Spoilers! Up All Night: Chapter 3

There really aren’t words for me to fully express how thankful I am for the love and support I feel here, in my safe little bubble of fan fiction stories. So what better way to show my gratitude? A big ol’ spoiler for chapter 3 of course! Thanks for all you do for me. I hope all my US readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and the rest of you, I hope you have a lovely Thursday. 🙂


“Thank you,” Sookie mumbled as she gripped the narrow glasses and made her way back to her miserable friend. She glanced over her shoulder at the spectacular specimen of a man standing behind the bar. He was watching her. She smiled at him and then focused on walking back to Beth.

“I got you a Long Island iced tea. I hope you like them.”

“They have a lot of booze in them, right?”

“Right.” Sookie nodded.

Beth wiped her eyes. “Then I like them.” She took a sip and then shook her head. “Whoa. Strong.”

Sookie craned her head around Beth to peek at the golden god who had served her.

“What’s so interesting?” Beth asked, taking another drink, much longer than the first.

“That guy behind the bar,” she whispered, “there’s something different about him.” She wanted to scream, He’s silent, but kept her mouth shut.

Beth turned in her seat, clearly staring at him.

Sookie smacked her hand. “Don’t be so obvious.”

“He looks like a Viking,” Beth observed. “Like an honest to goodness Viking!”

“Beth,” Sookie whispered. “Turn around. He’s looking at us.”

She shrugged and then turned to face Sookie again. “I can see why you’re looking. Besides looking like a Viking, what’s so different about him?”

Sookie squirmed in her seat. I can’t tell her about my gift. Why did I even bring it up? “He, um, sounds different.” Why can’t I hear him? Is my brain broken? She frowned. She worked her way around the room, mentally, focusing on the few other customers.

The first, an old unkempt man, hunched over his beer, immediately projected his sorrow through his thoughts. What am I going to tell Irene? She doesn’t even know I got fired last week. Sookie shook her head. The other two men sat near each other, coworkers sharing stories about their boss. The younger man projected images of the dull workday ahead of them. He looked up when he noticed her eyes on him, he grinned at her. Suddenly, the images in his brain shifted to ones of a more sexual nature, featuring her.

Sookie looked away quickly, blocking him from her mind. Nope, still works. Pig. Turning her body toward the bar, she focused on the blond man again. Still nothing. Her eyes flicked over to the petite woman mindlessly cleaning bottles of vodka, and her mouth hung open. I can’t hear her either. What in the hell is going on?

Ice cubes clattered against glass as Beth smacked her lips. “That was good.”

Sookie slid her glass across the table. “Here, have mine.” She needed to stay sharp to figure out what was going on.

Beth clicked her tongue. “Are you sure? We’re supposed to be wallowing together, remember?”

Sookie smiled. “I’ll get something else. Be right back.” She slid off the stool and headed for the bar, trying to avoid the amorous man’s table. But the man’s thoughts assaulted her before he could say anything, so she turned toward him and scowled. “You don’t stand a chance, buddy.”

Clearly offended by her straightforward rejection, he downed his beer and mumbled to his friend, “We should probably go. Early morning.”

Sookie watched them leave out of the corner of her eye as she finished her trip to the bar. The Viking god was nowhere to be seen.

“You handled him nicely,” the blonde woman behind the bar said. “He’s an asshat.”

Sookie laughed. “Thank you.” She tilted her head as she tried to listen to the woman’s thoughts, finally giving up. “Can I get a ginger ale?”

“Of course,” the blond god said.

Sookie gasped. “Where did you come from?”

“My office.” He pointed down the hall and then poured her drink.

When he handed it to her, her fingers grazed his and an electric shock shot up her arm, radiating through her body. He must’ve felt it too, because his eyes widened and he inhaled quickly.


I’ll post the full chapter tomorrow! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Spoilers! Up All Night: Chapter 3

  1. Meridian says:

    *glances at clock, counts hours*


  2. suzyq591suzy says:

    This is so much better than pumpkin pie. Can’t wait for the rest. 🙂


  3. racecz5 says:

    Guess they are called teasers for a reason! Thanks for posting. 😉


  4. nedbella says:

    OMG I NEEEEED MORE NOW! Such an awesome story. You always deliver the goods.


  5. ericluver says:

    You’re such a tease! 😃


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