Sookie’s Present: Chapter 4

Charlaine Harris owns almost everyting. I own the rest. Thank you SeriousCrush for reading and editing even when your life is full. This is the part where we get right into Dead Until Dark, but I’ve rushed through the first part of the book and taken liberties with the story line. It’s a little short, but I hope you enjoy it.

Some of you may notice the change in Sookie’s age, luckily, heralderofspringtime pointed out the timeline of the book (which I had gotten wrong when I re-read the book!), so I changed it so everything is in line now. Sorry about that! I hate getting details wrong, and I’m relieved to have readers who help me keep things straight. 🙂


Chapter 4: Fangtasia

Sookie’s POV:

A lot had happened since her twenty-third birthday. Sookie and Dawn had gotten jobs together at Merlotte’s, Jason moved out of Gran’s house, and vampires came out of the coffin. The last bit of news always made Sookie feel more normal than ever before. For once, she wasn’t the only person who was different.

But no matter how many years passed, Sookie never forgot Eric. She never forgot the pleasure or the pain. How could she? One night of absolute bliss followed by a morning of fear and rejection. She had kept her resolution and had turned down offer after offer from the drunken fools who stumbled through her life.

And then, one night at work, everything changed. It was the night she met Bill, got into her first fight, and learned something about the man she had shared a magical night with years ago: he was different because he was a vampire. She learned that by being around Bill. They were both silent and strong.

Being around Bill was nice, but it filled her life with drama. First, she saved Bill, and then, he saved her. In her opinion, she was much closer to death than he had been, and she was sure that if he hadn’t given her his blood, she would’ve died on the spot. No wonder vampire blood was so popular. She was like a new woman within a few minutes.

Despite Bill’s efforts to woo her, Sookie never gave herself to him. It wasn’t that she didn’t like him. His quiet mind was a pleasure, just as it had been with Eric. But, she couldn’t let go of her fear of being hurt again. Perhaps Bill’s charms would’ve been more effective on her if she didn’t have a past with Eric. Still, they saw each other on a regular basis. It sure beat sitting at home on her nights off, even if he did have creepy friends that scared her to death.

Things had been going relatively well between them until Dawn died. It shook her to her very core to know her friend had been killed, and she vowed to do whatever she could to find out why. Bill made it clear that a vampire wouldn’t strangle a woman, but Dawn had bites on her body, and there had to be some connection.

Dawn was the second woman in Bon Temps to turn up dead. Both with bite marks. Sookie asked Bill to help her. Begged him to take her to the vampire bar in Shreveport where she knew Dawn had gone. Maybe someone there would know more about her mysterious death.

Bill agreed to take her and implied it would be like a date. Sookie hadn’t dressed up in years. Not since Mardi Gras. As she dressed for the night out, Sookie smiled at her reflection. She was sure to get anything she wanted in a dress like that.

Bill brooded for most of the drive to Shreveport and once they arrived, he held onto Sookie’s arm like a child on a crowded playground.

“You look like a white candle in a coal mine,” Bill whispered as they walked inside the bar.

Sookie had never been to Fangtasia before, but it was exactly as she imagined a vampire bar might look. From the bottles of synthetic blood on full display to the vampires dressed in dark flowing clothing. But nothing could’ve prepared her for the shock of her life.

Eric was sitting in the middle of room.


Anger welled up inside her. Her hands clenched into fists and she twisted out of Bill’s grasp and stormed toward Eric. He didn’t notice her until her fist flew through the air, connecting solidly with his face. “You liar!” she shouted.

Everyone in the room went quiet. Only the faint melody of the song on the radio broke the silence. All eyes were on Sookie. She was breathing hard, trying to control the tears that threatened to ruin her perfect makeup. She wanted to hit him again … or kiss him. No. Definitely hit him.

Bill was behind her a moment later, ripping her away from Eric. “Sookie,” he scolded, “what’s gotten into you?”

Eric’s lip was bleeding. He sucked it into his mouth and then smiled. “It’s good to see you again, Sookie.”

“You son of a—” She struggled to get out of Bill’s grip, but it was pointless. His hands were like a vise around her shoulders.

“I’m so sorry, Eric. There must be a misunderstanding. I’m sure my human didn’t mean to assault you.” Bill’s voice was smooth and soft unlike his hands, which squeezed her harder.

“Let go of me,” Sookie ground out between clenched teeth.

Your human?” Eric’s eyebrow rose. He leaned forward. His presence seemed to push against Bill.

Bill’s fingers eased out of Sookie’s skin. The usual steadiness in Bill’s voice was gone when he spoke again. “She is mine.”

Sookie rolled her eyes.

The woman sitting next to Eric placed her hand on top of his arm. “You’re drawing a crowd.”

Eric nodded. “Good point, Pam. I think it would be best if we continued this conversation in my office.” He stood, towering over Sookie and Bill.

It wasn’t a request and Bill must’ve understood that. Sookie didn’t feel up to a conversation with him at the moment, but since she was still held firmly in Bill’s sharp fingers, she didn’t have a choice in the matter.

They walked down a dark hallway and then Eric escorted them into an office decorated with heavy wooden furniture. “Release her,” Eric demanded.

Bill growled, but he complied.

Sookie rubbed her shoulders. There were red marks where Bill’s fingers had just been.

Eric leaned against his desk and crossed his arms over his chest. “What brings you to Fangtasia?” His gaze was intense and never left Sookie’s.

She looked away. Focus. Don’t look at his eyes. Those beautiful eyes. “I’m trying to find out who killed my friend. Remember Dawn? I know it’s been a while.” She pulled Dawn’s picture out of her purse and showed it to him.

Recognition slid across his face. “I remember. Yes. She has been here.” He frowned and when he spoke again it seemed as though he was talking to himself. “I knew she looked familiar, but I never could place her.”

“She’s dead. Someone strangled her, but she had bite marks on her body.” Sookie swallowed hard, choking down her grief.

“I’m sorry. Do you know each other?” Bill said as he moved out of the shadows. Sookie had forgotten he was there.

She laughed bitterly. “Yes, I know him. He’s the gift that keeps on giving. You can trust him. He won’t hurt you.” The muscles in her jaw tightened. Two years of pain and longing came back to her like a punch to the gut.

“Sookie, I—”

She held her hands up, stopping him short. “I didn’t come here to talk about that. Can you help me with Dawn, or not?”

“Long Shadow will be able to help you.” Eric turned his back to them.

Bill nodded. “I will take Miss Stackhouse to him.” His hand was on her arm again, pulling her out of the office. Once they were in the hall, he whispered, “How do you know him?”

Sookie swallowed hard and pressed her lips together in a firm line. She wasn’t about to discuss her past right outside Eric’s door.

Bill sighed. “It’s obvious Eric wants you. He is much better looking than I am. He’s older, more powerful, and I understand sex with him is unforgettable. Are you inclined to go with him?”

She glared at the closed office door. “No.” He had his chance, and he blew it.


Sookie’s angry…how long would you hold a grudge?

On to Sookie’s Present: Chapter 5

72 thoughts on “Sookie’s Present: Chapter 4

  1. saldred75 says:

    oh please! give the man a chance to explain himself, geez


  2. ljhjelm says:

    I think she needs to get over it now. Bill is going to cause her nothing but trouble. Eric needs to fix it soon.


  3. rkandee13 says:

    Just want to let you know how wonderfully obsessed I have become with this story!
    Its so damn good I just wish for faster chapters.


    • Thank you so much for reviewing to let me know! 🙂 I’m always surprised when other people enjoy what I write, since I always feel like I’m the only one who would want to read it. 🙂 Thanks for that little boost of self-confidence!


  4. jroxraytech says:

    She needs to get over it and let him explain. She went looking for a one night stand. Yes he should have left a note and i knkw he regrets it. Hope this doesnt push her into Bill’s arms. Cant wait for update.


    • I agree, Sookie needs to get over it. She doesn’t always do what she needs to though, does she? 🙂 Don’t worry though, Eric will get his chance to explain whether she wants him to or not. Thanks so much for reviewing!


  5. lugrand217 says:

    Ummm, if she figured out that he was a vampire then she should KNOW that he couldn’t be there when she woke up the next morning!


    • Maybe…that’s assuming she’d let facts into her angry mind. He should’ve left a note, but she does need to get over it. Now, the question is, how long will that take? Thanks so much for reviewing! 🙂


  6. kardamon says:

    I’m not really surprised with Sookie’s reaction, since she still doesn’t know anything more than all these years ago. Eric needs to find a way to talk to her, the sooner the better. ‘I’m sorry’ would be a good place to start.


  7. saintsfan022010 says:

    Okay, so she got the big blowup at him out of the way. Now, he’s got some ‘splainin to do.


  8. padore says:

    She is hurt and angry BUT I think all will be well once she lets Eric explain…please, please don’t let her have “I will show you” sex with Bill…seriously, couldn’t you see that happen – women do it all of the time – a pissed women is a dangerous thing! LOL


    • Pam says:

      Love it! Can we get the next update now please!!!!! Poor Sookie, I would be mad also if I spent 2 years getting tested to find out Eric is a vamp and it was all for not. I hope Eric goes after her sooner then later.


      • He’s going to go after her all right. He’s been waiting for her to walk into his bar for 2 years, and now that he’s found her again, he’s not going to let her go. I’m so glad you’re loving it! 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


    • I totally agree…anger can drive us to be crazy! But Sookie has a weakness for Eric, even if she does want to punch him in the face. 🙂 Just to set the record straight, there’s no sexy-time for a few chapters…

      Thanks for reviewing! 🙂


  9. ericluver says:

    Well I think the other reviwers beat me to just about everything I wanted to say, so I’ll just say that I love this story and thanks for another chapter.
    Oh, and Sookie? Get over it! 😉


    • I know, right? Sookie’s as stubborn as the day is long, so it might take her a while. Thanks for reviewing to say you love the story, I’m always happy to hear I’m doing something right in the world. 🙂


  10. askarsgirl says:

    Well I think Miss Sookie needs to get over herself and let Eric explain. He’s a vampire and she figured out as much. Of course he wasn’t going to be there in the morning. He should have left her a note asking her to meet him later though!


  11. Kim says:

    Get over it Sookie, you were one of the lucky ones to actually enjoy your first time. Give him a chance.


  12. valady1 says:

    Nice change that as a result of her night with Eric she didn’t succumb to Bill’s wooing yet. Of course that didn’t happen in canon until after Adele was murdered did it? You have to be amazed by her total lack of self preservation, punching a vampire in the mouth. Of course that is classic Sookie isn’t it? Can’t wait to read more..


    • See? There was a whole lotta good that came out of her night with Eric. Be prepared though, I’m going to take the storyline and really mess with it (while still keeping some events the same). Because of this, it’s hard for me to keep canon and my story separate, so I have no idea when she finally succumbed to Bill in the books (even though I just reread it!). I love the idea of her punching Eric in the face, and I’m glad you enjoyed it too. Thanks so much for reviewing, always lovely to hear from you! 🙂


  13. So did Pam get her address at the door? Personally I would still be holding a grudge since she went through a lot of trauma with the STD tests and the pregnancy one. Even though she’s had some time to get used to Eric being a Vampire the hurt he caused unintentionally would still be stinging many years later. I guess you can tell I’m a sensitive person. 🙂


    • No, Pam didn’t get her address at the door, but Eric now knows her last name. 🙂 I’m a grudge-holder/sensitive person too which is why I wrote her coming out swinging at the sight of him. She’ll get over it though. She won’t have much choice once Eric hunts her down. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


  14. msbuffy says:

    At 25, I could hold a grudge for a LONG time; I think folks tend to forget that Sookie is quite young & inexperienced, even in this story. I expect Sookie to react exactly as she did. She’s hurt and she sees the object of her hurt and anger. So she does what Sookie does best! I like that she hasn’t let Bill in and I can’t wait until she remembers that he claimed her as his “human.” He’ll probably get the same treatment as Eric! That will be fun! Great chapter & I can’t wait for more!


    • Yep, Sookie’s young and inexperienced, and the only experience she has with men has been mixed. She’s more guarded than in the book, which works in Eric’s favor. 🙂 I love that Bill automatically claims Sookie in the books, as if she has no say in the matter. She’s definitely going to give him a piece of her mind… just give her enough time. Thanks so much for reviewing, always great to hear from you! 🙂


  15. Heather says:

    oh my… Sookie is so mad…great chapter!! Can’t wait till the next one!


  16. patsy1965 says:

    I know I would have been hurt, just left in a room the next morning by myself. But, I can’t read minds and haven’t been reading minds since I was a little girl. I would definitely make him work for my attention though 😉 At that age I was full of piss and vinegar and self-righteousness. I could have made him work for it for a LONG time. 😉 patsy


  17. redjane12 says:

    I for one agree with Sookie’s anger towards Eric even if he could not have told her about being a vampire before… I hope she makes him grovel a bit more… Though slapping him in public could have backfired… Glad that Sookie didn’t fall for douche Bill here in spite of the blood he made her drink…


    • She’s going to hold onto her grudge for a bit longer, but Eric will eventually wear her down. I agree that hitting him could’ve been bad news, but Eric didn’t seem to mind…much. 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing! I hope you enjoyed it!


  18. Loftin says:

    I can’t wait for Eric to explain. I hope once he does she’ll get over it quickly. Any please please don’t let her be with bill because of her anger. Excellent as always.


    • You mean, be with Bill like her having sex with him. Nope. Not happening. She’s confused though, and might not know which end is up for a while. Eric’s going to get his chance to explain though…eventually. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing, I’m so glad you liked it! 🙂


  19. meridiean says:

    Years. I can hold a grudges, self-righteous anger, and imagined slights for YEARS…

    Eric’s got some massive ‘splainin’ to do…and fast, before Beehl gets his little hooks into her. Very glad to hear she won’t be riding the Bill-stick, though. Whew!! Considering what she knew of him, I can’t blame her a bit for popping him in the mouth, though, and being realistic, I hope she doesn’t lose her grudge anytime soon, either. He did just up and leave, to her POV, and (in his arrogance/brain-fart resulting from the Sookie-vag) he neglected to even leave a note or phone number. Good for her!

    I can’t wait to read Eric’s POV!


    • I’m with you! Grudges used to be my specialty…I guess I’ve gotten nicer? Who knows. It would be difficult to stay mad at Eric though, no matter how stupid he was about not leaving a note. He’ll get a chance, but it’s going to be a while. 🙂 Bill’s going to try and get his hooks in her, especially since he’s a douche and assumes she’s his because they’ve exchanged blood. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


      • meridiean says:

        Yup, it’d be really hard to KEEP hold of a grudge against Eric especially if he brings daisies and those puppy-dog eyes… 😀


      • And those lips. Don’t forget those. 🙂


      • meridiean says:

        Ohhhh yeahhh…and (I have to say it) DAT ASS!!


      • oh god, don’t get me started… 🙂


      • meridiean says:

        But…when you DO get started, WE get to read, and reap, the benefits! 😀


      • LOL Right you are! 🙂 Speaking of that…I’m working on a new little story…couldn’t help myself. 🙂 You’ll get to reap the benefits some day soon! 🙂


      • meridiean says:

        ***Happy Snoopy Dance (if Snoopy is sitting in a chair drinking too much coffee…)!!!*** 😀 Weeee!!!


      • I got a very clear visual…and it involved Snoopy getting splashed with coffee. 🙂

        I’ll give you a hint: remember the end of Dead As A Doornail when Eric mentions Fangtasia’s Vampire Hunks Calendar, and then some time later she tells Pam to thank him for the proofs he sent her? Well, I decided Eric should bring the proofs to her directly. 🙂

        I had loaned all my SVM books to a friend (she had them for a year), who just recently gave them back to me. I’ve been re-reading them and getting ALL kinds of ideas for moments I need to expand on. Nothing big, just little one shots (or two part stories) where I can take CH’s mention of Eric and make it my own. 🙂


      • meridiean says:

        Can I start thanking you now, or do I have to wait?? I love that idea, and CH, bless her ass, did leave QUITE a few openings for you to do JUST that and VASTLY expand the story.

        There were also several times where Eric did something BIG for the plot line yet got barely a mention, too.

        I can’t wait – what an awesome idea!!! Some you may end up expanding into a short fic, but most would be, like you said, a chapter or maybe 2 chapters all totaled.



      • It’s totally crazy! She clearly writes Eric as the hero. He’s always saving Sookie in one way or another, and who does she crawl back to? Bill. Time and time again. I got so frustrated with the whole thing I stopped after the 11th or 12th book (I can’t remember which).

        I’m taking another writing class and have decided that while CH may kick ass at creating tension and keeping her mystery plot line moving, she sucks at writing romance plot lines. Honestly, who writes about a Viking god and then throws him away? Not me. I know a good hero when I see one. 🙂 Anyway, there are lots of holes, and I plan to address them all…Sookie healing in Jackson (why did Bubba have to interrupt them?), Sookie and Eric’s third blood exchange (without Andre there, obviously), and the time she tells him about his lost memories (without a crazed Mickey our the window). Now I just need to find the time to write them all. 🙂 I’m glad SOMEONE’S excited though. Makes writing that much more fun!


      • meridiean says:

        …and when Sookie was in the hospital and Eric ensured she knew about Bill (did she REALLY have to run away?…so many options!

        I freely admit that I not only didn’t read the last 1.5 books, but I didn’t bother with the one before that, and didn’t bother finishing the one before that one, either (but I may have made a small hole in the wall when I threw it across the room…).

        Never will I understand why she made Eric the hero but kept writing Sookie retarded for Bill…never…


      • You and me both! The final straw for me was when I was reading book 11 or 12 and CH describes Eric and Sookie having ‘monkey’ sex and then wrote Sookie putting a cold pack on her crotch after. It grossed me out to no end. I mean, come on! I actually read the scene out loud to SeriousCrush over a video chat (she gave up reading after the 9th book…wise, I should’ve done the same) and we both grimaced. It was horrifying! And then the scene where she writes Sookie running to Bill’s house, stripping down during the rainstorm and crawling into Bill’s hidey-hole and laying on top of him. Really? Who would do that?

        Which time when Sookie’s in the hospital are you talking about? I can’t remember which book that happens in, is it the third one? I’ll have to re-read it. 🙂 I’m actually making a compilation of all the Eric scenes from the books, so point me in the right direction and I’ll add it to my document.

        I’m going to edit chapter 5 again and then post it. I hope you enjoy! 🙂


      • meridiean says:

        That may have been the book I threw across the room, but tbh I really don’t remember since I tried so hard to forget the last book which I partially read…before throwing it across the room… But I do remember the crotch pounding incident, and I remember thinking: That’s just fucking nasty and NOT something ERIC would do. He’s too considerate of her health and pleasure to be such a sexual asshole to her! And, yep, the “lay on a dead rapist while he’s in his icky nasty hidey hole in his icky nasty old house” bit kind of made me want to urf a little. It was completely unnecessary! That’s probably along about the time I became CONVINCED that CH had hired drunk semi-psychotic ghost writers who hadn’t read the first 8 books…

        Definitely Dead – Sookie and Amelia are attacked by a newly turned vampire (later revealed to be a Were named Jake Purifoy) whose rising was delayed due to Amelia’s stasis spell. Sookie and Amelia are taken to the emergency room after this attack and it is here that Bill, due to Eric interfering, tells Sookie the truth behind his move to Bon Temps. (From the *apparently Pro-Bill* Wiki b/c I’m lazy.)

        You do know that you’re going to end up with a ginormous compendium of “short stories to fix CH’s fuck-ups with Eric”, right? RIGHT??? 😀
        Going to go check out the next chapter – yay!!!


      • LOL Yes, I know I have lots of short stories all outlined, and I’ll get to them.

        Thanks for refreshing my memory. For the little story I just wrote, I skimmed through books 4-8, but definitely missed re-reading the attack by Jake that sent Sookie to the hospital. To be honest, I loved that scene because Eric is looking out for her, and even though I didn’t read it this time, I DID put it in Sookie’s Present (different time/place of course). As I mentioned, I’m REALLY taking liberties with the canon. 🙂

        I’m seriously still laughing over your semi-psychotic drunk ghost writers. I have no idea what happened to her story line, but it is sad for sure. No one likes a dead rapist, and it kills me that CH continues to make Sookie a victim instead of being a powerful woman we can all admire. The pounding WAS nasty, and I honestly couldn’t believe any publisher would read that and say, “Yeah, that sounds about right…” yuk.

        I hope you enjoyed Eric’s POV 🙂


  20. Such a great chapter although short. That’s one of the things Eric loves about sookie is her fire and that she’s not afraid of him. That punch probably excited him. If she bruises from bills hands she should kick him to the curb and Eric should go after him. Keep them coming.


    • I know it’s a bit short…I had to cut it there to insert Eric’s POV, so both of them are a little on the small side. I agree, Eric loves her fire and fearlessness, and there’s nothing as good as getting punched in the face, right? Maybe a kiss would’ve been better? LOL I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for reviewing!


  21. theladykt says:

    Well at least She hasn’t given herself to Scumbill.


  22. E. B Rhome says:

    Before we all call the hangman for little Sookie, there are a few things I think we need to remember. We (as readers) love Eric beyond reason, however Sookie never had the chance to really learn how wonderful he can be. She didn’t even get the lame excuses used for the “humps and dumps”. There was no discussion, excuse etc… He left while she was sleeping. Being a twenty something woman, waking to find the man of my dreams, ran like a thief in the night (as far as she knew), I find her reaction rather well controlled. Maybe I’m just more violent than others? Anyway, the other thing is that we all know what an asshat Bill is because we know the cannon. Right now all Sookie knows is that Eric really hurt her & Bill has been a friend to keep her company. To me the choice to spend time with Eric who has already hurt her or to leave with Bill, who has been a friend, is an easy call. She obviously doesn’t fully trust Bill or their relationship would have progressed, but he doesn’t have a history of causing her pain. I personally hate Bill as much as the next Eric lover, but I’m trying to step into her shoes for a minute and look at things based on what she currently knows. She doesn’t know that Eric looked for her the next night or that he has been waiting for her to show up. She doesn’t know that Bill will always be trouble.

    I do love your stories and can’t wait to read more. I just felt like putting in my two cents today.


    • I love your two cents! That’s exactly what I had to do when I was writing this… Sookie is naturally cautious about men (especially vamps once she finds out that’s what Eric is), which means Bill has work to do to try and break down her walls. It also means that Eric is the source of her anger and he has even MORE work to do to explain his disappearance and lack of communication. Of course, she’s too young and stupid to understand that she had something to do with all of that and could’ve made sure she at least knew his last name before her brain liquified. 🙂 Bill has been a friend, and Eric has been a villain, so imagine her surprise when she discovers she’s got it all backward. I always love that moment…when Sookie realizes she’s got a good man in Eric. A moment that doesn’t really happen in the books. It’s frustrating, to say the least. Thanks for reviewing, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! 🙂


  23. Yvonn Ad says:

    OMG woman, what are you trying to do to us…. Seriously. *wink*.
    I loooooooovve where this story is heading. I honestly cannot wait for chapter 5…please. I have no comment what so ever but more of gratitude. Thank you. This story stays very true to Sookie and Eric’s personalities. Luv it.
    More please.


    • Oh, thanks YvonnA! You’re the nicest! 🙂 What am I trying to do to you? I’m trying to hook you with the possibility of a nice reunion between Sookie and Eric. I’m glad to see it’s working! Chapter 5 is coming soon!! 🙂


  24. jules3677 says:

    Discovered this whilst trolling for another story. Really enjoying this story. Particularly like how you set up their first meeting during Mardi Gras. Of course for the fated lovers … true love never runs without miscommunication & initial heartbreak. So they have met up again. Hopefully in Chapter 5 Bill will fall down a well & unable to be retrieved (well thats my fantasy; Bill at the bottom of a well with all the scum). Really looking forward to reading the next chapter.


    • I’m glad you found it! I was wondering if you’d seen it yet. 🙂 I love your fantasy about Bill in the bottom of a well. Chapter 5 is going to be Eric’s POV, so I’m sure he shares your sentiments. In fact, I may just go write that in because it’s such a great idea. 🙂 Thanks so much for reviewing!


  25. nedbella says:

    It’s official. I’m addicted to yet another Eric/Sookie story. I love the changes you’ve made and not stuck to the books or show. As long as Eric and Sookie get their HEA you can drift from the norm as much as you want. Surely Niall will be making an appearance. I can’t wait for Sookie and Eric to find out she’s part fairy and then laugh at the memory of her wearing the wings while they had sex. I hope you make her half fairy. Make her more powerful. Can’t wait for more,


    • I’m glad you’re officially addicted to my story. 🙂 I’m staying mostly in the first book, with a little bit of later drama thrown in, but no, there’s no mention of her heritage. That’s just a little something I thought would be funny. 🙂 And yes, Eric and Sookie always get a HEA, that’s what I do. I’m just tweaking chapter 5 now, so I’ll post soon. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


  26. ashmo2000 says:

    Yeah, Sookie seems a little mad. Eric will definitely get Sookie from Beehl and his assuming grasp. Beehl`s so stupid and moronic to start his pitiful pearl act right outside Eric’s office door.


  27. geenakmom says:

    Noooooo! She’s had Beehl’s blood. Crap. I don’t like this. And his frickin’ “She’s mine” to Eric…..yuck. Why didn’t Sookie correct Beehl’s sorry ass?

    And good God girl, I can understand your feelings were hurt but to hold onto that anger for years. Not good at all. Plus why wouldn’t you let him explain anything? Don’t he deserve to say his side of things? And Eric after two years you could find anything or search anywhere for Sookie? Hello it’s not a frickin’ common name!

    Ugh! You did good by frustrating me with this chapter. You’ve made me want to slap these two!


    • LOL, that was EXACTLY what I was going for! 🙂 I’m glad I wrote it well enough to elicit the right emotion, I am sorry it’s frustrating though. I see that you’ve gone ahead and read the whole story today…so at least you didn’t have to live with your frustration for long! 🙂 Thank you so much for reviewing!


  28. Aw shit! You just had to bring Billy-Boy in.


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