offered his arm and led Sookie to the passenger door.

“You’ve never told me to cover up before,” she whispered when he joined her in the car.

He twisted his upper body slightly and pushed the shawl off her golden shoulders and traced the fine black strap of her dress. “The restaurant my be chilly.” His fingers moved across the neckline of her dress and then he cupped her breast and rubbed her nipple through the fabric with his thumb.

She gasped and held her breath. With her eyes closed she reached across the console and grabbed his dick. No hesitation. Just desire.

“Thank you for the treat. I slept well.”

She smiled and then leaned closer to him, meeting in the middle for a kiss. Her hand moved deftly inside his zipper, extracting his cock from the confines of his clothing.

He moaned into her mouth and moved his hand south to her parted legs. The stretchy black material eased up her thighs revealing a glint of black lace. “I watched you,” he said, stroking her through her panties.

“Mm hmm,” she hummed.

“You were torturing me.” He traced the edge of the panties, making her shiver.

She smiled. “I missed you.”

“Tell me what you missed,” he whispered against her lips.

“Your hands. Your lips. Your cock,” she whispered back, twisting his dick to emphasize the last word. A tremor moved through him. “I wanted you to come with me.”

“I did.” He slid the thin material out of the way. “You missed my hands?” he asked. She was already swollen and slick. Ready for him. He pushed a finger inside.

“Yes,” she breathed as he slowly pulled it out.

“My lips?” he said, and then he kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth while his finger plunged inside her again.

“Yes,” she said, her voice full of need.

“And my cock.” He lifted his hips, fucking her hand while his finger moved faster and faster.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” she screamed as she clamped her thighs around his wrist, riding out the orgasmic wave shaking her body.

He wrapped his free fingers around hers, urging her to finish him off. He moaned and came all over her hand.

She looked at him with hooded eyes. “Maybe dinner can wait.”

He reluctantly pulled his hand away from her. “Reservations.” Niall is waiting, his inner voice reminded him.

She pouted, jutting out her bottom lip. He sucked it into his mouth.

“I promise … after,” Eric said.

“Dinner better be damn good!” She pulled a tissue out of her purse and cleaned her hand and then she pushed her dress into place again.

“It’ll be worth it.”

She looked at his dick, still jutting out of his pants. “I’m not so sure about that.”

He chuckled and tucked it away. “I remember a time, not too long ago when you wouldn’t say the word cock.”

“A lot has changed in four months. I also wouldn’t have dreamed I’d suggest tying up my boyfriend.”

He smiled. He didn’t mind being called her boyfriend, despite how ridiculous it was.

He backed out of her driveway quickly, flicking gravel against the under body of his car. In forty minutes, he knew Sookie’s life would change forever.


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51 thoughts on “Up All Night: Chapter 12

  1. gyllene says:

    I’m not so sure Eric shouldn’t have told Sookie something about Niall. At least they were meeting him. This should be interesting.

    Good luck finishing your book. What’s this one about? 😀


    • Niall is gonna clear everything up himself, you’ll see. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the chapter! 🙂

      Thank you! I finished it today! And by ‘finished it’ I mean I wrote The End. Of course, I’ve got weeks of revisions ahead of me so it’s never really finished. LOL. This is a spinoff of Orchids for Lila, following Ben. I’ve grown quite fond of him over the last 7 months. 🙂


  2. E. B. Rhome says:

    Great chapter. Can’t wait to read how this meeting with Niall will go down.


  3. VictoryInTrouble says:

    OOh, Niall! I’m glad he has no problem with them together. Hopefully Eric can protect Sookie until Niall can eradicate the threat! Great sexy scene. Sometimes just a hand job can be wonderful! Although, I guess they were left a little unsatisfied. LOL.


    • I’ve never really explored Fairy story lines before, so here’s my first shot. I hope it doesn’t suck! 🙂 I’m glad you liked the lemons even if they were a little rushed and incomplete…don’t worry, satisfaction will happen soon. 😉 Thanks so much for reviewing!

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  4. sluggysmom says:

    Should be an interesting dinner!!


  5. suzyq591suzy says:

    I hope that Sookie won’t get mad at Eric because of this dinner. Can’t wait for more 🙂


  6. Love it! More soon, please! I see a somewhat irritated Sookie in the near future..


  7. mom2goalies says:

    Uh oh, I think Eric should tell Sookie that they are meeting someone. Wonder how this Sookie will handle the news? She is a bit more level headed than others but it’s pretty big news unless Gran has been more forthcoming…


  8. valady1 says:

    Should be quite the dinner…


  9. ozzo says:



  10. Meridian says:

    Congrats on getting the book finished!!

    And Eric shouldn’t already be keeping big secrets from Sookie. Here she is thinking that she’s going on a nice date out with Eric and nope – it’s a set-up for Niall. How does Eric think that’s going to make Sookie feel, that the only time he takes her out is to meet someone else? He’s going to owe her a real, true date – and an awesome one at that – after this trick.


    • I did! Thanks! I got it finished today…and I’m exhausted! That’s what I get for staying up until 3 am, right?

      Eric’s going to make up for it, you know that…it really is up to Niall to clear things up. A nice date is a great idea. Perhaps I’ll have to add that in…

      Thanks so much for reviewing!


      • Meridian says:

        Already?? That’s awesome!!! Way to go!!! Heh, I’d say you’re definitely exhausted, but YOU GOT IT DONE!! 😀

        Yeah, I figure he owes her April in Paris for that… Wait, too much? Ok, ok…March in Manhattan… ?? Rly? Still too much? Erm…February in Fresno? January’s over, so…um… Saturday (night) in Sedona? Erm…


      • What do you mean already? I’ve been working on the damn book for 7 months now! It’s been killing me. So much research…remind me to write books about places I’ve been in the future, okay?

        April in Paris isn’t too much to ask, Manhattan is nice, but I’m not so sure about Fresno. I was just in Sedona for my aunt’s memorial service, and you can bet your sweet ass that I’m going to write a whole story based in that weird little town. Now I just need to think one up. 🙂


      • Meridian says:

        Heh, I’m sure you’ll have NO problem writing about places you’ve been… especially Sedona! In fact, here’s your opening line: “There was this bird that kept following me everywhere I went, and I swear the fucker was humming at me.”


      • LOL That line is golden. Way to hook readers. With birds being little fuckers. 🙂 Sedona was surprisingly peaceful. There’s no lights. Street lights, no traffic lights, nothing. The sky is amazingly dark every night. It was like camping…but in a neighborhood! 🙂


      • Meridian says:

        Awww, man, now THAT’s my kind of ‘camping’!! 😀


      • I know, right? Like being in nature without having to go anywhere. 🙂


      • Meridian says:

        …always a plus… ❤


      • also, less scorpions inside. 🙂


  11. askarsgirl says:

    Ooh loved it! I love this Sookie, she’s not afraid to let her inner vixen out!
    Looking forward to seeing how Sookie reacts to meeting Niall. Should be interesting to say the least. Hopefully she won’t be upset with Eric for not saying anything to her. I guess he could have told her they were going to meet someone at the restaurant.
    See you next Friday!😃


    • Thank you so much for reviewing and letting me know how much you loved it! I think every woman has an inner vixen, and it’s about time Sookie’s came out to play. 🙂 Niall is going to have a lot of explaining to do…and it’s going to happen. See you Friday!


  12. redjane12 says:

    Very excited by your canon variations!

    And congrats on your FOURTH (!!!) book!


    • Did you notice the little spot where I veered away from canon? I hope no one freaks out…it just makes things much better if I change Niall and Rogan’s heritage a little. 🙂

      Thank you SO much! I just finished the book today, so now I get to edit and rewrite for the next few weeks before I submit it. 🙂 I need a nap. 🙂

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  14. murgatroid98 says:

    Sookie definitely needs to know what’s going on. I think she is in for a little shock when she meets Niall. Nice interlude with the video feed.


    • Eric’s going to prepare her a little, but it’s Niall’s job to clear things up.

      I enjoy the thought of Eric watching her and pleasuring himself. Mmmm…what was I saying? Oh yeah, thanks for reviewing!


  15. Kittyinaz says:

    Reblogged this on Kittyinaz's Reblog Page and commented:
    It’s a great chapter, and I highly suggest you go read it!!!!


  16. ashmo2000 says:

    The relationship is getting way serious if Sookie is teasing Eric with tying him up and words like ‘cock’;)


  17. YvonnAd says:

    Oh oh….I’m so happy for so many reasons.
    1st…this is really getting somewhere. Somewhere gooood.
    2nd…another book…yay.
    I honestly didn’t want to read it cause I’m not a fan of cliffhangers (and your the queen of cliffhangers) just like this one. Oh another week. Really can’t wait.
    But I really do LOVE THIS STORY.
    now that you’ve brought in Neill. It’s just gotten more interesting.
    Thankyou, thankyou


    • You make me smile every time I read one of your lengthy, listy reviews. 1, This story is going places I’ve never gone before with Eric and Sookie. 2, Yes! Number 4 is ready for months of editing and polishing! 3, Who doesn’t love a hand job in a car? 🙂 I’m sorry I left you hanging (only a little though). Cliffies just mean you’ll come back for more next Friday! Niall is going to have to do a lot of explaining now! Thank you so much for reviewing!


  18. theladykt says:

    hmmm Interesting backstory. Wonder if he should have asked Gran somehow.


    • Most of the backstory is canon…except for the Rogan bit (he’s Niall’s brother in the book, but I changed it for a reason). She didn’t even know TO ask Gran … yet. She’ll get there. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


  19. nedbella says:

    Excellent chapter. I hope a Eric can protect Sookie. He can’t be with her during the day, so maybe Niall can help out with an invisible Fae guard or something. Eric can get Alcide or other trusted supe. Plus Sookie needs to be told about her powers and shown how to use them. Can’t wait for more.


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! Niall is going to explain everything, which is going to help Sookie figure a lot of things out. As far as powers go, I’m sticking with book canon, so the only power she has is telepathy, and she’s already learning to control it. 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing! More coming Friday!


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