Search for an architect!

I’m outlining a new book and my hero is an architect. So my question to you is: are you an architect, or are you married to one? I need help learning all about the profession and I would be forever grateful for the help getting his backstory right! Thanks so much!!

4 thoughts on “Search for an architect!

  1. nixaskarlovr says:

    One of my BF’s is and he said he could help with any questions you have. 🙂


    • You are a lifesaver! Seriously!!! When you say BF, do you mean best friend or boy friend? Not that it matters…but, I just wanted to know. 🙂

      Ok, so what I need to know is this: how does an architect firm work? I’d like to build conflict between the hero and his boss, who is a creep and makes him work hard and keeps him back. So, if you could have your friend just gush about everything and anything that happens in/around a firm that would be great. His job is crucial for the story, and I have no idea where to begin. Thank you again for your help!!


      • nixaskarlovr says:

        yeah, sorry I meant best friend. Jeff always goes on about work and He will be happy to know that I will actually be paying attention. LOL I will send you some stuff this weekend. cant wait to see his face when he starts talking and I take notes! LMAO


      • You are awesome!! Thank you for taking notes and paying attention. Please send me as much as you can…I promise I’ll pay you back. 🙂


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