Sookie’s Present: Chapter 11

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest. Thank you, SeriousCrush. I love you more than words can say.

This chapter is NSFW.


Chapter 11: It Was Always You


Sookie’s POV:


Sun was pouring through the window when a clatter woke Sookie.

A new nurse had dropped Sookie’s breakfast on the floor. She was young and inexperienced, and was terrified of being fired.

Sookie smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m going home soon. My Gran makes the best biscuits in Louisiana, so it’d be a real shame to fill up on bright green gelatin.”

The nurse laughed and thanked her, and then bent over the IV and the machine next to Sookie’s bed to check her vitals.

Sookie looked at the pillow next to her and found a note. A smile spread from ear to ear.

See you tonight. Eric.

She grinned. She was going to have to give him a hard time about leaving a note.

“Your fever is gone.” The nurse frowned as she looked at her chart. “It says here you have a fractured arm and broken collarbone.”

Sookie remember just in time that she should be wearing a sling, and let the nurse help her back into it. “It was itchy,” she said sheepishly.

Gran and Jason showed up a few minutes later. “Wow! You look a thousand times better!” Jason got really close to her.

“Geez, what did I look like yesterday?” Sookie laughed.

“Like shit.” Jason covered his mouth and let his gaze drop. “Sorry Gran.”

Gran tapped his arm. “Well, don’t just stand there, let’s get Sookie home.”

On their way out of the hospital, the woman behind the desk in the billing department called out to Sookie.

Sookie groaned. She had no idea how she was going to pay for a four-day stay.

“Sign right here Miss Stackhouse.” The woman thrust a clipboard toward her. “It’s just a technicality, but I like to have all my forms signed.”

Sookie scanned the form and her eyes bugged out. The balance was zero. “Who paid this?”

The woman smiled. “Real tall. Blond. Handsome.” Her eyes got a faraway look.

“Thank you.” Sookie signed her name. It was just another thing to thank Eric for.

When they got outside, Jason let out a low whistle. “You’ve got rich friends.”

Sookie nodded. Eric had gone above and beyond the status of friends. She thought about how she was going to thank him all the way home.

Jason helped Sookie inside while Gran arranged the flowers on the kitchen table.

“You must be starved. How about I make you some biscuits and eggs for breakfast?” Gran’s eyebrows rose in a hopeful arch.

“Mm. Sounds great!” Jason pulled up a chair at the table.

Gran put her hand on her hip. “I was talking to your sister.”

Jason shrugged, making Sookie and Gran laugh.

While they ate, Sookie decided to tell them about Bill so they would know things were through between them. Without giving away too much secret vampire stuff, Sookie explained how he had used her and let her get hurt so he could act like a hero. She fought to keep her anger in check.

Gran clicked her tongue and held Sookie’s hand across the table. “I’m sorry, honey. I thought he was a good one. The ladies at the meeting were sure impressed with him.”

“So was I.” She’d been a fool.

“Who’s the tall blond guy the lady at the hospital was talking about?” Jason was frowning.

“His name is Eric. Gran, do you remember?”

“The nice young man who carried our luggage for us?”

“Yep. He’s a good guy after all.” Her cheeks burned. She had everything backward. “He’s the one who called the police the night Rene attacked me. But he didn’t stay. He didn’t want to get involved in the case, being a vampire and all,” she added hoping to sound casual.

Jason mulled over her words for a few seconds and then nodded when his final decision was made. “Vamp or not, he’s all right in my books if he saved you.”

“You can meet him if you like. He’s coming to see me tonight.”

Jason couldn’t resist the temptation to meet another vampire, so he stayed around the house, helping Gran with odd jobs while Sookie rested. It was hard to sleep while Jason was hammering and sawing wood, but knowing the back door would be able to be locked again was worth the headache.

In the late afternoon, Sookie took a bath. The noise around the house was slightly muffled in the bathroom, which made it the perfect choice. Gran offered to help her in and out of the tub, but she assured her that she would be fine.

By the time Sookie got out of the tub, the sun had gone down and Gran was busy in the kitchen making dinner. Warm and relaxed from her long bath, Sookie dressed leisurely, wrapping herself in a soft dress that tied around her waist. She brushed her hair and examined the faint bruise across the bridge of her nose. The ugly purple mark was nothing compared to how she’d looked before Eric came to see her. Most of her wounds had healed, and given enough time, she would be back to herself. Reluctantly, she pulled the sling back over her elbow and joined her family at the kitchen table.

“Gran, you’ve outdone yourself. This chicken is amazing!” Sookie had been longing for decent food for days.

A blush crept into Gran’s wrinkled cheeks. “I’m glad you like it. Now eat up. You need your strength if you’re going to recover.”

When Sookie took her last bite, someone knocked on the front door. She smiled and pushed away from the table. “I’ll get it.”

Eric stood on her front porch, his hair gleaming in the soft light overhead. His T-shirt and jeans clung to his body and made her pulse race.

“Hi,” she finally managed to say.

“You look well.”

“I feel much better. I slept very well last night.” A smile spread across her face. “Thank you for leaving me a note. I didn’t think you did that kind of thing.”

“I didn’t want you to worry.”

“It was very nice. Almost as nice as you taking care of my hospital bill. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to repay you.”

“Consider it payment for your work with the Long Shadow situation.” Eric nodded.

“I’ve made up my mind. About the queen.” Sookie locked her eyes on his. “I’d like to take her offer.”

Eric’s shoulders relaxed. “She will be very pleased. I’ll set up a meeting.”

She held her hand out to him. “Speaking of meetings, my brother would like to meet you.”

Eric put his hand in hers, sending a flood of heat through her body. They were still holding hands when Sookie walked into the kitchen. Gran and Jason were talking quietly. Jason stood, but not knowing how to greet him, he nodded. Sookie winked at him, making Jason smile with relief.

Eric greeted Gran, “Mrs. Stackhouse, always a pleasure.”

“Eric, it’s kind of you to stop by and check on Sookie!” Gran smiled warmly as she bustled around the kitchen, tidying the table as she did after every meal.

“So, Eric, what do you do?” Jason tried to lean casually on the wall, but he just seemed uncomfortable.

“I run a few businesses in Shreveport.” Eric smiled politely. “And you?”

“Construction.” Jason nodded and glanced at Gran. “So, Gran, did you want me to take you to your meeting?”

“Meeting?” Sookie frowned.

“Wednesday is my crochet night, you know that! Unless of course you would like to me to stay home and keep you company.” Gran looked at their hands. “Although it seems to me that you’re in good hands.”

Sookie smiled. “I’ll be fine.”

Gran smiled and touched Eric’s arm on her way past. “Lovely to see you again, Eric.

Eric smiled at her. “Likewise. Jason, it was nice to meet you.”

“Same here. Maybe we could go out for drinks some time, get acquainted.” Jason shifted uncomfortably around Eric and Sookie and then he and Gran were gone.

Sookie shrugged. “I guess we’re alone for the night.”

“Is your arm still hurting?” Eric traced the edge of the sling.

“No.” She slipped out of it. “But everyone thinks it is, so I’ll wear it for a bit longer. Just to be safe.” She turned to face him. “Thank you again for last night. For healing me and telling me the truth about…” She couldn’t say Bill’s name out loud again. Why ruin a perfectly good moment?

“I only gave you what you needed.” Eric pushed a strand of hair off her forehead.

Sookie closed her eyes and smiled, leaning into his large hand. “You’re good at that, if I remember correctly.”

Eric’s mouth was on hers, his tongue seeking entrance. His fingers dug into her hair as they kissed. “I’ve missed you.”

“Me too,” she admitted.

He lifted her and carried her down the hall. Sookie nuzzled her face against his neck and nipped at his skin with blunt teeth. She was rewarded with a growl. He put her down in the middle of her tiny bed and tugged at the belt holding her dress closed. When he pulled the fabric away, revealing her nude body, he groaned.

Sookie blushed. “I was hoping to get lucky. Two years is a long time to wait.”

Eric frowned. “No one else?”

“Just you. It was always you.” She sat up, wedged herself between his legs, and started unbuttoning his jeans. As she pulled his dick out, she licked her lips. “I want to try something, okay?”

Eric nodded and then she slid onto the floor between his legs.

She kissed the head of his cock and smiled when he moaned. Then she licked his length, and sucked him inside her mouth. Another moan filled the room. She repeated the movement, licking and sucking over and over again until Eric’s body began to sway.

“Sookie, I need you.” His voice wavered.

She pushed his shirt up, exposing the exquisite contours of his body, and when she couldn’t reach any higher, he took over, flipping the shirt off and discarding onto the floor. “What do you need?” she teased.

“A nice, long fuck.” He lifted her off the ground and pushed on her chest gently, urging her back onto the bed. He stepped out of his jeans and shoes, leaving them in a heap with his shirt, and then he was between her legs, sucking and licking until she struggled to breathe. He scraped her thigh with his fangs.

“Does it hurt?” She swallowed hard.

“You mean he never…” Eric seemed to be avoiding Bill’s name too.

She shook her head, rubbing her hair against the blanket.

“I won’t hurt you.” His eyes were glazed over and he licked the inside of her thigh.

“I trust you.”

His fingers drifted across her clit, squeezing and rubbing until Sookie made a mewling sound, begging for more. His thumb swept up her slit, pushing inside a fraction of an inch while his fingers moved. She rocked her hips toward him, meeting his talented hand, and then he stilled her body as his fangs slid into her flesh.

Her thigh muffled his moan and his body shook. He never stopped touching her, and soon she was screaming as an orgasm worked its way through her. When he removed his mouth, he pricked his tongue on his bloody fang and smeared it across her skin. The tenderness subsided.

“Whew.” Sookie sighed and let her head fall against her pillow.

Eric licked her slit and moaned again. “I have never tasted anything like you.” He sat up between her legs, his cock thrusting toward her, glistening with cum.

Sookie was still panting.

“Did I take too much?”

She smiled and shook her head. “No, just trying to catch my breath.”

“Ready?” He caressed her swollen sex while he manipulated his dick.

She bit her lip and nodded. “Yes. More than ready.”

Eric positioned the head against her slick opening and pushed gently. His eyes closed. “I thought my memory was faulty. It’s not. You really do feel this good.”

She was holding her breath and let out a long sigh. “So good.” And then he pushed inside her all the way. “Eric.”

“Say it again,” he begged.

“Eric.” She let his name float out of her mouth on a sigh.

They started moving together, each union passionate, yet gentle. At one point he flipped their bodies so she was on top of him.

“I should’ve brought in your wings.” He cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipples.

She tilted her head and frowned, stilling her movement. “Brought them in?”

Eric looked away. “They’re in my car. They have been since I found them in your hotel in New Orleans.”

She had to suppress a smile. “Next time…”

“Next time.” Eric’s eyes closed and his fingers dug into her hips, guiding her until they both shook with release.

Sookie slumped forward, resting her face against his chest. “Sorry, I’m exhausted. Still working on getting better.”

His cock hardened inside her. “May I give you more of my blood? Just a little.”

Perhaps he wanted the last bruise to vanish, or maybe he just wanted to have sex with her all night. Either way, it didn’t matter too much because she wanted both. She nodded. “Just a little.”

He bit his wrist again and offered it to her. She didn’t hesitate like she’d done the night before. She licked and sucked while he thrust into her. Filled with his strength, she moved hard and fast, squeezing him with each roll of her hips. It was only a matter of seconds before she came again, gasping for breath.

Eric pulled her into a kiss, cleaning the blood from her lips. He surveyed her face. “You look different.”

She smiled. “I feel strong. Powerful. Thank you.” She frowned. “Do you always share your blood?”

He shook his head slowly. “Never.”

“Why me?”

“Because you needed it, and I like to give you what you need.”

She grinned. “You always do.”


The End


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    That’s it? Over?? Oh my!! You had me thinking more was coming. But it was awesome!! Very light and fluffy.


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    Is it bad that i want the next story posted already…(ok call me spoiled) but i bet you i’m not the only one eagerly waiting.
    Thanks for another fangtastic (hot) story.


    • You’re so welcome, YvonnA. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the hotness, and believe me when I say I’m listening to your requests for Bill to die. 🙂 I don’t think you’re spoiled, I think you’re impatient, just like me. I’m having a hard time not posting it! 🙂 Thanks again for reviewing!


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    • Thank you for sharing the love with me, I’m glad you’re looking forward to more. My efforts to create stories would be for nothing if you weren’t here, so it’s a win-win! More coming soon!


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    If it had to end, this was the perfect way to do it. Tied up loose ends, (the queen is dealt with successfully, Bill is out of the picture, and Gran and Jason both like Eric) and they are happy with each other.


    • LOL, yep, that sums it up nicely. I’m all about resolved conflict and happy ever afters, not to mention hot sex. I like ending with that too. I hope you enjoy Mr. January too, he’s coming soon…

      Thank you for reviewing!


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    • LOL, I agree. Better than a gravel driveway. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed it and so happy that you liked all the characters too! Jason is an idiot most of the time, but getting along with Sookie’s man is the least he can do after his mistake. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!!


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    • Oh there are more stories coming, I’m fighting the urge to start another one before I post a couple others. My brain’s a little busy these days, and Eric is always on it. 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing!


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    • LOL, after all those tortuous moments of frustration you still want more? 🙂 That means I must’ve done something right! Thank you so much for each and every review, I have loved reading them today! 🙂


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    • Thank you so much! It means a lot that you’ve enjoyed another one of my stories. 🙂 I’m not typically a fan of paranormal either because of the angst and all the drama, which is why I keep it to a minimum. 🙂

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      • Oh see I do like the angst and the drama. Even the supernatural aspect. Its just the cannon stories tend to all be the same after a few chapters. Yours don’t seem to do that and I like that.


      • Well I’m glad I’ve got something to offer you, since I tend to go easy on angst and drama. 😉 I like to veer away from canon most of the time. What I can’t stand is when Sookie is canon. I’d rather not write a doormat. 🙂

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      • I can enjoy stories without the angst. I can enjoy them all. But some of the canon ones are just all the same. Same kind of attack, same Sookie hating Eric, same Bill bashing; but I like your non-canon ideas and you do them so well!

        Sookie can be a whiney little bitch sometimes but True Blood Sookie was the worst. True Blood actually made me hate Sookie. I got to the point where I was just skipping thru the show to get to Erics parts.


      • LOL That sounds like me! TB Sookie was way worse than CH’s Sookie! On TB she whined, hated Eric, AND needed to be slapped. I think that’s the main reason I can’t write TB Fanfic. I’m not a fan of Bill (the rapiness is too much for me), so I usually go out of my way to avoid him (or sometimes kill him, because that’s fun too). As far as I’m concerned, Eric and Sookie are meant to be together, so why not let them? Just get it on, already! 🙂

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      • We’re in good company! 🙂

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