Sookie’s Present: Chapter 9

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest. Thank you, SeriousCrush. I love you so! Erica, here’s another little piece of Eric, just for you.

Spoilers from Definitely Dead…just warning you now. 🙂


The next couple of days are going to be insanely busy for me…so I thought I’d post a little early so you wouldn’t have to wait. 🙂 Enjoy!


Chapter 9: Watcher


Eric’s POV:


Eric had left Fangtasia as quickly as he could without much explanation.

Despite his efforts to help Sookie, he didn’t get there soon enough. She was bloody and beaten, on the cusp of consciousness. Her attacker was in much worse shape. He wanted nothing more than to finish him off, but Sookie had asked him not to, so he left him alone, more or less.

Her body shuddered in his arms, her muscles clenching with pain. She winced when he set her down, and then her body went limp. Eric leaned over her, trying to assess the extent of damage.

His fingers moved across her bones, finding fractures on her collarbone and arm. She was in pain, but her life wasn’t in danger. As much as he wanted to lick the blood off her face and hands, he resisted. The police would need it for evidence. He picked up the phone in the kitchen and dialed 911. He held the phone close to Sookie’s mouth so the dispatcher on the other end could hear her labored breath. He hung up once the woman’s voice said the location had been found and help was coming, and then put the phone in Sookie’s hand.

Eric waited another five minutes before he left. He kissed her forehead. “The police are almost here. I wasn’t. Understand?”

Sookie tried to nod, but it was obviously difficult.

He needed to leave before he was seen at the scene of the crime. He also had a long drive ahead of him. It was time for him to protect Sookie the best way he knew.

By the time he got to the Queen’s palace, it was an hour before sunrise. Eric had called on his way and made an appointment.

Queen Sophie-Anne was waiting in her office. She stood to greet him, and said, “It’s been a busy night for Area Five.”

Eric stopped mid-bow. “What do you mean?”

“I had a meeting with Bill a few hours ago. I assumed you knew.” She tilted her head and returned to her seat.

Eric took the chair next to her. “No. Was he here on business?”

She nodded. “I sent him on an errand a few months ago, and he finally came through.”

“Did your errand bring him to Bon Temps?” As soon as she answered yes, the pieces fell into place. Bill had been after Sookie since the minute he walked into town. “How do you know about Sookie Stackhouse?”

Sophie-Anne’s eyes danced. “I have a relationship with her cousin. She’s very forthcoming with information about her family.”

“So you sent Bill to procure her so she would work for you?” Her stare confirmed his assumption. “It’s a brilliant idea. A telepath is a wonderful asset.”

“Bill seemed to be up to the task, and tonight he reported she was under control.”

Eric laughed. He had never seen Sookie under control.

The Queen leaned forward in interest, betraying her stony face. “How do you know Miss Stackhouse?”

“I met her two years ago. She is an amazing woman, in more ways than one. She and I have a special relationship.”

Sophie-Anne’s delicate eyebrow arched skyward. “It seems as though she has a special relationship with you and Bill.”

Eric shook his head, his lips pressed together in a grim line. “Bill doesn’t know the first thing about Sookie.”

“He has made it clear that he has claimed her.”

“How can he claim someone who doesn’t belong to him?”

A laugh erupted out of her. “So you’re saying she belongs to you?”

“I am.” Eric squared his shoulders. “That is why I came here tonight. She belongs to me.” The Queen didn’t seem concerned with the argument over whom she belonged to, but business would pique her interest. “She was present the night Long Shadow met his true death.”

The Queen let out a long sigh. “Hot Rain is not happy about his progeny meeting his end.” She paused and then went on, “Why was Miss Stackhouse present?”

“After discovering her gift, I asked her to assist me in solving the mystery of who was stealing from me. While she cannot read vampire minds, she can read humans quite well. She promised to work with me again. I don’t believe she made any such promise to Bill.”

“What are you getting at?” She was all business.

“If you would like to employ Sookie Stackhouse, I will offer her a contract. Bill will play no role in this proposal.”

“Bill is my procurer.”

“So have him procure someone else. Sookie belongs to me.”

She narrowed her eyes. “Why should I believe you over Bill?”

“Have I ever given you reason to doubt me?” Eric crossed his arms over his chest.

“No. Then again, neither has Bill.”

“Perhaps it would interest you to know Bill stood by while she was beaten so he could give her his blood. That is why he has a claim on her, because he is a coward. He put her life at risk. Is that what you asked of him?”

She shook her head. “No. I asked him to locate Miss Stackhouse, verify her telepathy, and bring her to me. She is too valuable to lose.”

“I agree. I wouldn’t trust him with acquisitions. Not if I wanted them alive.” A vision of her broken body in his arms came to him as he waited for the Queen to go on. He couldn’t let that happen to her. Not again.

Sophie-Anne sat in silence for a while, and then she stood. “Take care of it. Bring her to me.”

“She’s in the hospital. Perhaps she’ll feel up to it next week.”

She waved a hand dismissively. “Of course. Do whatever you can to ensure her safety.”

“I will. You can trust me.”

The Queen nodded. “I believe you.”


Sunrise forced him to ground in the Queen’s palace, but Saturday evening, Eric made the drive north, heading straight for Bon Temps. It wasn’t difficult to find Sookie’s hospital room, because two officers flanked the door, keeping track of everyone who came and went. While Eric never got close enough to register with the police, he talked to the staff so he could find out how she was doing. As he suspected, she sustained a broken collarbone, a fractured arm, a broken nose, and several broken ribs. When he visited the billing office, her medical bills were already several thousand dollars, so he left a credit card number on file.

He avoided the busy hallway outside Sookie’s room and took to the sky to keep an eye on her. Through the window, he could see her sleeping body and the various machines she was hooked to. The only time he left was when Pam called him from Fangtasia to go over a delivery.

Pam seemed to be enjoying her expanded duties at the bar. Ordering people around was always her forte. She seemed irritated to see him until she remembered she had called him.

Chow stood behind the bar, shirtless. He had always been loyal to Eric.

“Is he Long Shadow’s replacement?” Eric asked once they were alone.

Pam smiled. “Yes. The customers love him.”

“Good.” Eric nodded.

“Is she better yet?”

“Getting there.” Eric lowered his voice. “She is my charge. The Queen gave me permission to offer her a contract.”

“A contract for what?”

“For her to work with the Queen as a telepath,” Eric explained.

“What about Bill?”

“Bill is out of the picture.”

Pam narrowed her eyes. “Does Sookie know that? She seems kind of attached to him.”

Eric shook his head. “She won’t be once she knows the truth.”


The moment of truth is coming…on to Sookie’s Present: Chapter 10

44 thoughts on “Sookie’s Present: Chapter 9

  1. gyllene says:

    Looking forward to more. Wonder how it will all go down with Sookie and Bill once she finds out the truth.


  2. askarsgirl says:

    I can’t wait till Bill gets his!


  3. valady1 says:

    Lovely chapter, and Eric going straight to the queen is so logical (at least for SVM SA, not so much with the TB version)..Poor Sookie is going to be devastated when she finds out about Bill.


    • Sookie’s going to get over him pretty fast, how close was she anyway? Not very… I thought Eric would definitely go to the queen, seems like a logical step to ensure Sookie’s safety, because even if Sookie doesn’t understand that she needs him, she really does. 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!


  4. Yvonn Ad says:

    Oh my…….
    Wow this is getting really good. You have a really great attitude. I love the fact that eventho you got a few negative reviews – i dont really know since i dont go to FF. You came back up and kick butt. These chapters are getting really great. You have no idea how much i hold my breathe while i’m reading it.
    Make me dizzy-happy after.
    Love how Eric takes charge of things. Very well played & very smart move.
    I’m going to have to be very patient and wait for the next chapter since you did warn us that your going to be busy….
    ………. (Still patiently waiting)……..
    Ok i’m ready for the next chapter.
    Thanks again for another great read.


    • YvonnA, you always crack me up! Thank you for the love for the chapter too. I’m glad it’s kicking butt and not making you frustrated…I never can tell with a chapter, you know? Eric is a man in charge and he knows how to make sure Sookie’s safe. It’s all about communication from here on out. Oh and hotness. Did I mention there will be some of that too? 🙂 Thanks for reviewing and making me laugh. 🙂


      • Yvonn Ad says:

        Finally, we’re going to get HOT HOT HOT. Kind of need it since its still cold here on my end.
        Speaking of hot BURN BILL BURN!!!
        Hey i thought of a plot for a story but it has nothing to do with Sookie and Eric saga, altho you could probably do it that way.
        Where can i send my suggestion?


      • You can post them here (or in the what’s on my mind story idea thread) unless you don’t want them to be seen publicly…Let me know, okay?

        Yes, hotness…it’s going to happen. Just you wait! 🙂


  5. saldred75 says:

    please let sookie’s fairy powers suddenly come forth and throw a ball of light at bill to turn him to goo!!!! please, please, please!!! I don’t ask for much, just kill the douche!!!


  6. meridiean says:

    I dread Sookie finding out the truth about Bill because I don’t want her to be hurt, but…I’m thinking she won’t be all THAT sad… I mean, she hasn’t even ridden his wee willy winkie (but only because he lost the magnifying glass so he could find it for her…).

    Love how Eric was smart enough to go straight to the Queen (THAT’S the Eric we’ve been looking for!), but I wonder how Sookie is going to feel when she finds out that her cousin sold her out, the Queen sent someone to get her, and a contract will be drawn up on her for her “services” ALL without her knowledge or consent?

    (That’s one of the main things I have always held against the SVM world – personal freedom didn’t matter for shit to CH or, therefore, vampires, either.)


    • You’re right, it’s not like she’s really THAT connected to Bill, and thank you again for the visual of his wee willy. I laughed out loud at the magnifying glass bit. 🙂

      Eric knows how to take care of Sookie and she’s finally going to get her head out of her ass long enough to realize it. Eric also knows how to be tactful, and he’ll use his knowledge wisely. Sookie gets a lot more freedom here.

      Thanks so much for reviewing! 🙂


  7. duckbutt60 says:

    Yes –Eric has served the Queen well over these decades and she should trust him more than her “procurer” –And old Billy Boy will come up with a handful of nothing. Not sure how much Sookie will seem “hurt and betrayed” –I hope she just gets mad at Bill and kicks him to the curb.


    • It’s like you’re in my head or something! 😉 Bill doesn’t stand a chance, as we suspected all along (especially me since I wrote it!). LOL Sookie’s not that attached to Bill…especially since he’s done nothing to woo her. Stupid Bill. Thanks for reviewing!


  8. msbuffy says:

    Brilliantly played! This is why Eric is Sheriff and Bill is a loser. Hopefully Eric will not only get close enough to heal Sookie, but to also explain things to her as to why he’s taking her under his protection and claiming her. Maybe she’ll put stubbornness aside and look at the logic? Thanks for the excellent chapter!


    • There will be lots of communication and logic. Shocking, I know…but it’s going to happen. 🙂 There will also be a whole lotta touching going on. As soon as she feels better, of course. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the chapter, thanks for the love!


  9. saintsfan022010 says:

    I always like when Sookie finds out what a dirtbag Bill really is, since the writers usually make it stick. It disgusts me that in True Blood, she threw him out like yesterday’s trash, and now is making moony eyes at him again in the last episode of last season, even though she is supposed to be with Alcide. The thought of those two riding off together is just— UGH!!! I honestly am thinking that I won’t be able to watch it, since it seems Eric will be more of a guest star and Sookie will end up with Bill. Oh well… in the meantime, we have some nice stories from the very talented writers out there (you being on the list) that are way more entertaining than TB. Thanks.


    • Ugh, really? It’s worse than the books. I had to stop reading after she crawls into Bill’s hideyhole naked. Honestly, CH, quit it already! No one wants that! I suspect that the TB writers are swayed by the audience that loves Anna and Stephen together in real life, not really caring that Bill’s a dirtbag who needs a swift stake to the heart. Again. I never understood why Sookie didn’t find out about Bill’s motivations earlier, which is why I had to fix it here! Thank you for putting me on the list of talented writers…you’re too kind! Thank you for reviewing too. More to come!


  10. Kim says:

    It’s gonna be fun seeing Bill gets his…


  11. padore says:

    Oh, it is going to be wonderful watching Bill squirm! KillBill – the wonderful bar scene where Uma is wearing the yellow jumpsuit – maybe Eric can wear a yellow Polo shirt?


  12. Yvonn Ad says:

    Hi hi, ok now that i’m actually sharing my story idea kind of thinking its silly… But here i go.
    Girl in early 20’s got dump by her high school sweethear. Someone who she thought she would grow old with. So instead of being all depress she decides to accept her childhood friends wedding invitation in europe (maybe london). A bit of a flashback the first time she visited her childhood friend back when they were in junior high school year. Friend is a bit of a trouble maker and she got caught in the middle and had to pay the consequence…. I have more but i dont know if its any good.
    Do you want to hear the rest can i email it?


    • I like where this is heading…I think you should post more. 🙂


      • Yvonn Ad says:

        Really? Ok
        So since she’s under age she had to do community service and the guy that her friend vandalize the property requested if he can come up with the punishment (i honestly dont know what it is). Cause guy kind of likes her but he is a bit conceited/arogant (i’m thinking he’s an actor). Anywho, story jumps to the present. And her friend basically turns her life around completely and invites our girl to her wedding. And the groom is basically best friend with out guy…..then i dont know where to go from there…
        What do you think?
        Of course our main girl hates the guy for being high-handed and the guy just cant stop but being attracted to her. She like to put him in his place but finds that he has a but of a softer side that he doesnt show anyone (kind of like a pride and prejudice vibe).
        I would love it if you give these characters life and personality.


      • I’ll definitely mull it over and figure out how some details. 🙂 You’re so good to share your ideas!!!


  13. lostinspace33 says:

    It should be really interesting when Sookie finds out about Bill’s “assignment” to procure her. I hope Eric knows what he’s doing with the Queen, and will be able to protect Sookie.


  14. ashmo2000 says:

    Hmm, Sookie picked the wrong vampire to make Eric jealous it seems and luckily Beehl lost all his accreditation with the queen or he’d have Sookie believe she was safer from the queen with him. Lies.


  15. racecz5 says:

    Looking forward to more. While it makes sense for Eric to go to the Queen I’m thinking Sookie might put up a fight about getting dragged to NO.

    I’m looking forward to Bill getting his evil little ass in a sling.


  16. theladykt says:

    Poor Sookie. Hope Scumbill gets whats coming to him, the big wanker.


  17. geenakmom says:

    Ok Eric is redeeming himself in my eyes just a tiny bit, he has such a loooong way to go. I’m glad he stood up finally to lay a claim on her to Sophie-Ann but in the process he finds out how much a scum Beehl is. I hope Eric doesn’t get over confident and finally bend some of his ways for Sookie.


    • Eric’s going to do exactly what he needs to do. I never understood how Eric didn’t know what a douche Bill is. Eric is walking a fine line between taking care of himself and watching out for Sookie. You know it’s going to be a HEA with me though, so get ready…


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