This story was inspired by Whew Hot Blooded and her very creative brain. Sometimes I hear a good idea and my imagination runs away with it, so always know how much I appreciate you sharing with me. 🙂

What you will find is little tiny chapters, switching POVs between Sookie and Eric. I know they’re short. It just seemed to be fitting. SeriousCrush was kind enough to edit for me again. All remaining mistakes are my own.

This story takes place before the books begin, but after the Great Revelation. Sookie actively seeks out her first encounter with a vampire, and she meets a few. One stands out above the rest…

Glamoured: Chapter 1

Glamoured: Chapter 2

Glamoured: Chapter 3

Glamoured: Chapter 4

Glamoured: Chapter 5

Glamoured: Chapter 6

Glamoured: Chapter 7

Glamoured: Chapter 8

Glamoured: Chapter 9

Glamoured: Chapter 10

Glamoured: Chapter 11

Glamoured: Chapter 12

Glamoured: Chapter 13

Glamoured: Chapter 14

Glamoured: Epilogue

4 thoughts on “Glamoured

  1. meridiean says:

    Sometimes ideas are delicious little mind-sucking devices. Don’cha love’em? 😀


  2. SaraNoH says:

    I like this. Cant wait for more!


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