Glamoured: Chapter 11

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest. Slightly NSFW again…please don’t hate me. 🙂


Chapter 11

Next time.

It was the solitary thought running through Sookie’s head. Surrounded by a sea of strangers, nothing else got through to her. She was numb. Maybe Eric had broken her. He smiled at her from his position on the stage. It was still difficult to breathe.

She remained focused on him during the second show and forced herself to take deep breaths, trying to abate the swimming feeling in her head. Suddenly, the crowd turned and moved for the door. She fought against the current so she could say goodbye to Eric.

The room had not emptied yet, so she spoke softly, “Thank you for tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow.” And every night for the rest of my life.

“Until then.” He nodded and then disappeared through the curtain.

Sookie replayed the events of the evening in her head countless times on her way home. The haze surrounding her brain was so thick she didn’t even notice Gran sitting at the kitchen table when she got home until she touched Sookie’s arm.

She was smiling. “It looks like you had a good night.”

Sookie nodded. Good wasn’t the right word though, and it was only going to get better. “I sure did.”

“You’ve been getting help?” Gran tilted her head and raised her eyebrows.

“Yes. I’ve also been practicing blocking out folks’ thoughts. I’m getting better every night.”

Gran nodded. “I like the sound of that. Have you talked to your brother yet?”

She was still letting him cool off. It had been a few days. “Not yet. I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”

“I don’t like seein’ you at odds with each other.” Gran clicked her tongue. “Well, I best be off to bed. Night, Sookie.” As she stood, she patted Sookie on the hand and slipped down the hall.

* * * *

Her dreams were more intense than ever. She had been in Eric’s bed. Naked. She woke covered in sweat. Her heart was racing and she was panting. The bright sunlight streamed through the windows. This was definitely not Eric’s bed.

Next time.

She shivered.

* * * *

The sounds of the TV seeped through the walls of Jason’s house. Sookie knocked three times before he answered.

“Oh, it’s you.” Jason turned his back and walked into the kitchen.

“I want to apologize. I shouldn’t have been in your head, and I’m sorry.”

Jason pressed his lips together and then sighed. “Thanks Sook. I guess I shouldn’ta been sleeping with her, huh?”

“Ya think?” Sookie chuckled. “I’ve been working on it. I’m getting better every day.”

“Working on what?” Jason scratched his thick head.

“Blocking folks’ thoughts, you know? So it won’t happen again.”

“I’m real sorry you got hit. That fist was aimed at me.” His eyes darted away sheepishly.

Sookie rubbed her healed eyebrow. “No worries. It’s fine. Are we good?”

“Sure. Hoyt got me a new job. Starts next week.” He cracked a beer. “Want one?”

“No, I gotta go to work in a bit.”

“Wanna stay and watch the game with me?” Jason’s eyebrows rose.

He seemed lonely. “Sure, I can stay for a while.”

During a commercial break, Jason looked over at her and smiled. “Somethin’s different about you. You look happy.”

Sookie grinned. “Things are going really well.” Her cheeks flushed as she thought of Eric for the hundredth time.

“What’s his name?” Jason wiggled his eyebrows and nudged her with his elbow.

“Eric.” She sighed.

“I knew it!” He slapped his knee. “Do I know ‘im?”

Sookie shook her head. “No, he’s out in Shreveport. Maybe you can meet him one day.”

“He must be pretty special if you’re dating him.”

Was he her boyfriend? Did vampires date? Would she be able to bring him home with her to meet her family? “He is.” Another wave of heat spread through her body. “Okay, time to go to work.”

Jason clicked his tongue and his shoulders slumped. “Already? We were just gettin’ to the good part!”

Sookie chuckled. “Later.” After she hugged him, she looked in his eyes. “I really am sorry for what happened. I swear I’m doing everything I can so it doesn’t happen again.”

“I believe ya, Sook. See ya soon!”

* * * *

Sam was sullen during the entire shift Sookie worked. If she had crossed a line with him, she didn’t care. He needed to be professional. There was no two ways about it. Marcy walked up to her and asked if she was going to the show at Glamoured later, and Sookie changed the subject. She didn’t want to have to explain what she was doing there every night to a coworker. Marcy had been there the night before last but hadn’t seen Sookie. That was fine with her.

Sookie got to Glamoured a twenty minutes before the first show. The line of customers flanked the side of the building and ended between two parked cars. From where she stood, she could see the edge of the abandoned cemetery Eric had taken her last night. Warmth crept to her cheeks.

She ducked out of line and slipped through the shadows in the parking lot. No one seemed to notice her as she walked past the low stone wall. She closed her eyes and inhaled the earthy scent of wet leaves. It rained today and the fresh aroma lingered on the branches of the trees. A little farther along the trail, there was a particularly large headstone. The chiseled grooves were filled with soft lichens, drawing attention to the person who was buried there years ago with flashes of green, gray, and orange.

Bending over, she traced the outline of the year. “Nineteen ten.” That headstone had been there for over a century.

“It was a good year.”

Sookie jumped and spun to face the voice. Eric seemed very satisfied with her response. She sighed. “You scared me.”

“I can tell.” He grinned.

“You were trying to, weren’t you?” She narrowed her eyes.

“Maybe.” His eyes danced as he took a step closer to her. “I’m glad to see you. Especially here.”

“It’s nice and quiet.” Sookie closed her eyes and inhaled again. “It smells good too.” When she opened them again, Eric was inches from her. His hands were braced on either side of her, trapping her between his body and the headstone.

“Yes it does.” The tips of his fangs jutted out from his lip.

A shiver wiggled up her spine. “I’ve been thinking about you.”

“Me?” His crooked smile revealed only one fang.

Sookie nodded. “Uh huh. You.” She touched his chest. His skin was cool and firm under his tight shirt. Her fingers spread out, leaving a trail of heat wherever they touched. His eyes were closed and his mouth parted slightly. Those lips!

She couldn’t resist anymore. Her body collided with his as their lips met. His hands moved off the cold stone and wrapped around her body, his fingers holding her hips and the back of her head. She gasped when his erection pressed against her body and then she thrust her tongue into his mouth, playing with the tips of his fangs.

Eric shuddered and pulled away from her. “I’m hungry.” His eyes were dark. Only slivers of blue remained.

“Does it hurt?” Her heart was racing.

“Would you like to find out?” His gaze was intense and seemed to be begging her.

Sookie nodded slowly. She tilted her head to the side.

Eric was still holding her, and used his hand to sweep her hair out of the way. “Are you sure?” His hand was shaking.

“Yes.” She closed her eyes and leaned backward, her shoulders touching the headstone behind her as her body arched into his.

Eric’s tongue made contact first, licking the soft skin at the base of her neck, followed immediately by his lips. He planted cool kisses along her throat, like he had done last night.

Sookie’s knees wobbled and she moaned. She wrapped her hands around his waist, pulling his body against hers. She needed him.

The bulge in his jeans crushed against her just as his fangs slid into her skin. Eric moaned and opened his mouth wide to drink.

She gasped and then exhaled as the initial pain gave way to pleasure. She rubbed her body against his and bursts of electricity radiated from her sex. It was just like her dream, only this was real. She opened her mouth and channeled the sounds of bliss out of her body as she came.

Eric gulped as her blood filled his mouth and then his body shuddered again. Slowly, he pulled his mouth away from her neck. He licked her wounded skin, healed her, and pulled away slightly. His face was slack and his eyes were hooded with lust.

Sookie’s cheeks flushed. “It happened again, I’m sorry. I meant to, you know, give you something this time, and it was all about me again.”

“You gave me plenty. That was amazing.” He grinned, revealing his bloodstained teeth.

“But I wanted to give you something else.” She couldn’t bring herself to confess she had hoped to get him off this time.

“You did.” Eric raised an eyebrow and glanced down at his crotch. Even in the dim light coming from the moon, the front of his jeans was obviously wet. “I didn’t want to control myself. Not again. It was hard enough to resist the first time, when you came to me with a bleeding eye. But this?” He kissed her neck where his fangs had just been. “It was too much. Too good. Amazing.” Each sentence was punctuated with a kiss.

Sookie blushed. “It really was.” She kissed him again, but this time the metallic tang of her blood accompanied his talented tongue. “Is this dating?” It was a stupid question, but one she needed the answer to.

“Hmm, I wouldn’t consider this dating.” He looked around. “Cemeteries aren’t the best places for a date. I think the human custom is to go to a restaurant where I could show you off and spoil you. Would you like that?”

Sookie nodded. It was better than any dream. “Mm hm, I would.”

Eric’s body tensed and a low growl emanated from him.

“Can I come too?” Pam said from a few feet away.

Eric pulled Sookie away from the headstone and slid his fingers into hers. “Fuck off Pam.”

“As much as I’d like to, I can’t. Our show started two minutes ago. I just wondered if you were coming.” She snickered. “I guess you already did.”

Eric smiled and shrugged. “I need to escort Miss Stackhouse inside.”

Sookie squeezed his hand. “Actually, can I sit in your office? I’m a little dizzy.”

“Feeding and fucking will do that to a human.” Pam put her hand on her hip. “Don’t dawdle, the customers are waiting.” She moved in a blur of speed out of the cemetery.

Eric touched the side of her face. “I’m sorry if I took too much. You are so delicious.” His fangs reappeared as he spoke and then she was in his arms and the wind was whipping her face.

Suddenly, they were inside. He deposited her in the chair in front of his desk and then looked down at himself. A cocky smile had reappeared on his lips. “I need to change.”

Sookie swallowed hard and couldn’t tear her eyes away from his fingers, which were hovering over the button on his jeans.


Have I mentioned I’m a jerk? Yep. Now you know the truth. 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Glamoured: Chapter 11

  1. jxadams says:

    Things are moving along. Great chapter. You write their attraction to each other well. You can feel their tension in your words. Thankyou.


  2. pk22477 says:

    Great chapter. I enjoy this story quite a bit. Thank you for the update.


  3. askarsgirl says:

    Can’t wait until the next chapter!


  4. Yvonn Ad says:

    OMGoodness what a great birthday present… Thank you.
    This chappy made my dizzy… HAHAHA
    And yes you are Evil, in a Good way.
    LOVE IT.


  5. valady1 says:

    Who would have thought that hanging out in a cemetery could be so much fun? And of course Pam has to interrupt them.. perfect timing as always.


  6. itsamia71 says:

    How could we ever hate you? You’re just leaving us with something to think about til the next time….. Fantasies aside, I had a good giggle about all the times in all the stories that Eric has come in his pants & how shameless he always is about it – I really think it’s an integral part of his character!
    Seriously though, this was beautifully written as always & I totally agree with jxadams about the way you bring the tension & attraction to life.
    Til the next time, I’ll be in that chair with Sookie fixated on what might be revealed!!!


    • It does seem to fit him well, and Eric has nothing to be ashamed of. Well, not that anyway. 🙂 Thank you so much for the love for my writing, it is always so lovely to hear from you, so thank you for reviewing! 🙂


  7. Toni says:

    One word: Delicious!


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    Heh…I’d be dizzy, too! Good chapter! Pam’s mean…lol! You know I’m giggling at the thought of Eric and Sookie out on an average, every-night type of date, right? 😀


  9. msbuffy says:

    Really great chapter! And it does make me feel much better & quite dizzy knowing you’re working on the next one! Can’t wait!


    • Oh good! I do what I can to make you feel better about the whole thing. 🙂 It should make you feel even better that I got through one chapter and started the next…now I just need to edit, edit, and edit again. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


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    Woot woot more please now! Meanie!


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    Not a jerk…just a tease! 🙂


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    Think I just grew fonder of cemeteries .


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    ah Pam. Oooh so now she fed him huh. Can’t wait for more.


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