Spoilers – Worth It: Chapter 2

Here’s a little something to get you through the day… I’ll post the full chapter tomorrow. 🙂


Eric’s POV

“Looks like you’ve got another visitor.” Pam nodded her head slightly to the edge of the stage where Bill Compton lingered.

Eric forced a smile. “Bill, what brings you to my area?”

“The old family homestead in Bon Temps. The last of my kin has recently died.” Bill looked at his nails briefly. “I thought it best to settle in. Mainstream.”

“Ah, mainstreaming.” Eric sighed. “Any other plans? Are you going to open a business, perhaps?”

“No, I’ll be plenty busy.” He pressed his thin lips together.

Eric frowned. Busy doing what? “I appreciate you checking in.”

“It’s only right, you are in charge up here, after all.” With his hands tucked behind his back, Bill strolled away.

“What was that all about?” Pam asked.

“I have no idea. He made it sound like he was doing me a favor by following protocol. As if he’d been given orders but went ahead and checked in anyway. I wonder who is controlling him.”

“Want me to follow him? Torture him until he tells me?” Pam’s eyes gleamed.

“Maybe,” Eric said as he watched Bill heading toward the exit. “He didn’t even get a drink.”


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