Glamoured: Chapter 1

Charlaine Harris owns almost everything. I own the rest.

Thank you to Whew Hot Blooded for inspiring me, and thank you to SeriousCrush for loving me enough to edit. Thank you to all of you for wanting to read my stories. I’m a lucky girl indeed! I hope you enjoy!


The crowd surged again, pushing Sookie toward the stage. How long had they been waiting and why had she let Marcy talk her into coming here after work? Sure, she wanted to see a vampire, and like most of the folks in small towns like Bon Temps, she was going to great lengths to make it happen. Twenty bucks was an hour of tips. This better be worth it!

She looked over at Marcy. Her eyes were wild and sweat glistened across her forehead. She was chanting with everyone else: Vam-pire! Vam-pire! Vam-pire!

Sookie shook her head. It was like a carnival sideshow. They paid the entrance fee, lined up, and were waiting to be shocked. It wasn’t her idea of a fun night out, but she agreed to go anyway.

The good thing about the noisy crowd was that it made it easy for her to think. Everyone around her had one thing on their minds: vampires. So while she waited, she thought.

Gran had told her to find a job she liked, but she didn’t know how to do that with her disability. She wanted to go to college. Get a degree. Get OUT of Bon Temps. But high school had been hard enough. Facing classrooms twice the size was terrifying. So she took a job at Merlotte’s, the name embroidered on her breast. Not because she wanted to stand on her feet for hours on end or deal with drunk and grabby men, but because it helped pay the bills. Gran’s fixed income wasn’t enough most months and she couldn’t stand to see her sell another heirloom to pay the utilities.

Someone stepped on her foot. She frowned and shouted, “Hey! Watch it!” The woman smiled and shrugged. She looked just like Marcy; all hot and bothered and waiting for something wonderful to happen.

Microphone feedback squealed through the room, stopping the frenzy of movement and noise.

The curtains behind the stage ruffled. The room was so quiet Sookie could hear her heart beating. It was racing. She wasn’t so different than the rest of these people.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” a silky voice purred through the surround sound. “Prepare to be GLAMOURED!” A woman in a black leather corset pushed through the curtain. Her face was sweet…except for the fangs.

Marcy squeezed Sookie’s arm. “This is it Sookie, a real vampire!”

Sookie smiled and nodded, turning her attention back to the stage.

“My name is Pam.” The blonde woman tilted her head to the side and dropped a shoulder, like an upper body curtsy. “And this is Eric.”

Sookie gasped. The most beautiful man she had ever seen stepped out onto the stage, towering over the woman. He was wearing a leather vest and a pair of skintight jeans. He walked silently, which seemed impossible with the thick boots jutting out below the cuff of his jeans. Eric. She swallowed hard.

“I love you Eric!” A woman screamed out from the crowd. He seemed to barely notice. He was scanning the faces below him.

Sookie’s pulse quickened when their eyes met, and then he was gone, moving onto the next adoring fan.

Pam cleared her throat, silencing the screams from the audience. “Are you ready?”


“Everyone direct your eyes to the stage.”

As if we’re looking anywhere else! Sookie rolled her eyes.

Pam and Eric stared intently at the crowd. The sea of faces around Sookie went silent. Their mouths hung open and their eyes glazed over. Sookie frowned. They were like zombies. She waved her hand in front of Marcy’s face. Nothing. She pinched her arm. Nothing. The room was eerily quiet. Sookie shifted from one foot to the other. She fought the temptation to run. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. What was going on?

She searched the faces of the two vampires on the stage. They were focused on the crowd, and then Eric’s eyes met hers. His intense gaze gave way to confusion and about half the crowd began to wake up from whatever trance they had been in. They started pulling money out of their pockets and purses and turned to leave at once, as if by command. Pam frowned at Eric and the rest of the crowd snapped out of it. One by one, the people surrounding her filed out of the club. Marcy didn’t look at Sookie, she just followed the lead of the person next to her, holding a folded bill in her hand. Sookie gripped her arm and didn’t let go. As Marcy dragged her out of the room, Sookie saw Pam and Eric whispering and watching her.

Sookie opened her mind and recoiled at the singular thought running through the minds of everyone in the room. Come back tomorrow. Give the man at the door your money. It was on a constant loop, in stereo. She swallowed and glanced at the stage one more time. What came from the vampires was even more alarming.


The cool spring air outside the club seemed to wake Marcy the rest of the way.

“What just happened in there?” Sookie’s mouth was dry and she couldn’t get her heart to stop racing.

“It was beautiful. I felt a connection I’ve never experienced before. Eric wants me to come back tomorrow night. He asked me. Personally!”

“He didn’t say anything.” Had she missed something?

“Yes he did!”

“No, he didn’t. You were all staring at the stage and then you turned to leave.”

Marcy shook her head. “Well I’m sorry if he didn’t talk to you. I think he likes me.” Pink crept over her cheeks. “I don’t care what you say. I’m coming back tomorrow night.” She turned her body away and crossed her arms over her chest.

“I’m not trying to stop you.” Sookie’s voice was barely a whisper. She had said the wrong thing. Again. Making friends was difficult. Keeping them was even harder.

“You there.” Pam’s voice cut through the night like a knife.

“Pam! I’m so—” Marcy’s face lit up like a Christmas tree as she leaned toward Pam.

Where was Marcy’s good sense? Everything in Sookie’s body told her to run.

“Not you. I’m talking to you, blondie.” Pam’s eyes swept up Sookie’s body, lingering a little too long on her breasts.

“Me?” Sookie pressed her fingertips into her chest.

“Yes you. Eric would like a word with you.” Pam smiled sweetly. No fangs this time. She was staring into Sookie’s eyes, and pushed against her brain.

It was an odd sensation. Whatever it was, Pam’s face fell when Sookie spoke.

“It’ll have to be another time. I’ve got to get home. Long drive.”

“Oh?” Pam leaned against the bricks, posing like a model for a BSDM magazine. Dangerous and seductive.

“We live in Bon Temps!” Marcy blurted out.

“Shh!” Sookie scolded. Although she couldn’t put her finger on it, she didn’t want Pam or Eric to know where she lived. “Anyway, we should be going.”

Pam’s presence started to draw a crowd. People closed in on her, showering her with praise and affection. As she retreated back to the club, she said, “Come back tomorrow night.”

Tomorrow night.

On the way home, Marcy only said one thing. “Eric wants to see you. You have to come back with me tomorrow night!”

What did Eric want with her? Why did he want to have a word with her? What word? What happened in that crowded room, and why was she the only one who wasn’t affected? Was it her telepathy? She rolled her window down and let the breeze whisk the questions out of her head. No good would come from her going back. Her curiosity wasn’t worth the fear.


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41 thoughts on “Glamoured: Chapter 1

  1. ramintad says:

    so exciting to read something new!! can’t wait for next chapter I’m hooked 🙂


  2. Nordiclover says:

    So please to see you back again….


  3. Lauinia says:

    Thank god you’re back – I’ve been having withdrawal! I read Orchids on holiday (saved as a special treat) and LOVED it so much!
    When is the new book coming?

    Great first chapter. Intrigued to see where you take the story next. xxx


    • Aww! You missed me! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the first chapter and that you’re along for the ride.

      Thanks for your love for Orchids. My next book is in the hands of my publisher, so hopefully I’ll have news one way or another soon!! Thanks again!


  4. meridiean says:

    Oh! Well…Pam didn’t lie – they DID glamour the audience…into giving them their money! BWAHAHAHA! FANGED PANHANDLERS!!! LOVE IT!!! Yeah, no, Sookie doesn’t need to be going back THERE, lol! I love this smarter Sookie, but for some reason I don’t think Eric is going to let her “go”…well, not once he gets her at any rate, lol.



    • LOL. I thought it was funny…and kind of a ridiculous use of glamouring, but why miss out on it? 🙂 Sookie’s not going back, but that’s not going to stop Eric from finding her. 🙂 I’ve said too much. Mums the word. Thanks for reviewing!


  5. valady1 says:

    As they used to say on the Monty Python television show, “and now for something completely different”…great start, can’t wait for more.


  6. ozzo says:



  7. pk22477 says:

    I loved the way this started. I am anxious for more. Awesome!!!!


  8. lfnxphile says:

    interesting concept so far, can’t wait to see where you take it


  9. This is a really different story. So what are Eric & Pam up to??! Who is going to come after Sookie when she does not show up??


    • It’s like you’re in my head or something…we’ve talked about that before. 🙂 Eric and Pam are taking money from people. Pretty lame use of glamouring, but it could be worse, right? 🙂 And I’ll give you a clue about who’s coming after Sookie. Tall. Blond. Viking. 🙂


  10. Ilive2read says:

    ohhh nice start


  11. itsamia71 says:

    Lovely to read a new story from you, what a treat! I like the start, an intriguing & different circumstance in which our favourite couple can meet. Something tells me that not turning up won’t stop Eric now his interest is sparked!!


  12. Heather says:

    I like it!! It’s a different start..Love them asking for money!! Too funny!! Can’t wait for more!!


  13. duckbutt60 says:

    Oh my –and Marcy blabbed they lived in Bon Temps –won’t take a genius to find her in that tiny town…..

    Interesting start!


    • Pat! Yes, Marcy’s mistake is going to be very good for Eric. Very good indeed. Pam also noticed a little something on Sookie’s shirt…more coming soon. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing. It’s so lovely to hear from you again!


  14. fozzie74 says:

    Woohoo a new story yey! Great start. Oh Glamoured they certainly were haha Eric and Pam such entrepreneurs.


  15. honulvr says:

    Very excited about a new story! I love all your stories. I cannot stop laughing because I totally knew that’s what you were going to have them do!! It really is awesome! I don’t know why they didn’t just do that to begin with and then have the rest of the night to themselves without dealing with fangbangers they don’t want. Cannot believe they are letting her leave though … I would think that they would have stopped her, but I guess they really need to keep a low profile. Is it part of the glamour that people won’t notice they were only in there for 5 minutes? Also, you said it was going to be short and now I believe you, I just didn’t realize …. hey also, when is your next original going to be available? I loved your first one! I actually bought it twice because I needed to switch computers and wanted to re-read it.


    • honulvr says:

      I have some stomach flu today, every time either parent goes in the hospital I catch something. So I’m working from home and I am now a rambler. I just wanted to make sure though because I didn’t mention it in the other review that I really like this first chapter. As always, you are totally creative and I just want to see how Eric wins her over from here. I am also still giggling because Marcy is hilarious. Is she based on someone? I only ask because she isn’t canon so I thought maybe she was based on someone from RL. 😀


      • Marcy is one of those people that we’ve all been friends with. 🙂 I’m glad you liked her!

        On a separate note, I’m so sorry you’re sickly! That sucks, and seems to happen more often than not for you. What’s that all about? In any case, I’m sending you cyber hugs so you can get better. They’re from naked Vikings. Seems like your speed. 🙂


    • The build up for the show takes longer than the actual glamouring! 🙂 Yes, low profile is crucial for mainstreamers. I thought it was a great and funny idea to use their supernatural powers for panhandling!

      Thank you for the love for Orchids! My second is in the hands of my publisher, so I’m hoping to hear something good this week. 🙂 Fingers crossed! Thank you again for everything. So lovely to hear from you!


      • honulvr says:

        Two years ago I moved in with my parents because their health took a turn for the worse. Before then I was one of those people that never was sick and literally used to have to find ways to use my personal days at a couple jobs because it was use it or lose it. My Dr says that after getting walking pneumonia one of the times I spent the night with my mother in her hospital room that my body snapped in to a form of dysglycemia which has my body on a weird communication loop in which my body keeps telling itself to store the food I eat as fat energy instead of using that to fuel my body it has been using my muscle. This has caused me to gain 90 lbs in 18 months and when you combine that with the stress involved of not only supporting my parents emotionally and being primary care-giver I am also helping to support financially and I miss a lot of sleep because my mother is a chronic pain patient and is often up all night long yelling in pain. Add all that together plus the 30+ hospital visits the last year and a half and it has gotten like clockwork regardless of the amount of Emergen-c, Airborne, vitamins, full spectrum protein drinks, etc… I take I come down with some flu virus two days after being in the hospital with one of my parents. Every time. And, I usually catch something when I have to travel on business as well from the stupid airplane. I basically should be walking around in a bubble until such a time as I can get my body to snap out this state and deal with my stress better. I used to be one of those exercise-a-holics as stress relief, but I have simply been so exhausted all the time. Anyways, thank the Gods for the fact I worked my ass off already career wise and am in a flexible yet well paying position at this point. I’m sure it is fairly obvious why I have developed such an addiction to fanfiction the past two years it really is the cheapest way for me to relax and escape to a fantasy land. So, real life sucks = no immune system to speak of and a severe addiction to fanfiction.


      • Holy lord. That is one hell of a story…and I’m so sorry your personal life/health have taken such a large toll the last few years. Taking care of ailing parents is never easy emotionally, but I had never considered the health risks involved as well. I am so glad I can contribute to your fanfiction addiction. Escape from reality is a lovely thing. It’s a tremendous stress relief for me as well, but mine is just an escape from my insane schedule and very little alone time. 🙂 If I could, I’d surround you with a bubble of Eric-y goodness. I’ll work on that, ok? 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better!


  16. honulvr says:

    Oh, also, I can’t wait for more! 😉 as always.


  17. theladykt says:

    oooh this looks interesting. Cant wait to see where you go with it.


  18. nixaskarlovr says:

    Always excited for new stories! looks interesting!


  19. Loftin says:

    I’m so glad you’re back. Very excited to find out whats in store for Sookie. Can’t wait for more


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