Stay: Chapter 1

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.


All mistakes are my own.


Sookie’s POV

The room was a scene from a horror film: blood pouring from open wounds, and people crying and holding onto their injuries. But it wasn’t a movie. It was real life. What had been a relatively nice party turned into a massacre in a split second.

Bombs will do that.

Sookie’s purse remained wedged in the couch where she’d been sitting only minutes before with Eric. Before she told everyone to hit the floor. Before she sucked a bullet out of Eric’s shoulder. And before she walked outside to look for Bill.

Screams rose from a patch of trees in the backyard. Someone was dying, slowly and painfully. She could hear his last thoughts, his regret for getting involved, and feel his sorrow for his family. Her stomach churned and her heart ached for him. Moments later, Bill sauntered toward her, rosy-cheeked.

It was too much.

Without a word to anyone, she walked out to her rental car and pulled away from the gruesome scene. The problem with being in an unfamiliar city was that she didn’t know where she was.

Sookie pulled into the well-lit parking lot of a library and got a map out of the glove box.

“Are you lost?”

Sookie screamed and clutched her chest. “Sweet Jesus, Eric, you scared me.”

He smiled as he apologized.

“What are you doing in my car?”

“I thought it best to get out of there before the police arrived. You were leaving, so I joined you.”

“You could’ve let me know.” Sookie swallowed hard. Her heart raced.

Eric looked away. “You might have said no.” He twisted his body. “The backseat is too narrow for my legs, do you mind if I join you?” He motioned to the passenger seat.

Too tired to care, she said, “Sure.”

Once Eric got seated next to her, she thrust the map into his hands. “Tell me how to get to the airport.”

Eric scoffed.

Sookie scowled at him. “If you’re going to ride with me, you can be my navigator. Otherwise, hit the road.” She pointed at the door.

Reluctantly, Eric took the map. “Take a left.”

They rode in silence for a few minutes and then Eric spoke, “He didn’t even check on you. To make sure you were safe.”

“I noticed that.” Her jaw clenched.

“You’re angry.”

“No shit, Sherlock.”

Eric tilted his head. “I can feel your anger. It just intensified. I’ve never experienced such a strong connection after one exchange.”

“You’re not helping the situation!” She hadn’t even thought about the fact that he’d be able to feel her moods now that she’d had his blood, no matter how miniscule the amount was.

“I saved you.”

Some of her anger dissipated. “Yes you did. I really appreciate it. Thank you for taking that bullet so I didn’t have to.”

“It would be a shame to ruin your perfect body.”

When she glanced at him he seemed to be drinking her in. “Stop looking at me like that.” Her pulse quickened. He’s not wearing a shirt. Look at the road. Don’t look at him again.

“Is that lust I can feel?”

She could hear the smile in his words. “No. Your radar must be off. I’m tired. It’s been a long night, Eric. I just want to get home.”

After another stretch of silence, Eric said, “I think you should stay with me. Just to be safe.”

“Safe from what? From who?” She shook her head.

“There are bad people in the world. You saw that tonight.”

“Yes, and I also saw my boyfriend do bad things. You have no room to talk.”

“Am I your boyfriend?” Eric’s eyebrows arched.

“No. I meant vampires. As a vampire, you have no room to talk about good and bad. I’m sure you’ve done plenty of bad things in your life.”

He nodded. “Oh yes,” he said, and then he added, “and plenty of good.”

She didn’t want to know. Luckily, signs for the airport started popping up overhead. She followed the arrows for rental car return, parked the car and got out. She tossed the keys on the seat since she didn’t have a better idea about what to do with the car Stan had provided for her.

Eric followed her through the parking structure, his pale skin rippling as he moved to his full height.

She swallowed hard. “You need a shirt.”

He looked down. “Do I?”

Sookie squeezed her eyes shut and nodded. “Yes.”

Eric shrugged, but once they got inside, he walked straight into one of the stores and bought a T-shirt. It had the words, DO IT IN DALLAS printed across the front. “Better?”

She was too tired to laugh. Leave it to Eric to find the only T-shirt with a sexual innuendo on it. “Not really.”

He pulled it over his head and smoothed it in place. The material stretched over the sculpted plane of his chest and strained across his biceps.

“Didn’t they have your size?” Skin-tight didn’t begin to explain how it hugged his body.

“It looks good to me.” He gave her a dazzling smile.

They walked up to the ticket counter together, but Eric spoke first. “Two tickets to Shreveport. First class.”

The woman behind the desk smiled at him and typed quickly. She thought the shirt looked good on him too. “We have a flight that leaves in an hour. Terminal B, Gate 13.”

Sookie nudged him. “I need to get back to Bon Temps, not Shreveport.”

Eric pulled his wallet out. “I’ll drive you.”

“Don’t you need to fly on Anubis Air?” Sookie whispered, desperately clinging to any reason why they shouldn’t fly together.

The woman looked up at him. “Sir?”

Eric shook his head. “We’ll be home well before sunrise.”

The woman swiped his credit card and after another minute handed him their tickets.

“I could’ve paid for my ticket.” Not first class, but still.

“That’s not the point.” Eric offered his arm. It would’ve been rude not to take it, so Sookie wrapped her arm around his and they walked to the terminal together. By the time they got to their gate, boarding had already begun. Eric escorted her onto the plane and into the first class section. It was the first time she’d been in front of the blue curtain.

Sookie sank into the wide chair and sighed. She was beyond tired, but couldn’t seem to get comfortable no matter how much she tried. She couldn’t lean her chair back until after takeoff.

As the plane finished loading, Eric leaned toward Sookie and said, “You can rest your head on me, if you like.” He patted his broad chest gently and lifted the armrest between their seats.

Too exhausted to worry about how it might look or what Eric might think, she leaned against him and closed her eyes.


Mmm, dreams of Eric. On to Stay: Chapter 2

74 thoughts on “Stay: Chapter 1

  1. ozzo says:



  2. padore says:

    Yeah! Another fix to a problematic area – if Bill really cared why did he run off and leave Sookie without knowing the extent of her injuries and then returned and became angry because she helped Eric. Another way of showing he was all in for the Queen. The part I did like in the book was when Eric cleaned the glass out of her arm – he always seemed to want to care and take care of her. So, are we returning to Maened/Orgy? How long are you going with this one? Love your updates!!


    • I think you and I have the same parts tagged in the books. All the same problems, all needing to be fixed. I’m going to take the story line and tweak it just enough to fill those two-three weeks where Bill is MIA. CH glances over that time in a page or so, but I’m turning it into several chapters. 🙂 I agree about Bill. Douchey move, for sure. Good thing Sookie’s got Eric. 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing!


  3. jroxraytech says:

    Love the first chapter. Cant wait for the aftef math to come down.


  4. Amber Taney says:

    So in love with naming feelings in the bond right from the start! I can’t wait for Bill’s bad times to start! *evil laugh*


    • Bill’s going to get his… and Sookie’s going to get hers. Hers will be significantly better than his. LOL I’m glad you’re loving a bond right away. Seemed like a good way to go for once! 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


  5. ericluver says:

    Great start. I was always angry at Bill for not seeming to care or even checking on her before he took off. Eric may have tricked her into taking his blood but he HAD just taken a bullet for her. Where was Bill? A-Hole!
    Hope Sookie doesn’t lump Eric in with Bill as she tended to do in the books. Looking forward to the next chapter. (How long is this story going to be? Any idea?) 🙂


    • I’ve got several chapters in the works, so you’ll have a while before I start posting/writing other stories. 🙂 I totally agree! Why in the hell did Bill care more about revenge than he did about his supposedly significant other? Eric was always the one taking care of her. There will be no lumping. It’s obvious Eric is different than Bill and my Sookie is smart enough to see the difference. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this story so far…thanks so much for reviewing!


  6. Toni says:

    Fantastic start …..!


  7. askarsgirl says:

    So happy that you have another story going already! And so far it’s a gem just like all the others 😃
    Can’t wait for more!


    • Aww, thanks! You flatter, and I appreciate it! I’m glad you’re with me for another story. This story had a lot of firsts in it for me, so I hope you all enjoy it! 🙂 Thank you for reviewing!


  8. lostinspace33 says:

    Love it!


  9. gyllene says:

    I’ll rest my head on you, Eric. Looking forward to seeing where you’re taking this story. 🙂


    • I think if I were Sookie I would probably take advantage of the situation and climb into his lap. She’s just been through an ordeal, so it wouldn’t be that weird, would it? Mmm Eric lap. 🙂 Thank you for reviewing!


      • gyllene says:

        If we were Sookie we’d be all over him. I’m so happy you’ve started a new story.


      • It happens every time I re-read one of the books. I find all the spots that need to be fixed…slowly but surely, I’m getting to them all. 🙂 Don’t worry, Sookie’s going to be all over him too… mostly by accident. 🙂 You’ll see.


      • gyllene says:

        After the last book which I didn’t read I don’t want to re-read the books. There are lots of places to fix. I started one recently. It starts when Eric comes to talk to her and she’s going on a date with Quinn. I just started it and I don’t know when it will be ready since I’m trying to finish up a one-shot and keep writing Lover’s Amnesia.


      • Never enough hours in the day, huh? 🙂 I had to stop reading after the 11th book. So depressing, and the love scenes were horrid. Yuk. There is a lot of work to do. Good thing we’re dedicated, right? 🙂


      • gyllene says:

        Yeah, I have a few that need fixing and then there’s the show. I need to think short like you do and not get overwhelmed. But you write good lemons and mine are not so good.


      • I’m sure that’s not true!! Lemons are always subjective, so as long as your readers like it, there’s nothing wrong, right? 🙂 Don’t get me started on TB. They wrote their own kind of FF, didn’t they? It’s hard to look at one little spot in the book, but I force myself to so I don’t get freaked out by the changes that will happen after. 🙂


      • gyllene says:

        Mine are more sweet and use your imagination. If I want good ones I have Virala write it for me. We make a good team.


      • I love team work!! 🙂 SeriousCrush and I write together too. 🙂


      • gyllene says:

        I don’t know any of her stories, but I rarely go looking for them anymore. I’ll have to check her out.


      • She stopped writing a while ago, but she still helps me when she can. 🙂


      • gyllene says:

        That’s nice. It’s always nice to have someone to run ideas by and get help from. I don’t know what I’d do without Virala.


      • I feel the same way! If I didn’t have someone to bounce ideas off of, I’d be kind of lost. 🙂


  10. geenakmom says:

    This was fantastic! Looking forward to more.


  11. mom2goalies says:

    Can’t wait for more of this story. Ok, who am I kidding, all of your stories are ‘can’t wait for more’ stories….


  12. Sound a like an excellent flight to me snuggled up with him, great chapter


  13. Adriana says:

    Yum. More please


  14. lugrand217 says:

    This is already off to a great start. Hmmmm… So far Eric took a bullet for Sookie and stayed while Bill was off “getting revenge”, then he tagged along to keep her safe but didn’t try to tell her why she was wrong – hopefully Sookie sees and appreciates the differences. I also hope she doesn’t automatically forgive Bill and make excuses for his behavior – that always drives me crazy.


  15. Yvonn Ad says:

    Ekkkk, ok i look like a total idiot reading this new story with a giddy smile plastered on my face…teehee.
    Love Eric’s choice of shirt.
    H-E-double hockey sticks YAY!!! Cant wait for next chapter.
    Thank you for the dedication….we really appreciate it.

    Btw…can there be traffic during flight, just so Sookie can have more nap time on Eric’s chest. But we wouldnt want to see daylight. Altho i know a few of us wouldnt mind if Bill would see daylight.

    Thanks again. I already know this will be an awesome read.


    • Yvonn, if you don’t have a ridiculous smile plastered on your face, I’m not doing my job. 🙂 I prefer Eric shirtless, but Do It In Dallas was my idea of a close runner up. 🙂 I think you’ll enjoy the next chapter. I’m glad you appreciate my dedication to writing, I’ve got to do something to make you happy, right? Thanks for reviewing, it was a pleasure, as always!


      • Yvonn Ad says:

        Hmmm either next chapter will be S/E hot hot hotness (sex on a plane just pop i my mind just now)…but thats probably another story. Or Bill is going to magically burn!!! Wink wink


      • Sex on a plane? I’ve already written that…chapter 4 of Getaway. 😉 There will be more snuggling…not so much burning. LOL I do hope you enjoy it!


  16. meridiean says:

    Yeah, you could tell JUST how concerned Bill was about her… Great start here!


    • Bill=Douche. Not much else to say about it. At least my Sookie had the presence of mind to leave his sorry ass behind. Stupid Bill. Don’t worry. Eric’s going to take very good care of her. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


  17. theladykt says:

    I already love it. Scumbill left behind as he should be.


  18. msbuffy says:

    Fabulous! Napping on Eric; the stuff of which dreams are made… Taking liberties with the quote aside, I think I have the same places marked in the book as well. Fix away! I already know I’m going to love this because you’re writing it, so I’m simply going to sit back & enjoy the ride. “Kill him a lot!” 🙂


    • LOL I’m seriously dying over here, laughing to myself like a crazy person. I think we probably have all the same spots marked in the book where we stopped reading and said, WTF? I will never understand why CH constantly ignored the best love story ever and shuffled Eric into the background. The napping will continue, just you wait and see. 🙂 Thank you so much for reviewing!


  19. northstackfan says:

    how the hell did he get in the carso fast? unless he followed her outside :). what about godric though


    • He followed her outside (adding a bit to canon), and in the books, Godfrey meets the sun before the party at Stan’s house, so he’s already gone… After Sookie sees Bill feeding (and his obvious lack of interest in her well-being) she is fed up and leaves. I’m just tweaking canon a bit and sending Eric with Sookie. 🙂


      • northstackfan says:

        never read the books and only saw small bits and pieces of the show till season 4. not that i needed to see much to know soookie should be with eric and that bill was the bad guy


      • You’ve got good intuition! That’s for sure. 🙂 The books are frustrating, to say the least, which gives me plenty of opportunities to play around. 🙂


  20. honulvr says:

    Yay! I always love your Sookie. She is just not as dumb or annoying as the booksook or tbsook turned out to be. So, instead of one of the most annoying Anna Paquin scenes ever (where she goes back to hotel with Bill and acts less nature than her character in the piano and the scene that started my slow burn of hate with TB writers for making the actors say those lines) you had Sookie leave and Eric gave her the means to go home. Yay, intelligent writing for the literate! Thank you! Love the start!


    • I absolutely love reading your reviews. I always feel like I’m doing something right when you gush all that ooey gooey love for me. 🙂 I’ve had this scene in the book tagged for years and just now got around to fixing it. Sookie is so mad at Bill in the books for weeks, and then nothing changes. Eric is a hell of a lot better and my Sookie is going to see that pretty damn quickly. 🙂 Thank YOU for the lovely review. I’m so glad you’re loving it so far!


  21. redjane12 says:

    Of course he got a DO IT IN DALLAS tee! Eric would never miss a chance of innuendo…


  22. murgatroid98 says:

    So, she’s probably still battered and bruised from Gabe’s attack, though the little bit of Eric’s blood she swallowed should have helped reduce it. We got a close up view of Bill’s behavior. I already like this a lot better than the original.


    • Gabe definitely banged her up a bit, and she will take some time to recover from that, but you’re right, Eric’s blood helped a bit. She’ll be shell-shocked from the bombing though, but luckily, Eric’s going to be very helpful. 🙂 Bill’s a douche bag and he’ll get what’s coming to him. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. That’s what I aim for! 🙂 Thank you so much for reviewing and sharing the love!


  23. luvvamps says:

    While reading the books, I always thought Bill was an abuser. Great start. Looking forward to more. Right the wrongs!


  24. Kim says:

    You continue to write good stuff, like I feel like am reading the correct version. You go girl.


  25. Loftin says:

    Eric is such a smooth operator. He was very sweet with her.


  26. andrea says:

    And so it begins …another great story of yours to enjoy !! Have to figure out how to get your ebooks loaded on my computer since there will be a day soon when I have read everything from your site. You have such a productive mind … good work, congrats.


    • Aww, thanks!! I loved writing Stay, and always thought CH should’ve helped Sookie after what happened.

      My e books are available through my publisher and also on Amazon. You can download them in lots of different formats and as long as you have an ebook reader (search for one, there are lots for free) you’ll be able to ‘bookmark’ the page you’re reading, make notes, or other things. It’s pretty easy to navigate once you get used to it. 🙂 Also, I REALLY appreciate your excitement for my writing and I’m happy you found me!


  27. Teresa says:

    My lucky evening! Somehow I have never read this before and am so squee excited!
    gin and tonic – check!
    veggie straws – check!
    wee doggie keeping my company on the sofa – check!


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