Take Me Now, You Big Viking!

I posted Part 1 a couple of years ago, and just now found inspiration to write Part 2 (thanks Padore and mistressjessica1028). So it’s half old and half new, but you have to wait for the new part until I’m done with edits. 🙂


Take Me Now, You Big Viking! Part 1

This is what should’ve happened after Sookie and Eric are attacked by a mysterious Were in chapter 5 of From Dead To Worse. Sookie comes to her senses and helps Eric recover from the gunshot he endured protecting her. She does more than heal him.



Sookie gave Eric a taste and it’s not enough. He needs more, but Sookie won’t talk to him. After giving her a little time to cool off, he’ll make her an offer she can’t refuse.

Take Me Now, You Big Viking! Part 2

Askars bathtub

20 thoughts on “Take Me Now, You Big Viking!

  1. padore says:

    In the tsunami tub of love – love that picture! SOOOOO excited!!!


    • LOL I figured you’d be excited. 🙂 I hope it doesn’t disappoint…you’ve been waiting a long time for part 2. 🙂


      • padore says:

        I looked back at our comments/conversation and I asked you to continue this story on July 3, 2012 – see, good things come to those who wait!!! I can’t imagine I will be disappointed – will your story contain one certain Viking? Winner, Winner, fangs and dinner! lol


      • LOL you have been VERY patient! It will not only contain a certain Viking, it will be told in his pov. 🙂 Everyone wins. 🙂


  2. Oh I am so happy I found that picture. 🙂


  3. meridiean says:

    ***checks watch***


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