Worth It: Chapter 4

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest. FairytaleAmber, you’re nice and stuff. 🙂


This chapter is NSFW.



Chapter 4

Eric’s POV


What just happened? Why is she so upset about being offered a job? He threw a pile of cash on the table and slipped outside.

“Sookie?” he called out into the still night air. Her footsteps and tiny sobs echoed off a building around the corner. She gasped when he came up next to her.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that,” she said before she continued walking.

“Sookie, please. Let me drive you.”

“It’s not far. I shouldn’t have worn these stupid heels.” She glared at her feet and then headed for the side of the road, where the thick grass glistened in the moonlight. She kicked her shoes off and started marching in earnest.

“Your house is a mile from here. Come on.” He walked next to her, but she wouldn’t look at him.

Nothing. She just took step after step, as if he wasn’t there.

“I don’t know what happened. You didn’t let me explain.” He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been so clueless or frustrated. He prided himself on reading human emotions, but hers were off the charts.

“I’m listening,” she said between breaths. Even with his long legs, he struggled to keep up at a normal walking pace. She was practically running.

He sighed. This is not how I wanted this to happen. “My boss sent me here to offer you a job.”

She glanced at him with narrowed eyes.

“We know about your special power,” he said quietly.

That did it. She stopped and looked at him, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. “What?”

“Your telepathy.”

“How do you know about that?” she said between clenched teeth.

“My boss.” He opened his mouth to tell her how Sophie-Anne knew, but he wasn’t privy to that bit of information. “I don’t know how she knows, but she does.”

“All this time, you’ve been coming in, talking to me, flirting with me, all so I’ll take some job?”

“I didn’t know it was you, at first.” He looked away.

“Was Bill whats-his-face trying to give me a job too?” she spat each word out.

“Eventually.” Eric straightened his back. “But I don’t trust him, so I thought I would offer it to you myself. He’s the kind of man who manipulates people to do what he wants. It wouldn’t be a simple job offer with him.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” Sookie shouted. She turned away from him and started speed walking again.

He walked behind her silently for a while, letting her cool off. When they reached the edge of a cemetery, she slowed down, so he came up next to her. “Why are you so angry at me?”

Her shoulders fell and she stopped walking. “I’m not angry at you. I’m angry at myself. I thought that tonight was… I mean… I dressed up for nothing. I’m such a fool.” Tears rimmed her eyes again.

“You thought tonight was what?” he asked gently taking a step toward her, hoping she wouldn’t take off again.

She looked at her dirty feet and sighed. “A date.”

“Oh.” He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and waited for her to look up at him. “I had to take care of business first, and then…” He looked at her sweet mouth wanting nothing more than to kiss her.

“And then?” she asked leaning toward him.

“I hoped to kiss you.”

She dropped her shoes and then locked her arms around his neck just as her mouth collided with his. He wrapped his arms around her body, pulling her against him. Her warm breasts set his nerves on fire. He moaned when she pushed her tongue inside his mouth, scraping against his fangs.

She gasped and pulled away, straining to look at his mouth. “Your fangs…”

He smiled, giving her a better view. “They’re hard to control around you.”

“Are you going to bite me?”

He shuddered. “Only if you allow me to.”

She looked away briefly and then kissed him again, being tentative around his fangs. “How sharp are they?”


She pushed her tongue against the tip and gasped again as her blood bloomed in his mouth. It was the most exquisite blood he’d ever tasted.

Eric growled and pulled her firmly against his body, knocking them off balance. They fell backward, and as they made the descent, Eric never released his hold on her, sucking every bit of blood her tongue would offer. Sookie tensed and then grunted when they hit the ground. She shifted her body on top of his, straddling his waist, her skirt taut between them. He spread his fingers across her ass and dug into her warm flesh. Sookie arched her back and pulled away from him, propping herself on his chest.

Her breasts heaved against him and a pink flush had covered most of her face and neck. She rolled her tongue around in her mouth. “Wow, they’re sharp.”

Eric smiled. “I told you.”

She looked down and then slapped a hand over her exposed breasts, her elbow digging into his chest. She closed her eyes and the blush on her face deepened. “I’m not normally like this.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Like what?”

“Like this,” she uncovered her breasts and motioned to them. From his vantage point, he could see the edge of her bra and just a hint of her hard nipples. “I’m not the kind of girl who throws herself at a guy, but being around you is so relaxing.”

“Relaxing?” I’ve never heard that one before.

“You already know about my special power.” She looked at him and waited for him to nod. “It doesn’t work on vampires. You are blissfully silent to me. It’s exhausting hearing everything from everyone all the time, you know?” She relaxed a little against him.

“You can’t hear me? Even if I think of only one thing?” Like how I want to rip this dress off you and fuck you all night long.

She narrowed her eyes and put her hands on either side of his face, obviously concentrating on him. The strain around her eyes eased and then she smiled. “Nothing. Why? What were you thinking?”

He answered her with another kiss. Her warm body molded against his again, and then she pulled her knees up on either side of him, making her skirt crawl up her thighs, bunching around his fingers. Without the fabric getting in her way, she wiggled on top of him, gasping when she grazed his cock.

She pulled away from his kiss, sitting up on him that time, and because of her new position, her hot sex hovered over the zipper of his slacks. “Oh god.” She closed her eyes and took tiny breaths.

He inched the material of her dress up farther, enjoying the view of the glorious, tan skin on the inside of her thighs. With his fingers holding firmly onto her hips, he rotated her body slowly while lifting up to meet each gyration. Her mouth fell open and a soft mewling noise spilled out. She dug her knees into the soft grass, tilting her hips down while he manipulated her body. She took a sharp breath in and then every muscle in her body clenched. The veins in her neck bulged, tempting him like nothing else had. A shuddering moan accompanied her exhale. Her face relaxed and her eyes opened.

She glanced at him and then looked away, her blush deeper than before. “I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I’ve never done this before. Any of this.” She started twisting away from him, trying to stand up, so he held her tighter and sat up, trapping her body against his.

“Don’t go. There’s nothing wrong with you.” He kissed her sweetly and rocked his hips against her.

She moaned again. “No one’s ever touched me like that.”

“Lucky me.” And then he did it again and again.

Sookie relaxed and then wrapped her arms around his neck. She started moving again, meeting each tilt of his hips with her own. She sucked his tongue into her mouth each time his cock rubbed against her damp panties. His fingers dug into her skin as his hips jerked. Euphoria spread through every cell of his body, followed immediately by her sounds of pleasure. They held onto each other tightly, riding out the wave of ecstasy.

And then Eric howled with pain, blurring his vision. The scent of burning flesh attacked his senses. Sookie screamed, but fell silent as her limp body hit the ground. Eric fought through the pain and lunged for her, but couldn’t move, held steady by whatever encircled his neck. Sookie’s name died on his lips as something knocked him unconscious.


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61 thoughts on “Worth It: Chapter 4

  1. mom2goalies says:

    Yes, I understand why you are hiding. I would too if I left a cliffie like that! Lol can’t wait for more.


  2. geenakmom says:

    What?! No!!! You can’t do that to us! Meanie 😦 lol

    This was wonderful. Eric got to explain himself and we got yummy zesty happy Funtime. 🙂

    My guess is Beehl is pissed that Sookie is with Eric so he’s taking out the competition and grabbing Sookie for himself.

    Do we really have to wait a WHOLE week? ;(


  3. gyllene says:

    No you didn’t! We can’t wait another week to find out what happened.


  4. valady1 says:

    You should hide,,they have a wonderful interlude and then wham! Hope you update again quickly..


  5. ericluver says:

    What a place to leave it! What’s happening? Is it the Rattrays? Bill?


  6. saldred75 says:

    let me guess, fairy kin?


  7. jroxraytech says:

    Damn it so mean! Lol!


  8. ozzo says:



  9. duckbutt60 says:

    Oh my! Bill? Andre? The Disco Triplets? The Fae? He didn’t even get a chance to enjoy his afterglow 😦


  10. lostinspace33 says:

    Oh no you did NOT end it like that!


  11. VictoryInTrouble says:

    This is so mean! But before the evil cliffy, it was great fun! Honestly, your replies are cracking me up, and now I am no longer mad. LOL. j/k 😉 I’m still mad…nooooo, I was never mad. Can’t wait for next week!


  12. theladykt says:

    Ack you evil cliffy dropper


    • LOL Sometimes a girl needs to write a cliffy, and you are the unfortunate lot that has to read it and end up wanting to punch me in the face. Thank goodness for the distance the internet provides! I’m not really partial to being hit in the face! Hopefully you’ll be happier with the next chapter. 🙂


  13. chileah says:

    Okay I love your stories but you just hurt Eric and took Sookie. WTF… Oh my gosh I really wasn’t prepared for that and now a whole week I have to wait to see if it was that fricking weasel Bill who did this to them. Oh my… This will be a long week.


    • I’m so sorry to do that to you…all part of writing a story readers want to read, right? 🙂 I will reassure you right now that every story I write has a HEA for Sookie and Eric, and this is no exception. You’ll just have to wait and see how they get it. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing, I hope you still love me!


  14. saintsfan022010 says:

    Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me. Really? You left it there? Just pure evil. I’m just sayin….


  15. FairytaleAmber says:

    I think you are sweet too! But not when you leave us in a cliffy. Mean and stuff! 😉
    Miss you! I can’t wait for next week!


    • LOL That’s the second time you’ve called me mean for that cliffy. 🙂 I am so totes hard mean and stuff. It’s how I roll. I hope you’re doing well and know how much I appreciate your help!!! Thanks again for all you do!


      • FairytaleAmber says:

        Eh, what can I say. Cliffys suck. But in your case they are worth all the stress because I know next Friday I’ll get another chapter. I’m an asshole you are awesome. I am dumb you are smart. You are very good looking, I am not attractive. *hugs*


      • You shut your mouth right now, or I’ll drive out to CA and force you to hang out with me until you do. 🙂 You are so awesome, adorable, and intelligent. 🙂 So just shush over there.


  16. shandiii says:

    What ever happened I bet Bill bloody Compton is right behind it, Great Chapter


  17. murgatroid98 says:

    Say what?! Things were going so well. Dang. I hope the next chapter isn’t far off.


    • I thought you deserved a little lemony goodness to balance the last paragraph. Nothing like writhing around in a cemetery with the Viking to get things moving in the right direction. 🙂 Don’t hate me. Please?


  18. YvonnAd says:

    OMG. Woman you are just pure evil. Why??????????? (Sorry to all my neighbors for waking them up. Mind you its pass 9 in the morning. People should be up by then already.)
    But would you leave it like that. Ok there better be a new chapter within 2 hours 😉.
    Wow that was good. So short. I need more. PLEASE.
    Stupid Beelll!!!!
    Be nice to your readers already and post the conclusion.
    Oh hey did you happen to see the finally of TB? I only saw bits of it. Yeah, my interest on it died long time ago. I’m somewhat happy the way they had Pam and Eric’s cha characters future mapped out. Kind of made sense. So I was ok with that. If I wasn’t following your story I would have been more upset. I base my S/E world around your stories than CH or TB.
    Till next chappy.


    • YvonnA, you know how flattered I am by your love and support. I REALLY hope you’ll forgive me for ending the chapter like that. It had to be done. I promise. I also hope you’ll still love me when I make you wait for the next one. I WILL post spoilers soon…to help get you through the week. LOL.

      Yep, I watched every bit of TB. What a train wreck. I almost walked away from it at the beginning of the season when Eric showed up with HepV, and then things got better. By the end, I couldn’t stand Sookie. Not one little bit. That’s why I can’t write TB fan fiction. I’m not a fan of TB Sookie. Plus, it’s difficult for me to separate CH canon from TB canon. Anyway, enough about that. 🙂

      Thanks for the love and the begging and the pleading. You know I’ll give you the HEA you want…you just have to wait for it. 🙂


      • YvonnAd says:

        Yay…will look forward to spoiler. Yeah totally agree. About S/B TB just because they’re a couple in real life. The show ended up revolving around them. Blah. When I’ve learned to let go of the TB characters then I’ll watch it from season 4 I guess. Then I won’t have to get upset when I watched it. Anyway I forgive you for making us wait (a little). I’m back on the workforce at a new place so it will be a busy week. Have a good one.


      • Yay to a new job! I hope it’s a good one. Sometimes they can suck worse than the old ones! I’m glad you forgive me for making you wait. Good things to those who wait, right? 🙂

        Now, about TB, the way I see it is that it’s Allen Ball’s very own fanfiction (with an HBO budget!). So, when fans loved Sookie and Bill together, he listened and tweaked the story, making Bill the star. When they loved Lafayette, he kept him alive and a part of every season. While I hate the way Sookie went (straight into Bill’s arms-who wasn’t portrayed as the villain he is!), I can’t hate the writers too much, because they were just giving the fans what they wanted. I’ll tell you this: I watched TB before I read the books. I watched 3 whole seasons before I was too anxious to wait for the next and turned to the books for more. And I have to say, I liked Sookie and Bill together in the first book. But by the second book it was clear Eric was the hero. Of course, by that time, the TB writers had already gone ahead with team S/B because its what the fans wanted, so Eric was just a convenient way to make a little drama in Sookie’s life. Nothing more. There was no way TB could follow the books since book Bill is awful and that doesn’t jive with his TB persona.

        Anyway. I’m rambling. 🙂 Just my thoughts on the show, which have helped me let go of my idea of what should have been.


  19. patsy1965 says:

    Oh. No. You. Didn’t. I can’t believe you left us hanging like that. Oh, wait, yes I can. 😉 Have mercy, smutty goodness, a bonk on the head, and a mystery. Who done it I wonder? Could it be… Bill? is it next week yet? patsy


    • Patsy, I am SO relieved you’re smiling over there, despite my horribly mean cliffy. I’ll help you out by posting a spoiler some time in the next few days. I just hope you’ll all forgive me eventually. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


  20. ashmo2000 says:

    How forward of dear Sookie 😉 obviously Eric had no complaints. That is until they were attacked either by Beehl or maybe drainers. Just when it was getting exciting for Sookie. And Eric too!


  21. hey, no no you can not do that… just write something like that and not finish 😦


    • Please don’t be sad! You know I’m going to give you a HEA…you just have to wait for it a little while. 🙂 Don’t worry, I’ll have more for you on Friday (and I’ll post a spoiler before then!). 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


  22. YvonnAd says:

    OMG….im really nervous about this new job. i’m keeping all fingers and toes cross. Well if it doesn’t work out. Find another one right?

    Any who….I basically was the same way about TB. I saw Sea1 & 2 (which the depicted Eric to be the villain) – which i hated him until he got his haircut. Sorry but it was true. Then I ended up reading the books. Then suddenly fell in love with E. Which I agree. CH made him the lead in her books until book 11….why why why.
    I guess if fans have read the books then they would have been a S/E but if they only saw TB….then Beeeeelllll their man (sad for them).
    Is it just me or is Alexander Skarsgard – over with the TB world. The man looks bored already.
    I’m just glad I bump into your site… so I’m neither CH or TB. .. But MSOFF — MySecretOFanFiction fan.
    Glad their all over just as long as your still writing.
    Thanks for the Rant…Y


    • I can’t stop writing, so I guess you’re set! 🙂 I’m flattered, BTW, by your love of my site!

      I have no idea what happened in the books. I stopped reading at the 11th book because I could see she was about to end their relationship. I have read some spoilers for rest of the books in the series, and every time I do, I’m glad I stopped when I did.

      Eric’s wig in season 1 was horrible! And yes! Askars seems totally done with TB. I’m sure he’s got other stuff in the works. Luckily for us! 🙂


  23. suzyq591suzy says:

    I wonder if that was Bill the asshole well I know I will find out when you run back with another chapter. 🙂


  24. askarsgirl says:

    Oh what an evil evil cliffie!!


  25. Loftin says:

    Damn you and your evil cliffies. Lol! Need more please…


  26. andrea says:

    There is something to be said about “late reading” in 2016… first of all : I don’t hate you for a cliff … I’m only a click away to find out who the usual suspect really is. And second, It’s so much fun to discover all of your stories in a row ! I really like your witty dialogues a lot, they are very entertaining … and your lemons are hot and spicy too. Thank you for all of it.


    • You’re going to make me blush over here! Thank you again for the lovely comments and shared thoughts about getting to binge-read everything on my site. I love it. Cliffies are terrible, and I’m totally guilty of using them frequently. Reading live stories are sucky for that reason. Good thing you found me now when I have ALL these stories just waiting for you. 🙂


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