Spoilers! Up All Night: Chapter 4

Here’s a little taste to get you through to tomorrow. Happy Thursday!


Eric manipulated the camera to get closer to Sookie. She seemed distracted, checking on Beth frequently. She didn’t look at the cameras and smile like she normally did, but it didn’t matter, she was still there, about to go in his room.

He zoomed in and frowned when she walked straight toward him. Her face filled the screen when she stopped inches away from the camera.

“It’s you. I knew I recognized your … scent. I just couldn’t place it. Until now.” She sat back on her heels and pressed her lips together and glowered at the camera. She jerked the sheets off, got a new set, scowled at him again, and finished without another glance.

Sookie hugged Beth when they were done cleaning. “You holding up okay?”

Beth nodded. “Wanna go out again?”

Sookie looked right at the camera in the front room and said, “How about tomorrow? I need to take care of something.”

The house went dark.

Eric paced in front of his desk. Is she coming here again? Why was she so mad? What does she need to take care of?

Ten minutes later, he got his answer.


Who put that cliffy there? Not me. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Spoilers! Up All Night: Chapter 4

  1. switbo says:

    You are a cruel tease! ;p Now I’ll be counting the hours until tomorrow.


  2. suzyq591suzy says:

    Can’t wait to find out what Sookie is going to do 🙂


  3. Meridian says:

    Go get’em Sook! 😀


  4. Evil but awesome! 😉


  5. Tracey says:

    Who does cliffys right before Christmas????? Do you not fear the naughty list????


    • Fearing the naughty list? That’s a good one! Technically all the cliffies I’ve posted this year have been before Christmas, so at this point, I’m totally screwed. Don’t be mad! At least we’ll get Eric and Sookie in a room together, right? 🙂


  6. valady1 says:

    Evil, bad author, teasing like that…just makes it harder to wait for the next full chapter…


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