Mr. January: Part 1

Charlaine Harris owns everything. I own the rest.

A big thanks to SeriousCrush and Laurie for helping me polish this story. I love you both and I’m lucky to have two wonderful friends who help me! 🙂

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I don’t like unresolved conflict, and CH’s books are chock-o-block full of it. Here is one more attempt to make things right in the Eric/Sookie universe.

Let’s assume for a minute that at the end of Dead as a Doornail, Eric doesn’t disappear from Sookie’s life. Let’s also assume that Quinn never comes to see her (they don’t go out or get involved … nothing). I’m hijacking the storyline somewhere between Dead as a Doornail and Definitely Dead. Spoilers from Dead to Worse.



Mr. January: Part 1


It had been three weeks since Charles Twining had died. It had also been three weeks since she’d seen Eric.

Her house was back to normal, more or less, after the renovations. The kitchen still took some getting used to, but other than the newness, it felt like home. She had the day and night off, and for the first time in months, Sookie spent hours working in the yard. Gran’s flowerbeds had been sadly neglected through the winter, but as spring approached, Sookie took advantage of every minute of sunshine to return it to its former glory. Although it was still February, she had been in her bikini all day. The sun had set an hour ago, but the floodlights from the back of the house illuminated the area around her well enough to finish the work she’d started.

On her hands and knees, she grunted with effort as she made a hole in the dirt for the last yellow pansies still contained by a flimsy plastic pot. A few minutes later, she patted a little hill around the cheery flowers.

“Are you thirsty?” she said to the tiny plant. Rocking on her heels, she pushed back, grabbing the watering can as she stood. That’s when she noticed him.

Eric was leaning against her back porch, an envelope tucked under his arm.

“Jesus Christ!” Sookie screeched, clutching at her nearly exposed chest. She swallowed hard, forcing her heart back down her throat.

“Don’t stop on account of me. I was enjoying the show.” He waggled his eyebrows.

Sookie rolled her eyes. “What are you doing here? Trying to scare me?” He had stopped by Merlotte’s weeks ago and she hadn’t heard a peep from him, and now he was standing outside her house.

He tilted his head as she pushed past him to get water from the sink inside. He waited silently while she filled the container, returned to the freshly turned soil, watered the plants, and tucked the watering can inside the shed behind her house.

“Well?” She dusted her hands together, attempting to remove some of the dirt still clinging to her skin. Her knees were in much worse shape.

Eric shook his head. “I’m at a loss for words. I wasn’t even sure you’d be home.” His eyes raked up her body slowly. “I need to visit you more often while you’re gardening.”

Sookie’s cheeks burned, but all she could do was shrug. He’d seen her in a hell of a lot less. Deciding that directness was her best chance of finding out why he was there, she walked up to him and put her hands on her hips, the residue of dirt rough against her soft skin. That close, she could easily see the growing bulge in his pants. She was all too familiar with that part of his anatomy. It really was a shame he didn’t remember. “Eric. Why are you here?”

He smiled, revealing his long white fangs. “Oh yes. I have something to show you. Can we go inside?” He held up the envelope, and she noticed the corners were a little bent.

Sookie frowned. “I didn’t hear you drive up. Did you fly?”

He nodded.

Well, that explained the state of the paper and his disheveled hair. She had to resist the temptation to push it out of his face. She took a deep breath. “Sure. Come on in.”

It had been weeks since she’d been embroiled in vampire drama. Surely she was due. She braced herself as Eric sat at her table, assuming he would start discussing some new business venture or another. But he sat quietly, apparently waiting for her to sit with him.

Good, he can wait. Sookie smiled at him and turned to the fridge, rummaging through the shelves for something to eat.

Sookie peeked at him under her arm when he cleared his throat. “I like your new … fridge.” He was staring at her ass.

Sookie stifled a laugh and put her face back into the fridge, cooling her heated skin. She grinned. It had been difficult, to say the least, trying to forget about her time with him. It was oddly satisfying to know he still wanted her. The bikini was definitely helping. “Thanks. Can I get you a blood?” She touched a bottle, waiting for him to answer.


“I’ve been outside for hours. I’m starving.”

Eric didn’t answer, and when she glanced at him again, his glazed eyes were still glued to her ass.

With a sandwich in one hand, and a bottle of blood in the other, she finally joined him at the table.

He blinked several times and had to clear his throat again before he could thank her.

They sat quietly while Sookie ate. She kept her eyes down and only the sound of him emptying the bottle in long swallows interrupted the silence. Sookie smiled nervously. That time, when she looked at him, his eyes were on her breasts. His fangs were still fully descended, visible as bumps under his lips. I bet he’s got a big ol’ bump somewhere else. Sookie squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. Get your mind out of the gutter!

His eyes shifted up to meet hers and she swallowed hard, forcing the last bite of sandwich down. Her face contorted with pain when it got stuck, and only after drinking all of her water was she comfortable. Relatively speaking. The tension between them was thick enough to taste.

“So, what’s in the envelope?” she asked, cutting to the chase.

Eric smiled again, dazzling white and terrifying. “Proofs.”

She frowned. “Proofs?”

“Fangtasia’s Vampire Hunks.” His fingers played with the clasp, but he didn’t open it.

“Right, I remember you mentioned something about that.” Her heart raced. He said he was Mr. January. “So you flew out here to…”

“Ask you which one you like the most. We had a very long shoot.”

Sookie’s heart threatened to jump out of her chest.

“Pam cast her vote.”

“And you want my opinion?” She gulped when his thumb and finger squeezed the piece of metal holding the paper closed.

He nodded and then pulled out several sheets of glossy paper. Five, to be exact. Five, eight by ten pictures of Eric. Nude.

“Oh,” Sookie said, hoping he wouldn’t hear her, but of course, he did. She pushed her plate and cup out of the way. Heat spread through her entire body as he arranged the pictures in front of her.

As blandly as if he were talking about going grocery shopping, he began explaining the photo shoot. “First, the photographer had me on the bed,” he said as he pointed to the top row of pictures: in one, he was on his stomach, his lower back arched and his ass raised off the bed, creating a shadow under him, another he was turned to his side, a hint of a white fur robe peeked out from under his body, and the third, he was propped on one elbow with his fingers digging into the white fur.

“Uh huh,” Sookie said, nodding numbly.

“But I thought this was better.” He tapped on the picture where he was standing in front of the bed. Giant glittering snowflakes hung behind him, sparkling in the picture. A light trail of dark blond hair pointed south of his navel. The last picture was a slight variation of the standing one, but he was facing the camera more directly, hiding his ass.

Sookie licked her lips. Her glass was empty. I need a drink. She pushed away from the table, filled her glass, and drank it as slowly as possible, hoping it would give her heart enough time to calm down. It didn’t work.

When she returned to the table, Eric looked up expectantly. “Well?”

She smiled. “This one. You look,” she paused, thinking about what to say next. Delicious. Fabulous. Stunning. Amazing. Like a god. Like you need to bend me over this table and remind me how talented you are. She chuckled and finally said, “good.”

“You and I have similar taste.” He stared at the picture objectively and then put it back on top of the pile. “Pam voted for this one,” he pulled out the one on his stomach.

“I like that one too.” Because you can see your world-class ass. “But I like this one better.”

“It’s decided.” Another dazzling smile. “These are all for you to keep.” His eyes bored into hers, making her mouth go dry.

She needed a shower, and not because her knees were crusted with dirt. She needed a cold shower. A nervous smile spread across her face. “Do you mind if I shower? I’m getting dirt all over the floor,” she added after noticing the dirty footprints she’d left when she’d filled the watering can.

Not waiting for him to answer, she left the kitchen and got into the shower, rinsing the dirt off her bikini and skin. After a few minutes, she wondered if he’d bothered to stick around after her abrupt departure. She closed her eyes and opened her mind, finding his blank spot moments later, still inside her house. She sighed. She couldn’t stay in the shower forever, no matter how desperately she wanted to avoid seeing more pictures of Eric naked. At least not with him around.

Leaving her bikini dripping from the showerhead, she wrapped her body in a robe and opened the door. Eric was sitting on her bed, his face buried in his hands.

“Sitting here on your bed, smelling your scent,” he inhaled. “Sookie … I remember everything.”

“Oh.” She knew it would happen sooner or later, and seeing as how she already told him everything anyway, it didn’t seem to matter much.

“I can’t believe I…” His eyes sparkled. “I was so happy. It had been centuries since I’d been that content.”

That was news. He had seemed happy, but it was strange that he would remember that before everything else. “You were so sweet,” Sookie said and couldn’t help a smile that turned up the corners of her mouth.

“I wanted to stay with you forever. I wanted to marry you.” His mouth hung open.

“Yeah, you mentioned that.” Sookie sat on the bed next to him, finding it easier than trying to look at him.

“I was so scared.” His voice took on a hard edge. She was sure it was the hardest memory to stomach. “Before the battle with the witches, and then after when I thought you’d left me.”

Sookie’s eyes met his finally. “I didn’t want to leave you, but I knew everything would be different. I was going to lose you.”

“I held you that night. Our last night together.”

Tears wetted her eyelashes. “I didn’t want to let you go. I was an idiot. I should’ve been more selfish and turned my car around and hidden you forever.” She took his hand in hers. “Believe me, Eric, I wanted nothing more than a sweet little domestic life with you, but…”

“What?” His forehead furrowed and his eyes locked on hers.

“It was a lie. It wasn’t you. It wasn’t you who loved me. It wasn’t you who held me. It wasn’t you who kissed every inch of my body and made me feel things I didn’t think were possible.” She shook her head. “Sure, we got along, and I enjoyed your company, and you listened to me when I talked, and wanted to make my life easier, but it wasn’t you.”

Eric nodded. “Yes it was. That is who I am at my core, stripped of all the sarcasm, bitterness, and years of anger. My raw emotions, ones I never acknowledge, somehow came to the surface, pushing the others down.”

Sookie sniffed and dabbed at her eyes. It was too good to be true.

“And the sex…” He took a deep unnecessary breath. “It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

“You and me both,” Sookie added in a whisper, which of course he heard.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and now…” His fingers slid onto her knee, caressing the exposed flesh. “Now I know how good it was, I will never stop.”

“Never stop what?” She was almost afraid to ask.

“I will never stop until you’re mine.” His other hand came up to her cheek, cradling her face.


Want more? On to Mr. January: Part 2

84 thoughts on “Mr. January: Part 1

  1. gyllene says:

    I like the way you’re resolving this. Definitely the way it should of happened. It made me cry. I can’t wait to read the next chapter


  2. Amber Taney says:

    So in love with your story! Anyone else feel like CH ruined the potential for a fabulous series? I can’t wait to read the way it should have been! Eeeeeeeeccckkk!


    • LOL Thanks Amber, for the excited noises and love for my story! 🙂 I think CH missed a lot of opportunities to have a fabulous series, which is why I write. 🙂 Thank you so much for reviewing!


  3. lostinspace33 says:

    Was this posted somewhere before now? ‘Cause I could swear I’ve already read this chapter. Either that or I just experienced a severe case of deja vu! But regardless, I absolutely loved it! Just imagining those photos almost makes me need a cold shower, too! 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next installment!


    • LOL I posted a spoiler a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure that’s what you’re remembering (but it was only a few paragraphs). I haven’t posted it anywhere but here. I’m so glad you loved it! The pictures are burned into my brain for sure too! Thanks so much for reviewing and I’ll post the next chapter soon! 🙂


  4. ericluver says:

    How it should have gone if Sookie (and maybe Eric too) weren’t too chicken-shit to talk it out like adults *rolls eyes* 🙂


    • Mm hmm. No talking like adults in the books…or making decisions for yourself, or being an active participant in your life. I’m all about people knowing what they want and then working for it. Everything just happens to Sookie, the perpetual victim. Not here though…hot sex comes from willing people. Right? 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


  5. ozzo says:

    MEAN!!! giggling!


    • What? I’m not killing you? I was SO waiting for you to write that. 🙂 I know…it was a little mean. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m a jerk. 🙂 Maybe I’ll post a little spoiler for you to keep you going…

      Thanks for reviewing!


  6. padore says:

    Hallelujah! The way it should have have gone! I just never understand why Sookie was so adamant that Eric not be told what happened. I thought that was unfair – it was his life and he deserved to know what he did or didn’t do or how he felt! I also thought that the bits she told him (in order for his assistance with Mickey) was for shock value. I don’t know – I am like you – I like everything tied up with a nice little smutty bow! LOL Check FF PM’s…sent you a message! 🙂


    • Book Sookie is an idiot, that’s why. A victim who never makes choices for herself, therefore has no consequences. It’s very easy for her to only think of herself. I agree, Eric should’ve known (not to be shocked, but to be told the truth. I mean, come on, why would he hold Debbie’s murder over her head? He’s a vampire!). I’m all about tying everything up in a tidy smutty bow, and I’m glad you’re like me. Makes me feel all warm and tingly. I’ll check my FF pms soon!


  7. duckbutt60 says:

    Hot, sweet and so sexy! And you cut to the chase whereas CH dragged out the angst throughout too many books….


    • No kidding! I kept trying to find the part where he remembers, reading through book after book and finally finding it, four books later. Lame. Honestly, how could he spend so much time so intimately with her and NOT stop by for a visit in all that time? The problem with her books is that there’s so much action you kind of forget the important stuff. It’s disappointing, but it sure keeps you turning the pages. I’m never satisfied when I read her books, just anxious.

      Wow, sorry for that ramble…I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I aim to please! Thanks for reviewing, Pat! 🙂


  8. meridiean says:

    I know! I know! I know what happens next!! Mr. C shows up with Niall and Sookie has to stop Mr C from killing Niall when Niall confesses to having had an affair with Mr. C’s third ex-wife while they were still married but Bill stops by because “he heard a noise” (translation: his bugs in Sookie’s house all shorted out because of the shield Niall erected to keep Mr. C from attacking him) and Eric kills Bill just because he was pissed off one too many times with his ugly-ass’d hair cut.

    That’s what happens, right??? 😉


    • padore says:

      LOL That was hilarious!!


    • I’m still laughing out loud… that is the BEST story ever!!! Nothing like complicated interrogations to interrupt Sookie and Eric. Hang on a sec, I need to go do some re-writes. 🙂

      Thanks for reviewing and making me giggle.


      • meridiean says:

        Lol, glad you liked it – everyone needs a good laugh!! 😀


      • Oh yes. A very good laugh. 🙂 I’ve been working my guts out in my garden today, so I really needed it!


      • meridiean says:

        Oh you lucky thing! But just think about how much you’re getting done (and not about how sore you’ll be tomorrow)!!


      • Shhh, don’t talk about my soreness yet…it’s already starting to creep in! I got ostrich ferns, lily of the valley, hostas, bleeding hearts, columbines, and three varieties of some sort of blooming thing I can’t remember the name of, all planted! Dozens of beautiful things are going to grow…if I can just keep my dogs from trampling them! Oh, and we also got our new honey bees today (our other girls swarmed and left their hive 😦 Who knows why?), so there’s been tons of excitement around my house today. 🙂


      • meridiean says:

        I publicly and heartily BEGRUDGE you your lily of the valley…you are SO lucky!!! They’re my favorite!! Columbines and bleeding hearts rock, too! (Would scattering orange and lemon peels – anything citrus – near the newly-planted spots help “dissuade” the dogs from that area?)

        Aww, man, and you’re keeping company with bees, too?? That’s awesome!! Hate the old Queen picked up her skirts and flounced off, but it was just time for them to visit other flowers, I guess. Do hope this new hive unpacks the dishes and stays. It sounds like you have had a FANTASTIC day!!!!


      • I absolutely love Lily of the Valley and have no idea why I’ve waited all these years to plant them outside my house. 🙂 I’m not worried about the plants once they get established, it’s just for the next week or so. So far so good…dogs are behaving nicely. 🙂

        We’ve kept bees for 3 years now, but now we get to start over with new girls. I guess we’re lucky the first ones stayed as long as they did. A lot of our beekeeping friends haven’t been so lucky (having to replace them every year!). They’re making themselves at home and are working hard to build new comb. I just love them so much. My whole family does. 🙂 It was a very good day!


      • meridiean says:

        Bees are so awesome! My grandfather and my dad kept bees, and my dad was/is (I don’t guess it goes away?) a bee whisperer. He could do whatever he wanted to their boxes or work around them all he wanted and never once got stung. (I didn’t exactly inherit that gift…)

        I do hope this lot chooses to stay. You’re so lucky to have them! (Can you can feed them w/ pure, natural, unbleached sugar – if you can FIND some – mixed with water to help them establish their new home? They might give you wee teeny hi-fives for the treat…!) 😀

        Funny story: I was on a dig in the Israeli desert, and somewhere nearby was a bee colony, and they’d descend en mass on us when we’d break for “2nd breakfast”, so we got bright and started setting out blobs of jelly and splashes of jungle juice (think overly-sweetened Kool-Aid mixed with Gatorade) on plates for them at each end of the tables. Oddly, even though we had to rescue quite a few of them from drowning in our glasses (before we got bright by offering them their OWN portion), no one EVER got stung. THAT was the amazing part, lol!


      • What an amazing story! Bees are pretty opportunistic when it comes to sugar, so we always share like that too. 🙂 We always make their sugar water with raw sugar and honey b healthy (which smells divine!). We also never take their honey, since I mainly want them to pollinate my yard. I really hope they stay here…

        My husband gets stung frequently, but never gets swollen from it. I’ve only been stung once, and that was a fluke, but it hurt like hell. He’s more a whisperer than I am, and gets right in there all the time and they only bother him when they’re hot.

        So when you say you were on a dig, do you mean to say you’re an archeologist? I’m going to die of jealousy if you say yes…


      • meridiean says:

        Lol, if AMATEUR (wanna-be) archaeologist counts, 😀 I love just plain digging in the dirt – have since I was a kid. My poor yard…my poor mama…
        I’ve had some amazing times, but then jobs/caring for parents/pets nixed future trips but that’s ok. I got to play in the Israeli desert!! *happy grin* (We had gotten down to 8th and 7th C BC before the dig ended…SOOO exciting!!)


      • I can’t imagine how amazing that must’ve been! There’s so much history in those layers of the desert!!! Some of my favorite camping places in the deserts of Utah are the same way, you’re walking along and you bump into petroglyphs and granaries. It’s so cool! Amateur or not, it seems pretty damn cool to me. 🙂


      • meridiean says:

        If nothing else, I loved how “just plain OLD” the desert there smelled. Seriously, you could smell the age on the wind.


      • That’s so crazy! I can’t even begin to imagine. I guess I should go sniff it in person. 🙂


      • meridiean says:

        😀 You should!!! 😀


      • I know! It’s on my list, believe me. 🙂 My list is rather large… but it’s on there!


      • meridiean says:

        I totally understand – the older I get, the longer the list! And by “longer” I’m thinking “NeverEnding story”…


      • Great, now I have that song stuck in my head! I suddenly have the urge to shout Atreyu!

        I agree. My list keeps getting longer too, but I’m not at a place right now where I can travel, so I just write about it instead. 🙂


      • meridiean says:

        *mission accomplished* Ugh, me, too, but at least we CAN read and write about grand romantic adventures! 😀


      • I’ll get my chance to travel, I just know it! 🙂 I guess I should start saving now!


      • meridiean says:

        *peeps over at the economy* Good luck with that… 😀


      • Thanks for that vote of confidence. 🙂 I’ll make it happen, somehow! 🙂


  9. askarsgirl says:

    Oh I love this! Sookie might as well just yield right now, you can’t say no to a determined Viking 😉


  10. Mmmm *contented sigh* that’s how it’s supposed to be. So sweet and sexy.


  11. ashmo2000 says:

    He remembers and it must be a huge weight off Sookie’s shoulders knowing everything they felt was real. Eric must be relieved too finally remembering what happened that week and that it was good things until he remembers Debbie Pelt and what she tried to do.


    • Yep, everything’s square now. In my opinion, Eric wouldn’t care about Debbie (or her murder). It was self-defense and there’s nothing they could’ve done differently. Now they get to remember the good parts. 🙂


  12. valady1 says:

    Charlaine who? This is how his revelation of recovering his memories should have been written. (and can I saw amen to the pictures of Mr January?).


    • Why have him reveal his memories during the NV takeover? It makes no sense. Mmmm, Mr. January is going to have a good time remembering with Sookie. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reviewing!


  13. sluggysmom says:



  14. redjane12 says:

    Excellent… Like they say… a picture… a 1000 words and all that… So five pictures… That cliffhanger… yep, not too hard to guess right? some resistance, some more snarky pushing, battle of the wills and such, then bam! Viking-fest till dawn. Or something like that… Can’t wait!


    • I’m not sure there’s going to be much resistance (at least I don’t think so), or pushing, or battling…just giving in. It’s so nice to give in once in a while, isn’t it? 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


  15. itskiniki says:

    I LOVE what if stories! Can’t wait for more…please! 😀


  16. msbuffy says:

    Loved it! Far surpasses the original in every way! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks for such an exciting start!


  17. Kim S says:

    Lucky Sookie


  18. loveroferic says:

    Want more please, soon
    Thanks for sharing


  19. Love it, I know four books before he remembers and she treats him horribly, sookie in the books and show is a horribly written female lead, she is always a victim no matter how much she proclaims she’ll take charge. Love the new story.


    • I know! I hate victim Sookie. There’s nothing more defeating than a woman like that! This is just a little 2 part story, but don’t worry…there’s more stories coming. 🙂 Thank you so much for reviewing! 🙂


  20. murgatroid98 says:

    I love this. I didn’t see an update on my email from this site. FF wouldn’t let me review. I guess it’s glitched again. Anyway, I love this. I wish this had happened in the books. On the other hand, I love how you did it. I’m really looking for more.


    • What? Why are you not getting updates from here? And why is FF being a jerk and not letting you review? Lame. Both of those things are lame!

      I’m so glad you loved this! I don’t know how CH can casually throw around ‘Fangtasia’s Vampire Hunks Calendar’ and not develop it further! I am ALL over that action. There’s more coming… Sorry again about the lame technology glitches. I hate when that happens. Thanks for reviewing here!


  21. Yvonn Ad says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! Why do i have to wait…. This is soooooo good.
    Ok first of all, all your chapters have HEART.. But this one is really heartwarming. And the cliffhanger (lets just say that my hubby is going to thank you tomorrow) ;))
    You really know how to give quality.


    • Thanks YvonnA! I always look forward to your reviews! 🙂 The next chapter is going to be bed-warming instead of heart warming. I hope that’s okay with you. 🙂 I’m sure your husband is going to be very happy when you’re done. LOL I’m so glad you enjoyed it, I am so happy to hear it!


  22. jules3677 says:

    Just for reader satisfaction … maybe you can put a calendar together. Just for reader satisfaction. ( 🙂 ) Like that you have written a more open Sookie who isn’t so embarrassed with sexual ideas. It is wonderful that Eric has remembered too. Looking forward to reading where you go with this story.


    • I think it would be an important scientific pursuit…that calendar would make loads of money too…at least in all our houses! 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the first part. I never understood why it took Eric so long to remember in the books. So lame. Just another thing I had to fix. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


  23. Cheryl says:

    Oh my! Can’t wait tto read more!


  24. theladykt says:

    oooh yummy start. I’d love to see those pics.


  25. geenakmom says:

    I’m so glad your fixing CH’s mess up. This was PERFECTION!

    I find it funny he was watching her garden but she was bent over in a bikini. 🙂 Then he reveals yummy photos of himself. They both were all hot and bothered, lol.

    Loved how his first memory is how happy he was and then how he wanted to marry her. Sookie telling him how sweet he was and how she believed it wasn’t all him but Eric convincing her it was his core being, pure genius.

    Why oh why couldn’t this be canon.


    • Because CH hates us. That’s all there is to it! I can’t think of another reason why an author would create two people so perfectly suited for each other and then throw away every opportunity for them to be together! Seriously? She goes back to Bill time and time again, but Eric isn’t her type? Why? Because he’s honest, kind, supportive, funny, and hotter than hell? Yep. That must be it. 😉

      Whenever I re-read one of her books I find all kinds of spots to ‘fix’ because I’m just not satisfied with how things go. I’m glad you’re along for the ride and enjoy my version of things. I hope you like Part 2 even more! 😉


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