The After Party: Chapter 3

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What?! Another NSFW chapter? What is this, some kind of MA fan fiction?


Chapter 3

Sookie’s POV

Sookie rolled onto her side and traced Eric’s shoulder with her fingers, following the rise of muscles up toward his neck. He closed his eyes and stretched to give her more access.

“What are you going to tell me about Bill?” His face scrunched when he said his name. “Is it that he has a small dick?”

A laugh escaped Sookie’s throat. “Besides that.” She glanced down at the gracious plenty jutting toward the ceiling. “Compared to you, everyone has a small dick.” She cleared her throat before going on, “Anyway, do you remember the night you came to me? When you told me about Bill and Lorena?”

Eric’s eyes snapped open. “Yes.”

“I knew about Bill’s special project.” She put her hand to his lips. “Not because he told me, but because I figured it out on my own. Sort of.”

He inhaled sharply. “I suspected you knew more than you let on.”

“I knew it was a secret from you too, which is why I didn’t say anything.” She frowned. “I was scared, and then you started talking about torturing me…”

He smiled. “I don’t think you would’ve been bothered by the torture I had in mind.” His hand dipped between her legs and caressed her swollen sex. “But I much prefer you yielding to me willingly.” He rubbed circles around her clit.

All thoughts trickled out of her brain and her eyes rolled into her head. It didn’t take long for her to come, writhing against his hand. She gasped for breath.

“Sorry I interrupted you. What were you saying?” Eric said as he licked his fingers.

Sookie swallowed hard and tried to focus on breathing. Eventually, her words came back to her. “So, as I was saying. I knew about his project. What’s more, I have it.”

Eric sat bolt upright. “What?”

“Bill hid it at my house before he went to Seattle, or more accurately, to Mississippi to be with Lorena.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” His dark blue eyes narrowed.

“Because Bill asked me to keep it secret. I keep my word.”

“Where is it?”

“He hid it at my house.”

“They are surely searching there right now.”

She shrugged, her shoulder digging into the bed. “That’s why I moved it. They’ll never find it.”

Eric’s face lit up and then he kissed her. “You never cease to amaze me.”

“I also did it for you. You said your life was on the line.”

He hovered over her and kissed down her neck, sucking and licking on her skin. “Bill is an idiot. He thinks he has all the power, but he has none.”

“In his hurry to pension me off, he gave it all to me. He thinks I’m so stupid.” She reached between their bodies and gripped his cock, positioning it at her entrance.

“I will never underestimate you,” he murmured before he thrust inside her.

Neither of them said anything for a while. Sookie held onto him and lifted to meet each thrust, letting her anger and disappointment with Bill go and replacing it with the happiness she felt with Eric. Eventually, the only thought in her head was Yes! Eric kissed her while he brought them both to the brink, and with one final thrust, she tumbled through the abyss, screaming into his mouth. He devoured her pleasure and came in violent jerks.

After she had a chance to catch her breath, she said, “I think we should go get it and take it to the queen ourselves. Just imagine the look on Bill’s face.”

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” Eric said smiling.

“Before we go, can we stop by Alcide’s so I can get my things? I didn’t bring much, but I don’t want to leave them behind.”

“Of course.”

* * * *

Eric’s Corvette purred as they pulled up outside Alcide’s apartment building. She took a deep breath as they rode the elevator up.

“I’ll be waiting right here,” Eric said as he waited in the hallway just out of sight from Alcide’s apartment.

She nodded and then turned the corner and knocked on his door. No one answered the first time, so she knocked again, louder and faster.

“I’m coming, god damn it!” Alcide growled, and then he yanked open the door, clutching a towel around his waist. “Sookie,” he said as his eyes shifted behind him.

“Hi. I came to get my things.” She tightened the belt of her silk robe, realizing how ridiculous she must look.

His eyebrows furrowed, and he whispered, “Are you okay? Last I saw you…”

“I was getting staked. Yeah. I remember,” she spat the words. Alcide had run off, leaving her in the middle of Club Dead alone and dying. “I’m fine now. I just want to go home.”

“Who is it, sugar?” a woman’s voice called out from behind him, and then she stepped around Alcide.

Debbie Pelt. Sookie glared at her. Debbie was also wrapped in a towel, and her stringy hair dripped water onto her shoulders. Sookie looked back at Alcide. “Can I have my bag, please?”

“Yeah, uh, hang on a sec.” Alcide weaseled around Debbie and then rummaged through the guest bedroom. Luckily, she hadn’t really unpacked much, so he didn’t have much work to do.

“Looks like the better woman won.” Debbie sneered as she jerked her head toward the back room.

“I never shared a bed with him. He was helping me with something. That’s all,” Sookie said.

Debbie smiled, deeply satisfied by winning their non-existent competition.

So Sookie went on, “There’s no way I could ever give myself to a man who was still in love with his lying, cheating, whore of an ex-girlfriend.”

Debbie lunged but Sookie didn’t budge.

“Everything all right?” Alcide asked a few seconds later, handing Sookie’s bag over to her.

“Just peachy.” She pulled her mouth into a tight smile. “Thanks for everything. Good luck, you’re going to need it,” she said to Alcide, pointedly shifting her gaze toward Debbie. With that, she turned and left.

Her hands shook as she pushed the button to summon the elevator. “God, I hate her,” she said to Eric.

He rubbed her back. “She’s not worth your time.”

“You got that right.”

“So you and Alcide never…”

“No. You saw the extent of our physical contact at Club Dead.” She rested her head against his silent chest. “Take me home?”

“Anything you want,” he said.

* * * *

When they pulled into Sookie’s driveway, she closed her eyes and listened. The only brain, alive or dead, was the one sitting next to her. “We’re alone,” she said.

They made their way inside, and sure enough, the closet floor in the spare bedroom had been tampered with. The boxes of summer shoes, umbrellas, and other seasonal items were strewn all over the floor.

“This is the hidey hole Bill made for sleep overs.”

“Where is it?” Eric asked as he eyed the light-tight hole in the closet floor.

“In the shed.” She walked out through the screened in porch and pulled open the squeaky doors. Eric followed closely. “I put it under this bag of manure.” She grunted and uncovered a plastic-covered box. “I knew he wouldn’t bother looking out here. He doesn’t like to get his hands dirty.”


“Thanks.” She grinned at him.

He lifted the box as if it didn’t weigh anything and put it in his trunk. “I don’t think we should sleep here tonight. We have enough time to get back to Shreveport. In the evening, we’ll visit the queen.”

* * * *

Eric unlocked the front door to his house, sweeping his hand inside. “Ladies first.”

“Thank you.”

“The sun is coming. I must get downstairs,” he said.

She clutched her overnight bag, which she had repacked at home. “Where should I…”

He took her hand in his and kissed it. “I would like you to sleep with me. I enjoy waking up to you. I also enjoy fucking you, and that’s easier if you sleep with me.”

A blush crept across her face. “I do too.”

“Come with me.” He led the way down the stairs and flipped on a light in his room. A king-size bed filled most of the space, and Eric promptly undressed and stretched out on the soft gray sheets.

Sookie hadn’t bothered to change out of the silk robe at home, so she untied the belt and shrugged out of it, leaving it on the floor on top of his clothes. Eric’s eyes raked over her body, watching every move she made. She unhooked her bra and then pushed her panties down slowly, letting them fall.

“You’re lucky the sun is on the way,” he warned.

“Or what?” She crawled onto the bed next to him and dragged her hair up his still body, finally straddling his legs.

“Or I would fuck you senseless.”

Heat spread through her as a devious smile tugged up her lips. “Can you move?”

He blinked slowly. “Not easily.”

“Open your mouth,” she demanded, and he did. She pushed her finger inside and he sucked hard, and then moaned when she pulled it away and dipped it between the folds of her sex. She whined, “Too bad you’re so tired. I want another orgasm. All that blood earlier has made me pretty horny.”

He growled and tried to touch her, but his limbs were sluggish and unresponsive. “Please, fuck me. I don’t have much time left.”

“Now?” she asked as she stroked his cock.


With that, she sank down on his dick. Propped against his chest, she tilted her hips and rode him hard, crushing her clit against his pelvis. Her breath caught in her throat. “I’m going to come. Come with me.” They moaned together, the sound echoing off the walls.

When Sookie finally came back to Earth she kissed Eric’s immobile mouth, frozen for the day in a blissful fangy smile. She pulled off of him and curled her body around his, resting her head on his firm chest. “Goodnight.”

Later, when he woke her with kisses, she smiled and opened her eyes.

“You were ready all day long again.”

“I was sleeping next to you, naked,” he said. “Now I’m going to fuck you senseless, like I promised.”

He did, leaving her satisfied and happy before they left for New Orleans.

* * * *

“What’s she like?” Sookie asked during the long drive.

“The queen?”

Sookie nodded.

Eric mulled the question over for quite a while before answering. “She’s shrewd. Intelligent. Callous. Fair. She knows about you,” he added and then looked back at the road.

“What do you mean?”

“She knows you’re a telepath.”

Sookie laughed. “Half of Louisiana and part of Texas knows that. Word gets around amongst vampires.”

“She knew before.” He still wouldn’t look at her.

“Before what?” She frowned.

He sighed. “I’m only telling you this because you deserve to know the truth.”

Her stomach sank. Uh oh.

“She sent Bill to procure you. She collects gifted people, and your gift is particularly valuable.”

“Bill was following orders? The night he came to Bon Temps?”

Eric nodded, his face stricken.

The truth knocked the air right out of her lungs, leaving her speechless and stupefied. Bill never loved me, no wonder he left me for Lorena so easily. A tear slid down her cheek.

“I only discovered this recently.”

“So she … she told him to get me?”


“I was just a job? An assignment?”

“Yes. But everything has changed now that he has cooperated with Mississippi.”

“Why?” She sniffled.

“Because once she finds out he’s loyal to Mississippi, she will assume you are too.”

Her sorrow turned to anger. It burned through her like a wildfire. “I don’t want anything to do with him. Bill can go to hell.”

He squeezed her knee.

She wiped her eyes and willed her tears to stop. I’ve shed enough tears for him. He’s not worth it. “What does she want with me?”

“I’m sure she wants you to work for her. You will get your chance to ask her when we see her. I am so sorry to tell you this unhappy news.”

“I appreciate the truth.” She nodded and then her brain focused on one detail she couldn’t ignore. “So when he was planning to come back to discuss my future care with you, does that mean you got stuck with me? Forced to complete his job?” She knew Bill didn’t care one bit about her, but the thought that Eric had been a part of it was too much to bear. If that’s true, why didn’t Eric take me to the queen right away? I was the one who suggested we visit her, not him.

“No one forced me to do anything. I’m not stuck with you. I want to be with you. If the queen wants you to work for her, she can ask you herself. I don’t know why Bill didn’t take you right to her.”

“She won’t kill me, will she?” Sookie gulped.

“You are mine, and with that, comes my protection.”

While his words should’ve comforted her, her hands shook as they walked through the security checkpoint into the palace. Sookie’s mouth fell open as she soaked in the lavish surroundings. Everything screamed money. Suddenly, her slacks and blouse didn’t seem fancy enough.

As they waited in an opulent room filled with exotic artifacts from around the world, Sookie shifted from foot to foot.

Eric put his arms around her, sending calming waves over her.

The door flung open, and there, dressed in an impossibly tight black outfit, stood Hadley. “Sookie?” She smiled when their eyes met and then she rushed into the room and pulled Sookie into a bone-crushing hug. “You’re a sight for sore eyes!”

Sookie gasped and tried to return the hug, but couldn’t move much.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to squash you.” Hadley grimaced and put Sookie on the ground.

“Hadley! How have you been? It’s been ages!” Sookie hugged her that time, and realized that Hadley was different. “You’re a vampire now?”

Hadley nodded. “How could you tell?”

“Your skin is cold, plus, no heartbeat.” Sookie frowned. “What are you doing here?”

“Sophie-Anne and I, we’re together,” Hadley said as she smiled shyly. “You don’t hate me?”

“Why would I hate you? Because you’re with a woman? Why would I care? Just as long as she’s treating you right!”

“Of course I treat her well,” a petite woman said as she came in the room. She smiled adoringly at Hadley. “Don’t I, sweet thing?”

Hadley cooed and put her arms around Sophie-Anne’s neck. “You sure do.” They kissed and moaned as if they were alone.

Get a room. Sookie glanced at Eric, surprised by his silence.

When Sophie-Anne broke away from Hadley’s embrace, she smiled at Eric, her fangs on full display. “Eric.”

“My queen,” he said, bowing deeply.

Queen? Holy shit, my cousin is having sex with the queen of Louisiana! Sookie’s mouth fell open.

“You must be Sookie. I’ve heard much about you.” Queen Sophie-Anne didn’t offer her hand, so Sookie curtsied.

“Nice to meet you, ma’am.”

“Eric, I had no idea you and Sookie were acquaintances.” She narrowed her eyes. “I thought she belonged to Bill.”

Sookie stuck her chin out, bent on telling the queen what she thought about being treated like property when Eric spoke.

“She is mine.” His fingers wound through Sookie’s and then he gave her hand a squeeze.

Somehow, Sookie could feel his anxiety, caution, and protectiveness.

“She is remarkable, as you well know.” Eric looked directly at the queen and then at Hadley.

Hadley bit her lip and wouldn’t look at Sookie.

The truth knocked the wind out of her, yet again. Betrayed by my own family. She shook her head. “Why did you tell her, Hadley?”

“I don’t know.” Hadley wrung her hands. “It just slipped out one night.”

She wanted to yell and scream and blame her for all the shit that had gone wrong in her life. She wanted to tell her how much Bill had hurt her. How she thought he loved her, but he was just biding his time until he could hand her over to the queen. Instead, she glared at her and said, “You put my life at risk.”

Eric relaxed behind her and relief radiated from him.

Bloody tears spilled out of Hadley’s eyes.

Sookie got control of her emotions before she turned to the queen. “If you wanted me to work for you, why didn’t you just ask me?”

Sophie-Anne narrowed her eyes and her tiny body coiled as if she were about to attack. “I have a kingdom to run, lest you forget!”

“No, ma’am, I didn’t forget.” The hair on the back of Sookie’s neck raised and the panic coming from Eric was making her nauseous, but she had to speak her mind. “Sending a manipulative liar to do your bidding wasn’t the best choice. And now, he’s working with Mississippi.”


Open mouth, insert foot. On to The After Party: Chapter 4

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