Sookie’s Present: Chapter 5

Charlaine Harris owns almost everyting. I own the rest. Thank you, SeriousCrush! Erica, this one’s for you too. 🙂

It’s short, despite the fact that I just added a handful of paragraphs…just warning you now.

jules3677 had a brilliant idea, so I incorporated it. 🙂 I do love reader suggestions.


Chapter 5: Damage Control

Eric’s POV

“No.” Sookie’s voice sliced through the heavy wooden door separating them. It was as if a part of the door had come with it, stabbing into Eric’s heart.

Of all the people in the world, why did she have to come in with him? Eric’s blood boiled. Bill had claimed her. What right does he have? His jaw clenched as he imagined Sookie’s golden skin pressed against Bill. Her soft warm body, open to him. Her sweet mouth begging for more. He picked up a bottle of synthetic blood and threw it against the far wall. The glass shattered and the thick red sludge painted the wall.

He squeezed his eyes shut. She was more beautiful than he remembered. How was that possible? Her legs glowed against the white material of her dress, not to mention the way her breasts spilled out, especially when she took a deep breath right before she spoke. He wanted nothing more than to take her in his arms and show her how much she meant to him.

But Bill was with her. Touching her. Claiming her. Kissing her. Probably fucking her.

Eric fell into his chair and groaned, and then his frown shifted as he imagined Bill standing on the edge of an abandoned well. One push and he’d be out of the picture, neck-deep in rotting shit. Eric was smiling now, thinking of Bill thrashing around and overturning the decomposing mass slowly engulfing his body. His pathetic cries for help being swallowed by the mossy walls of stone. Of course, Bill would have suffered a terrible head wound on the way down, and it would also be close to sunrise and since the well was uncovered, Bill would surely meet his end.

Just as Eric was imagining Bill’s screams of pain before he met his True Death, Pam stormed into Eric’s office.

“What just happened? Did that human really punch you?” Pam’s lip curled with disdain.

“Yes she did.” Eric touched his lip as he leaned back in his chair and propped his feet onto his desk. If he was perfectly honest, he had actually enjoyed being hit by her. Her passion was unmatched by anyone he’d met in years, and he had never been punched by a human woman before. It was exhilarating.

“She’s out there talking to Long Shadow. What the hell is going on?”

He shrugged. “I told her to talk to him, she has questions about a friend.”

“Why did she hit you?” Pam arched her delicate eyebrow.

“She’s angry with me.”

“I noticed. Everyone in the room is talking about it. You have some serious damage control to do.” Pam’s eyes widened.

“What would you like me to do? Hit her back?” He sighed before he went on, “She probably thinks I deserve it, even though I’m not the one who left, she was.” It had taken him weeks to recover from that blow. He was always the one who left, not the other way around.

Pam tilted her head to the side and frowned. “You’re not telling me something.”

It was time to come clean. “Remember my meeting with the Queen before the Great Revelation?”

Pam nodded.

“I met Sookie during the Mardi Gras party. She practically fell into my arms.” He couldn’t stop a smile from spreading across his face. She fell into his arms and later, fell into bed with him. Again and again and again. “She is different.”

“Sookie?” Pam scoffed. “What kind of name is that?”

Eric shrugged. It was unique, just like her.

“So? What happened between you and Sookie?” Pam rolled her eyes.

“I spent the night with her, and when I went back the next night, she was gone. I didn’t know where she lived or her last name … until tonight.” Eric grinned. Nothing could stop him from seeing her again.

“You went back?” Pam put a hand on her hip, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

He narrowed his eyes. “Yes,” he answered cautiously. “What of it?”

A laugh escaped her lips. “Nothing.”

“That’s why I didn’t tell you two years ago. I knew you would behave like this. Pam, there’s something special about her. I haven’t spent a night without thinking of her. And then, there she was, standing right there.” He pointed to the spot in front of his desk, which Pam was occupying.

Pam’s eyes widened. “So that’s why you were such a moody bitch when you got back from New Orleans.”

“Careful.” Eric’s voice took on a serious edge. Despite their casual relationship, he was still her Maker and she would show him respect.

“You were insufferable for weeks.” Pam’s voice had taken on a slight whine. “All that for some blonde piece of ass?”

“She’s not a piece of ass.” Eric growled. “She’s … more.” Sookie had been sweet, vulnerable, and wild. He was smart enough to know how rare that combination was, but apparently too stupid to make any attempt to see her again. I was a fool, but it won’t happen again.

“What about Bill?”

Eric slid his feet onto the floor and he leaned forward, attempting to remain calm. “What about him?”

“He has a claim on her. He said she was his human.”

“Do you think I give a fuck what Bill says? I am older, stronger, and more powerful than he’ll ever be.” A low growl was building in his chest. He made a note to find an abandoned well.

Pam smiled and put her hands up. “I was just asking. Did you feed from her?” She raised both eyebrows.

“A taste. She is absolutely delicious.” His fangs snicked into place just thinking about it. “I wanted more, but I didn’t want to scare her.”

Pam narrowed her eyes. “So now what? Are you going to take her away from Bill?”

Eric took a deep, unnecessary breath, and smiled. “I won’t have to. She’ll come back to me.”


Eric is so confident it hurts…

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50 thoughts on “Sookie’s Present: Chapter 5

  1. ozzo says:

    you are killing me!


  2. msbuffy says:

    Oh yeah. She’ll be back. Hopefully she won’t be dragging Bill along. Well, unless it’s a bucket of Bill.


  3. duckbutt60 says:

    Ah…don’t wait too long, Eric! That’s what caused problems with SVM Eric –he waited, and waited…..both are stubborn as mules!


  4. meridiean says:

    Ohhh I think Eric is in for a VERY long wait…after all, he (for an admittedly very good reason) left her high and dry (to her logical way of thinking). I really hope she makes him work for it. I mean, we all know they’re gonna get together sooner or later, but with his arrogance, it does need to be a tad on the later side…especially since he’s placing all the blame on HER for leaving when HE was the one who neglected to give her a reason to stay.
    He should send her a Mardi Gras bead necklace – made of different colors of pearls or gems instead of cheap beads – along with an explanation that he had to leave b/c the sun was rising and that he’d thought he’d see her the next evening, but abjectly apologize for not leaving his contact information. Eric *can* do a really nice sorry…
    Great chapter!!


    • I like the bead idea, it would definitely be a good start. 🙂 He does apologize nicely, but he’s in no mood to apologize. He assumes she’ll just waltz back to him, and she’s still too pissed to do anything about how she feels about him. I think they both need to work for it. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I’ll see if I can find a good spot for an ‘I’m sorry I left you that night’ necklace. 🙂


      • meridiean says:

        😀 Ya know, that would also be a great way for him to find out that she can’t be bought and that she prefers smaller, from-the-heart gifts, but I can totally see her keeping that one just because it WOULD be meaningful and from his heart.

        Yeah, they do need to do that delightful dancing around the subject, and each other, for a while yet, but eventually they’ll collide – I have faith in you!


      • Thanks for having faith in me! 🙂 I like it when they collide. A lot. 🙂 I’m working on honing the next chapter… Thanks again for the insight and agreeing with me on the frustrations from the book. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. 🙂


      • meridiean says:

        ((Those last 3.5 books – the very last one didn’t even count as a whole book – should be collectively shoved up her Bill-loving rectum…but that’s just my opinion…))


      • LOL What a lovely way to put it! I wonder if we could assemble a coalition of Eric-loving fans. Half could hold her down, the other half could start shoving. 🙂


  5. Heather Yoak says:

    I love his cockyness!! Eric will get his way!!!


  6. askarsgirl says:

    How could she not go back to Eric?! There is no contest between him and Bill whatsoever. Sookie will see that I’m sure.


  7. Lets hope Sookie doesn’t ‘do’ Bill in a fit of petulance. Can’t wait for more interactions between S/E. I also wouldn’t mind reading about that well accident.


  8. patsy1965 says:

    Another great chapter. I think Sookie will have a field day with his ‘I hurt you didn’t wait for me’ attitude. Eric is always the one to leave first huh? Oh, the bigger they are the harder they fall. Is she going to have a relationship with Bill? I was reading something about the show, and for the last season it’s supposed to be a Bill, Sookie, Alcide triangle. As my nephews say Grody! I am not above begging for Bill to “fall” in a well as Eric was daydreaming about. 😉 patsy


    • I’m with you on the ‘well’ fantasy. Is there really only one season left?! Is the Viking even going to be in the show?! Damn a B/S/A triangle won’t get my interest. 😦


    • What? No!!! TB can’t end the show with a stupid Sookie/Bill/Alcide triangle. 😦 If Eric is dead I’m going to stop watching. Seriously.

      Thanks so much for the love, I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it. 🙂 Eric’s going to fall pretty hard, and so is Sookie, those damn stubborn people! Relationship isn’t the right word for what she has with Bill in this story. You’ll see. Thanks for reviewing!


  9. redjane12 says:

    Eric’s murderous fantasies are fabulous… die Bill die… Great Pam-Eric snarky conversation… it is kinda hilarious that Eric thinks Sookie left HIM… They should have a very constructive dialogue…. ‘You left’ … ‘No I didn’t. you did’… ‘No! you did!’


    • Nu uh! Yu huh! Nu uh! Yu Huh! (that’s their juvenile banter in one line).

      I was very glad for the Bill in the well suggestion from jules3677. Such brilliance! I’m so glad you enjoyed the banter and fantasy. Thanks so much for reviewing! 🙂


  10. theladykt says:

    Ah Mr Cocky thinks she’ll come to him huh?


  11. gyllene says:

    I’m glad she hasn’t given into Bill but I wish she would have corrected his claim on her. Eric and Sookie are both angry. I that Eric has been thinking about her and knows that she would be more. I like the necklace idea from Meridian. I think Eric should go to her after he realizes she’s not going to come to him.


  12. lostinspace33 says:

    LOL! Just a little cocky, isn’t he? 😉


  13. Kim says:

    Eww just the thought of Bill being intimate with Sookie makes my stomach churn.


  14. Great chapter, that dialogue really moved the story along. She has a right to be pissed since she didn’t know he was a vampire and spent a year worrying about stds and pregnancy tests. She may not even know that they can’t spread or seed so to speak. He definitely needs an apology, she never said she would be there the next day and he didn’t ask. He should explain what comptons proclamation means so she can adamantly refuse it and then he’ll know that he has a chance and that she’s not seeing him.


    • Thank you so much for that lovely review! Yes, they need to communicate. A lot. 🙂 Sookie doesn’t know a lot of things, and Eric will be sure to fill her in on a bit of it and get his chance to apologize. Sookie’s stubborn though…as you know. I hope you enjoy the next chapter as well! 🙂


  15. Jana says:

    That’s a mean cliffhanger! I hope you post the next chapter VERY quickly…can’t stand to wait 😉 Thank you for keeping on writing although you are publishing as well… Have a great day!


  16. Yvonn Ad says:

    Hey, early posting is always appreciated. Bill should just implode from jealousy… Hehehe.
    Make it a black hole well where he’ll never come back.
    Thank you cant wait for the next one.


  17. honulvr says:

    Okay, I have total faith in you in the end, but… ewwwww!!! Bheeel! I love Eric’s fantasy, and I just got done with this week’s Walking Dead episode so it would be even better if he stayed down in the well and wound up looking and sounding like one of those zombie’s because he doesn’t get anything to eat and he just bounces off the walls, but please, please, please… I am begging you. Do not let Sookie’s stubborn ass sleep with the slimy maggot just to prove something to Eric. I’m so embarrassed for her to even be seen with Bill claiming her in front of Eric. Honestly, I always hated that part of TB, the way they had Anna P acting like Bill was better than Eric and acting all high and mighty about it while anyone with any brain would see that Eric has like a century of age on Bill so, even if he wasn’t 1000 times better looking he is obviously 1000 times smarter and 1000 times stronger than Bill. Ugh! It’s just so ridiculous! I saw one of the other reviews mention the TB season being a B/S/A triangle. Yeah, I heard that like the week after the finale from last year and basically haven’t thought about that show since. It no longer exists for me except in fanfiction. How anyone is able to screw up such amazing characters and now both CH and TB have done so. I didn’t read the last two and a half SVM books (yes, stopped part way through because I was tired of Sookie whining about being a Christian) and that was clearly one of the best decisions I’ve made (I’ve heard something about seal-sex and Eric becoming a sex slave for 200 years to save Sookie???? Yeah, he’s a bad guy because he’s a vampire. Go back to your redneck hate group CH because apparently you judge people based on what they are not who they are). Ugh! Sorry, I was not in such a bad mood until that review reminded me about the fact that they are going to insist Bill and Sookie are soul mates again. Because I know that I always go around attempting to kill my soul mate. I guess since he almost killed her when he drained her and can’t remember if he raped her on the show or not, but then she almost killed him when he turned out to be invincible. Yep, that is clearly the fairytale start to a healthy relationship!! I am just so thankful we have fanfiction. I have no clue where that tirade came from. Sorry, it just spewed out on to the screen.


    • I LOVE your tirades! You’re right. TB ruined the characters more than CH did. I also stopped reading the books because of the horrible sex scenes and stupid whining.

      Let me put your mind at ease: Sookie is confused and naive, but remember, I HATE Bill. Losers don’t get action in my stories. 🙂 Eric and Sookie have a lot of talking to do… that’s all.

      Thanks for reviewing, and never apologize for venting. 🙂


  18. ashmo2000 says:

    Eric will have work to get back into Sookie`s good graces enough to talk to him, he isn’t the only one at fault. She is too.


  19. Loftin says:

    Cant wait to find out how this plays out. Excellent as usual.


  20. geenakmom says:

    Ugh! You did it again! Is Eric that stupid? “She will come to me”….. Seriously? I can’t even…..I’m trying not to be so pissed at him.

    Plus he never frickin’ searched for her?!?


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